Presidential Leadership Lessons for t...

Who are our greatest Presidents? What lessons can the modern-day business leader learn from our 46 Chiefs of State? Find out in this podcast series with Tom Fox and Richard Lummis to delve into the great and not so great Presidents to mine their successes and failure for today’s business executive

Presidential Leadership Lessons from Theodore R...
Tom and Richard begin a series on Presidential Leadership Lessons from Theodore Roosevelt. In this Part 1 they look at TR's the Early Years.
24 min
Leadership Lessons from Grover Cleveland
Tom and Richard look at leadership lessons from Grover Cleveland, the only non-consecutive two-term US President.
32 min
John Tyler-Leadership When It's the Most Difficult
Tom and Richard look at the difficult presidential years of John Tyler for today's leadership lessons.
32 min
James Monroe - Deliberative Decision Making
Tom and Richard return to look at the life of James Monroe.
18 min
John Adams-Doing What is Right
What can the modern business executive learn from America's Presidents? Quite a bit. Learn leadership lessons from John Adams in this episode.
18 min
Leadership Lessons from George Washington-Presi...
We conclude our series on Washington with a look at his Presidential years.
20 min
George Washington - Continental Congress and Co...
How did Washington lead at the Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention? Find out in this Part 3.
13 min
Leadership Lessons from George Washington-Gener...
In this episode, we look at Washington as General of the Continental Army.
25 min
George Washington-French and Indian War
Welcome to Presidential Leadership Lessons for the Business Executive. The newest edition to the CPN. We begin with a 4-part series on leadership lessons from George Washington.
15 min