The PP1 Podcast

A Vancouver Canucks-based podcast about the heralded first power-play unit. Ryan Hank and Ted Wong run the show from Kelowna and keep you informed and entertained on a weekly basis.

Magical stripper names, Canucks silent leaders,...
Rob Fai of NEW (Nation Extreme Wrestling) and formerly TSN 1040, joins PP1 Podcast for some super awkward moments, critical thinking on the Canucks situation and coming up with fun stripper names.
73 min
Discussing the Retool with Farhan Lalji
It must be a big week when PP1 runs two shows. Farhan Lalji of TSN and VanCast joins Ryan to talk the state of the union in Canucksland.
32 min
Overrating Bandicoots, Tick Tocchet, and The Sk...
Canucks news was in abundance this week so Ryan and Ted cover it all, literally all of it. A rant, a debate, and Ryan threatens Ted kinda seriously?
62 min
Running your mouth, The Wendys Guy, and Acciden...
Ryan and Ted were happy to get back at it on PP1 and their good friend B Mack of Virgin Radio Kelowna stopped by. We get into the local Wendys guy crossing back from Arbys, Kuzmenko contract and again... Bo Horvat future.
74 min
Delia, Dill Pickle Salad, and Emily in Paris
Its the final show of 2022 for the boys in blue... and green and there's still some things we'd like to get off our chests. From Dill Pickle salad, to Delia getting called out to Nickelback to scoring; everything is covered.
51 min
Fantasy Christmas Auction Draft WITH GUESTS
We auction off some of the best Christmas gifts and experiences from our younger years to the highest bidder. Joined by some of our favourite people from Canucks twitter.
72 min
Leading by example or Reasonable Doubt?
Canucks hockey is a real mixed bag but we wouldn't have it any other way. Brendan Kobliuk joins Ryan this week to talk Canucks, Justin Bieber, and earthquake beds.
64 min
Bathroom Stall of Honour
Roberto Luongo is in the Hockey Hall of Fame but his jersey will not hang from the rafters. Connor Bedard has a tough west coast road trip and PP1 discusses generational talent.
67 min
Deep Fail Turkeys, Candyman Petey and Bo feat. ...
Grady Sas of Go Goat Sports! joins The PP1 Podcast to chat deep fried turkey fails, navigating underground parking and of course the Canucks. Powerhouse meets powerhouse.
77 min
Bo on the Go! Kars 4 Kids and Mouth breathers
On the possible eve of Twitter's demise and Nickelbacks latest album, PP1 Podcast talks about the Canucks and breaking it all down. Its fun.
59 min
Taking an L point 5, Breaking Books, and Single...
Canucks problems don't get solved quickly but PP1 has you for the commentary. We try and take a book podcast off the top and what if only one Sedin made the HHOF?
59 min
Sarah Mclachlan banger tracks, Bieksa's back, a...
Once again Ted and Ryan record during a Canucks game and once you listen to it, we call a lot of future things which makes us super smart.
60 min
A Couple of Studnickguys, Phil Pritchard Presen...
Joshua Griffith of Area 51 joins Ted Wong and Ryan Hank on the PP1 Podcast. We break down the Mike DiPietro trade, lack of depth, and provide live updates from the Canucks game.
63 min
Lead Poisoning, Players Only Meetings, and Noth...
The PP1 Podcast covers a full week of Canucks games and we're right back to dissecting this awful mess. Ted and Ryan bring some humour to an otherwise dark continuation of the team. Enjoy!
70 min
PP One Day Contracts, Not Special Teams, and Mo...
Connor McDavid owns the Canucks but moral victories rule the day. Ted and Ryan bring the PP1 Podcast back and its wall to wall hockey. We're back. Remember the name.
50 min
The Worst Canucks Captains, Napster or Limewire...
How the PP1 Podcast comes up with some of their topics, we'll never know. But they deliver every week and this is no different. Ted and Ryan bring the big guns this time.
56 min
Way too early predictions, PP2, Stealing Silovs...
The PP1 Podcast launches SEASON 4 with Stephan Roget of Canucks Army. We cover every important song from the EA NHL franchise, season preview point totals for the important Canucks and Ryan messes with perfection.
75 min
Constructing a PP, Getting that bag, and Big De...
The PP1 Podcast gets into REAL hockey talk days before the Canucks preseason is to begin. So many questions, so much to cover. And how much would YOU demand if you gave back a piece of sports history?
60 min
JT Moneybags, Nickelback, and Dinosaurs feat. J...
Hockey is almost back so it only makes sense we start talking about hockey again. Ted falls ill and in his place, the legendary Jordan Bowman subs. Some amazing hockey talk happens, some dinosaur talk happens and also Canada's greatest gift: Nickelback
61 min
Canucks Multiverse: Cloutier saves the beach ball
The Canucks have been dealt a pretty rough hand over their history but what if Dan Cloutier made the save from centre ice on Nick Lidstrom like it was just another shot and they actually beat the Red Wings? How does the team's history change? Find out on this show. THIS SHOW ONLY.
36 min
The Jim Hughson Show
Ted Wong and Ryan Hank get the privilege of chatting with legendary broadcaster Jim Hughson. From Air Bud to the Fort St John Flyers to your Vancouver Canucks. It's in the game.
64 min
Canucks Multiverse: The Gretzky Era and way too...
PP1 Podcast explored a universe where Wayne Gretzky actually becomes a Canuck. They dive into all the events that proceed the signing and some odd pop culture references as well. For whatever reason, a TON of Lonny Bohonos is involved.
65 min
Three way dusters, Canucks Multiverse reveals, ...
Ted and Ryan are back from a brief holiday period and come back swinging. They brought Dr. John Lutz from Move Health on and he once again educates on how how to keep our bodies intact. We talk hockey too. And dirty mustaches.
57 min
All about Tucker Poolman, statues in LA, and fu...
Dixon Ward joins the guys at PP1 to talk Tucker Poolman, go figure, Dustin Brown getting a statue in LA, the NHL draft interviews and future hockey stars.
69 min
Chaos in Calgary, Tavares breakfast cereal, and...
Ted surprises Ryan and does an IN PERSON podcast. They chat the debacle in Calgary, Da Beauty League returns and memories of a baseball tournament that took Ted's hamstrings hostage.
49 min
Shmozel, DQ, Bedard, and Lovin Lazar feat. Sean...
Sean Warren of Area 51 drops by PP1 to chat the Memorial Cup in Kamloops, his goto Dairy Queen treat, Curtis Lazar's fit in Vancouver and the new word he created. Uh yeah, must listen
75 min
Super special interview with Rob Fai
Rob Fai of NEW fame sits down with Ryan Hank of PP1 to talk baseball, wrestling, sneakers, championship belts and of course great names for autobiographies.
67 min
JT Miller's worth for Genuine Draft... picks
In the last episode before the NHL draft and free agency, Ted and Ryan of PP1 Podcast postpone summer to bring you new audio for your drive. We talk about JT Miller and Cale Makar and Brendan Gallahgers legs.
52 min
All over the place with Fanny Packs, Water Polo...
Ryan and Ted get settled into the summer months with PP1 Podcast and get into the hard hitting subjects like Michael Phelps dominance of swimming, Water polo, and how the Sedins probably won't make the hall of fame in year one. Tune in.
67 min
Cat pooping calendars, Johnny Hockey's deal, an...
Dean Blundell dropped by the PP1 Podcast and we talked hockey we promise but for whatever reason we talked a lot of poop. Not sure how but it was funny and you'll wanna hear it. Oh, and Dean drops the Johnny Gaudreau contract deets.
60 min
Messier, Marchand, and Machholz feat. Dan Machholz
The PP1 Podcast returns after an off week (ted was moving) and they brought Canucks twitter star Dan Machholz to the mix. It didn't disappoint, unlike the last 8 years of Canucks history.
74 min
All the pain money can buy
Sure the Canucks aren't in the playoffs but we can imagine if they were through other teams.
61 min
Karens, Kyles, Battle of Alberta, and Ted does ...
Its the PP1 Podcast right before the May long weekend and the guys were here to have a good time, chat about the current state of the playoffs and maybe throw down on some of the Karen's in the wild.
51 min
Forced condiments, kalling Kuzmenko, and Troy f...
Ryan takes a stand against forcefed condiments while the guys discuss the chance of the Canucks landing Kuzmenko and hey! how about Troy from Richmond in round one of the playoffs?
66 min
Brock, Lock(wood) and two smokin Burroughs
The Canucks may be done for the season but the PP1 Podcast is still rolling. Ted and Ryan recap the season, preview the playoffs and use some potty language for cheap laughs.
67 min
Landlords unite, Conor Garland defies the bump,...
The Canucks are still mathematically alive in the playoff chase while Ryan discusses why landlords stick together and Conor Garland clearly listens to the show.
67 min
Teemu is the greatest, is that the swear finger...
The Canucks push to the final stretch of the season and somehow they're still in the mix to get the final playoff spot. The boys weigh in on where the team's at, Auston Matthews race to 70, and is texting and driving doable?
69 min
Garbage time wins, the french fry hierarchy, an...
Are pachos exempt from the french fry rankings, why is the Canucks final stretch so similar to garbage yards in fantasy football, and is Bruce Boudreau leaving the biggest deal?
60 min
Favourite fences, Breaking Benn, and JT Miller ...
The Canucks are almost out of the playoff picture so the boys at PP1 breakdown what's left and recast Ocean's 11 with Canucks players. A solid show to say the least.
65 min
Trade DUD-line, hamstrings, and Maury Povich fe...
The NHL trade deadline wasn't very flashy but this week's show definitely was. Tyler Motte's value, recapping Tiger Woods 09 rounds of golf, and hamstring prep for sport season with Dr. John Lutz of Move Health and Wellness.
81 min
The meaning of Strombone1, Trade Centre confess...
James Duthie of TSN, TradeCentre and heck, the Masters, joins the PP1 Podcast to throwdown some trade deadline confessions and what it's like sharing the room with all the insiders
39 min
The Bruce, Wayne Gretzky, and what's that in yo...
Bruce Boudreau has the Canucks on a heater and the PP1 Podcast goes all-in on Thatcher Demko's efforts, what JT Miller is thinking and a super huge secret guest revealed
69 min
Halak(ing) motivation w/ Caroline Frolic
The boys at PP1 have a good old fashioned chat with the lovely Caroline Frolic of Sportsnet 650 fame.
69 min
Gaunce but not forgotten
Brendan Gaunce returns to the NHL in dramatic fashion. The Canucks hold on JT Miller and Ryan has a life moment on College Jeopardy!
71 min
Best Muppets, maybe Miller, and Lammikko? And L...
Daniel Wagner of Pass it to Bulis joins PP1 and its off the rails with Muppets, Miller trade chat and dissecting 2Pac and Biggie.
89 min
The Phantom Motte
PP1 Podcast channels its inner Star Wars for a killer episode and some debate about what the Canucks should or should not do with their tradeable assets.
61 min
Waxing Winnipeg, Spicy Chicken sandwiches, and ...
Canucks trades, Wendys NEW Spicy Chicken, paper straws and Shoppers Optimum points. How do we relate all these things? Click the play button and you'll know soon enough.
62 min
Spencer Martin Superstar and debunking chiropra...
70 min
Bananaphone origins, a Pettersson exclusive, an...
Patrick Johnston chats Canucks with PP1
84 min
DGAF: Don't Give a Food Take
The hottest food takes from Twitter
119 min
Winning, Oilosers, and Rubbing off on each other
<p>Each and every week, the PP1 Podcast is proud to be presented on the Dean Blundell Network and is partnered with Summerskates, leaders in skate laced sandals.</p><p>Ryan Hank, Ted Wong III, and Brayden Ursel are back after the Christmas holidays to talk Canucks, the downfall of the Edmonton Oilers and awards that exist in the NHL.</p><p>We bring back Dudes and Guys, Brady's favourite burger type (it's boring) and Ryan has a moment he instantly regretted but will end up being the clip of the show.</p><p>Tune in, subscribe, like, send a carrier pigeon if you like.</p><p>Let's go!</p>
77 min
Home Alone Oliver Stone Cut, the VANCOUVER word...
<p>The final PP1 Podcast of 2021 went off the chainz and even had some special guests, a real bro-fest.</p><p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network, partnered with and Summerskates we bring to you... the Canucks and a lot of reality.</p><p>From lineups in malls to movies that for sure aren't Christmas movies we get into everything, even C*vid. Ryan Schaap and Arash Memarzadeh from Pucks on Net join us and nothing is off limits, even the VANCOUVER wordmark coming back on the jersey.</p><p>It was a lot of fun and frankly, thanks for listening we couldn't have done it without you.</p><p>Like, subscribe and rate and review???</p><p>#manscapedpod #ad</p>
55 min
Actual tweets, Brady's awesome cardigan, and go...
<p>Somehow, someway, the Vancouver Canucks are winners of five straight after firing their former coach and GM.&nbsp;</p><p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network, partnered with <a href="//" target="_blank"><u><strong></strong></u></a> and <a href="//" target="_blank"><u><strong>Summerskates</strong></u></a>, the PP1 Podcast is ready to roll.</p><p>Ryan Hank, Brady Ursel, and Ted Wong along with Jennifer Chefero get you inside the hockey mind. Jennifer discusses how simply enjoying playing the game of hockey has changed the Canucks and that the GM wasn't the biggest issue. (We will say this isn't entirely true)</p><p>Brady rocks a killer cardigan and we have a solid Dudes and Guys segment which has Tyler Myers in a position you'd never expect.</p><p>#manscapedpod #ad</p><p>Go to and enter the code PP20 for 20% off and free shipping to get your share of male grooming equipment and take care of your package.</p>
66 min
Bruce, there it is
<p>Presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with <a href="//" target="_blank"><u><strong></strong></u></a> and <a href="//" target="_blank"><u><strong>Summerskates</strong></u></a>, the PP1 Podcast is locked and loaded this week.</p><p>Ryan Hank, Brayden Ursel, and Ted Wong have you covered with all the Canucks news from the departure of Jim Benning and Travis Green, the hirings of Bruce Boudreau and Jim Rutherford, to best Christmas TV cartoon.</p><p>Questions from Twitter, what we'd change about the NHL and a surprise choice in Dudes and Guys.</p><p>There wasn't anything we left untouched and even a few laughs were had. It's a new era for Canucks nation and we're just getting started.</p><p>#manscapedpod #ad</p>
88 min
Canucks win two, happiness for me and you
<p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network, partnered with <a href="//" target="_blank"><u>Summerskates</u></a> and <a href="//" target="_blank"><u></u></a><u>m.</u>&nbsp;</p><p>Ryan Hank and Ted Wong deliver the PP1 Podcast in technicolor and Dolby surround (can't confirm the last one)</p><p>The Canucks have won two straight games against the equally awful Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators. Rock bottom seems to have hit sooner out East and the Canucks are watching from afar.</p><p>The boys get into the overall construction and operation of the offensive game, who is ultimately untouchable for the team, and what moving on really looks like.</p><p>There is a Beyonce reference that makes the show so that alone is worth checking out.</p><p>Ryan also brings up the latest goal from J.T. Miller and how much better it is than the one Connor McDavid scored a few weeks ago.</p><p>There will be blood.</p>
49 min
Going Rogue! Canucks Draft feat. J. Bowman and ...
<p>The PP1 Podcast is proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Manscaped.</p> <p><u>Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code&nbsp;</u><strong>PP20</strong><u>&nbsp;at!&nbsp;</u><u><strong>#ad #manscapedpod</strong></u></p> <p>The Canucks are in absolute shambles and the rumours of the team being split into factions/cliques has gone public so we took it a step further and along with the boys from Trust The Process, we drafted our own cliques on the Canucks and it did not disappoint.</p> <p>The draft order was as follows, who wins is anyone's guess:</p> <p>J. Bowman</p> <p>Ted Wong</p> <p>Ryan Hank</p> <p>Wyatt Arndt</p> <p>It wasn't without drama either, from traded draft picks to very appropriate 1980's wrestling background music, and a few other surprises, fun was had.</p> <p>Make sure to check this one out, it was a beauty. OH, and all week at you can get 25% off and free shipping site wide. Get going!</p> <p><br></p>
64 min
PP1 Podcast declares "TUCKER POOLMAN, MY MAN!"
<p>In a rare admission, the Canucks like Tucker Poolman.</p> <p>The PP1 Podcast is proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and newly partnered Manscaped!&nbsp;</p> <p>Ted Wong and Ryan Hank emptied the tank on the current state of affairs regarding the Vancouver Canucks and it wasn't friendly. From Jim Benning's presser to the tumultuous PK unit, it was targeted.</p> <p>If you didn't want to hear our takes, you definitely came to hear our <a href="//"><u><strong>Manscaped</strong></u> </a>ad. 5 minutes of mansplaining the trimming world of Manscaped. <u>Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code&nbsp;</u><strong>PP20</strong><u>&nbsp;at!&nbsp;</u><u><strong>#ad #manscapedpod</strong></u> #pp1podcast</p> <p>Also the Canucks are pretty bad so hang out for 45 minutes and rant with us :)</p> <p><br></p>
50 min
<p>First and foremost, thanks for deciding to listen to this week's episode of the PP1 Podcast. You could be listening to an audio book or one of the ninety competing shows but you said "Hey, I like these goofballs" so thank you.</p><p>We're part of the <a href="//" target="_blank"><u>Dean Blundell Network</u></a> and partnered with Summerskates and now our good friends <a href="//" target="_blank"><u>MANSCAPED</u></a><u>. </u>&nbsp;They've even hooked us up with a clever promo code PP20 for 20% off at check out #sponsored #ad #manscapedpod.</p><p>Ted Wong and Ryan Hank bring the goods this week and they didn't pull any punches whatsoever. The Canucks are a mess, plain and simple.&nbsp;</p><p>There are so many avenues to go down but the long and short of it is they suck. How do things get better before they burn it to the ground, they don't.</p><p>We get into some weird ground this week with "Canucks as girls" and "Arbys Vodka" and "Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?"</p><p>Too much to get into but it was a heavy hitter and the ad reads were interesting, to say the least.</p><p>Like, follow, share, subscribe, all the things.</p>
51 min
Drop the Gloves and Hold my Blocker feat. Tara ...
<p>It seems fitting that the PP1 Podcast connected again with Tara of The Glove Drop after the Canucks dropped the Rangers 3-2 in OT the previous night.&nbsp;</p> <p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates, it's all Canucks all the time.</p> <p>We reminisce about J.T. Miller and his amazingness, her love of Adam Fox, and the kids on an up-and-coming Rangers squad.</p> <p>Ted Wong, Brayden Ursel, and Ryan Hank introduce Tara to Dudes and Guys and she gets it right away.</p> <p>There is some heavy chocolate bar chatter or for the US listeners "candy bars" and even a Canada Dry shoutout.</p> <p>This was a hilarious episode that keeps the mood light and gives everyone an escape from a pretty intense week.</p> <p>Follow Tara @TheGloveDrop basically everywhere that social media exists.</p>
70 min
Home Sleep Home for Dreary Canucks
<p>The PP1 Podcast is back again for your listening pleasure. Ted Wong and Ryan Hank head up the zaniness for another jam-packed episode.&nbsp;</p> <p>It's always presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates.</p> <p>The NHL has a problem that they tried to bury. Kyle Beach, former first-round Chicago Blackhawk prospect, revealed he was the John Doe in the sexual assault case against the Blackhawks and his story is powerful and heartbreaking. The guys discussed this in great detail and how the NHL has failed him.</p> <p>We also got into the Canucks rough start to the season and what the team looks like without players like Thatcher Demko and Bo Horvat.</p> <p>Somehow before Dudes and Guys started, things transitioned into a Canucks/Battlebots mashup and it was everything you figured it would be.</p> <p>Listen along or watch the video on our Youtube page. You won't regret it.</p> <p><br></p>
53 min
Majestic Myers, Not keen on Green, and That's n...
<p>We welcome you to the famous PP1 Podcast, part of the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates. Ted Wong and Brady Ursel weren't able to join up this week because pirates got them but Ryan Schaap from Pucks on Net fame saved the day for a wait for it, DUAL RYANS podcast.</p> <p>Ryan (PON) shared his tale of racing across the lower mainland to get a ferry trip while Ryan (PP1) discussed his revelation at Walmart, a certain city's name on a ton of clothing.</p> <p>There was the always famous Dudes and Guys as well.</p> <p>R&amp;R discussed the misuse, so far, of Vasili Podkolzin and how the horse needs to run. We may not have used those words but you get it.</p> <p>We mentioned the Conor Garland butt check on Filip Zadina and Tyler Myers newfound fame.</p> <p>It was 57 minutes of awesomeness and you'll wanna check it out.</p> <p>Follow us on twitter (you know the handles) and on IG.</p>
57 min
Duncan Keith destroyed, Bucket hats are back, a...
<p>Hockey has returned and your Vancouver Canucks have entered the chat.</p> <p>Brady Ursel, Ryan Hank, and Ted Wong bring you into their crazy little world, that of the PP1 Podcast to bring you up to speed on EVERYTHING in the world of Canucks hockey... ok and Canadian curling history.</p> <p>The boys dive right into the Tyler Myers bone-crushing hit on Duncan Keith, Elias Pettersson's nasty dangle and Oliver Ekman Larsson's first goal as a Canuck.</p> <p>We discuss the legendary life of Jim Ursel, his championship curling career, and Ryan dives into a story about how curling is a dangerous ice sport.</p> <p>Dudes and Guys returns as well and no one lets Brady off the hook for not choosing a Guy.</p> <p>We're proudly partnered with Summerskates and as always, we reside at the Dean Blundell Network.</p> <p>Come say hi, stay awhile and remember... HOCKEY'S BACK!</p>
68 min
Podz dangles, piss missiles, and understanding PP1
<p>The PP1 Podcast returns as part of the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates.&nbsp;</p> <p>Ted Wong and Ryan Hank have real Canucks news to chat about and, the tease of a Brady Ursel appearance on the show was too much to bear. The guys dove into the last few preseason games and the big news...</p> <p>Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson have signed deals to remain Vancouver Canucks.</p> <p>Ryan brings up his list of "piss missiles" and Jason Dickinson headlines the crew. (Just to fact check, Ted looks for the definition in case Ryan is just throwing words out there).</p> <p>The return of "Dudes and Guys" is here as well and even though the guys are a bit rusty, they had their marks.</p> <p>Follow us on twitter @always90four, @tee3ree, and @bkursel23</p> <p><br></p> <p>Real hockey... next week.</p>
58 min
PreSzn shootouts, Google search history, and Da...
<p>We welcome you back to the PP1 Podcast which is proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates.&nbsp;</p> <p>Ryan Hank, Ted Wong and the absent Brady Ursel make up the famed show and it was another douzy.</p> <p>The NHL preseason is underway and the Canucks had a few games to finally speak about.</p> <p>We get into the contracts of Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes and how they might get finalized if the money from Travis Hamonic becomes available.</p> <p>There is a heaty discussion about the incident in the Ukrainian hockey league that has made the news and we tell everyone to chill out on preseason predictions.</p> <p>There is a new segment "What's more danger?" and we discuss what toppings might taste good on a pizza.</p> <p>Tons to dive into and as always, give us a like and follow our socials.</p>
61 min
Samosa ice cream, Deadpool on rollerblades, Jac...
<p>One more week until Canucks hockey but the PP1 podcast was ready to bring some heat!</p><p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates.</p><p>From Samosas and ice cream to Deadpool wearing Pavel Bure's rollerblades; we covered it all.&nbsp;</p><p>Jack Hughes stuck up for his brother and the new contract that is due and we got into Tyler Bertuzzi's decision to not get vaccinated and forfeit his right to play in Canada.</p><p>An interesting show to say the least.</p><p>Brady is going to be at training camp so follow his progress there.</p>
62 min
Ketchup Sucks, really fake names, and SPC passp...
<p>Thanks for tuning in!</p><p>We're proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network along with the great partnership that is Summerskates!</p><p>Canucks season is almost here but we found some beauties for ya. Ted, Brady, and Ryan all got into it to discuss:</p><p>- Podkolzin is in VAN</p><p>- Bo Horvat on Team Canada?</p><p>- Jason Dickinson's impact on Canucks</p><p>- some food takes</p><p><br></p><p>We also get into another "real or fake" series and it's just as funny as last week.</p><p><br></p><p>We do preview an upcoming show with Allie Marston of Welcome to Marz podcast on Blundell.&nbsp;</p><p>Let's do this!</p>
58 min
Theoretical Physics, embracing alfredo sauce, a...
<p>You thought this show would falter with no Canucks news? WRONG! It's better.</p><p>Presented on the Dean Blundell Network partnering with Summerskates, we brought a whopper of an episode.</p><p>Jordan Bowman of Trust the Process joined us and he had takeover on his mind ala nWo style.&nbsp;</p><p>We chatted theoretical physics (not really), fake online schools, and we even chatted about the canucks future this season.</p><p>There was a fun "real or fake" segment, Brady had a solid over/under questionnaire for multiple situations for Vancouver this season and the debate if alfredo sauce belongs in an Italian restaurant was brought up.</p><p>Arguably, one of the most memorable episodes to date, you'll want to check it out.</p><p>Also, hey, you. You're still reading so maybe leave a 5 star review on apple???</p>
85 min
Milk Crates, The Last Dance, and PSL
<p>Please Canucks, make some news.</p><p><br></p><p>Ted and Ryan made a go of things this week and it was pop culture heavy. They covered milk crates, that vaccine passport, and a few food takes that could be debatable.&nbsp;</p><p>We get into what opportunity Bo Horvat will get with the arrival of Jason Dickinson, Podkolzin and even guys like Garland. We also discussed Brock's hot streak and what he could get up to this season and Ted drops a hot take.</p><p>We answer a few twitter questions as well and eventually remember to hit the GO LIVE button.</p><p>Check us out, rate, review subscribe.</p><p><br></p>
66 min
Seattle Kraken Head Coach Dave Hakstol
<p>This was a ton of fun and a real great insight into the workings of an expansion franchise.</p><p><br></p><p>Big thanks to Dixon Ward for helping put this together.</p><p><br></p><p>Enjoy!</p><p><br></p>
39 min
Mowing the lawn, straight talk Petey, and the r...
<p>Thanks for joining our show.</p><p><br></p><p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates, we bring the fire this week.</p><p>We have Paul Debron formerly of 1040 on to chat Lawn Mowing Simulator and his stache takes the cake and if you need a minivan, he's got a deal for you.</p><p>Pettersson is interviewed and we discuss what it all means, apparently a lot? There's a ton of Juolevi chat as well and the return of the top powerplay unit.</p><p><br></p><p>Definitely a bunch of other things are heating up but you'll need to tune in to hear the rest.</p><p><br></p><p>SO go listen.</p>
70 min
Breaking Benning, Pink Bears, and Edlers Vacation
<p>Thanks for coming by to check us out. We're proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and are partnered with Summerskates, Manta Sleep and Players Choice Sports.</p><p>There was A LOT to discuss this week regarding your Vancouver Canucks and we covered it all.&nbsp;</p><p>Ryan still doesn't know who Tucker Poolman is but that's ok. We also dive into Marc-Andre Fleury's departure from Vegas, Ovechkin's new deal and Edler's change of scenery.</p><p>We do discuss the Montreal Canadiens decision to draft Logan Mailleux and how sports sadly have not changed their way of thinking.</p><p>It's a full episode this week and you won't want to miss it.</p>
84 min
Keeping it 100 w/ Dixon Ward, Ryan Schaap, Rich...
<p>Our little show has made it to 100 episodes and that's a pretty big deal!</p><p>We had our good friend Dixon Ward, former Canuck/Sabre/Blue/Canada hockey player, and we chatted the expansion draft with Seattle, the actual NHL draft and a very insane story about Shayne Corson.</p><p>Ryan Schaap of Pucks on Net fame dropped by to wish us well and talk about um... stuff.</p><p>We closed out the show with our good bud Rich aka RipCity Abney to discuss the Draft and guys that might slip. Apparently Jacob Martin is a name we should keep our eyes on.</p><p>All in all, it was a great show and we have to thank Dean Blundell for giving us a home, Summerskates for partnering with us as well as Manta Sleep and Players Choice Sports.</p><p></p><p>Listen, review, subscribe, Like, whatever</p>
104 min
Edits, Trophy hats, Recaps and Da Beauty League
<p>This was edit 5. Check out the youtube page for the unaltered version.&nbsp;</p><p>We're on the Dean Blundell Network, we're partnered with Summer Skates and Manta Sleep and we're ready to have some fun.</p><p>Trophy hats with the Conn Smythe, Jersey and name complaints in Abby, Duncan Keith is an Oiler, and the Top 10 of our mock draft.</p><p>Rate and review us and make sure to snag a pair of summer skates with our fancy logo on it.</p>
109 min
Jumanji, 73 Chicken Wings, and Nose Bleeds feat...
<p>Once again, presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates and now <a href=""><u>Manta Sleep</u></a> . Chris Faber black aced this week on the show as Ted and Brady were away.</p><p>We got into the Cup being awarded, NHL players finally showing a personality, Abbotsford delays naming the team/jersey, etc.&nbsp;</p><p>Canucks offer up an NFT job and Ryan lays claim to that idea.</p><p>We also chat about Faber getting a bloody nose from Jurassic Park and being freaked out by Jumanji.</p><p><br></p><p>Its a fun show and available on Youtube as well.</p>
70 min
Mock Draft Part 2, Oh the heat-manity, and choc...
<p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates!</p><p>It was almost too hot to record but thankfully Ryan has a cold basement so all was not lost. We got into the heat, obviously, hypothetically speaking which is really just "would you rather".&nbsp;</p><p>Ted brings up the question that Ryan may regret for the rest of his life. It wasn't pretty.</p><p>We get into the mock draft and there are some interesting choices in the middle ten.&nbsp;</p><p>Finally, we chat about the Pettersson and Hughes deals and what may transpire.</p><p><br></p>
73 min
Mock Draft Mania, Sedins, and a Hair in your mouth
<p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network partnered with Summerskates.</p><p>Ted and Ryan bring shenanigans to the show as well as a mock draft, who doesn't love those? We chat camping, toasties, Ryan's car adventures and hey, the Sedins are back with the Canucks.</p><p>There is a chance the Canadiens get back to the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1993 and we discuss why the NHL isn't looking forward to a potential boring matchup.</p><p>We tease some giveaways from Beyond The Green and remind you that there is only one more week until our announcement of the PP1 Summerskates!</p><p>Tune in</p>
78 min
Road Trippin' with David and Sarah Ayres
<p>We had ourselves a show this week! David and Sarah Ayres came by to chat about their trip down to Raleigh and Tampa for the Canes playoff run. We chatted masks, golf, COVID, and Dave's not so great record at the siren.&nbsp;</p><p>Ryan chats about his first-ever homerun and eventually the guys chat about hockey, current hockey.</p><p>Vancouver has everyone signed on the coach's side but are they actually turning things around and just what are they going to do with that draft pick?</p><p>Lots of fun, lots of laughs.</p><p>Tune in, won't you?</p>
67 min
Borrowing Toast, Family Pillow, and Theoretical...
<p>It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. PP1 Podcast is back with a live in-person episode and we go hard on canucks news (there wasn't much) and the playoffs and Ryan imagines his dream scenario of riding a motorbike off a ramp.&nbsp;</p><p>We talk ice cream, we talk ice cream trucks, have you evers, and we get into the Canucks player design series.&nbsp;</p><p>We tease what is happening next week and Kevin from Summerskates drops by and chats about their latest venture, gotta tune in!</p><p>Vote for your sandal of choice and you could win a pair of PP1 x Summerskates.</p><p>Get on it!</p><p>Also, leave us a review and stuff.</p>
83 min
Losing Lotteries, Laughable Leafs, Brazzers, an...
<p>As always, PP1 Podcast is brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with SummerSkates.</p><p>We had an all over the place show this week: Brady had wifi issues and was available for the pre-show but missed the main show. Ted and Ryan held down the fort and had Geeta Reddy from Pucks on Net join them.</p><p>There was a continued discussion about the cake debacle on the PON 300th episode, the partnership with Brazzers, and Ryan Schaap's stranglehold on the PON crew. Is he a tyrant or a nice human? Are the PON crew planning a mutiny or is all well in Vancouver?</p><p>We discuss the draft lottery and the Canucks fate, there is some Podkolzin discussion and apparently, the Leafs lost in the playoffs again.</p><p>A ton of fun to say the least.</p><p>Leave us a comment in the reviews, subscribe to our YouTube and our show on Apple/Spotify.&nbsp;</p>
65 min
Podcast wars, Who DM'd who, and Urinal Etiquett...
<p>The PP1 Podcast is proudly presented by the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with SummerSkates.</p><p><br></p><p>We had a change of plans this week and the boys from the Ball Hawks Podcast joined Ryan and Ted to chat Canucks. We get into what Jack Eichel and Elias Pettersson may be doing in Detroit a few months from now, if Michael Buble DM'd Pettersson or the other way around.</p><p>Ryan figured out how to use the "screen share" feature on the live stream and the boys answered some questions, mainly the etiquette when using a urinal at a sporting event.</p><p>Definitely a can't miss show for so many reasons.</p><p>Subscribe to our youtube, twitter, IG, and wherever else we have going on.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>
67 min
Blown wide open (Getting it right)
<p>The PP1 Podcast followed up the Playoff Pricks show on the Dean Blundell Network this week and even though everything is burning around them, the Canucks are appointment viewing for news.</p><p>Ted, Brady, and Ryan hit the nail on the head this week on so many topics from recapping the season to who's better: 2Pac or Biggie?&nbsp;</p><p>Dudes and Guys is done year in review style and no one cries.</p><p>We show off the new PP1 Summer Skates on the livestream and let you know about the contest we're running to pick the winner. YOU get to pick our champion.</p><p>Follow us on IG, Twitter, and now YouTube. Every person matters. Even the Leafs fans.</p><p><br></p>
81 min
Elite Takes, Hashtagging, and Tom Wilson feat. ...
<p>Presented on the Dean Blundell Network and our partner SummerSkates</p><p>This was such a great episode and you need to listen to the Elite/Franchise discussion. It's worth the listen TRUST US!&nbsp;</p><p>Tara of The Glove Drop hangs with the guys for a bit and discusses the New York Rangers, Alex Lafreniere, and Chris Drury. Tara is amazing and you definitely need to check out her YouTube page.</p><p>We discuss potential trade targets from Florida and just the Dudes from Dudes and Guys because it's a feel good week.</p><p>Check out our YouTube page, our IG, and enter to win the SummerSkates promo</p>
78 min
Abby Canucks and Miller the machine feat. Brent...
<p>We livestreamed, you showed up, we had fun.</p><p>Brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network and partnering with Summerskates, we had a blast.</p><p>The Canucks haven't won in over a week but there was tons to talk about. J.T. Miller gets crapped all over on Twitter and it's ridiculous. Connor McDavid is closing in on 100 points and the Canucks are moving the farm team to Abbotsford.&nbsp;</p><p>We talked with Brenton from BrentonOnTour Podcast and Journey for Java about his former gig as Event Manager at the Abbotsford Event Centre.&nbsp;</p><p>It's worth a listen.</p><p>Make sure to enter to win the 3 for 1 deal from Summerskates as well.</p>
67 min
Phantom wipes, Botchford Project, and CAW feat....
<p>We came out of the gate running!</p><p>Arash joined us this week to talk Canucks. He was ready and he didn't pull any punches.</p><p>We get into his thrift shop find, his Botchford Project assignment and why the Canucks are just spinning their wheels.&nbsp;</p><p>Dudes and Guys is back and we mix in some rapid fire as well.</p><p>Everyone agrees on a certain protocol for the "phantom wipe" and we let you know its the final few days to win a pair of MicroLab bluetooth headphones.</p><p><br></p><p>Check it out where podcasts are found</p>
68 min
PP1 LIVE w/ Canucks Country Rocks! star Aaron P...
<p>On the eve of a great charity concert, Aaron Pritchett joined us to chat about the show, music he's working on, Canucks alumni and gravel baseball???</p><p>Weird</p><p>Ryan commits to a bet if the Canucks make the playoffs so it's safe, right?</p><p><br></p><p>Have a listen right away!</p>
37 min
<p>With the increasing regularity of fancy dangle goals, who better to chat with than the guy that was the originator of cool? Mike Legg joined the PP1 Podcast to talk about his epic goal with Michigan, putting Marty Turco on blast and benching kids he coached if they attempted and DIDN'T score the Michigan.</p><p>We get into who is on HIS Mount Rushmore of hockey goals, advice from the great Red Berenson and what happens when "The Michigan" is pulled off after being warned by the opposition not to.</p><p>A great 40 minutes of hockey!</p>
44 min
Laughable Leafs, Bizarro Dudes and Guys, and Wo...
<p>WARNING: LOTS OF DAD JOKES AND LAME REFERENCES TO FOLLOW</p><p><br></p><p>We're back and as always, a part of the Dean Blundell Network, partnering with Summerskates and Players Choice Sports.</p><p>They boys are back and chat about such things as: Canucks sweeping the Leafs after COVID-19, Nolan Foote scoring his first goal assisted by two former Kelowna Rockets, Braden Holtby's epic save and "do we think the Canucks will make the playoffs?"</p><p>Dudes and Guys returns and it is the most bizarre one to date.</p><p>There are a lot of laughs in this one and it'll leave you with a hangover.</p><p>Follow our youtube page, IG, Twitter, and Facebook.</p><p>GO NOW!</p>
62 min
Royal Rumble Clocks, Understanding Jim Benning,...
<p>Brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network, Summerskates, and Players Choice Sports.</p><p>Everyone is here this week but Brady counts down his time for the week with a Royal Rumble-themed clock. We give you the deets on the Summerskates Promo, the headphones promo, and what the guys are up to this week.</p><p>Lots of stuff to dig into including whatever the heck Jim Benning is doing, the lies he's throwing out regarding the trade deadline and what is the NHL thinking of allowing the Canucks to play out their season with ZERO rest.</p><p>This week's show had a lot of depth and oh yeah, we tease our super-secret episode.</p><p>Like us, like the show, subscribe to our podcast and the youtube channel.</p>
70 min
Tanner Banter, Slurpee Cereal, and The Incredib...
<p>Presented in technicolor on the Dean Blundell Network. Sponsored by the good folks at Summer Skates.</p><p>The Canucks haven't played in forever and COVID is becoming a problem but we lighten the mood with some hockey talk and for the first time, Iain Mcletchie, formerly of 1040 joins us to chat.</p><p>We get into the Tanner Pearson signing, should the Canucks continue playing out the season and a special intro from Jim Benning.</p><p>We turn Canucks into superheros and Ryan doubles down on Fruity Pebbles and their resurgence into the market.</p><p>The PP1 Podcast also has a new youtube page so make sure to subscribe to that.</p>
68 min
Tarps Off, Cropping Crotches, and Taking Flight...
<p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network, partnering with SummerSkates, Spinners Sound Centre, and Players Choice Sports.</p><p>We welcome Derek Jory of and all their socials to the show. We get into Derek's rise to stardom, how he dreamed of writing for the Canucks at a young age, interviewing Wayne Gretzky, and how his son got to be Mini-Fin after a Canucks win.</p><p>Derek also gets into his uneasiness on flights and how Henrik Sedin helped him out and interviewing his childhood hero at the Hockey Hall of Fame.&nbsp;</p><p>This was a spectacular show with a lot of laughs and a real inside look at how the Canucks operate behind the scenes.</p><p>DON'T WORRY though, we chat with just the PP1 boys and talk about the Thanos snap, some rapid-fire questions, and as you'll hear at the beginning... Ted farts.</p><p><br></p><p>It a great show.</p>
76 min
Cereal Champions, Infinity Gauntlet, and The Sa...
<p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network. We're sponsored as always by Players Choice, Spinners Sound Centre and SummerSkates.</p><p>Its a J.Cole episode this week, no features, and the boys were ready to talk... about anything not the Canucks. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch saga was discussed leading into our top 3 cereals, there was discussion about the suez canal and how that guy is having a really bad week.</p><p>We discuss the Sabres and their 16 game losing streak which then led to the discussion of how far are the Canucks away from suffering the same fate?</p><p>Dudes and Guys by Players Choice is back as well. Brady doesn't steal anyones answer. It's good.</p><p>Finally, we talk about the amazing hockey gloves that will debut this week in the ECHL.</p><p>Like, subscribe, rate, all the stuff!</p>
73 min
Luongo's Poo, Might Ducks, and Questionable Cam...
<p>Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and sponsored by Players Choice Sports, Spinners Audio and partnered with SummerSkates.</p><p>This week Wyatt Arndt of The Armies, Trust The Process, and your local Twitter feed joins us and we get right into it. Hard hitting conversations on the Mighty Ducks reboot, Cobra Kai, and how his Twitter namesake came to be. Great story there.</p><p>We ask Wyatt about how the Canucks can fix some of their contracts via the NFT route and where JT Miller's anger comes from.</p><p>There's some classic NHL 21 chat, Dudes and Guys, and we go over who we'd love to get a Cameo from.</p><p>Listen, tell your friends, and vote on the Floorboards of Glory bracket challenge that Wyatt is running.</p><p><br></p><p>Support local.</p>
71 min
Pointer Sisters, A Rocky Relationship, and The ...
<p>Everyone is back for a solid episode this week.</p><p>Brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network, Summerskates, Spinners Sound Centre, and of course Players Choice Sports.</p><p>B-Mack from Virgin Kelowna joined the guys to talk all sorts of stuff from the Canucks goal song, to used solar panels, the glimmer of hope the three wins last week gave the fans and how likely it is that B-Mack can pull the strings to get one of the guys 100k from the radio station.</p><p>Sure, Dudes and Guys was a lot of fun and we even chatted about how any move that happens here on out will be detrimental if doesn't promote the youth.</p><p>Check it out, follow us and make sure to enter to win those Summerskates and headphones</p>
64 min
Milk Cartons, Benning's Big Day, and Jake feat....
<p>As always brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network.&nbsp;</p><p>The Canucks had a week and then some. Jake scored two goals, Benning ruined our lives, and I talked about Milk cartons (what?). We dove into the toxic situation the Canucks are in and if there is even a way out.&nbsp;</p><p>Joey dropped by from The Larschcast and gave us some great old Canucks references we won't soon forget.</p><p>Dudes and Guys by Players Choice was to the point this week and no one really yelled. Joey was cut off by Ryan because he tried to break the rules. Ryan likes rules apparently.&nbsp;</p><p>We're still giving away another set of MicroLab headphones as well as a bunch of Summerskate sandals.</p><p>Tune in, subscribe and let's get &nbsp;going!</p>
65 min
Crazy Hair, Eggplant Emojis, and Bobby Lu Anthe...
<p>What a week! The Canucks crapped the bed but we didn't. As always our show is presented on the Dean Blundell Network.&nbsp;</p><p>We were quite fortunate to have country music star Aaron Pritchett on the show and that guy did not disappoint. He knows hockey, probably better than most people you know.</p><p>We got into his love of the team, distaste for the reverse retro jerseys and his promise to help turn the Canucks around.</p><p>The MicroLab headphones were given away so listen in to find the winner and we also set up things to give away another pair of SummerSkates slides.</p><p>Aaron got down and dirty with us for Dudes and Guys presented by Players Choice Sportscards and he brought the heat!</p><p>He gave us the low down on what he was doing during COVID and when to expect new music.&nbsp;</p><p>A must listen, what a fun time!</p>
63 min
Wild Food Takes, Travis Pastrana, and Jordie Be...
<p>Oh, snap! What a week! We had Canucks Twitter celeb Jenna Fabulous on the show as Brady couldn't make it this week and she was a riot. We got into some bizarre food takes, breakfast sandwiches and believe or not, we talked Canucks.</p><p>Dudes and Guys had a surprise pick and is always brought to you by <a href="">Players Choice Sportscards</a>.</p><p>As for Canucks talk, they're rising the ranks and Brock Boeser is taking them kicking and screaming. Quinn Hughes is challenging for Norris and Elias Pettersson needs to shoot more.&nbsp;</p><p>We still have a set of headphones to giveaway and they're amazing. Did we mention you can win them?</p><p>One final thing, we've partnered with <a href=""><u><strong>SummerSkates</strong></u></a><u><strong>,</strong></u> and to celebrate, we're giving away (2) pairs of their epic slides.</p><p>We're part of the DEAN BLUNDELL NETWORK and all their fine shows.</p>
78 min
Podzkastin' with Faber, Deep Six Jake, and Spic...
<p>Part of the Dean Blundell Network.</p><p>We had Chris Faber on the show this week to chat it up about Vasili Podkolzin and it's safe to say we now know everything. We get into Virtanen and his spot on the team (and also why Faber thinks he could still hang in the top-6).&nbsp;</p><p>Dudes and Guys by Players Choice Sportscards was a full-on roundtable session.&nbsp;</p><p>We chat about the massive news that 1040 is no longer a thing, some memories of what it meant to us and finally we talk about Roberto Luongo being the Canucks GM... ok more of the what if anyway.</p><p>It was a good one and you'll love it.</p><p>DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE CONTEST</p><p><br></p>
71 min
Samesies, Tanner Pearson My Dude, and THE CONTEST
<p>We're back!</p><p>This week is brought to you by the good folks at Dean Blundell Network, Players Choice, and Spinners Sound Centre.</p><p>We get into coffee stories, why the Canucks aren't as bad as you think, and the Mr Booth story. What is happening with Jake Virtanen and can we just move on?</p><p>Dudes and Guys is pretty awesome this week too!</p><p>We discuss the Jim Benning disaster and what might be the next step.&nbsp;</p><p>OH, and we tell you how to win a sweet pair of bluetooth headphones from our friends at Spinners in Vernon.</p><p>Check it all out.&nbsp;</p>
72 min
Road Trip References, Kole Lind's Cruisin', and...
<p>We welcome Cory Hergott aka Comets Cory back to the PP1 Podcast this week to get reacquainted with Vancouver's farm team and the direction they're headed this season. Kole Lind moved to centre and its already producing amazing results.&nbsp;</p><p>The guys discuss awkward Road Trip references... or was it American Pie? Dudes and Guys is back (brought to you by P<a href=""><u>layers Choice Sportscards</u></a>) and Brady robs Ryan of yet another great pick.</p><p>We also have an amazing opportunity to win MicroLab Bluetooth headphones from Spinners Home Audio.&nbsp;</p><p>Ryan also gives major love to Brock Boeser and it's well deserved.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>
75 min
Frosted Tips, Perms, and Being Expansiony feat....
<p>We had so many ideas this week and we got greedy. We couldn't fit all our great ideas into one episode so here's part one with Andrew Walker from Sportsnet 650. We chat about the frosted tips photo he posted, the perm he got in high school, the rotating 6th defenseman and what to do with Jake and Gaudette.</p><p>We fit all of that in between intermissions in the VAN/OTT game on Thursday.</p><p><br></p><p>Enjoy</p>
26 min