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Society & Culture
Andrew Yang's Campaign Against the Coming Dystopia
Presidential candidate Andrew Yang sits down with Isaac Dovere in Iowa.
39 min
Cory Booker on White Supremacist Violence
The senator and presidential candidate sits down with Isaac Dovere after a speech on white nationalism and gun violence in America.
33 min
Rebuilding the Blue Wall
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel talks about what it takes for Democrats to win back the industrial midwest.
30 min
The Veteran Candidate
Congressman Seth Moulton discusses the direction of the Democratic Party, his campaign for the White House, and the current commander-in-chief
34 min
How to Cover Racist Tweets
Margaret Brennan, moderator of CBS’s Face the Nation, joins Atlantic staff writer Isaac Dovere to discuss the president’s attacks on four congresswomen and the media’s response.
43 min
Trump Diplomacy
Former US ambassador Thomas Pickering on the state of diplomacy in the Trump era.
47 min
The Other Republican
Bill Weld has a plan to defeat Donald Trump in the GOP primary.
34 min
The Fight for Reparations
Vann Newkirk discusses the Juneteenth congressional hearing on reparations.
33 min
The Reelection Battle Begins
Donald Trump never held public office before he became president. So how does the ultimate outsider candidate run for re-election? And who does he want to face?
36 min
Partisanship at the Supreme Court
As the justices consider the limits of partisanship in two major cases, will questions about the court’s own politics be its undoing?
31 min
The Abortion Debate’s New Urgency
Could the abortion bans passing around the country topple Roe v. Wade?
32 min
Introducing Crazy/Genius Season 3
Staff writers Derek Thompson and Isaac Dovere preview the new season of Crazy/Genius, The Atlantic's show about technology and culture. Subscribe to Crazy/Genius wherever you get your podcasts.
34 min
Trump’s Trade War
Why did a Republican president start a trade war between the world’s two largest economies?
31 min
Liberalism’s Last Stand
Viktor Orbán has worked to remove all impediments to his autocratic regime in Hungary. Next week, President Trump will welcome him to the White House.
45 min
Is Politics Funny Anymore?
Jordan Klepper discusses political comedy in the Trump era.
38 min
To Impeach Or Not To Impeach?
Yoni Appelbaum and Ezra Klein debate whether Democrats should open an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.
52 min
The Trauma at the Border
A migrant advocate shares the harrowing stories of asylum seekers and describes what the Trump administration’s new border policies could mean for these families.
40 min
Can A Long-Shot Candidate Beat Donald Trump?
Isaac Dovere interviews Howard Dean, the last long-shot-turned-frontrunner in a race to take down an incumbent Republican.
40 min
Sex, Gender, and the Democratic Party
Does the conversation about Joe Biden's 'handsiness' show how much Democrats have changed in the last two decades — or how little?
39 min
Politics After Mueller
What does the end of the special counsel’s investigation mean for 2020?
40 min
President Trump’s Post-Mueller Corruption Problem
Diamond snuffboxes, Moroccan lions, and a part of the Constitution that’s never been tested in the courts… until President Trump.
31 min
Paul Manafort and the Problem of White-Collar C...
Why do white-collar criminals so rarely face justice?
41 min
The Future of the Democratic Party
Alex Wagner asks Dan Pfeiffer — former senior advisor to President Obama and co-host of Pod Save America — what lessons Democrats should carry into 2020.
36 min
President Trump's New Legal Nightmare
Michael Cohen’s testimony created a host of problems for Trump beyond the Russia investigation. Are these new legal woes the biggest threat to the Trump presidency?
31 min
State of Emergency
Legal expert Liza Goitein explains the history (and shocking extent) of presidential emergency powers.
29 min
Pecker Pics and Tabloid Tricks
Jeffrey Toobin helps Alex Wagner make sense of the National Enquirer: its strange history, its devotion to Donald Trump, and why it’s at war with the world’s richest man.
36 min
Something Rotten in the State of Virginia
Staff writers Adam Serwer and Vann Newkirk join Alex Wagner to discuss news that Virginia’s Democratic governor and attorney general both wore blackface.
34 min
Kamala Harris, Progressive Prosecutor?
In the era of criminal justice reform and Black Lives Matter, can a former prosecutor win the Democratic nomination?
36 min
The Art of the Shutdown Deal
Reporter Maggie Haberman joins Alex Wagner to explain how President Trump’s business career shows he’s no master negotiator and predicted the current shutdown mess.
34 min
Is the President a Russian Asset?
Staff writer Franklin Foer joins Alex Wagner to make sense of the new questions about President Trump’s relationship with Russia.
36 min
How to Fix Social Media
Alexis Madrigal joins Matt Thompson to solve the ills of the modern internet.
53 min
What Happened to the GOP?
George Packer argues that the Republican Party has chosen power over democracy, and that its corruption began decades ago.
39 min
Does the NRA Connect Trump to Russia?
Alex Wagner talks with reporters Natasha Bertrand and Mike Spies about Maria Butina, the NRA, and whether Russia used the gun lobby to influence American politics.
35 min
The First Gene-Edited Babies
A scientist has claimed he used the revolutionary CRISPR gene technology on human embryos, igniting a global controversy.
30 min
What’s Happening With Mueller and Manafort?
Alex Wagner discusses new developments in the Mueller probe with reporter Natasha Bertrand and former White House aide Ron Klain.
36 min
Florida Flashbacks
With votes being retallied in the Sunshine State, Mark McKinnon and Jeremy Bash look back on their time in the 2000 Bush and Gore campaigns.
33 min
What Did We Learn From the Midterms?
Five takeaways from Tuesday’s elections, as interpreted by five Atlantic journalists.
43 min
Midterms in the Wake of Political Violence
Executive Editor Matt Thompson discusses the upcoming midterms with two reporters in the field: Emma Green in Pennsylvania and Adam Serwer in Texas.
44 min
The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi
Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg sits down with Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt to discuss Jamal Khashoggi, Mohammed bin Salman, and the future of Saudi Arabia.
37 min
The Politics of Ancestry
Executive Editor Matt Thompson and Staff Writer Sarah Zhang join Cherokee writer and organizer Rebecca Nagle to discuss DNA tests, Elizabeth Warren, and how we define heritage.
46 min
America's Higher Education Crisis
As a new affirmative action lawsuit heads to federal court, Alia Wong and Adam Harris join Matt Thompson and Gillian White to discuss the challenges in American higher education.
52 min
Remembering Ferguson with DeRay Mckesson
The activist sits down with Matt Thompson and Gillian White at The Atlantic Festival.
37 min
Is the Public Square Gone?
With the speed and volume of news these days—not to mention the myriad business and technological pressures—how does the media serve its role as the fourth estate?
55 min
The Reputations and Reckonings of #MeToo
Alex Wagner, Megan Garber, and Gillian B. White join Matt Thompson to discuss Kavanaugh, Moonves, and the #MeToo movement one year in.
45 min
Is Democracy Dying?
Jeffrey Rosen and Anne Applebaum—scholars of America’s past and Europe’s present—discuss our precarious moment in history and what could come next.
43 min
How Much Longer Can Football Last?
The inside view of America’s two swampiest reality shows: politics and football.
42 min
The Endless Devastation of Hurricane Season
A year after Hurricanes Harvey and Maria, we finally know: the hurricane season of 2017 was one of the deadliest in North America in a century. What have we learned in the aftermath?
53 min
Trump’s Worst Day
What does the guilt of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen mean for President Trump?
44 min
When Does Hollywood’s Diversity Become Real Rep...
Matt discusses how well movies and shows represent diverse experiences with senior editor Gillian White and culture writer Hannah Giorgis.
43 min
Charlottesville: One Year Later
Adam Serwer and Gillian White join Matt and Alex to discuss what’s changed—and what hasn’t—in the year since a violent white supremacist rally in Virginia.
49 min
Keepers of the Year 2018
To commemorate the show’s first anniversary, we lift up above the fog of news and discuss what’s most important to remember at this moment.
66 min
The Future of Europe
This week’s NATO Summit in Brussels comes as Trump and other leaders express unprecedented levels of doubt about decades of western cooperation.
44 min
Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic?
A century ago, the 1918 flu pandemic killed five percent of humanity—have we become safer in the hundred years since or actually grown more vulnerable?
57 min
The View from the Border
Jeremy Raff and Priscilla Alvarez join to discuss what this week's news means for families separated at the border.
47 min
Being Black in America Can Be Hazardous to Your...
Staff writers Olga Khazan and Vann Newkirk join Matt and Alex to discuss how prejudice and poverty shorten African-American lifespans.
45 min
The North Korea Summit
Can Trump and Kim cut a deal that works?
35 min
A White House Troll ‘Owning the Libs’
What happens when right-wing trolls grow up to run the world?
51 min
Is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Past Solving?
Two American-born writers – an Israeli author and a Muslim journalist – grapple with the bleak state of Israeli-Palestinian relations.
55 min
Happy Mueller-versary
Staff writers Rosie Gray and David A. Graham join Matt and Alex to discuss the Mueller investigation as it begins its second year.
48 min
Introducing Crazy/Genius: Why Can't Facebook Te...
Is Facebook fixable, or is its business model designed to sell us lies?
21 min
Is Politics Ruining Pop Culture?
Entertainment has always been political. But what happens when the entertainment we consume feels like a litmus test for our beliefs?
54 min
Is the Presidency Broken?
John Dickerson joins Matt, Jeff, and politics writer Elaina Plott to discuss whether the job of the president has become impossible.
50 min
The Syria Disaster, Seven Years In
Atlantic editors Matt Thompson and Kathy Gilsinan ask Syria expert Andrew Tabler to explain how the conflict has worn on for years and what the path forward might be.
48 min
Becoming White in America
Alex Wagner discusses the American immigrant story (and her new book) with Matt, Jeff, and editor Adam Serwer.
50 min
News Update: Who Could Tame Facebook?
After CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony, are U.S. legislators prepared to regulate the social network? Should they?
43 min
David Frum joins Matt, Jeff, and Kathy Gilsinan to discuss how American democracy has fared under President Trump.
48 min
King Remembered
Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed, and then America created a version of him that it could love.
54 min
The Family Unit in a Divided Era
In a society riven by party, class, and generational divides, do families stand a chance? Rebecca Rosen and Adrienne LaFrance join our hosts.
45 min
Does America Have a Monopoly Problem?
With industries concentrating and corporate influence growing, Derek Thompson joins us to debate the promise and perils of big business.
45 min
If We Could Learn From History
The power grab in China, the Iraq War fifteen years later, and the art of anticipating history, with James Fallows and Kathy Gilsinan.
48 min
Goodbye Black History Month, Hello Black Future
Black Panther, Janelle Monáe, Tomi Adeyemi, and the Afrofuturist explosion, with Adam Serwer and Vann Newkirk
50 min
How Innocence Becomes Irrelevant (No Way Out, P...
The story of Benjamine Spencer shows a legal system that prefers naming someone guilty over figuring out who really is.
56 min
Who Killed Jeffrey Young? (No Way Out, Part II)
Is Benjamine Spencer innocent of the crime that has kept him in prison most of his life? And if he is, who's guilty?
24 min
No Way Out, Part I
Benjamine Spencer has spent most of his life in prison for a heinous crime he may not have committed. Does his guilt or innocence still matter to the justice system?
52 min
From 'I, Tonya' to 'Cat Person,' Is 'Based On a...
David Sims and Megan Garber join to discuss recent pop culture aimed at recasting reality.
49 min
Paul Manafort and How the Swamp Was Made
Franklin Foer joins to discuss how the indicted Trump campaign manager brought corruption in Washington, D.C., to new lows.
52 min
Who Gets to be American?
Three second-generation immigrants—Priscilla Alvarez, Matt Thompson, and Alex Wagner—discuss how America's history with immigration helps explain today's politics.
45 min
Bricks, Clicks, and the Future of Shopping
Gillian White joins us to discuss dramatic changes underway in retail and what the industry's troubles mean for the country.
40 min
The Presidential Fitness Challenge
What is the nation to do with reports that advisors to the president consider him unfit for office? James Fallows joins our hosts to discuss.
47 min
How Has America Changed Since 1968?
Conor Friedersdorf joins us to discuss a year that transformed the nation, and what has and hasn't changed after fifty years.
39 min
Ideas of the Year, 2017 Edition
To close out the year, Atlantic journalists tell us the events and insights that defined it.
48 min
Putin, Russia, and the End of History
Julia Ioffe joins the show to discuss Vladimir Putin and what Americans misunderstand about Russia.
51 min
The Manifest Destiny of Mike Pence
McKay Coppins joins the show to discuss how U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has intertwined his faith with his ambition, and what his rise tells us about American politics today.
52 min
The Great Recession, One Decade Later
In December 2007, the U.S. saw the start of its longest recession since World War II. What lessons have we learned in the intervening decade, and which are we doomed to repeat?
45 min
John Wayne, Donald Trump, and the American Man
For generations, Hollywood has defined what masculinity means in the U.S. Stephen Metcalf and Megan Garber join our hosts to discuss what lessons our male screen icons have taught us.
48 min
How an American Neo-Nazi Was Made
Luke O'Brien and Rosie Gray join our hosts to discuss the radicalization of Andrew Anglin, and how far-right extremism is evolving.
31 min
The Press and the Election of 2016: One Year Later
Four Atlantic editors reflect on the anniversary of Donald Trump's election upset, and how it informs their work looking ahead.
36 min
Khizr Khan on What Patriotism Requires
On what it means to stand for America, and to sacrifice for it
56 min
Reporting on Open Secrets, with Jodi Kantor and...
Allegations of sexual harassment (and more) by powerful men in numerous industries are leading news reports across America. Does this represent a culmination, or a broader culture shift?
46 min
Why Do Happy People Cheat?
And what can infidelity teach us about commitment? Jeff, Alex, and Matt talk with Esther Perel, author of "The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity," and host of the podcast "Where Should We Begin?"
48 min
Derek Thompson and the Moonshot Factory
Inside the secretive lab where Google's parent company is researching advanced technology
48 min
The Miseducation of Ta-Nehisi Coates
In three one-on-one interviews, our national correspondent talks about his career, his community, and his country.
82 min
Russia! Live with Julia Ioffe and Eliot A. Cohen
What might Vladimir Putin have hoped to achieve by meddling in the election of President Trump … and what did he actually get?
52 min
What Are Public Schools For?
Back-to-school season means the revival laments about America's failing public education system. But what is it failing to do?
55 min
Will America's Institutions Survive President T...
In his short time as commander in chief, he's broken countless norms. Has he broken the executive branch?
55 min
A Memo to the Huddled Masses
Immigrants flock to the U.S. in pursuit of the American Dream. But is it time for the wake-up call?
39 min
News Update: The Questions After Harvey
If history is any guide, the biggest challenges caused by the disaster in Houston will come into focus after the nation's attention turns elsewhere.
16 min
What Game of Thrones Has Taught Us About Politics
Lessons from the hit HBO series, and from other recent pop culture and fiction
43 min
Are Smartphones Harming Our Kids?
Ten years after the arrival of the iPhone, are mobile devices taking a toll on our children's mental health?
45 min
Ta-Nehisi Coates and Yoni Appelbaum on Charlott...
Did the president's response to fatal violence touched off by white supremacists mark a major breakpoint in American politics?
57 min
Kurt Andersen on How America Lost Its Mind
Magical thinking and "alternative facts" have a long, proud history in these United States.
48 min
News Update: Mark Bowden on North Korea
Given new revelations about North Korea's nuclear capabilities—and newly harsh rhetoric from President Trump—Jeffrey Goldberg and Matt Thompson talk with Mark Bowden, author of The Atlantic's July/August cover story on how to deal with North Korea.
22 min
Ask Not What Your Robots Can Do For You
Our increasingly smart machines aren't just changing the workforce, they're changing us. Alexis Madrigal and our hosts explore how.
52 min
One Nation Under God?
How tolerant and pluralistic is America when it comes to religious expression?
43 min
'Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory'
The past, present, and future of the American idea, and the world premiere of Jon Batiste's "Battle Hymn of the Republic."
65 min
Weekly conversations with leading journalists and thinkers to make sense of the history happening all around us
2 min