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Onus of investigation on Congress, SDNY as Barr...
Plus, Trump Ukraine scandal spawns counterintelligence investigation
44 min
Trump impeachment inquiry banks evidence as wit...
Plus, Federal investigators following Rudy Giuliani's money
43 min
Trump impeachment advances as US policy collaps...
Plus, Trump quick to seize upon Facebook's openness to lying in ads
44 min
Former ambassador excoriates corruption of Trum...
Plus, As Trump installs enablers, he leaves behind witnesses
48 min
Criminality taints Giuliani role in Trump Ukrai...
Plus, Senior Pompeo adviser resigns from State Department: WaPo
48 min
Trump asked Tillerson to help Giuliani client w...
Plus, Trump abandons U.S. counterterror partners to Turkish aggression
43 min
Trump showing desperation in defying impeachmen...
Plus, Trump appears to throw Pence under the bus in legal filing
45 min
Trump's ill-considered Syria pullout finds limi...
Under scrutiny for corruption, Trump blurs meaning of 'corruption'
47 min
The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg: Joyce Vance
Joyce Vance was a line federal prosecutor in Birmingham, Alabama for many years.
59 min
At heart, Trump Ukraine scandal simple, impeach...
Rice: Trump proposing to sell out U.S. on China for personal gain
49 min
The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg: Kathy Ruemmler
Kathy Ruemmler served for three years as White House Counsel to President Barack Obama.
63 min
Acting-DNI Joseph Maguire testifies before the ...
189 min
The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg: William McRaven
William McRaven, the longest serving Navy SEAL in American history
60 min
The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg: Rob Spencer
On September 11, 2001, Assistant United States Attorney Rob Spencer sat in his Alexandria, Virginia office – five miles from the Pentagon – waiting to meet an FBI agent about a new extortion case. The al Qaeda attacks that day changed his life, as it changed the lives of so many people in this country.
62 min
Mueller Testifies: Part 4
61 min
Mueller Testifies: Part 3
82 min
Mueller Testifies: Part 2
114 min
Mueller Testifies: Part 1
97 min
Bonus Bag Man, Episode 1: An Unsettling Secret
25 min