Mair Howells is one of Britain's spiking victims. In this podcast - she's on a mission to find out who is behind the attacks, why they do it, and what's being done to stop it.

Talking to victims, psychologists, academics, doctors and the police - this series follows Mair's journey to understand a crime that is sweeping the country, and charts her campaign for better support and tougher controls.

All episodes - March 11th

Society & Culture
True Crime
Episode 6: The Inquiry
Mair updates listeners on the findings of the long awaited Government inquiry
5 min
Episode 1: A Pointed Mission
Mair Howells launches her investigation into spiking.
25 min
Episode 2: Method & Madness
Mair finds out the medical impact of spiking, and gets under the skin of the people who commit the act.
26 min
Episode 3: Raising The Bar
Mair turns her attention to the night-time industry - can they do more to keep us safe from spiking?
30 min
Episode 4: Ministers & Misogyny
Mair finds out how men fit in to the spiking conversation
29 min
Episode 5: Sharp Consequences
Mair speaks to the police - and investigates the consequences for spikers AND their victims. And she looks to the future.
33 min
Introducing: Pricks
Mair Howells investigates Britain's spiking epidemic
1 min