Go and See

Genchi Genbutsu is a Japanese philosophy that means “go and see for yourself.” Follow Malcolm Gladwell as he takes his car obsession to a new level, traveling to Japan to discover firsthand what makes the Lexus approach so unique. Brought to you by Lexus and Pushkin Industries.


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Society & Culture
It takes 25 years to perfect the art of driving. That’s why there are only two master Lexus drivers. Head to one of the most secretive test tracks in the world with Malcolm and takumi master driver Osaki-san.
22 min
Composure and Elation
Find out what the Lexus engine note has in common with one of the most famous movie soundtracks of all time as Malcolm breaks down the instrumentation, resonance and frequencies of the Lexus LC engine with two music experts
15 min
Never Boring
When Akio Toyoda hears from a journalist that the Lexus brand is “boring,” he challenges the team to create a sports coupe to defy expectations, all the way down to the sound of the engine.
22 min
Follow Malcolm Gladwell, a self-described car nut, to Lexus headquarters in Japan.
19 min
Introducing: Go and See
From Lexus and Pushkin Industries, Go and See is a six-part series about Malcolm Gladwell's experience in Lexus's customer-focused, hospitality-driven culture. Episode 1 drops March 5.
2 min