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Learn how top-tier entrepreneurs, executives, and professional investors build wealth and design a life of meaning, contribution, and impact. Join hosts AdaPia d'Errico and Daniel Cocca, principals of private equity firm Alpha Investing, for insightful conversations and actionable strategies to inspire your personal, professional, and financial journeys. The real question is: what is meaningful to you?

Reframing Affordable Housing For Today’s Market
Real estate developer Evan Holladay explains how the public perception of affordable housing is changing and discusses his unique approach within this sector.
41 min
Unpacking The Results of the Ellevest Women’s F...
Ellevest CIO Sylvia Kwan talks about the results of the Women’s Financial Health Index and describes the shifts she’s seen in women’s investing habits, goals, and priorities
46 min
An Expert Perspective on Today’s Commercial Rea...
40-year CRE veteran Todd Weaver shares the strategies and mindsets he’s using to navigate our current market conditions.
45 min
The Energy of Money and Finding Purpose as a Pa...
A multifamily real estate professional explains how viewing money as energy will allow you to find greater alignment between your investments and your life’s purpose.
52 min
Solving the World’s Problems with Venture Capital
A serial entrepreneur explains why he’s focused on mitigating the “age of disasters”
52 min
How to Secure Your Financial Future
Checking in with a wealth advisor about planning for the future in our current economic climate.
45 min
Investing in Times of Uncertainty
Three Keys Investment Founder Julie Holly explains why it’s important to keep investing even when economic conditions seem less than ideal.
48 min
Being a Financially Fearless Woman
Purse Strings founder Barbara Provost explains how the finance sector continues to fail women and shares what she’s doing to change that.
44 min
An Inside View of Nonprofit Finance and Investing
LENDonate founder Vivienne Hsu shares an inside look at how nonprofits are funded and explains how accredited investors can give back through her unique platform.
42 min
Structuring Real Estate Deals & Investing in Fr...
A real estate attorney highlights common legal concerns that new investors miss, and shares his experience in running franchises and investing in RV parks.
38 min
What Does a Commercial Real Estate Broker Do?
Zach Roesinger explains why CRE brokers are so important and dispels some common misconceptions about his work.
46 min
Evaluating the Market with Alpha Investing
Alpha Investing’s principals review macroeconomic and market conditions and how the changing landscape must be considered to attain appropriate risk-adjusted returns.
46 min
An Investor’s Guide to International Real Estate
Robin Binkley of Real Equity Investment Partners shares the biggest lessons she’s learned through real estate investing in Belize.
44 min
Creating a Better World with Values-Aligned Inv...
A seasoned investor and innovator, Janine Firpo explains how values-aligned investing can help us spark change and build community.
36 min
Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times
After more than 20 years of working with C-suite leaders in Fortune 500 firms, Damon D’Amore explains how pragmatism and optimism work best when paired together.
50 min
A 360 View of Evaluating Early Stage Companies
From investment banking to venture investing to founding a fintech company,Tracy McWilliams shares how she’s fighting fragmentation to help investors find and evaluate startups.
50 min
Getting Vets “Back in the Fight” With Real Estate
Hutch the Marine Investor shares how he’s transforming the lives of veterans by helping them build passive income through real estate investing.
33 min
Is Real Estate Headed for an Affordability Crisis?
A $1 billion real estate operator stresses the importance of setting realistic expectations for investors in the current market.
34 min
Creating a Movement of Women Investing in Women
A career CEO, activist, and board expert shares the importance of women taking leadership roles as founders, on boards, and as investors.
43 min
Navigating the 18-Year Real Estate Cycle
A leading macroeconomist explains how knowledge of economic cycles can help investors make better decisions at the right times.
46 min
Reflections and Lessons from 2021
AdaPia and Daniel discuss the biggest lessons they’ve learned in 2021 and share their hopes and expectations for the new year.
44 min
How to Diversify Your Assets With Alternative I...
A seasoned oil investor explains how she successfully branched out into crypto and real estate.
40 min
An Investor's Guide to DeFi
As decentralization continues to shape the future of finance, an industry expert shares his perspective on making smart investments, blockchain security, and more.
46 min
Does Blockchain Really Benefit Investors?
A real estate veteran and blockchain entrepreneur explains how token funds give investors greater freedom and security.
53 min
Real Estate Token Investing Is Here
A successful real estate investor and founder shares how blockchain technology can create liquidity and make real estate investing more accessible than ever before.
43 min