The Quilting Arts Podcast

Take a deep dive into the world of contemporary art quilting with your hosts Susan Brubaker Knapp and Vivika Hansen DeNegre. Listen and learn as they explore how art and stitch intersect in with passionate creativity unique to the art quilting community. Make the Quilting Arts Podcast part of your story!

Visual Arts
Behind the Scenes at Quilting Arts TV
The wait is over! Join Host Susan Brubaker Knapp and Editor Vivika Hansen DeNegre on the set of Quilting Arts TV for a very special podcast recording… in person after more than two years!
19 min
Where We Work
Listen today as co-hosts Susan Brubaker Knapp and Vivika Hansen DeNegre chat with artist and project manager Jane Davila about the opening of a brand new studio space that meets the needs of a unique cohort of artists.
52 min
Artistic Inspiration: Modern Art and Antique Qu...
In this episode, Artist in Residence, author, journalist, and quilt historian Teresa Duryea Wong, provides insight into how the Abstract Expressionists – painters such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko – were most definitely influenced by quilt art from the previous century
49 min
Re-imagine Your Art
In this episode, we discuss the value of regularly re-imagining your art – and how one art quilter, Margaret Abramshe, approaches that concept, finding new and exciting ways to re-imagine and re-frame it.
50 min
Make a Creative Reset
In this episode of the Quilting Arts Podcast, we examine how artists approach the concept of a creative reset and starting fresh with a conversation featuring Artist in Residence, Timna Tarr.
49 min
A Visit to the Museum: Targeted Observation
In this episode, we encourage our listeners to plan a field trip to their local museum. And while doing so, we’ll challenge you to look at the art with a different eye.
43 min
The Business of Art
Today, Susan and Vivika take a detour from their usual format to look more closely at the business side of art quilting, specifically pricing, selling, and promoting your work.
41 min
Missing Quilt Market Bonus Episode
Welcome to a special “Crossover Bonus Episode” of the Quilt & Tell and Quilting Arts Podcasts!
53 min
Museums and the Art Quilt
This episode of The Quilting Arts Podcast focuses on quilt museums in specific, featuring a conversation with Carolyn Ducey, Curator of Collections at the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.
42 min
Art and Environment
Today we’ll be exploring that link between the art we create and the environment in which we live and work with our Artist in Residence, Sue King.
48 min
The Intersection of Art and Technology
A fascinating conversation about the intersection of art and technology, with quilter and software engineer Steph Skardal who pushes those boundaries every day.
46 min
Pushing Your Artistic Creativity
Today’s episode, featuring a conversation with art quilter Mel Beach, is all about motivating, experimenting, and inspiring the creative mind.
45 min
Informed by Science
On this episode of the Quilting Arts Podcast, hosts Susan Brubaker Knapp and Vivika Hansen DeNegre invite artist and cell biologist Shannon Conley to discuss some of the fascinating ways art and science intersect.
42 min
Influenced by Art: Beyond the Quilt
Hosts Susan Brubaker Knapp and Vivika Hansen DeNegre invited Valerie S. Goodwin to be their guest Artist in Residence and discuss how her work continues to be inspired by art of all kinds.
43 min
The Evolution of an Artist
Hosts Susan Brubaker Knapp and Vivika Hansen DeNegre focus on the quality of artistic flexibility with Artist in Residence, Judy Coates Perez.
45 min
Song Quilts with Fiber Nation
Don’t miss this bonus episode from our sister podcast, Fiber Nation as Allison Korleski delves into the song quilts of Eliza Hardy Jones
31 min
Can Teaching Make You a Better Artist? Introduc...
Bonus: Those Who Can, Teach | Art Bound Podcast
46 min
Art Quilting Trend Spotting
We invited SAQA’s Executive Director to to discuss the trends she sees in contemporary art quilts.
45 min
Bridging the Digital Divide
In this episode, we explore the use of digital technology in creating art quilts.
48 min
Setting Artistic Goals
Susan and Vivika talk about different approaches for taking stock of accomplishments, reflecting on goals, and setting a fresh path for creativity.
41 min
The Art of the Portrait
In this episode of the Quilting Arts Podcast, we explore how the human form can be depicted in cloth.
49 min
All This by Hand
In this episode, we take a moment to slow down, step back, and talk about something we all enjoy: creating artwork by hand.
49 min
Opacity, Transparency, and Layers
Today’s Artist in Residence, Lynn Koolish, has mastered the art of layering imagery in her work.
40 min
Open Studios
Mixed media artist Jane Davila is creating an artist’s haven in an old corset factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
39 min
Art Quilt Mentorship
This episode of the Quilting Arts Podcast explores two perspectives of art mentorship and how it influences artistic growth.
46 min