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That's A Rap Podcast: We Back
On the latest episode of That's A Rap, the boys are back after a summer break to talk about some Raptor news. "Everyone's" fan favourite Pascal Siakam, sat down with the New York Times about all the trade rumours and what he expects for next season, and Scottie Barnes is fitting in like a glove!
43 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Raptors HQ
On this special edition of That's A Rap, Jay is joined by Daniel Reynold, Editor and Chief of Raptors HQ. After 7 years and exactly 2000 posts for Raptors HQ, Daniel is officially hanging up the laces and passing on his duties of EIC. The two spoke about the early days of Raptors HQ and what it was like behind the scenes during the NBA Finals run. Thanks for everything Daniel!
48 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Forever
On this weeks episode of That's A Rap, the storm has passed, our draft picks are becoming staples on Raptors social media, Vegas was a great tease to our future and Masai Ujiri wants to be in Toronto Forever; next up, Training Camp! The boys also discuss their favorite/most anticipated Raptor games of the season!
55 min
That's A Rap: Vegas
It's been almost two weeks since Free Agency opened but it feels like the Lowry-Dragic saga has been playing out for much longer. Is Dragic here to stay? Does he really want to be here? Have the Raptors had a successful or dreadful off-season so far?
57 min
That's A Rap: Canada, This is for You!
What a roller coast ride for Toronto and Canada sports fans. The Raptors free agency news was looking glim after hearing about the GROAT taking his talents to South Beach (along with the addition of Sam Dekker); but nothing can bring us down now after the resigning of the biggest free agent in the NBA: Masai Ujiri.
55 min
That's A Rap: Welcome to Toronto Scottie
*In Adam Silver voice* With the 4th pick of the 2021 NBA Draft, the Toronto Raptors Select Scottie Barnes from the Florida State Seminoles. The pick may have been frustrating to some and a shock to most, but Masai and Bobby have gained our trust that they believe Scottie Barnes is future star. Jay and Jay breakdown why Scottie Barnes may have been the better pick than the consensus,
55 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Cream City Champs
The Larry OB has been officially lifted by Milwaukee after 50 Years, and to no ones surprise, Giannis earns the finals MVP trophy. It was a season to remember (or to forget depending on who you ask), but regardless, the off season has begun which means big decision upcoming for the Raptors.
47 min
That's A Rap - Canada
On this week's episode of That's A Rap, while Raptors fan's hold their collective breaths on whither Masai Ujiri will be part of the Raptors front office next season, the NBA continues to make interesting headlines of their own.
56 min
That's A Rap Podcast: #4
On this episode of That's A Rap, Freddie Jr gave us some extra luck as the Raptors snagged the 4th pick of this years NBA Draft. The boys try to decipher which draft pick would be the best fit for the franchise moving forward; all this while NBA Playoffs are happening. What a time to be a basketball fan!
58 min
That's A Rap: Another Slow NBA News Week
This past week was the anniversary of the Raptors' championship and parade, but it was all muted by an avalanche of Woj and Shams bombs. Jay and Dre try to cypher through all the NBA headlines, all while the NBA Playoffs continue to roll on. Oh and, Kyle Lowry, why do you have to scare us like that!
52 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Off Season
The Raptors may not be in the dance but man have the playoff's been entertaining. With classic performances from Dame, Trae, Luka and Kawhi, which series have you the most hyped, most disappointed, or most looking forward to? The boys also give you their take on what's going on in the sports world outside of basketball!
61 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Playoffs Baby!
The 2020-21 Raptors season is mercifully over! The "Summer of 21" has changed from chasing Giannis to fading for Cade. Before spending the next few weeks hoping for some lottery luck, a pair of important press conferences put a bow on the Tampa Raptors experience. The rest of the NBA is shifting from play-in to playoff fever and we're ready to make some predictions!
83 min
That's A Rap Podcast: #7
With 2 games left to the regular season, the Raptors look to have secured at least a top 10 pick (excluding 5th & 6th) in this year's NBA draft. There are some interesting names to look forward too, but let's focus on getting the team out of Tampa and back to Toronto!
37 min
That's A Rap - Curtains
Don't think it's too early to say but this may be it for the Raptor's playoff chances. With only 5 games left in the season and 4 places out of the 10th spot, depending on which side you are on, this may be good news or bad news. We also talk Mild or Medium Spice levels with Pascal and some interesting Play-In tournament story line despite Lebron James' criticism.
56 min
That's A Rap Podcast: 1000
On this episode of That's A Rap, with the gauntlet schedule well underway, the Raptors are 2.5 spots out of the playoff race as of this episode recording. The window of the play-in tournament is getting smaller and smaller; so how optimistic are Raptor fans? Just don't look at the Vegas odds!
57 min
That's A Rap Podcast: No Tank You
On this week's episode of That's a Rap, the Raptors definitely woke up from their offensive slumber as they rally to beat the short handed Brooklyn nets to win their 4th straight in a row. The play-in Tournament looks to be a real possibility; I'll take my chances with the Raptors championship DNA!
46 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Bite Sized
On This week's episode of That's A Rap, after a bite seized look at the new Raptors, Jason and Dre talk Flynn, Freddie 2 and Birch, real chances for the play-in tournament and LaMarcus Aldridge. Also, farewell to Kim's Convenience, one of the best Canadian shows to share love, heart and laughter through the immigrant story. #OKSEEYOU
43 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Well That Escalated Quickly
On this episode of That's A Rap, a lot can happen in one week; Positive and Negative Blow Outs, Buzzer Beaters, Suspensions, and a real Centre? It's been quite a hectic week for the Raptors and we're here to spill the Tea!
53 min
That's A Rap: Finals Redux
Just 2 years ago, these teams met in the Finals. Now, they're both fighting to just get into the playoffs. Although, one team is probably trying a little harder than another to get in. To help us preview Friday's game against the Warriors, we've invited Daniel Hardee and Thomas "Dr. Tom" Bevilacqua of the Let's Go Warriors podcast to talk about everything except Kyle Lowry.
73 min
That's A Rap Podcast: He Stay...For Now
On this episode of That's A Rap, the boys talk all things trade deadline. To a lot of fans surprise, Lowry is staying put for now, while Norm Powell, Matt Thomas and Terrance Davis will find new homes in Portland, Utah and Sacramento respectively. Gary Trent Jr. is the crown jewel of this trade and how will the Raptors fair in the buy our market?
55 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Boys Are Back...Sort of
On this episode of That's A Rap, the boys are back...sort of. After a 2 week quarantine, both Pascal and FVV were available to play against the last place Pistons team that have it out for the Raptors. Still awaiting word on OG, but with the trade deadline coming up, will the Raptors make a move to try make a final push to the playoffs? We also dedicate the entire second half to the GROAT!
55 min
That's A Rap Podcast: 1 Year
It's been 1 year since the NBA and the rest of the world went into lockdown as Covid was declared a Global Pandemic. On this week's episode of That's A Rap, the boys look back at the year that was, debunking Kyle Lowry rum ours and what the Raptors should be looking for before the trade deadline!
45 min
That's A Rap Podcast: 1st Half
On this week's episode of That's A Rap, that's a w(Rap) on the 1st half of the NBA season. Though the Raptors started of a bit slow, they definitely picked up their played finishing with a 17-19 record. With the Health and Safety protocol in effect on 1/3 of Raptors team, including the coaching staff, there couldn't be a better time for an "All-Star" Break.
56 min
That's A Rap Podcast: The Dream
On this week's episode of That's a Rap, the boys are joined by Michael Brown, co-host of The Dream Take podcast to talk Raptors vs. Rockets match up. Michael breaks down the Rockets struggle after the Christian Wood's injury, Raptor Rockets connections and some Hakeem the Dream.
69 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Sub-Zero
On this week's episode of That's a Rap, The Raptors are coming off an impressive beat down on the Bucks and an ugly win against the Wolves; can they keep up this moment with 2 games coming up against the 1st place 76's? The boys don't normally agree with Draymond Green, but when he calls out on the double standard between the treatment of players and front office, he speaks and we listen!
57 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Get Comfy
In this week's episode of That's A Rap, the Raptors come back home to Tampa after an impressive 6 game road trip going 4-6. While Raptors get a well deserved rest until their match up with the Wolves, Jay, Jay and Dre discuss if we've seen the last game for some Raptors in Toronto.
45 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Rolling
One of the best wins of the season stymied by a confusing degree of caution. The boys at That's a Rap try to decipher the win against the Brooklyn Nets, why the All-Star game should not be played in March and how the Raptors are winning on and off the court!
44 min
That's A Rap Podcast: YUTA
Sometimes you dig yourself a hole you just can't get out. On this episode of That's A Rap, the boys talk about the disappointing lose against the Kings, the emergence of Yuta, Lowry's 10,000 pts and end off with a little Toronto Raptors All-Star trivia!
47 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Home Cooking
On this episode of That's A Rap, the boys talk about the Raptors solid home stretch of games and what to expect/look forward to with the upcoming schedule. The boys also breakdown the surprising Cleveland Cavaliers and if perhaps they could trade one of their 8 centers?
56 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Benchmark Sports
On this special edition of That's A Rap, Dre is joined by Harjit (Aka. Rick), Rav and JP, the founders of Benchmark Sports; an indoor facility that provides court space for rent for many sports that includes; basketball, hockey, volleyball, dodgeball, futsal, soccer, and cricket. They talk about the growing popularity in basketball within kids and adults, how Benchmark has brought their community together, and having players like RJ Barrett & Tyler Ennis practice in their facility.
37 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Brooklyn Bound
The Beard is Brooklyn bound and the NBA is nearing 15+ postponed games due to Covid; oh and the Raptors get a win. Lots to talk about in this week's episode of That's A Rap!
57 min
That's A Rap Podcast: New Year, Old Problems
Happy New Year and congratulations on surviving 2020! We're sure 2021 will be so much better, right? RIGHT?! The boys tackle some of the bigger issues going both south and north of the border, but try to shine a light for 2021.
46 min
That's A Rap Podcast on 2020
And That's A Rap on 2020! On this episode of That's A Rap, Jay, Jay and Dre try and dissect the slow start from the Toronto Raptors and what has led them to their 0-3 record. We also highlight are most memorable Raptor moments from 2020 (make sure to give us your favourite Raptor moments in the comments and/or on twitter)
60 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Season 3!
Just a few more sleeps until the beginning of the season, which mean's the boys from That's A Rap give you their annual early standings, Championship and awards predictions! Let us know you're top 8 from both East and West, who will lift the Larry OB and who will bring home their own hardware! Welcome to Season 3 of That's A Rap!
56 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Pawns!
Might have been earlier than expected but pre-season is here and there are no short lists of NBA story lines. AnteToronto, Hardenbowl, Irving Pawns, and we throw in some Raptor news as well. This is the best and worst league! Enjoy another episode of That's A Rap!
50 min
That's A Rap Podcast: "Getting Right"
On this episode of That's A Rap, the boys prepare for the upcoming season as the NBA releases the 2021 1/2 schedule. Serge and Siakam use their respective media availability to give their thoughts on the offseason and which game are you looking forward to watch this year? Let us know in the comments!
53 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Let The Early Games Begin!
On this episode of That's A Rap, it's strange to think that Raptor's basketball is just around the corner, but those are the times. The boys get together to talk Rogers Centre/Skydome memories, NBA off season Winners & Losers and which players joined Aron Baynes as the only Australians to play for the Raptors.
52 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Moving Day
With the NBA draft, trade & free agency windows all opening this week, player (and team) movement was fast and furious!
48 min
That's A Raptorial: Toronto Maple Leafs
On this special edition of That's A Rap, much like many Raptor fans, Jason is a fan of all teams representing the city of Toronto, but know nothing of the teams. Que the That's A Raptorial, a tutorial of all Toronto based sports teams that are not the Toronto Raptors. On this episode of That's A Raptorial, Jason is joined by a good friend of the show Connor Chambers, who host the Toronto Sports Views Podcast, to give us a Raptorial on The Toronto Maple Leafs.
72 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Shortest Off Season Ever!
On this episode of That's A Rap, just as the NBA is about to finalize details on the shortest offseason, we, too, have just completed a quick vacation from the microphone and ready to kick the basketball into high gear! Basketball is back baby!
56 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Bubble Wrapped
On this episode of That's A Rap, after 3 months of bubble basketball, the Larry O'B has finally been lifted and no other player then the King to do so. The boys review the season at large, the 2nd bubble season, playoff/finals and the biggest story lines from Orlando.
65 min
That's A Raptorial: Toronto Blue Jays
On this special edition of That's A Rap, much like many Raptor fans, Jason is a fan of all teams representing the city of Toronto, but know nothing of the teams. Que the That's A Raptorial, a tutorial of all Toronto based sports teams that are not the Toronto Raptors. On the first episode of That's A Raptorial, Jason is joined by a good friend of the show, known for his Toronto fandom from south of the boarder, host of the South of the 6ix, co-host of the While She's napping podcast and co-host of the Jay Bird Watching Podcast, Mr. Adam Corsair. He's here to give us a breakdown on the Toronto Blue Jays.
51 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Off Season
On this episode of That's A Rap, the boys finally get a chance to decompress and talk about the season at large. How much should the Raptors offer FVV, which current free agent will be here next year, and what about Masai? Lots to unpack here, and don't forget the final four in the bubble!
55 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 2, Game 7 (Celtics ...
And there you have it, the Boston Celtics defeat your Toronto Raptors 4 games to 3. One hell of a game 7, one hell of a series and a season to be proud of. This isn't a pod about breaking down numbers and going through plays; the boys just pressed record and let their emotions flow. Raptor fans, it's OK to do the same but at the end of the day...what a ride! Thank you Toronto Raptor's and the especially the Toronto Raptor fans for an unforgettable season.
18 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 2, Game 6 (Series T...
And there will be a game 7! With a massive Double OT performance from Norman Playoff Powell, gutsy leadership from Lowry, and the decision to play small ball throughout the latter half of the game, the Raptors keep their season alive and force a game 7. The Basketball Gods have spoken; bring on game 7!
19 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 2, Game 5 (Celtics ...
With Game 5 reminiscent of Game 1 of this series, the Raptors played exhausted from the jump and find themselves with their backs up against the wall. Some minor positives: Matt Thomas minutes and starters with less minutes; take that as you wish. Raptors try to keep their season alive heading into game 6.
15 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 2, Game 4 (Series T...
With new life and extra swagger, the Raptors walked into game 4 looking to tie the series to 2. With the help of Lowry's hustle, Fred's threes and Serge's bounce, the Raptors did just that. Now they look to take control of the series on Monday in game 5.
14 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 2, Game 3 (Celtics ...
OG OH MY! With 0.5 seconds left in the game, Kyle Lowry soccer passes the ball cross court to OG in the corner who buries the dagger 3 and keeps the Raptors season alive. With the Celtics still leading 2-1, the Raptors look to even up the series on Saturday. Don't celebrate too long Raptor fans, we still got some work to do!
19 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 2, Game 2 (Celtics ...
A tough pill to swallow Raptor fans, but being down 0-2 isn't unfamiliar territory. Jason and Dre try to decipher what went wrong in a pivotal game 2 and what the Raptors can do to snag the next win in "Boston".
19 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 2, Game 1 (Celtics ...
The Raptors lose a game 1; with that logic we should be fine right? Well the boys from That's A Rap try to unravel what really went wrong in game 1. Make sure to stay for the latter part of the episode as Jay, Jay and Dre finally get a chance to speak their thoughts on what's going on outside of basketball.
32 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Boston Round 2 Preview
On this special edition of That's A Rap, Jason and Dre cross enemy lines as they join the Celtics Pride Podcast to rep your Toronto Raptors and preview this 2nd Round match up. It was a great time speaking with the guys at Celtics Pride as we got some insight on the Celtics players, and to no one's surprise, they respect the hell out of the Raptors. We preview match-ups, coaching match-up, bench and x-factors, and of course give our predictions of who will win this 7 game series.
85 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Walis (Sweep)
For the first time in franchise history, the Toronto Raptors sweep a playoffs series as they eliminate Brooklyn from the NBA bubble. Shout out to the Raptor teams that were on the sweep receiving end, shout out the Raptors fans who stayed on the wagon when times were tough; this sweep is for you! The boys break down the "Walis" and what to look forward to in Round 2 vs. the Boston Celtics.
17 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 1, Game 3 (Raptors ...
Just another day in the office; well at least it felt that way. With a cool 26 pts from Siakam, 22 pts from FVV and a solid 20 pt afternoon for Serge off the bench, the Raptors look to get their first ever sweep in franchise history this Sunday for game 4.
18 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 1, Game 2 (Raptors ...
It wasn't the prettiest game but the Raptors pulled out the victory in Round 1 Game 2 against the Nets. Playoff Norm was in full effect with 24 pts off the bench, but give credit where credit due as the Nets made this one as uncomfortable as possible. Jay and Dre breakdown game 2 as the Raptors get ready for game 3 in "Brooklyn".
23 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Round 1, Game 1 (Raptors ...
On this post game episode of That's A Rap, the Raptors win a game 1 (2nd in franchise history), with the help from a career best 30 pts from Fred Vanvleet, 22 pts from Serge off the bench and some stifling defense. The Nets made it interesting in the 3rd, but the Raptors were just too much to handle; let's see if they can come out with the same energy in Game 2!
16 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Brooklyn Round 1 Preview
On this episode of That’s A Rap, the boys are joined by a friend of the pod, Ariel Rada from NBAsians to breakdown the first round playoff series between the Nets and the Raptors.
32 min
That's A Rap Podcast: COY?
On this weeks episode of That's A Rap, Jason and Dre finally had a chance to vent about the COY conversation, what has impressed and concerns us with the Raptors, and how Terence Davis has a hole in his mask *SMH*.
49 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Magic City
We are just a few days away from real meaningful basketball.. That's right, the NBA has returned and the Raptors are set to defend their championship once again. We're joined by Samson Folk from Raptors Republic to reset the season and talk about top 3 chips? Don't miss it!.
66 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Yeet
On this episode of That's A Rap, Jay and Dre (sans Jason) are back to talk all things Basketball, Scrimmages and Boxing? You heard that right, Mike Tyson is back and so is the NBA. Jay and Dre also give their thoughts on this years NBA awards which will be awarded during the NBA playoffs. TD2 for ROY right? Obvi!
58 min
That's A Rap Podcast: 2 Year Anniversary
On this episode of That's A Rap, this week marks the 2nd year anniversary of the Kawhi trade, which also marks the 2 year anniversary of That's A Rap. Jay, Jay and Dre are extremely thankful to all the listeners and friends we've made along the way. But enough about us, the boys talk all things NBA: #FreeWoj, Covid friendly birthday party and WNBA MVP. Also, what delivery and/or fast food would you break the bubble for?
43 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Bubble Tea
On this episode of That's A Rap, NBA players are starting to file into the Orlando Bubble. Some are entering with caution (Joel emhazmat suite), some are entering in fashion (BLM Raptors bus). With the NBA in full restart mode, the boys chime in on the NBA Bubble Tea.
53 min
That's A Rap Podcast: In or Out
On this episode of That's A Rap, the NBA begins to ramp up their plans of restarting the season; Covid however has other plans. Jay, Jay and Dre discuss the growing list of players opting out of the season, what the NBA is doing to support BLM, and their list of most heated Raptors rivalries.
48 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Holy Grail
On this episode of That's A Rap, the number of Covid cases do not seem to want to go down; in fact, they're at an all time high. Players such as Davis Bertans, Avery Bradley and Trevor Ariza have already opted out of the season; are we going to see more before July 1st? On a lighter note, the boys describe their holy grail of memorabilia; let us know yours in the comments below!
49 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Yacht Club
In this week's episode of That's A Rap, Jay, Jay and Dre try to give you the coles notes of the NBA's six phase approach on their return-to-play format. We also tackle Kyrie Irving's comments as well as some Hotel fun!
57 min
That's A Rap Podcast: South
On this week's episode of That's A Rap, Jason is joined by the man, the myth and the legend Adam Corsair of The South of the 6ix podcast. They discuss the possible continuation of the NBA season in Orlando, players hesitation on safety in the Orlando bubble environment, and Disney Characters comparison!
41 min
That's A Rap Podcast W/ Special Guest: Eric Smith
On this episode of That's A Rap, the boys are joined by the Radio play x play and TV sideline reporter for your Toronto Raptors, Eric Smith. The boys ask Eric his thoughts on the possibility of the NBA returning to play in July in Orlando and the 2020 NBA Playoff proposals. They also ask Eric some Raptors-related questions and why he's been so active on IG!
47 min
That's A Rap Podcast: The Last Dance
On this episode of That's A Rap, Jay and Jason are joined by Derick Deonarain from the CBC to discuss the 10 part docu-series of the GOAT. The Last Dance gave basketball fans something to look forward to every week, but now that the dance is over; let's talk about Black Jesus!
67 min
That's A Rap Podcast: What If
On this episode of That's A Rap, the boys dive deep into the conversation between Adam Silver and the NBPA; which reminds me, how do we get an invite to the NBPA What's APP group chat? Jay, Dre, and Jay also share their best #Raptors What If scenarios...Captain Canada anyone?
56 min
That's A Rap Podcast: N.O.R.T.H
On this jammed packed edition of That's A Rap, the boys go 9/10 on Aaron Gordon's dis-track, and try to decipher both the NBA practice facilities potential re-opening, as well as the NCAA fiasco. The boys also play through Dre's rendition of Raptor's Bingo, aptly named N.O.R.T.H (seriously, how does he come up with this stuff?) Follow along with us and see if you strike a N.O.R.T.H!
71 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Shoot the Sh*t
On this episode of That's a Rap, Jason is joined by one of the biggest Raptor social media influencer in the game; Chris Walder. With the NBA season still on Hiatus, Jason and Chris get to chatting about the good old days working with the Raptors game crew, Walder's thoughts on how the Raptors would have faired in this years playoffs, and some *Southern Twang* Wrestling!
74 min
That's A Rap Podcast: "We Talking Playoffs?"
On the Sunday edition of That's A Rap, since the playoffs would have started this past weekend, we thought we'd go through our own playoff bracket as if that playoffs started on scheduled. Would there be a new Champion crowned or do the Raptors defend the Larry OB? Let us know if you agree or disagree with our bracket and make sure to fill out your own bracket as you follow along!
54 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Iso Room
On this week's episode of That's A Rap, Jay has taken upon himself to ask the question: Which Raptor Games would you want to be isolated with? Article featured on Raptors HQ, Jay has dedicated 4 isolation rooms where you have to choose between a combination of Raptor games: a Gut Punch games, an Ex-Raptor return game, a regular season all-timer and a Raptor all-time game. Let us know in the comments which iso room you would choose!
43 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Dental Plan...Lisa Needs ...
Even with a postponed season, the NBA never sleeps. On this episode of That's A Rap, Jay, Jay and Dre give you their thoughts on this years HOF inductees, NBA H.O.R.S.E and Chicago's Bullseye on Raptors GM bobby Webster. The boys also have some fun with some NBA & The Simpsons comparisons.
52 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Watch Party #2
For another special edition of That's A Rap, Jason joins both Connor Chambers of @TO_SportsViews and Adam Corsair of @SouthOfThe6ix for another watch party. This time we get together to watch the Raptors take on a fully healthy Lebron James led Los Angeles Lakers. During this game, both Ibaka and Lowry were sidelined but we got huge contributions from TD2 and Slim Duck Boucher. Make sure to listen in on Adam's 3-2-1 so you can follow along with us with our commentary.
140 min
That's A Rap Podcast: It's Been A Minute
It's been a little over two weeks since the NBA has decided to close their doors and postpone the season until further notice. With a lot of down time and basketball in mind, the boys are back to give you some updates on the NBA news cycle; and some best and worst jersey's in our closet!
44 min
That's A Rap Podcast: In This Together
For this special edition of That's A Rap, Adam Corsair of @SouthOfThe6ix and Connor Chambers of @TO_SportsViews was kind enough to set up a watch party of the 2019 Conference Semi Finals game 7 match up between the 76's and Raptors. We all got a chance to watch and remind ourselves of better times and also discuss what's going on in the world today. Make sure to listen to Adam's countdown so you can watch along with us!
131 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Quarantine
On this episode of That's A Rap, the boys get together to try and make sense of what's going on in the NBA in lieu of Corona Virus. They're luckily joined by Derick Deonarain of the CBC to help shed more light on the situation, not only in the NBA, but around the world. This was one hell of an episode to top off the #100
35 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Wash Your Hands!
On this Sunday edition of That's A Rap, the boys talk about the effects of the Corona Virus and what it may do to the NBA and sports as a whole. This episode was recorded prior to the NBA preparing their teams to play games without any fans in the stands; talk about foreshadowing! Jay, Jay and Dre also chime in on the drama filled knicks and some good old NBA beef.
28 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Road Warriors
On this week's episode of That's A Rap, the Raptors are in the middle of their 5 game road trip without most of their starters in the line-up. With a rough outings against the Hornets and the Nuggets, the Raptors found a way to bounce back against the Suns despite the injury bug and a one eye'd Kyle Lowry. Curry's back for the Warriors and the Kings are fighting for a playoff spot, can the Raptors bench come up big again in California?
37 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Opa!
On this week's episode of That's A Rap, the Raptors try to slay the Titan that is Mr.Greek and his Bucks. Unfortunately for us, the Raptors fell short, but that's not without putting up a decent fight. Jay, Jay and Dre breakdown the first of three match ups against the Bucks, what adjustments need to be made and what to expect for the Raptors upcoming schedule.
31 min
That's A Rap Podcast: All of the Lights
On this week's episode of That's A Rap, the lights shown bright in Chicago as the NBA displayed a hell of an All-Star Weekend. The boys are joined by Derick Deonarain (producer/writer for CBC) to talk all things All-Star Weekend, from the Spicy Skills challenge, 3pt Dew Zone, absolute dunk thievery, and the new (improved?) all-star game format.
75 min
That's A Rap Podcast: History
All great things must come to an end and the Toronto Raptors just ended their franchise/Canadian best winning streak at 15 games. An amazing feet for any professional sports team, the Toronto Raptors, and there fans head into the All-Star break with a massive chip on their shoulder (and ring finger ;). Jay and Dre gush over the Raptors 15 game winning streak, some controversial take on Toronto Media and Parasite!
44 min
That's A Rap Podcast: And The Winner Goes To...
It's finally Oscar night and all the Star's are out! For this Sunday Edition of That's A Rap, Jay, Jay and Dre go through the All-Star Saturday Night participants for the Skills Challenge, 3pt contest and the Dunk contest; and we would be remiss if we didn't talk Oscars! Our boy Dre does an on-point comparison of NBA Teams compared to this year's Best Picture nominees; Jay and Jay also try to put their movie knowledge to the test!
46 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Big Scarf Energy
Talk about stealing a game! With the help from Big Scarf Energy My Fuzzy Chef, the Raptors squeaked out a win against a tough Indiana opponent; but not only did they steal a win, they set a franchise record for consecutive wins with 12 wins in a row. What a game and what a night to be Raptors fan!
28 min
#8 #24
Jay, Jay and Dre get a chance to speak about the late, great Kobe Bryant.
21 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Spicy Sunday
In just his fourth year in the NBA, Toronto Raptors very own Pascal Siakam has made it to the All-Star game, not just as a player, but as a starter! With the help from fan, media and player voting; Spicy is heading to Chicago. In this Sunday edition of That's A Rap, the boys go head to head and play some Jay vs. Dre to draft their own NBA All-Star starters, go through the East and West reserves, and give you their thoughts on Delonte West.
48 min
That's A Rap Podcast: NorMVP
It was an up and down game from the start, but the Raptors pull out the W with contributions from Marc, Norm and Fred. With this win, as well as the win against the Hawks, the Raptors are on a 5 game win streak; can they continue this streak till the end of January? Jay, Jay and Dre give you their take on the wins against Philly and ATL, the upcoming schedule and why Norm should be in consideration for SMOY!
39 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Almost Healthy
Another close call by the Raptors as they nearly cough up 30pt lead to the OKC thunder. With the help of Lowry, Powell and Gasol, the Raptors bend but don't break and scratch out a win with an almost healthy line up. Jason and Dre breakdown the game against OKC, the importance of Gasol being back in the starting line up and what to expect for the upcoming b2b.
28 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Superman Sunday
On this Sunday edition of That's A Rap, the boys take a moment to pay respect to the former commissioner Davis Stern. Jay, Jay and Dre also give their thoughts on the upcoming All-Star Saturday night rumored invitees and the 3-Day DWade Jersey Retirement?...Damn!
33 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Calm Up
After a hard fought lose against a tough Blazers team, the Raptors were right back at it on Wednesday with their second game of a back to back. After giving up a 22-2 run in the third, it was Kyle Lowry who forced the game into OT and his protégé Terence Davis who took over the extra frame. Listen to our latest reactionary pod as Dre, Jason and Jay break down both games, the overreaction from the Blazers game how on earth the Raptors pulled out the win in Charlotte.
35 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Solo(ng) 2019
Good bye 2019, hello 2020 and man what a decade it's been. Jason from That's A Rap is facing his fears and doing a solo podcast to close out 2019. Jason goes through each Raptor year throughout the decade, all the highs and lows, all the trade and goals; ultimately leading us to the Championship run in 2019. Thank you for following us throughout this year and last; we can't wait to talk more Raptors with you in the next decade!
59 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Airing of Grievances
The holidays are finally here which means it's a Festivus for the rest of us! Jay, Jay and Dre give you a special edition of That's A Rap as they give you chance to air out some Grievances, talk some Oscar movies and your personal top 3 Raptor moments of the decade. Happy holidays!
57 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Big Spain Big Pain
The Raptors take a hard fought W against the Pistons at what seemed to be a home crowd! As fun as that was, the win came at a cost as Big Spain Marc Gasol and Stormin' Norman Powell both went down with injuries. The boys break down the Raptors win, the latest injury report and what this might mean for the Raptors upcoming schedule.
32 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Rumor Has It
On this Sunday edition of That's A Rap, Jay, Jay and Dre talk some rumors and story lines floating around in Raptor Land. Masai in New York? Love/Thompson to T.O? Raptor Eevee?
41 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Board Man
Fun Guy, Board Man, MVP, what ever nickname you have for him, Kawhi Leonard returned to Toronto for the first time since his Championship run with the Raptors. It was a bitter sweet moment for Raptor fans as they say Kawhi receive his ring from none other then Kyle Lowry, then proceeded to give the Raptors a whopping. It was a hard one to watch but Jason and Dre are here to breakdown the Clippers vs. Raptors match up, the Kawhi Chapter finally closing, and what's next for the Raptors.
33 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Heat Check Part 2
In part 2 of this weeks episode, the boys take a look at some early season awards. After a quarter way through into the season, we choose our top picks for: MIP, ROY, COY & MVP. Leave us your top three picks for each category and we'll back back at the half way mark to see if our picks have changed!
36 min
That's A Rap Podcast: Heat Check Part 1
After a nail bitter of a game, the doppelganger Heat team delivered the Raptors their first home loss of the season. The Heat played physical D, got transition buckets and coached a great game *enter Spider-Man pointing meme*. The Raps face yet another test as they take on the the Beard and his 39.5pts per game; talk about changing the game! The boys from That's A Rap give you their take on how the Raptors fared against the Raptors South, and what they can do to empty out the Rockets fuel (cough OG cough).
46 min
That's A Rap Podcast: History in the Making Part 2
With part 2 of this week's episode, the boys from That's A Rap talk more wide spread news across the NBA and the basketball world. They talk Team Canada commitments (players and fans), some shake up in the NBA Schedule, as well as some "Name That Team".
47 min
That's A Rap Podcast: History in the Making Part 1
8-0 at home and a record setting 33rd consecutive home victory over a division opponent; if that's not a recipe for a playoff team, I don't know what is! The boys from That's A Rap start off their new podcast format with a recap on City Jersey Raptors vs. the lonesome Knicks, Joel's big O Donut, and a look ahead to some upcoming games.
36 min
That's A Rap Podcast: C.R.E.A.M City
The Raptors are finally back home and whether it's the home cooking, their beds or the comfy confines of the Scotiabank arena, the Raptors are playing their best basketball this season. The boys breakdown the Raps vs. Magic game, some interesting ring decisions, and some interesting City Edition Jerseys.
58 min