Questlove Supreme

Questlove Supreme is a fun, irreverent and educational weekly podcast that digs deep into the stories of musical legends and cultural icons in a way that only Questlove and Team Supreme can deliver. Led by Each episode is driven by conversation ranging from the guest’s origins (along with a few never-before-revealed secrets to their success) to their life passions and current projects. This is not your typical interview show. This is about legends and legends in the making bringing their legacy to life in their own words. Previous guests have included Usher, Michelle Obama, Chris Rock, Steve Miller, Maya Rudolph, Weird Al, Chaka Khan, Babyface and many more.

Society & Culture
2021 Rap Up with Mad Skillz Pt. 2
Mad Skillz, touches on his intriguing hip hop journey and some Hip Hop Confessions that knock Quest and Team Supreme off their feet!
55 min
QLS Classic: Stephanie Ruhle
Ruhle talks about her transition from Wall Street to MSNBC News Anchor and shares her views on complicated issues from the 2011 financial crisis to the Me Too movement
135 min
2021 Rap Up with Mad Skillz Pt. 1
Mad Skillz touches on his intriguing hip hop journey, the mysteries behind his highly anticipated annual Rap Up's and some Hip Hop Confessions
64 min
QLS Classic: Linda Perry
Singer-songwriter Linda Perry talks about her musical beginnings with 4 Non Blondes and how she creates chart-topping hits for stars like Adele and Pink.
102 min
Doug E. Fresh Pt. 2
Quest and Team Supreme attempt to dive into the life of one of the most important figures in music
85 min
QLS Classic: Marley Marl
Marley Marl shares some of his studio secrets and talks about how he earned his spot as a legend in the early NYC scene.
173 min
Doug E. Fresh Pt. 1
You may know the music, but what do you know about the journey? Team Supreme attempt to dive into the life of one of the most important figures in music, Doug E. Fresh
93 min
QLS Classic: Bernard Purdie & Chuck Rainey
Questlove sits down with legendary musicians Chuck Rainey and Bernard Purdie to talk through how they influenced and, in some cases, invented the ubiquitous groove that’s become the music of our lives.
88 min
QLS Classic: 2018 Year in Review with Michelle ...
Comedian Michelle Wolf joins Team Supreme to review the best and worst cultural moments, media, and music of 2018.
152 min
QLS Classic: 2017 Year in Review with Roy Wood ...
Comedian and actor Roy Wood Jr. looks back on the roller coaster year that was 2017 with Questlove and Team Supreme.
136 min
QLS Classic: A Very Gina Rodriguez Christmas
Actress and model Gina Rodriguez stops by to enjoy libations and celebrate the 2017 holidays
101 min
QLS Classic: 2016 Year in Review
Questlove and Team Supreme reflect on what was lost and gained in 2016.
174 min
QLS Classic: 2016 Holiday Episode
Questlove, Phonte and Team Supreme talk about their personal, religious and cultural traditions and share some of their favorite holiday memories.
160 min
QLS Classic: Chris Hayes
Journalist, author and host of MSNBC’s All In, discusses the heated political climate and finding a way to flourish.
82 min
QLS Classic: Black TV Writers Roundtable Pt.2
In part two of a special black Hollywood roundtable, Team Supreme sits down with TV writers to discuss how the black media landscape is changing.
70 min
QLS Classic: Black TV Writers Roundtable Pt.1
Breaking down the state of Black hollywood, acclaimed writers, Tracey Ashley, Diallo Riddle, Bashir Salahuddin, and Angela Nissel get real with Team Supreme
74 min
Taking A Break!
Hey QLS fam, not to worry! We are just doing something we've never done before on this show... taking a break!
1 min
QLS Classic: Jon Batiste
Musician Jon Batiste joins Team Supreme to rehash his journey from small-town Louisiana to Musical Director of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
115 min
Carlos Santana
The truly miraculous Carlos Santana shares his history, inspirations and his soul with Quest
105 min
QLS Classic: Herb Alpert
Jazz musician, songwriter and co-founder of A&M records Herb Alpert talks about the art of the trumpet
95 min
QLS Classic: Snoop Dogg
The legendary Snoop Dogg joins Team Supreme to talk Doggystyle, producing with Dr. Dre, and how he became the ultimate entrepreneur.
110 min
QLS Classic: Jack White
Musician, songwriter and producer Jack White talks about how music kept him from the priesthood, his love of analog recording technology and the Amy Whinehouse duet that never was.
95 min
Bernadette Cooper
Bandleader, percussionist and creator of Klymaxx, Bernadette Cooper, is "beyond diva, beyond legend, she just is ..."
112 min
QLS Classic: Lalah Hathaway
Grammy winning singer Lalah Hathaway talks about carrying on her father Donny's legacy
127 min
Raphael Saadiq Part 2
This episode of Questlove Supreme is the one you have been waiting for. There are too many words. Just listen to the iconic Raphael Saadiq. Part 2, you're welcome!
91 min
QLS Classic: Angélique Kidjo
Four-time Grammy Award winner Angélique Kidjo sits down with team Supreme
108 min
Raphael Saadiq Part 1
This episode of Questlove Supreme is the one you have been waiting for. The iconic Raphael Saadiq. Part 1, you're welcome!
97 min
QLS Classic: Jermaine Dupri
Hip hop icon and R&B hitmaker, Jermaine Dupri, tells 30 years of industry tales from Fresh Fest days to career-reviving remixes.
103 min
Robert “Kool” Bell
Robert "Kool" Bell of Kool and the Gang joins Team Supreme to chronicle the story of the band that crossed multiple genres and made some of the biggest Hip Hop hits ever!
82 min
QLS Classic: Allee Willis
"That-one-song" writer, Allee Willis talks shop from her days as a songwriter for Earth, Wind & Fire and The Rembrandts.
111 min
5 Year Anniversary
We can’t believe our show has been on for 5 years now! To celebrate we took questions, played some trivia, talked about the last 5 years and even those shows that never aired!
99 min
QLS Classic: Michael Che
SNL royalty and stand-up comedian Michael Che joins Team Supreme to discuss his anecdotes and accolades.
113 min
Pat Metheny
Pat Metheny is truly one of the most adventurous and creative talents in music, in any genre he chooses. Quest and Team Supreme dive into a life of limitless improvisation
103 min
QLS Classic: Otis Williams
Legendary baritone singer and founding member of The Temptations, Otis Williams, discusses the evolution of Motown, the band's dynasty and their album, "All The Time."
72 min
QLS Classic: Deon Cole
Actor, writer and comedian Deon Cole talks about his show Black-ish, the art of the stolen joke and his time writing for Conan and The Tonight Show.
95 min
QLS Classic: Bobby McFerrin & Madison McFerrin
The one and only Bobby McFerrin stops by to talk about his unique journey in music. We also speak with his daughter, singer
107 min
Dr. Mathew Knowles
You may think you know the story of mega manager, label owner, and queen maker, Dr. Matthew Knowles, but there is so much more
122 min
QLS Classic: Ty Dolla $ign
Singer, songwriter and producer Ty Dolla $ign shares some of his words of wisdom and talks growing up in the L.A. music scene
93 min
Lady B
Lady B was the first DJ to play hip hop on FM radio and the first female MC to record on wax. Team Supreme sits down with a true foremother of hip hop
89 min
QLS Classic: Kevin Liles
Hip hop mogul Kevin Liles talks about the early Baltimore scene, his rise to president of Def Jam and the value of hard work.
178 min
Shirley Jones
From Tower of Power to Diana Ross and so many in between, Shirley Jones and her sisters sang with them all! Quest and Team Supreme dig into her musical journey
73 min
QLS Classic: The Smolletts
Cooking show stars Jazz, Jake, Jurnee and Jussie Smollett talk about growing up nomads, how they work through sibling rivalry and their cookbook, The Family Table.
104 min
Bob Ellis
Legendary connector and manager Bob Ellis joins Team Supreme. Connect the dots and listen to this remarkable journey
96 min
QLS Classic: Marsha Ambrosius
Singer/songwriter Marsha Ambrosius talks about working with Michael Jackson and Dr Dre and how we've been pronouncing her name wrong all of these years!
111 min
Howard Hewett
Howard Hewett is not only 1/3 of the most popular and influential singing groups of all time, he is also known as a "singer's singer," and in the words of our leader, a "freakin LEGEND"
148 min
QLS Classic: Mike Birbiglia
Comedian, writer and filmmaker Mike Birbiglia talks about real-life sleepwalking, his movie "Don't Think Twice" and the insatiable nature of success.
149 min
Called one of the most important rock bands in the last 30 years, Sleater Kinney breakdown why hiatus is necessary and how this journey led them to a Path of Wellness
67 min
QLS Classic: Salaam Remi Pt. 2
In Part 2 of 2, Salaam Remi talks about making it in the music business, helping Amy Winehouse shape her style and shares his Tales from The Latin Quarter.
79 min
Mark Ronson
We break bread with a 7 time Grammy winner, who also happened to produce one of the best selling singles of all time, and get to the root of the magic of Mark Ronson.
114 min
QLS Classic: Salaam Remi Pt. 1
Legendary producer Salaam Remi talks about the craft of making hit songs, what it's like crate digging with Biz Markie and his part in making The Score with The Fugees
101 min
Gina Yashere
Gina Yashere is THE British Queen of Comedy. Listen as Quest and Team Supreme get to the meat behind the story of one of comedy's true changemakers
92 min
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis
Founding members of the highly successful group, The 5th Dimension, break down fifty two years of marriage, music and their appearance in the Quest's directorial debut, Summer of Soul
88 min
QLS Classic: Leon Sylvers III
Legendary multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Leon Sylvers III talks about the secrets of his craft and producing acts like The Whispers, Shalomar, Dynasty and more.
138 min
Morris Day
This episode of Questlove Supreme was on the bucket list and not to be missed! Listen as Morris Day schools Quest and Team Supreme on his early days in Minneapolis
155 min
QLS Classic: Donnie Simpson
Legendary radio DJ and television VJ Donnie "Green Eyes" Simpson talks about getting into radio at 15 and the key to success
97 min
Nathan East
East's body of work encompasses some of the greatest (not debatable) songs of our time, earning him the title of most recorded bass player in the history of music.
115 min
QLS Classic: Sheila E.
The legendary Queen of Percussion Sheila E. talks about the secrets of her craft and lessons learned from working with Prince.
141 min
El DeBarge
This week's guest possesses "one of the most flawless tenor voices in modern music." Ladies and gentlemen ........El DeBarge!
134 min
QLS Classic: Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson rehashes what it was like being the youngest brother of the musical dynasty that was The Jacksons.
130 min
The Jacksons
After selling well over 100 million records, recording and performing hit records for the past 50 years, providing a life soundtrack, in the form of their catalog for multiple generations to enjoy, The Jacksons join us!
124 min
QLS Classic: Angela Rye
Attorney, political advisor and TV commentator Angela Rye talks about the current political climate, her part in bringing about change and some of the ways everyone can get involved.
102 min
Tracee Ellis Ross
we sit down with multiple award winner, super hilarious, multi-talented iconic daughter of an icon, Tracee Ellis Ross. This one is for the record books!
83 min
QLS Classic: Jesse Johnson Part 2
In part two of two, Jesse Johnson talks being the man behind the tracks and his latest album, Verbal Penetration
82 min
The Avalanches
The Avalanches' debut album Since I Left You, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, not only "cracked our skulls open", it's also one of Quest's "top 10 albums of ALL time"
89 min
QLS Classic: Jesse Johnson Part 1
Team Supreme sits down for part one of two with Jesse Johnson to talk Prince, playing with The Time and pranks on the road.
109 min
Bowlegged Lou Part 2
Bowlegged Lou and his collective of brothers also known as Full Force reinvented and redefined Hip Hop and R&B. Part TWO of our episode
103 min
QLS Classic: Michael McDonald
Legendary singer, songwriter and producer Michael McDonald talks about the lessons he learned with Steely Dan, working with artists like Carly Simon, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle and more.
111 min
Bowlegged Lou Part 1
Bowlegged Lou, Quest's "personal hero," changed what we knew about Hip Hop and R&B. He talk about wild stage shows, being one of the only hip hop producers to work with James Brown, beefs with Larry Blackman, hits for New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys, playing our favorite school bullies and so much more!
98 min
QLS Classic: Just Blaze
Hip hop producer Just Blaze shares some of his recording secrets and talks about everything from the jazz great who still crank calls him to what it was like showing up in New York City with $40 in his pocket
173 min
Sam Pollard
Quest and Team Supreme dive into the life and times of Sam Pollard, known for producing, editing and directing some of the most impactful movies of our time From Eyes on the Prize to Style Wars to his current project, MLK/FBI
74 min
QLS Classic: Kathryn Bigelow
Powerhouse director, producer and writer Kathryn Bigelow talks about the craft of filmmaking, treading tense racial waters Detroit, and what it was like to be the first woman to win an Oscar for Best Director.
101 min
Anthony Mackie
Anthony Mackie is probably in at least one of your favorite movies. From Tupac to Marvel's The Falcon. we dive into where it all comes from and what New Orleans, Juilliard and Wendell Pierce have to do with it
83 min
QLS Classic: Roy Ayers
Jazz funk pioneer Roy Ayers talks about his early days in South Central LA, the strange way Miles Davis had of saying hello, and so much more
84 min
Terence Blanchard
Renowned composer, musician and arranger Terence Blanchard prepares for his second Oscar nomination for Spike Lee's Da Five Bloods
117 min
QLS Classic: Stephen Hill
Music executive Stephen Hill gives Team Supreme an education in what it really means to be a "suit."
163 min
Eric Andre
Eric Andre is synonymous with his boundary smashing performative comedy and his talk show that is truly indescribable. But did you know about his jazz roots?
76 min
QLS Classic: MC Serch
Latin Quarter staple, hip hop icon and founding member of 3rd Bass, MC Serch, shares stories from back in the day, including how he got his Mom into the rap game and how his beef with MC Hammer almost got him killed.
175 min
Monie Love
We close out Women's History Month with living legend, Monie Love, one of the first MC's from overseas to achieve worldwide success
160 min
QLS Classic: Rosario Dawson
Actress, producer and activist Rosario Dawson talks about getting discovered and working with artists like Spike Lee, Prince and more
120 min
Macy Gray
Macy Gray, one of the most distinctive and extraordinary voices of our time, continues to impress us with her acting chops and now she's helping folks who have lost their loved ones to police brutality
94 min
QLS Classic: Chaka Khan
The award winning, Platinum selling, legendary vocalist Chaka Khan talks about the special origins of her name, reality checking Mick Jagger and how Whitney Houston's cover helped her embrace being "Every Woman."
110 min
Tiffany Cross
Tiffany Cross, author and host of MSNBC's Cross Connection, has no issue speaking her mind, giving the facts and letting you know her priority is her people.
90 min
QLS Classic: James Mtume (Part 2)
In part 2 of 2, James Mtume gets on a roll, talking about everything from his legal problems with Wrigley's Gum, to working with his idol Curtis Mayfield and the importance of passing down your story (and wisdom).
90 min
Lisa Robinson
As we continue celebrating dope women, in this week's episode of Questlove Supreme we speak to legendary music journalist, Lisa Robinson.
49 min
QLS Classic: James Mtume (Part 1)
In part 1 of 2, legendary musician and song writer James Mtume reminisces about his historical relationships with legendary jazz musicians like Miles Davis, walks team supreme through the songwriting process and explains the origins of "Mtume."
83 min
Anika Noni Rose
This week's Questlove Supreme guest can literally do it all and does in the world of theatre, TV and film.
99 min
QLS Classic: Tawatha Agee
Singer-songwriter Tawatha Agee discusses how she rose from her gospel choir beginnings to recording Mtume's hit single, "Juicy Fruit."
106 min
Reverend Al Sharpton
Listen as Reverend Al shares his story with Quest and Team Supreme and find out how music was pivotal in framing his story. Class is in session!
65 min
QLS Classic: Kwamé (Part 2)
What classic 90's jam did Kwamé partially ghostwrite? Find out the answer and much more on part 2 of the Questlove Supreme interview with Kwamé.
95 min
Stephanie Mills
This episode of Questlove Supreme is all about one of the most spectacular voices of our time, Stephanie Mills.
85 min
QLS Classic: Kwamé (Part 1)
In part one of two, legendary rapper and literal “Boy Genius” Kwamé Holland gets nostalgic with Team Supreme as they discuss the “golden era” of hip-hop.
85 min
Pharoahe Monch
In the words of our leader today's Questlove Supreme guest is "one of the most feared, respected and astonishing MC's of all time."
137 min
QLS Classic: Siedah Garrett
Award-winning singer songwriter Siedah Garrett talks about growing up in Compton, her lifelong relationship with Quincy Jones and what it was like on tour with Michael Jackson.
126 min
Melba Moore
This episode of Questlove Supreme lands Quest and Team Supreme in the presence of the great Melba Moore.
80 min
QLS Classic: George Johnson
George Johnson, guitarist from The Brothers Johnson, talks all things funk, family and his friendship with Sly.
148 min
John Densmore
This week's episode of Questlove Supreme pairs Quest and Team Supreme with Rock and Roll royalty, hall of famer and legendary Doors drummer, John Densmore.
77 min
QLS Classic: "Weird" Al Yankovic
Grammy winning singer-songwriter & satirist "Weird" Al Yankovic talks about the hilarious songs Prince wouldn't let him parody, why he turned down an opening slot on Michael Jackson's '88 Europe Tour and how he got the okay to poke fun at Kurt Cobain, Coolio, Iggy Izalea and more.
86 min
Introducing: Carefully Reckless
1 min
98 min
Mariah Carey (Part 2)
Mariah joins Quest and Team Supreme for a good no holds barred 2 part conversation.
84 min