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Episode 549: The Matrix (1999)
Released in 1999, The Wachowsky Siblings's The Matrix stars Keanu Reeves as Thomas “Neo” Anderson, a cubicle jockey who is looking for meaning in his life by way of the notorious hacker Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne).
135 min
Special Report: Lost Highway (1997)
We conclude #Noirvember 2021 with a special episode about David Lynch’s Lost Highway.
165 min
Episode 548: Chameleon Street (1989)
After winning the Sundance film festival in 1990, Wendell B. Harris's Chameleon Street took too long to come out
143 min
Special Report: These Fists Break Bricks
Mike talks with Grady Hendrix and Chris Poggiali about their new book These Fists Break Bricks which looks at the phenomena of how martial arts influenced American popular culture
56 min
Episode 547: The Lady from Shanghai (1947)
Noirvember 2021 continues with a look at Orson Welles’s The Lady from Shanghai. It’s the story of Michael O’Hara (Orson Welles), a sailor who falls in with a weird group of people.
102 min
Special Report: Out of the Blue Interview
Mike talks with John Alan Simon and Elizabeth Karr about the restoration of Dennis Hopper's Out of the Blue.
24 min
Episode 546: Point Blank (1967)
Noirvember 2021 continues with a look at John Boorman’s POINT BLANK. Released in 1967, the film was based on the 1962 novel by Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark.
133 min
Episode 545: The Silent Partner (1978)
Noirvember 2021 kicks off with a look at Daryl Duke’s The Silent Partner. Released in 1978, it was from a screenplay by Curtis Hanson and based on the book Think of a Number by Anders Bodelsen.
121 min
Special Report: Carrie (1976)
We’re wrapping up #Shocktober 2021 with a look at Brian De Palma’s Carrie. Based on the novel by Stephen King, the film stars Sissy Spacek as the titular Carrie White
244 min
Special Report: Jez Conolly & Emma Westwood on ...
Mike spoke with Jez Conolly and Emma Westwood about their Constellations book on John Frankenheimer's Seconds (1966).
51 min
Episode 544: The Medusa Touch (1978)
Shocktober 2021 continues with a look at Jack Gold’s The Medusa Touch. It’s the story of John Morlar (Richard Burton) a man with a special gift who is "murdered" in the first few minutes of the film.
66 min
Special Report: Ed Lachman on The Velvet Underg...
Mike spoke with cinematographer Ed Lachman about his latest work with Todd Haynes, The Velvet Underground.
26 min
Special Report: Dune (2021)
As a cross-over with The Kulturecast, Chris Stachiw joins Mike to discuss Denis Villeneuve's Dune (2021),
76 min
Episode 543: The Mephisto Waltz (1971)
Shocktober 2021 continues with a look at Paul Wendkos’s The Mephisto Waltz.
116 min
Special Report: Lynne Sachs
Mike spoke with filmmaker Lynne Sachs about her career including an octet of films that are currently showing on The Criterion Channel.
28 min
Episode 542: Witching & Bitching (2013)
Shocktober 2021 continues with a look at Alex de la Iglesia’s 2013 film Witching and Bitching (AKA Las brujas de Zugarramurdi).
72 min
Episode 541: Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Goril...
We are kicking off Shocktober 2021 with a look at William Beaudine’s Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952) which stars Bela Lugosi (as you may have guessed) as well as comedy duo Sammy Petrillo and Duke Mitchell.
119 min
Episode 540: Capricious Summer (1968)
Kat Ellinger abd Jonathan Owen join Mike to wrap up Czechtember 2021 with a look at Jiri Menzel’s Capricious Summer.
80 min
Episode 539: Oil Lamps (1971)
Kat Ellinger and Jonathan Owen join Mike to discuss Juraj Herz's Oil Lamps (1971), a tragic fin de siecle melodrama,
69 min
Episode 536: Girl on a Broomstick (1972)
#Czechtember2021 continues with a look at Václav Vorlícek's Girl on a Broomstick, the story of a young witch who would rather escape to the world of human beings than be stuck in detention for 300 years(!).
117 min
Episode 538: What Would You Say to a Nice Plate...
#Czechtember2021 continues with a look at Václav Vorlícek's 1977 comedy What Would You Say to a Nice Plate of Spinach?
75 min
Bonus Interview; Roger Donaldson
Mike speaks to director Roger Donaldson about his work, including White Sands.
18 min
Episode 537: Witchhammer (1970)
Based on the 1963 book by Václav Kaplický, Witchhammer looks at the paranoia of a witch hunt in Moravia during medieval times.
82 min
Special Report: Ego Fest XI (2021)
Aaron Peterson (The Hollywood Outsider) and Mark Begley (Wake Up Heavy) help Mike pull back the curtain and discuss the inner-workings of The Projection Booth.
106 min
Episode 535: I Am Not A Witch (2017)
We conclude African Cinema month with a look at 2017's I Am Not A Witch in which a little girl lives with a group of witches in Zambia while being exploited by a government official.
69 min
Special Report: Mad Dog Time (1996)
We’re looking at the 1996 film from writer/director/actor Larry Bishop, Mad Dog Time (AKA Trigger Happy). Released in the wake of Pulp Fiction, it’s something of a metaphysical gangster film with one of the most astounding casts ever put together.
131 min
Episode 534: Dakan (1997)
African Cinema month continues with a look at Mohammed Camara's Dakan (1997)., the the story of two young men -- Manga and Sori -- in Guinea who are in love.
76 min
Episode 533: Daratt (2006)
African Cinema month continues with a look at Mahamat-Saleh Haroun's 2006 film Daratt (AKA Dry Season) in which a young orphan, Atim, is set on a path of vengeance by his grandfather.
129 min
Episode 532: Touki Bouki (1973)
African Cinema Month kicks off with a look at Djibril Diop Mambéty’s Touki Bouki (1973). Also known as The Journey of the Hyena, it’s the story of two young people, Mory and Anta, who dream of leaving their Dakar and going to Paris.
80 min
Episode 531: A Bullet for the General (1966)
We conclude Spaghetti Western month with Damiano Damiani’s Quien Sabe from 1966 (released in the US as A Bullet for the General).
78 min
Special Report: Clark Collis on You've Got Red ...
Author Clark Collis talks to Mike about his first book, You've Got Red On You: How Shaun of the Dead was Brought to Life, a terrific look at the making of Edgar Wright's second feature film.
57 min
Episode 530: Sabata (1969)
Spaghetti Western Month continues with a look at the Sabata films. The first and third films star Lee Van Cleef as Sabata, a bounty killer with a penchant for gadgets.
112 min
Special Report: Hollywood Bulldogs (2021)
Director Jon Spira talks to Mike about his career including his latest film, the 2021 documentary Hollywood Bulldogs: The Rise and Falls of the Great British Stuntmen.
79 min
Episode 529: The Big Gundown (1968)
Spaghetti Western Month continues with a look at Sergio Sollima’s 1966 film The Big Gundown. It’s the story of Jonathan Corbett (Lee Van Cleef), a bounty hunter who is being wooed to run for the US Senate. To cement his law & order image, he’s asked to pursue the criminal Cuchillo (Tomas Milian).
104 min
Special Report: Ethan Minsker is The Man in Ca...
Filmmaker, author, artist Ethan Minsker talks about his 2018 film Man in Camo as well as some of his previous work and his upcoming documentaries on Scooter LaForge and Film Threat magazine.
67 min
Episode 528: The Great Silence (1968)
Spaghetti Western month continues with a look at Sergio Corbucci's The Great Silence (1968). The film stars Jean-Louis Trintingant as the titular Silence, a mute gunfighter who shoots the thumbs off his enemies. He's pitted against the appropriately named Loco (Klaus Kinski) in a snow-bound Utah town in one of the most nihilistic films you may enjoy.
97 min
Episode 527: Matalo! (1970)
Spaghetti Western month kicks off with the psychedelic western horror film Matalo (Kill Him!) from Cesare Canivari.
74 min
Special Report: Justin Berger on The Empire Str...
Mike talks to author Justin Berger about his book, The Empire Strikes Back Unauthorized Timeline 1975-2020 which puts the whole effort of putting together TESB as well as the marketing and post-release life of the film.
47 min
Episode 523: Planet of the Apes (1968)
Sci-Fi Month continues with a look at Planet of the Apes from 1968. It's the story of a quartet of astronauts who travel to a distant world where evolution seems to have gone awry.
141 min
Special Report: Paris Themmen on Willy Wonka
2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Mel Stuart's Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Mike spoke to Paris Themmen about his role as Mike Teavee as well as his time on Jeopardy and his adventures while backpacking the world.
21 min
Special Report: The Sparks Brothers (2021)
It's the big takeover! Skizz Cyzyk and Mike White took over the See Hear Podcast to talk about The Sparks Brothers documentary from Edgar Wright.
64 min
Episode 525: Close Encounters of the Third Kind...
Sci-Fi Month continues with a look at Steven Spielberg's 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
224 min
Episode 526: Time Bandits (1981)
We continue Sci-Fi Month with a look at the 1981 film from director Terry Gilliam, Time Bandits. It’s the story of a band of god’s workers who have stolen a map that allows them to travel through time.
116 min
Special Report: Mishna Wolff on Werewolves With...
Mike talks with writer Mishna Wolff about her feature film debut, Werewolves Within (2021). Based on the Ubisoft video game, it's the story of Finn (Sam Richardson), the new sheriff of a dysfunctional town where not everyone is who they say they are.
19 min
Special Report: Prano Bailey-Bond on Censor (2021)
Mike talks with writer/director Prano Bailey-Bond about her feature film debut, Censor (2021). It's the story of Enid (Niamh Algar), a censor during the UK's "video nasty" era who's sister has gone missing.
21 min
Bonus Interview: Jim Bloom
Here's more from the interview with Jim Bloom that wasn't included in the Empire Strikes Back episode. Hear Jim discuss his long and storied career.
63 min
Episode 524: The Black Hole (1979)
Are you ready to take a trip past the limits of human imagination? Sci-Fi Month continues with a look at Gary Peters's The Black Hole (1979).
83 min
Special Report: Susan Sandler on Julia Scotti: ...
Mike talks with Susan Sandler, the director of Julia Scotti: Funny That Way. It's a look at Julia Scotti, a trans comedian. It's a "warts and all" documentary about Scotti and her journey to where she is today.
28 min
Episode 522: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
We're kicking off Sci-Fi Month with a look at the first sequel to Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back (1980).
282 min
Special Report: Two of Us (2019)
Mike talks with Filippo Meneghetti about his 2019 film Two of Us. It's the story of Barbara (Nina Dorn) and Martine (Madeleine Girard), a couple who have kept their relationship secret from Martine's family.
20 min
Special Report: Ahead of the Curve (2020)
Mike talks with co-directors Jen Rainin and Rivkah Beth Medow along with Franco Stevens about their documentary, Ahead of the Curve. It's the story of how Stevens created the first mainstream lesbian magazine in the United States via her creativity, tenacity, and a string of good luck at the track.
38 min
Special Report: Gone in Sixty Seconds (1974)
Released in 1974, Gone in Sixty Seconds was directed, written by, and stars H. B. Halicki as Maindrian Pace. He’s an accident investigator by day… and a car thief by day too. He gets charged with stealing 48 cars for the unscrupulous Mr. Villas. All of the cars are given female nicknames and it’s the car named Eleanor that seems to haunt him as he and his crew get to work filling a very tall order.
92 min
Episode 521: Eternity and a Day (1998)
Theodoros Angelopoulos's 1998 film, Eternity and a Day, stars Bruno Ganz as Alexandros, a poet who thinks he’s at the end of his life. He rescues an Albanian refugee boy (Ahilleas Skevis) who lives on the street and wipes windshields for spare change.
111 min
Episode 520: Khrustalyov, My Car! (1998)
Gianna D'Emilio and Spencer Parsons join Mike to talk about Aleksei German's Khrustalyov, My Car! (1989). Set against the death of Stalin and the last days of his Doctor's Plot, the film is a dizzying display of filmmaking. Prof. Jonathan Brent...
158 min
Special Report: Bill Morrison on Let Me Come In
Experimental filmmaker Bill Morrison discusses his latest work, Let Me Come In, which is part of the 2021 TCM Classic Film Festival.
18 min
Episode 519: Cuties (2020)
Judith Mayne and Angela Mac join Mike to discuss the controversial 2020 film from Maïmouna Doucouré, Cuties. It's the story of Amy (Fathia Youssouf), a young immigrant girl from Senegal living in Paris and desperate to fit in with the girls she sees...
77 min
Episode 518: Hard-Boiled (1992)
We’re looking at John Woo’s 1992 film, Hard-Boiled, the story of a hot-handed supercop, Tequila, (Chow Yun-Fat), and an undercover cop -- either Alan or Tony depending on what version you watch, played by Tony Leung. Tony and Tequila are working two...
95 min
Episode 517: Escape from New York (1981)
On the second of our two-part discussion about John Carpenter films we discuss Escape from New York. It's the story Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), a former war hero turned disillusioned criminal in an America that has turned into a police state....
192 min
Special Report: Superman (1978)
You will believe a podcast will try to talk about Superman...
193 min
Episode 516: Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
We kick off a two-part discussion of John Carpenter with a look at his first proper feature film, Assault on Precinct 13. Father Malone (Dark Destinations) and Aaron Peterson (Hollywood Outsider) join Mike to look at the film and all of its various...
178 min
Episode 515: Under the Flag of the Rising Sun (...
Rob St. Mary returns to The Projection Booth to discuss Kinji Fukasaku's 1972 anti-war film, Under the Flag of the Rising Sun. The film stars Sachiko Hidari as the widow of Sgt. Katsuo Togashi who died in WWII. His death certificate is unclear about...
121 min
Special Report: Bruce Campbell's Evil Dead II W...
Bruce Campbell provides live commentary on THE EVIL DEAD II on Saturday, April 24, 2021, at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST! Buy your tickets now!
33 min
Special Report: Bill Leimbach on Walkabout to ...
Mike talks to director Bill Leimbach about his career including the Oscar-Nominated Raoni, as well as the documentary about David Gulpilil, Walkabout to Hollywood, and much more.
35 min
Episode 514: Kelly's Heroes (1970)
We're not gonna hit you with any negative waves about this odd, star-studded heist/war film, Kelly's Heroes. Samm Deighan and Bill Ackerman join Mike to discuss this Brian G. Hutton film from 1970 wherein Clint Eastwood leads a band of soldiers behind enemy lines in order to pilfer a cache of Nazi gold.
169 min
Speical Report: Thorsten Thielow on Boys State ...
Mike talks with cinematographer Thorsten Thielow about his career, spotlighting the 2020 documentary Boys State. Visit for more information.
30 min
Special Report: Todd Melby on A Lot Can Happen ...
Mike talks with Todd Melby -- reporter, podcaster, author -- about his book A Lot Can Happen in the Middle of Nowhere: The Untold Story of the Making of Fargo. It's a terrific book that goes into a lot of details behind the scenes of one of the Coen Brothers' most successful films.
30 min
Special Report: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)
On a special episode done in conjunction with Chris Stachiw's Kulturecast, we discuss Adam Wingard's Godzilla Vs. Kong, the latest entry in the "Legendary" Monsterverse. We talk about the sprawling story that's stuffed to the gills with some mediocre...
90 min
Special Report: Daniel T. Dorrance on The U.S. ...
Mike talks with Daniel T. Dorrance, the production designer of Lee Daniels' The United States v. Billie Holiday (2021). Mr. Dorrance also dishes about working on the Maze Runner sequels and Michael Mann's Collateral.
25 min
Special Report: Krimi Double Feature
Mike is joined by Prof. Nicholas Schlegel, author of the upcoming "German Popular Cinema and The Krimi Phenomenon: Dark Eyes of London” coming from Lexington Books, Rowman’s academic imprint - and Samm Deighan, author of the upcoming "The Legacy of World War II in European Arthouse Cinema" from McFarland Books - to discuss Krimi films.
98 min
Episode 513: A Buster Keaton Celebration
Heather Drain and Maurice Bursztynski join Mike to sing the praises of Buster Keaton. The trio looks at five of Keaton's films: The General, Sherlock Jr, Steamboat Bill Jr, Seven Chances, and One Week.
190 min
Special Report: Julien Temple on Crock of Gold ...
Mike speaks with director Julien Temple (Earth Girls are Easy) about his latest documentary film, Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan. Produced by Johnny Depp, it's a documentary about the lead singer of The Pogues and his relationship to his native Ireland.
32 min
Episode 511: Never Cry Wolf (1983)
We're discussing Carroll Ballard's Never Cry Wolf (1983). Based on the novel by Farley Mowat, it's the story of Tyler (Charles Martin Smith), a bureaucrat who is sent into the Northern wilds to study wolves and their impact on the caribou population.
284 min
Special Report: Bonus Interview with Sam Hamm
More of our interview with Sam Hamm about his post-Never Cry Wolf career, focusing specifically on his take on The Fantastic Four and what his version would have been like.
23 min
Special Report: Bonus Interview with Richard Kl...
More from the interview with Richard Kletter as he discusses his work post Never Cry Wolf including a harrowing tale of The Man Who Fell to Earth TV Pilot.
16 min
Special Report: Zack Snyder's Justice League (2...
For a special live podcast, Chris Stachiw (The Kulturecast), Josh Haldey (1201 Beyond), and Mike joined up to discuss Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021): a film many years in the making. We discuss both the Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder versions,...
206 min
Special Report: SXSW Day 4
Wrapping up SXSW 2021 with an interview with Malcolm Ingram, director of Clerk, a documentary about filmmaker Kevin Smith.
23 min
Special Report: Graeme Clifford
Originally supposed to be part of our THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH episode, this is an interview with editor / director Graeme Clifford about his career, working on his own films (Gleaming the Cube, Frances, etc) as well as his work with Nic Roeg, Robert...
59 min
Special Report: SXSW 2021 Day 3
More about movies from SXSW 2021 including:- The Spine of Night featuring an interview with co-directors Morgan Galen King and Philip Gelatt- Swan Song featuring an interview with Udo Kier- Alien on Stage featuring an interview with...
60 min
Special Report: SXSW 2021 Day 2
On today's SXSW 2021 report I discuss the following: Witch Hunt - including an interview with Elle Callehan Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break - including an interview with director Nick Gillespe Offseason - Including an interview with...
67 min
Episode 512: Seven Beauties (1975)
Lina Wertmüller's 1975 film Seven Beauties stars Giancarlo Gianini as Pasqualino Settebellezze of Pasqualino of the Seven Beauties.
83 min
Special Report: SXSW 2021 Day 1
On a special episode of The Projection Booth we're looking at a handful of movies premiering at SXSW on March 16, 2021:
65 min
Episode 510: The Duke of Burgundy (2014)
For our 10th Anniversary we're looking at Peter Strickland’s 2014 film The Duke of Burgundy, the story of a couple, Cynthia and Evelyn, and their relationship in a world of women where lepidoptery seems to be the stock and trade of its denizens. The film examines the slow decline of Cynthia and Evelyn’s relationship.
160 min
Special Report: Pandemonium (1982)
We’re looking at Alfred Sole’s Pandemonium (1982) which stars Candice Azzara as Bambi, a witness to the horrific murder of her high school cheer leading squad who, years later, fulfills her lifelong dream of starting her own cheer leading camp at It Had To Be University.
149 min
Episode 509: The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant...
We’re looking at the 1972 film from Rainer Werner Fassbinder, The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant. It’s the story of love and loss for the titular Petra Von Kant (Margrit Carstensen) a fashion designer and her model/muse Karin (Hanna Schygulla). We see the beginnings and endings of that relationship as well as the fall out.
87 min
Special Report: A Ghost Waits (2020)
Mike talks to writer/director Adam Stovall and writer/actor MacLeod Andrews about their romantic comedy / horror film A Ghost Waits (2020). The film is available now via Arrow's streaming channel and will be available on blu-ray on May 3, 2021.
44 min
Episode 508: Mary & Max (2009)
We’re looking at the 2009 film from director Adam Elliot, Mary & Max, the story of two unlikely pen pals -- Mary Daisy Dinkle (Bethany Whitmore and Toni Collette) and Max Jerry Horovitz (Philip Seymour Hoffman) -- a lonely little girl from Australia...
148 min
Episode 507: Southland Tales (2006)
Southland Tales tells the sprawling story of a world in which alternative energy is a big business and teams up with the political police state. Meanwhile actor Boxer Santaros (Dwayne Johnson) has a schizophrenic break and thinks he's the character that he and part-time prophet/full time porn star Krista Now (Sarah Michelle Gellar) have created, Jericho Cane
141 min
Episode 506: Is There Sex After Death? (1971)
Alan and Jeanne Abel's Is There Sex After Death? is a mockumentary from 1971 that dares to ask the hard hitting questions with ridiculous answers. It’s a series of vignettes with some familiar faces like Buck Henry, Marshall Efron, Holly Woodlawn, Robert Downey, and more.
176 min
Special Report: Workhorse Queen (2021)
Mike talks with director Angela Washko and star Mrs. Kasha Davis about their new documentary, Workhorse Queen, which premieres at Slamdance 2021. It's the story of Mrs. Davis and her time on RuPaul's Drag Race and her life off stage.
34 min
Episode 505: White Sands (1992)
Jedidiah Ayres and Andrew Nette join Mike to look at the 1992 neo-noir film from director Roger Donaldson, White Sands. The film stars Willem Dafoe as Ray Dolezal, a small town Sheriff who tries to solve the murder of a man in his jurisdiction by assuming the dead man’s identity and getting embroiled in a world of arms dealing,
143 min
Special Report: Erin Vassilopoulos on Superior ...
Filmmaker Erin Vassilopoulos talks to Mike about her first feature, Superior, a follow-up to her 2015 short with Ani and Alessandra Mesa. The 2021 feature tells the story of two sisters -- one stuck in a humdrum suburban life while the other is a musician in deep trouble.
18 min
Special Report: Ryan Cudahy on Mount Skylight
On this special episode, Mike talks with producer Ryan Cudahy about his latest project, a feature version of Mount Skylight. Find out more at
19 min
Special Report: The Bill & Ted Trilogy (1989-2020)
On a special crossover event with The Kulturecast, Chris Stachiw and Josh Stewart join Mike to discuss the Bill & Ted Trilogy from Excellent Adventure to Face the Music.
271 min
Special Report: Rodney Ascher on A Glitch in th...
Rodney Ascher (Room 237, Nightmare) returns to The Projection Booth to discuss his new film, A Glitch in the Matrix which premieres at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival before being released to streaming platforms on Feb 8, 2021.Learn more at:...
19 min
Episode 504: Duets (2000)
Musical Month concludes with a look at Bruce Paltrow's DUETS. Written by John Byrum, the film stars Paul Giamatti, Maria Bello, Huey Lewis, Andre Braugher, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Scott Speedman in a drama about the world of karaoke.
195 min
Special Report: Jeff Lieberman on Day of the Li...
Mike talks with writer/director Jeff Lieberman about his memoir, Day of the Living Me: Adventures of a Subversive Cult Filmmaker from the Golden Age. The book is full of great behind-the-scenes stories of Lieberman's films (Squirm, Blue Sunshine, Just Before Dawn, Satan's Little Helper, etc.) as well as some other amazing tales.
38 min
Episode 503: The Blues Brothers (1980)
Musical month continues with a look at John Landis’s 1980 film The Blues Brothers. It’s the story of Jake and Elwood Blues, two musicians who need to get $5,000 in order to pay the back taxes on the orphanage where they grew up learning to be white blues singers.
223 min
Special Report: Bonus Interview with Laila Nabulsi
This is more of the interview with Laila Nablusi where we discuss her work on Nothing Lasts Forever, Prizzi's Honor, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and some things hopefully happening in 2021! Hear the rest of our interview with Ms. Nablusi on our...
24 min
Special Report: Alien Resurrection (1997)
On this special episode of The Projection Booth, we're looking at Alien Resurrection, it's the next chapter (some might say last chapter) of the Alien Saga started by Ridley Scott back in 1979. Released in 1997, we re-join Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) five years after Alien 3 but 200 years after the events portrayed in David Fincher's film.
205 min
Bonus Interview; Pitof on Vidocq, Catwoman, an...
The second unit director and visual effects supervisor of Alien: Resurrection, Pitof, discusses his work on Vidocq, Catwoman, and more.
60 min