Prisoners of Rock and Roll

Prisoners of Rock and Roll is a bi-weekly podcast about music, the people who make it, and the almighty, ever-lasting power it has over all of us. We've covered everything from Anthrax to Frank Sinatra, the history of the blues to the history of punk, and from Johnny Cash to the Joshua Tree. We also play clips, discuss music news, and sentence a song every week to The Electric Chair for being terrible. Check us out -- you might learn something! Check us out at

Music History
Music Commentary
65 - The History and Legends of Jazz
We talk about the history of jazz and about a dozen of its most legendary artists.
97 min
64 - When Hair Metal Saved Rock and Roll
Hair metal gets a bad rap, but a lot of the music from this era was awesome.
97 min
63 - The Smooth Sounds of Doo Wop
We explore the history of doo wop music and some of its most memorable artists and songs.
81 min
62 - Does Kid Rock Suck?
Kid Rock has sold millions of albums and has been around for years. But does he suck?
74 min
61 - John Williams: The Greatest Music Composer...
We take a look at the enormous career of John Williams.
98 min
60 - Why the Judgment Night Soundtrack Was So G...
We look at the 1993 soundtrack for Judgment Night, a seminal moment in the crossover between rap and rock
92 min
59 - The 2023 Rock Hall of Fame Nominees
We discuss the nominees for the 2023 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
94 min
58 - Honoring Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell was the best rock singer of the last 40 years.
76 min
57 - The Music of 1993
We jump in our music memory machine and look at the music of 1993.
107 min
56 - Live Aid: When Music Fought Famine
We look at Live Aid, one of the biggest concerts ever thrown.
102 min
55 - The Weird World of Les Claypool
We dive into the whacky world of Les Claypool, including Primus, South Park, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Oysterhead, and all of the other cool projects he's involved in.
105 min
54 - A Prisoners of Christmas Party
The 3rd annual Prisoners of Rock and Roll Christmas party. We open up the studio and invite our favorite musicians who have recorded a Christmas tune to come celebrate.
105 min
53 - Heavy Metal History
We look at the history of heavy metal music from it's evolution out of hard rock to today.
97 min
52 - Is Rock Dead?
Is rock and roll dead? We play some songs from some modern rock bands and share our thoughts.
109 min
51 - Rock and Jock! Music & Sports
In honor of the World Series, we look at the best songs to hear at a sporting event.
88 min
50 - Happy Birthday to Us! A Look Back at 2 Years
In episode 50 of the Prisoners of Rock and Roll, we’re taking a look at the Prisoners of Rock and Roll! We’re jumping in our Magical Mystery Musical Wayback Machine and talking about our favorite shows from the last two years.
104 min
49 - Listen Up Y'All, It's the Beastie Boys
We talk about the career of the Beastie Boys, their unique style of rock / rap, their videos, their social activism, and more.
101 min
48 - The Songs Led Zeppelin Ripped Off
We take a look at all of the songs that Led Zeppelin "borrowed" over the course of their career.
103 min
47 - God Save the Queen: The Sex Pistols
We take a look at the music and antics of Sex Pistols.
102 min
46 - Woodstock: Peace, Mud, and Music
We discuss the original Woodstock: the hippies, the drugs, the music, and the impact.
109 min
45 - The Greatest Drummers of All Time
Wee talk about the best drummers of all time.
122 min
44 - Truckin' With the Grateful Dead
We talk about the Grateful Dead.
104 min
43 - Back to the Beach: The Songs of Summer
We discuss the best songs of summer.
94 min
Update -- Where The Heck Have We Been?
A quick update on our schedule.
0 min
42 - Rock The Mic with the Golden Age of Hip Hop
We take a look at the Golden Age of Hip Hop, starting with the pioneers who started hip hop in the wake of disco up to the late 1980s.
115 min