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PR Talk interviews the media for a change. What makes them tick? What are their PR pet peeves? And most importantly, how can we get stories placed? The marketing, PR and media advice we provide is for everyone — whether you're a newbie looking to get into the field, or a senior-level pro keeping up-to-date with current trends. Along the way, we learn about careers in media to aid aspiring journalists! PR Talk is part of the Marketing Podcast Network.

Managing Time Within the Chaos of PR with Anna ...
Anna Dearmon Kornick, time management coach, shares helpful strategies for professionals looking to manage their time productively.
55 min
TV Timelines | Chapter Five
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. TV Timelines
8 min
Focusing On What You Can Control with Jenn Hans...
Jenn dePaula, owner of Mixtus Media and host of the Book Marketing Simplified podcast, shares book and personal digital marketing tips.
34 min
Contributed Articles | Chapter Five
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Contributed Articles
6 min
Start Brewing Up Your Thought Leadership Efforts
Amy Rosenberg's interview on AMA Puget Sound’s Coffee Talk Series with host Julie Lichtenberg. Amy shared her knowledge of thought leadership and why many organizations are using thought leadership in their PR and Marketing strategies.
35 min
Editorial Calendars | Chapter Five
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Editorial Calendars
9 min
Behind the News with Christine Pitawanich: An E...
Christine Pitawanich, a KGW education reporter, discussed her experience reporting during the pandemic, education reporting, and TV pitch tips.
25 min
Print Timelines & Who To Pitch (titles) Print &...
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Print Timelines & Who To Pitch (titles) Print & Online
15 min
Building Your Media Lists | Chapter Four
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Building Your Media Lists
10 min
‘Monetizing the Mic’ with Jessica Rhodes
Learn the importance podcasts can play in a PR outreach strategy, how pitching these opportunities differs from other media types and more.
29 min
Media Etiquette | Chapter Four
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Media Etiquette
12 min
Just Amy: On Being a Table Flipper
Amy shares her thoughts on Roe V. Wade, DEI, Gun Control and More
25 min
Blog Posts | Press Kits | Media Drops | Your PR...
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Your PR Toolbox, Blog Posts, Press Kits & Virtual Press Rooms and Mail Drops, Snail Mail and the Telephone
17 min
PR Globe Trotting From Germany to Dubai with Ka...
Katharina Hicker shares with Amy what it's like running PR campaigns in many different parts of the world on the PR Talk Podcast.
34 min
Press Pitch & Photos | Your PR Toolbox | Chapte...
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Your PR Toolbox, The Press Pitch & Photos
15 min
Ethical Dietary Supplement Marketing
Establishing an Ethical Framework for Dietary Supplement Marketing
39 min
The Press Release II | Your PR Toolbox | Chapte...
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Types of Press Releases, What All Press Releases Have & What All Press Releases SHOULD Have
18 min
A Call for Change with PR Girl Manifesto
PR Industry Change: A Real Conversation About Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Fatou Barry
37 min
The Press Release I | Your PR Toolbox | Chapter...
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Your PR Toolbox, The Press Release, Better Ways to Communicate & Press Releases: AP Style & Length
12 min
Talking Web3 and NFTs with Joseph Jaffe
Cryptocurrency… Blockchain… NFTs… Web3… You hear these buzzwords everywhere now, but what do they actually mean?
50 min
Forget Your Story | Chapter Two
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. Forget Your Story
7 min
Where’s the Culture – Marketing Connection? Rig...
Making the Culture and Marketing Connection
30 min
PR 101, PR Mindset & PR Roles | Chapter One
Excerpts from A Modern Guide to Public Relations by Amy Rosenberg. PR 101, PR Mindset & PR Roles
19 min
Why You Need Data in Your PR Strategy with Chri...
Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist for Trust Insights, author, keynote speaker, podcast host, Christopher Penn talks about how to collect and use data in PR.
31 min
Science-based Marketing with Elizabeth Edwards
Founder of Volume PR and Engagement Science Lab joins PR Talk podcast to talk about psychology and science-based marketing.
38 min
Freelancing Buzz with Michelle Garrett
Michelle Garrett, owner of Garrett Public Relations and host of two Twitter chats, #FreelanceChat and #PRLunchHour. Amy & Michelle talk about freelance work and its trending direction.
32 min
Influence Marketing with Jason Falls
Amy is joined with Jason Falls, a digital marketing thought leader, author of Winfluence, and host of two podcasts: Winfluence and Digging Deeper.
29 min
What We Love, And Hate About Marketing
With Valentine’s Day coming up, we decided to celebrate marketing and PR by asking some of our favorite people what they love about marketing.
29 min
Industrial B2B Marketing with Laura Norup-Boyer
Amy and Laura talk B2B Industrial Marketing including business culture differences, working in industrial marketing and tips for marketers.
26 min
2022 PR Talk Predictions
Public Relations, Digital PR and Marketing Predictions From Past PR Talk Guests
20 min
PR Cheats
Shotgun Approach, Press Release Distribution Services and Shortcuts
18 min
Being a Chief Wellness Officer with Mark Mohamm...
In this week’s episode of the , Amy is joined by Mark Mohammadpour as they talk about what it means to be a “Chief Wellness Officer.” Mark is a returning guest, listen to that episode, Living Our Best PR Life. Topics...
36 min
Your Small Business Boom with Steve Strauss
Topics discussed include: pivoting your business, positioning yourself as a thought leader, advertising, pitching, and whether you should be on all social media channels.
32 min
Working With Television
PR Tips & How-Tos
23 min
Tech Policy and Our Society with Matt Perault
A Rotary Club of Portland Interview
43 min
How To Be Okay Sucking At Stuff with Mary Davies
Amy is joined by Mary Davies as they chat about insecurity, expectations, imposter syndrome, setting boundaries, and dealing with negative feedback.
29 min
Using Thought Leadership to Drive SEO
Amy Rosenberg's presentation from the Engage Conference
33 min
Visibility is Power with Roshanda Pratt
The Rosho Live on PR Talk
28 min
Brand Journalism with Robert Johnson
Public Affairs, Podcasts, and Public Health
26 min
Talking Digital PR with Domenica D’Ottavio
The Link Between Digital PR, Link Building, and Content
26 min
Pitching TV Coverage Via Satellite with Doug Simon
Satellite Video Tours are Efficient & Effective
26 min
The Management Side of Content with Jessica Lawlor
In the latest episode of the PR Talk podcast, Amy talks with Jessica Lawlor about content management, what she looks for in PR pros and more.
27 min
The Trifecta to Owning Your Industry with John ...
Amy welcomes John Hall to discuss tips for productivity, how to combine thought leadership, SEO and PR to own your industry, and the difference between credibility and influence.
27 min
How to Beat Speech Anxiety with Carmie McCook
Palms Sweaty, Knees Weak, Arms Heavy…
37 min
How to Use Your Inner GPS in the Workplace with...
The Frequent Ethical Dilemma
26 min
Faster Than Normal PR with Peter Shankman
Are PR People Faster Than Normal?
18 min
Exceptional Content Marketing with Anna Hrach
In the latest episode of the , Amy talks with Anna Hrach about what makes great content marketing, how to measure results, what role PR has in content marketing and vice versa, how to repurpose content and more. Anna Hrach is a Content...
24 min
Getting Unstuck with Dr. Charles
In the latest episode of the , Amy talks with Dr. Charles Redd about getting unstuck, leadership, discovering your strengths, finding your purpose and what it means to be a servant leader.
30 min
Breathe With PR Talk During Stress Awareness Month
Three Wise Guests Share Important Mental Health and Wellness Techniques
32 min
A Modern PR Interview with Amy Rosenberg
Author Amy Rosenberg provides insight into her new book.
20 min
Staying Ahead of the Puck that is Google with M...
SEO PR Talk with Michael Cottam
47 min
Rand Fishkin on “The Wall Street Journal Problem”
Rand Fiskin’s Very Good News, Launching a Pandemic-Era Company and Getting Audience Savvy
40 min
Who is Milton? And what the heck does this have...
Who is Milton?   And what the heck does this have to do with PR!   Amy and Mike talk about the iconic movie “” in this unnumbered episode of the . Why? Because it is fun to talk about and Amy made a reference to Milton in her...
12 min
100 Episodes of PR Talk Podcast: Reunion with C...
We were honored to have our first-ever media guest back to celebrate the 100th episode of PR Talk.
52 min
Motivational Minute with Libra Forde: Episode 99
Welcome the New Year with a Much Needed “Motivational Minute” with Libra Forde
46 min
Leadership with Ken Jacobs: Episode 98
So, You Want to Be a Thought Leader? First, Become a Leader.
39 min
PR Research with Jen Barth: Episode 97
How Research Can Collaborate with PR & Marketing Teams
42 min
Influencer Marketing with Neal Schaffer: Episod...
PR People Are Already Marketing to Influencers
37 min
Episode 95: Fabiana Meléndez: Diversity Marketing
The Importance of Diversity Marketing with Fabiana Meléndez
37 min
Episode 94: Carolynn Johnson: DiversityInc
Moving the Diversity Needle with PRSA ICON 2020 Keynote Speaker Carolynn Johnson
39 min
Episode 93: Del Galloway: PRSA ICON 2020
PRSA ICON 2020 Goes Virtual and Doesn’t Miss a Beat
23 min
Episode 92: Ariella Steinreich: Israel, UAE, Ba...
What the Historic Israel, U.A.E., Bahrain Normalization Agreement Means for Marketers and Businesses With Ariella Steinreich
34 min
Episode 91: Coronavirus Crazy: Update from Amy ...
Coronavirus Crazy: Update from Amy & Mike
29 min
Episode 90: Jeff Graubard: The Other Agency
Jeff Graubard: Why Being “The Other Agency” is His Perfect Fit
35 min
Episode 89: Ira Gostin: Stakeholder Engagement
Ira Gostin is Moving the Needle Through Stakeholder Engagement
35 min
Episode 88: Serilda Summers-McGee: Diversity, E...
There Are No Excuses Left: Serilda Summers-McGee on Why DEI Should be a Corporate Priority
38 min
Episode 87: Marvin Stockwell: COVID-19 OR Update
The Power of the Pause
42 min
Episode 86: Alexis Davis Smith: Multicultural M...
It Shouldn’t Take a National Uprising: Alexis Davis Smith on Multicultural Marketing
31 min
Episode 85: Mac Prichard: Job Seeking During CO...
Are there even any jobs out there?
25 min
Episode 84: Lauren Reed: The Coronavirus Pivot
How a Consumer-facing PR Agency Pivoted During Coronavirus
43 min
Episode 83: Dan Lee: Finding a Job During Coron...
Dan’s career-growth advice applies to more than just active job-seekers.
33 min
Episode 82: Sheila Hamilton: Mental Health Advo...
First Things First: Taking Care of YOU during Coronavirus
26 min
Fika Talk #8, New Clients Are a Liability
PR Talk Takeover
4 min
Fika Talk #7: Breaks are good!
Take a break with us, it is Fika Time after all!!!!!
4 min
Fika Talk #6 Parvaneh & TK Share Arabic Coffee ...
Fika Talk Takeover of PR Talk
39 min
Fika Talk #5: Growing your business with the ag...
Fika Talk Takeover of PR Talk
13 min
Fika Talk #4: Interview with Diane and Maya Sykes
Fika Talk #4: Interview with Diane and Maya Sykes On Friday we did a late Fika Talk so we could celebrate another culture's tradition by lighting the Shabbat candles with our Jewish neighbors Diane and Maya Sykes. After hearing their prayer we learned...
26 min
Fika Talk #3: Abundance Through Loss
How the act of shedding unnecessary or unwanted things, yes even clients or jobs, can be beneficial in the end. Less is more.
5 min
Fika Talk Takeover #2: Volunteering to Create B...
Three Professional Volunteer Ideas That Will Add Skills And Increase Connections 
6 min
Fika Talk Takeover #1: Introduction
Fika Talk #1: Introducing a new series with my daughter. Swedish Fika is a time to connect with colleagues & friends over coffee & cake.
6 min
Episode 81: COVID-19, A Special Science PR Epis...
Coronavirus PR Management & Insights into Science PR. A Special Episode with Marvin Stockwell, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on PR Talk Podcast.
42 min
Episode 80: Wil Reynolds: Seer Interactive
Engage Preview: Wil Reynolds and the Power of Data
27 min
Episode 79: PRSA ICON Interviews: Adam Ritchie,...
Three Voices from PRSA ICON 2019
29 min
Episode 78: Tom Fuller & Dave Thompson: the APR
Would You Like Fries With That Press Release?
48 min
Episode 77: Kim Moore: Oregon Business Magazine
A Conversation with Kim Moore, Editor of Oregon Business Magazine
33 min
Episode 76: Habit Change
Tricking Ourselves Into Doing Our New Year’s Resolutions
19 min
Episode 30.1: Steve Strauss: Small Business Sat...
Re-release of episode 30 with small business expert Steve Strauss
44 min
Episode 75: Elyse Stoner: Fresh Perspective
Elyse Stoner Brings a Fresh Perspective to Event Planning
34 min
Episode 74: Talia Beckett Davis: Women in PR
The PR Glass Ceiling with Talia Beckett Davis
42 min
Episode 73: Rhoda Weiss: PRSA International
PR Talk Podcast with Dr. Rhoda Weiss, CEO of Rhoda Weiss & Associates, Inc. and this year’s chair of the PRSA International Conference in San Diego.
31 min
Episode 72: Mark Mohammadpour: Chasing the Sun
Living Our Best PR Life on PR Talk
47 min
Episode 71: Rebecca Dersh: Cision
PR Talk Podcast interview about PR reporting, analytics, automation and more. Host Amy Rosenberg talks with Cision's PR Manager Rebecca Dersh.
26 min
Episode 70: Mark Knowles: So Much More Than Swivel
Episode 70 of the PR Talk podcast is a candid conversation that went beyond the upcoming marketing conference he’s organizing in Bend called Swivel.
51 min
Episode 69: Work/Life Balance
Work/life balance is a popular topic for all industries and job types. Amy and Mike talk about how they strive to strike the right ratio and provide tips for listeners on the PR Talk Podcast.
19 min
Episode 68: PR Tools
In this episode of PR Talk, Amy shares her view that the most important PR Tool is not the mind, relationships, a press release or even her favorite, the telephone. She insists that the most important PR tool is instinct.
13 min
Episode 67: When to Use a Press Release
Discussion on the types of news that will get coverage when you write a press release on the PR Talk Podcast
18 min
Episode 66: How to Start a Podcast with PRSA Or...
Recording of the PRSA Oregon event the Ins and Outs of Podcasting with Veracity
64 min
Episode 65: Should Media Members Switch to PR?
Dan Lee with PR Talent 
14 min
Episode 64: Forget Your Story
We Challenge You to “Forget Your Story”
15 min
Episode 63: Dan Lee: Agency vs. In-House
The PR Agency Grind versus the In-House Comms Department Cake-Walk?
26 min