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Society & Culture
This COVID Winter Will Be Different
But will it be better? A pandemic primer for the season.
21 min
For Love of the Game
In this episode of Radio Atlantic, staff writer Clint Smith talks about the complicated feelings he has for soccer, and which teams and players shaped his love of the sport.
18 min
A Short History of Brazilian Soccer
The Atlantic staff writers Franklin Foer and Clint Smith talk about who they're rooting for and why in World Cup 2022. And Franklin Foer takes us on a journey through the history the beautiful and ugly side of his beloved Brazilian team.
27 min
What’s at Stake for Election Workers
Mark Leibovich talks with Tim Alberta about the often-overlooked group of people crucial to American voting. With election denialism plaguing the process, poll workers have faced threats and harassment. What can we expect in the midterms next week?
30 min
Who Leaves, Who Stays
When Taliban forces seized control of Kabul last year, many Afghans faced life-changing choices. One family's decision led to a harrowing journey for a young woman and her sister.
40 min
What Puerto Rico Needs Most
How are repeated disasters impacting Puerto Ricans, and what can be done about it in both the long and short-term?
25 min
The New Kabul
Atlantic fellow Bushra Seddique talks about her life in Afghanistan, and David Petraeus talks with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg about the departure of American troops.
30 min
Zelensky is Everywhere
Jeffrey Goldberg and Anne Applebaum journey to Kyiv to interview Ukraine's president
19 min
Caitlin Dickerson on family separation
How the Trump administration came to separate migrant children from their families
39 min
Laws and Rights After Roe
What laws will prevail when Roe is overturned?
27 min
The Future of Roe
Three Atlantic writers discuss their reactions and predictions after reading Justice Alito's leaked opinion
50 min
Barack Obama on Disinformation and The Future o...
Jeffrey Goldberg interviews Barack Obama about Ukraine, disinformation, and the state of democracy.
65 min
Russia's War
Jeffrey Goldberg interviews Anne Applebaum and Tom Nichols about the latest developments in Ukraine—and what it means for the future of the free world.
43 min
Presenting: The Review, a new podcast from The ...
Join The Atlantic’s cultural critics and their guests as they go deep, debating the big ideas behind movies, music, and more.
2 min
How To Build A Happy Life: A new podcast from T...
The Atlantic's new show on all things happiness, featuring Arthur Brooks
2 min
Introducing: The Experiment
A new podcast from The Atlantic and WNYC Studios, The Experiment, tells stories from our unfinished country.
34 min
Biden: The Candidate for the Trump Moment
Looking back on the 2020 race—and ahead to where our politics goes next. Also: an announcement about the podcast.
36 min
John Bresnahan Helps Us Understand What The Hel...
A veteran congressional reporter shares his firsthand experience of the pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol.
23 min
Jim Clyburn
The House majority whip from South Carolina gave Joe Biden the key endorsement of his candidacy. What does the civil rights veteran want to see from his party in 2021?
18 min
Gabe Sterling
A Georgia election official calls out his fellow Republicans.
23 min
Ed Yong
Has the pandemic defeated America, or has our politics?
31 min
Abigail Spanberger
The Virginia Congresswoman shares her concerns over President Trump’s post-election actions and what she considers the lessons of 2020 for her fellow Democrats.
34 min
Brian Stelter
Between the pandemic and President Trump, election night this year will be unlike any other. Is television news ready for the chaos Tuesday could bring?
26 min
Tony Schwartz
The man who wrote The Art of the Deal reflects on Donald Trump, his presidency, and what the coming weeks could bring.
29 min
Hillary Clinton
The former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic nominee discusses President Trump, the pandemic, and election disinformation.
38 min
Barton Gellman
What if Trump refuses to concede?
22 min
Howie Hawkins
The Green Party’s presidential nominee and co-founder discusses his candidacy and concerns among Democrats about his party acting as a spoiler in 2020.
24 min
Mandela Barnes
Elected at 31, Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Governor is a young Black progressive and the face of a new Democratic party in the Midwest. With the nation’s attention on the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Barnes joins Isaac Dovere to discuss President Trump, the Milwaukee Bucks, and what he thinks Democrats need to do to win in November.
29 min
Chad Mayes
Once the head of the GOP in the largest state in the country, now running as an independent, California Assembly Member Chad Mayes has a warning for Republicans.
27 min
Susan Rice
Is the former U.N. Ambassador about to become the first Black woman on a national ticket?
36 min
Donna Shalala
America’s longest-serving Secretary of Health & Human Services discusses what the federal government should be doing, becoming a congresswoman at age 77, and naming her new rescue dog “Fauci.”
26 min
Doug Jones
The Alabama senator discusses the coronavirus outbreak in the South, new efforts to grapple with its Confederate legacy, and his hopes that this time of crisis leads to systemic change.
29 min
Carly Fiorina
The 2016 Republican presidential candidate announces her intention to vote for Joe Biden, and the concerns about the country that led to her decision.
29 min
Jumaane Williams
The second-highest elected official in New York City is a progressive activist who’s worked to change policing for years. He thinks this moment could be different, if Americans are willing to have an honest conversation.
22 min
Nan Whaley
The mayor of Dayton, Ohio, on how badly America's cities need a bailout—and how painful the impact could be if they don't get one.
27 min
Bill Cassidy
Senator (and doctor) Bill Cassidy discusses the coronavirus response, vaccines, and how states like his own Louisiana are going to reopen.
25 min
Phil Murphy
The governor of one of the hardest-hit states discusses the coronavirus response, how he thinks about reopening New Jersey, and his conversations with President Trump.
22 min
Andrew Yang
The former presidential candidate discusses universal basic income, coronavirus-linked bigotry against Asian Americans, and how the pandemic has accelerated the automation trends he's long worried about.
29 min
Stacey Abrams
Georgia politician and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams discusses elections in a pandemic, vice presidential aspirations, and Star Trek.
31 min
Voter Suppression By Pandemic
Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund discusses Wisconsin’s election debacle and how the coronavirus has become a new tool of voter suppression.
27 min
‘The Woman From Michigan’
Governor Gretchen Whitmer joins to discuss Michigan’s coronavirus response and her relationship with President Trump.
18 min
Risking Exposure in Congress
Queens congresswoman Grace Meng shares the view from the floor of Congress — and from the epicenter of the pandemic.
20 min
Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Pandemic Response
Arnold Schwarzenegger calls in from his house in California to discuss the coronavirus response.
21 min
The Coronavirus Response, with Senator Sherrod ...
Senator Sherrod Brown discusses the Trump administration's response to the pandemic and what he thinks Congress needs to do now.
32 min
This Isn’t Trump’s Katrina (Except When It Is)
Vann Newkirk joins Isaac Dovere to discuss Floodlines—the new Atlantic podcast about Hurricane Katrina—and what lessons the disaster response in 2005 has for the coronavirus crisis in 2020.
47 min
Beating Donald Trump, with David Plouffe
The campaign manager behind Obama’s 2008 election breaks down the state of the Democratic party—and what they need to win in November.
31 min
South Carolina, with Jennifer Palmieri
Former Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri discusses the South Carolina primary, why 2020 is different than 2016, and how sexism still shapes American politics.
31 min
The Unlearned Lessons of 2016, with Katy Tur
With the general election approaching, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur warns that the the news media still hasn’t figured out how to cover the president.
30 min
A Historic Vote on Equal Rights, and Hopes for ...
Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton discusses the Equal Rights Amendment and gun control, joining Isaac Dovere minutes after presiding over House debate on the historic ERA bill.
30 min
The New Hampshire Primary, with Chris Pappas
New Hampshire congressman Chris Pappas discusses the first primary of 2020, his unique path to politics, and what issues Granite State voters care about as they head to the polls.
28 min
The Iowa Caucuses, with J.D. Scholten
Iowa native and congressional candidate J.D. Scholten previews the first vote of the 2020 presidential election.
33 min
The Ticket: Politics from The Atlantic
An update: Same show. Same feed. New name.
1 min
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
The new mayor of Chicago shares how her upbringing led her to run for office for the first time — and win a historic victory.
30 min
Arnold Schwarzenegger on Show-Business Politics
The governator discusses the Republican party, his commitment to the environment, and the Democratic candidates (his review: "such bad actors").
35 min
"He Doesn't Understand War"
A congressman and combat veteran talks about the true costs of war and warns against the temptation of revenge.
32 min
Will the Trump Presidential Library Have an Imp...
On the day President Trump is impeached, Isaac Dovere visits the Nixon Presidential Library with candidate Tom Steyer.
33 min
Why Impeachment Is Different This Time Around
Steve Chabot, a House Republican who helped lead his party's impeachment fight against Bill Clinton, is unconvinced by the Democrat’s case against Trump.
25 min
Britain Votes (Again)
Staff writer Helen Lewis explains the state of British politics ahead of next week’s pivotal general election.
31 min
Is Russia Winning the Impeachment Hearings?
Anne Applebaum joins Isaac Dovere to discuss impeachment through a global lens.
38 min
How to Stop A Civil War
Jeffrey Goldberg, Danielle Allen, and Adam Serwer discuss how America is coming apart—and how they think it can be reunited.
39 min
Virginia Hates Tyrants
Senator Tim Kaine discusses Democrats' historic win in Virginia and what it means for 2020.
40 min
President Pete?
Mayor Pete Buttigieg discusses his unlikely presidential run.
30 min
Reporting in ‘Forgotten America’
James Fallows spent decades covering national politics. For the last four years though, he’s traveled the parts of America typically left out of the national conversation. And he comes back with good news.
35 min
Sanders vs. Warren?
Elizabeth Warren became the frontrunner the same week Bernie Sanders won the endorsement of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. How long does the truce between the progressive candidates last?
35 min
How ISIS Returns
When America abruptly abandoned its Kurdish allies in Syria, a new cycle of violence began. How did we get here? And where will it end?
36 min
Understanding the Whistle-Blower
Few people have had the same job experience as the CIA whistle-blower. Elissa Slotkin is one of them. She’s also a Democratic congresswoman from a pro-Trump district who played a key role in starting the impeachment inquiry.
34 min
Amy Klobuchar, Live at The Atlantic Festival
Senator and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar joins Isaac Dovere on stage in Washington.
42 min
Steve Bullock's Longshot Case
The Montana governor talks about his presidential campaign, his personal connection to the gun control debate, and why running his home state has uniquely prepared him to run a divided country.
40 min
The Heir
McKay Coppins on which Trump sibling could succeed the president — and why it matters
29 min
On the Road with Beto
This week, Beto O'Rourke took a bus out of New York. Not a campaign bus, just a regular old bus. Isaac Dovere joined for the trip and they talked about how the presidential candidate has been changed by the recent mass shootings in West Texas.
41 min
The Man Who Couldn't Take It Anymore
Nine months ago, Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned. As the last ‘adult in the room’ at the Trump White House, what has his departure meant? And could his frank assessment of the president make a difference?
34 min
Recession Politics
Annie Lowrey joins Isaac Dovere to discuss news of a possible recession, President Trump’s reaction, and why the last downturn is key to understanding today's politics.
41 min
Andrew Yang's Campaign Against the Coming Dystopia
Presidential candidate Andrew Yang sits down with Isaac Dovere in Iowa.
39 min
Cory Booker on White Supremacist Violence
The senator and presidential candidate sits down with Isaac Dovere after a speech on white nationalism and gun violence in America.
33 min
Rebuilding the Blue Wall
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel talks about what it takes for Democrats to win back the industrial midwest.
30 min
The Veteran Candidate
Congressman Seth Moulton discusses the direction of the Democratic Party, his campaign for the White House, and the current commander-in-chief
34 min
How to Cover Racist Tweets
Margaret Brennan, moderator of CBS’s Face the Nation, joins Atlantic staff writer Isaac Dovere to discuss the president’s attacks on four congresswomen and the media’s response.
43 min
Trump Diplomacy
Former US ambassador Thomas Pickering on the state of diplomacy in the Trump era.
47 min
The Other Republican
Bill Weld has a plan to defeat Donald Trump in the GOP primary.
34 min
The Fight for Reparations
Vann Newkirk discusses the Juneteenth congressional hearing on reparations.
33 min
The Reelection Battle Begins
Donald Trump never held public office before he became president. So how does the ultimate outsider candidate run for re-election? And who does he want to face?
36 min
Partisanship at the Supreme Court
As the justices consider the limits of partisanship in two major cases, will questions about the court’s own politics be its undoing?
31 min
The Abortion Debate’s New Urgency
Could the abortion bans passing around the country topple Roe v. Wade?
32 min
Introducing Crazy/Genius Season 3
Staff writers Derek Thompson and Isaac Dovere preview the new season of Crazy/Genius, The Atlantic's show about technology and culture. Subscribe to Crazy/Genius wherever you get your podcasts.
34 min
Trump’s Trade War
Why did a Republican president start a trade war between the world’s two largest economies?
31 min
Liberalism’s Last Stand
Viktor Orbán has worked to remove all impediments to his autocratic regime in Hungary. Next week, President Trump will welcome him to the White House.
45 min
Is Politics Funny Anymore?
Jordan Klepper discusses political comedy in the Trump era.
38 min
To Impeach Or Not To Impeach?
Yoni Appelbaum and Ezra Klein debate whether Democrats should open an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.
52 min
The Trauma at the Border
A migrant advocate shares the harrowing stories of asylum seekers and describes what the Trump administration’s new border policies could mean for these families.
40 min
Can A Long-Shot Candidate Beat Donald Trump?
Isaac Dovere interviews Howard Dean, the last long-shot-turned-frontrunner in a race to take down an incumbent Republican.
40 min
Sex, Gender, and the Democratic Party
Does the conversation about Joe Biden's 'handsiness' show how much Democrats have changed in the last two decades — or how little?
39 min
Politics After Mueller
What does the end of the special counsel’s investigation mean for 2020?
40 min
President Trump’s Post-Mueller Corruption Problem
Diamond snuffboxes, Moroccan lions, and a part of the Constitution that’s never been tested in the courts… until President Trump.
31 min
Paul Manafort and the Problem of White-Collar C...
Why do white-collar criminals so rarely face justice?
41 min
The Future of the Democratic Party
Alex Wagner asks Dan Pfeiffer — former senior advisor to President Obama and co-host of Pod Save America — what lessons Democrats should carry into 2020.
36 min
President Trump's New Legal Nightmare
Michael Cohen’s testimony created a host of problems for Trump beyond the Russia investigation. Are these new legal woes the biggest threat to the Trump presidency?
31 min
State of Emergency
Legal expert Liza Goitein explains the history (and shocking extent) of presidential emergency powers.
29 min
Pecker Pics and Tabloid Tricks
Jeffrey Toobin helps Alex Wagner make sense of the National Enquirer: its strange history, its devotion to Donald Trump, and why it’s at war with the world’s richest man.
36 min
Something Rotten in the State of Virginia
Staff writers Adam Serwer and Vann Newkirk join Alex Wagner to discuss news that Virginia’s Democratic governor and attorney general both wore blackface.
34 min
Kamala Harris, Progressive Prosecutor?
In the era of criminal justice reform and Black Lives Matter, can a former prosecutor win the Democratic nomination?
36 min