The PP1 Podcast

A Vancouver Canucks-based podcast about the heralded first power-play unit. Ryan Hank and Ted Wong run the show from Kelowna and keep you informed and entertained on a weekly basis.

Moving Fathers Day, JT Miller and Ryan are the ...
PP1 Podcast covers the Stanley Cup Playoffs from beyond the Canucks, BEYOND, and they are on a heater! JT Miller tries out for the US Open, Connor Bedard is a Canuck eventually, and what if Fathers Day was in a different month?
62 min
Capt. Huggy Bear, Franchise Pandas, and Level O...
PP1 Podcast never disappoints and now that Ted is back fully healthy, we pulled out all the stops. The guys chat playoffs, are pandas actually bears, and Quinn Hughes as the Canucks captain.
63 min
Ted's Back, Ending the Circus, and PDG for Kits...
The heart of the show returns to PP1 Podcast. Ted is back after a 7 week hiatus from "heart surgery". He's healthy enough to chat with Ryan again which he likely already regrets. The band is back together!
62 min
Calling it like it is with former NHL Ref: ESPN...
Who sees more of the NHL than referees? Dave Jackson, now of NHL on ESPN joins Ryan on PP1 Podcast and they covered what it's like in today's league, making the right call, and maintaining the standard.
57 min
The Most Depressing Canucks Show Ever feat. Cod...
Why isn't anyone talking about Kole Lind... again? Cody Severtson joins Ryan on PP1 Podcast this week to basically discuss the incredibly depressing Canucks and its all encompassing state. Its actually interesting
61 min
Feet Pics 4 Cash, Real Train Robberies, and Nor...
Brad Karp, he of K96.3 in Kelowna, joins Ryan for this week's PP1 Podcast. They share memories of pedicures for men, feet pics for cash, Drake Night disappointments, and of course your Vancouver Canucks.
67 min
Street Sweeping Canucks, Clay is Team Pepsi, an...
Clay Imoo aka Canuck Clay joins PP1 Podcast to talk billboards, free the skate, and Power Rangers? Clay and Ryan are optimistic the Canucks can turn things around, it just might take longer than we thought.
65 min
Farmers don't date, Kuzmen40, and Brad Marchand...
Brian Mack of Virgin Radio Kelowna joins Ryan this week to talk about curling, how Nickelback and Brad Marchand are the same and just how great Andrei Kuzmenko is. You'll tune in for the Nickelback portion, we're aware.
69 min
Talkin' West Coast Express w/ Scott Rintoul
Ryan goes solo this week but the epic Scott Rintoul joins him to talk about the hit audio series: West Coast Express and the Vancouver Canucks. Lots to digest in this one and we get Scott's take on some of the things that happened back then. Great show.
40 min
Calm like a bomb, the idea of Bo Horvat, and Re...
Ted Wong apparently is having heart surgery so Jordan Bowman joins Ryan Hank for a swell version of PP1 Podcast. Crime fighting, trading away hope, and hating the future is on tap this week.
66 min
OELOL, NHL Money Laundering, and Dhaliwals shir...
Ryan Henderson of Donnie and Dhali joins PP1 Podcast with Ryan and Ted to discuss the woes of the Canucks, how to turn it around and trades that just aren't going to happen.
71 min
FREE POPSICLES, Boeser's worth, and KuzmenkOMG
Figuring out Brock Boeser and Luke Schenn's worth is hard but handing out free popsicles is easy. Maybe the Canucks need to start small and hand out treats before they do the heavy lifting.
61 min
Field Full of Draft Picks, Calling Our Shot, an...
The Canucks rebuild is causing us to say some pretty strange things: Darkness quests, trading trucks for draft picks and Shea Weber as a LTIR Canuck? OK, sign us up.
59 min
Facebook Canucks Trades, The Broke down F-150, ...
The PP1 Podcast decides to wait out the emergency podcast cycle of news and approach the Canucks with thought and not knee jerk reactions. They also compare the team to chopped F-150s
64 min
Magical stripper names, Canucks silent leaders,...
Rob Fai of NEW (Nation Extreme Wrestling) and formerly TSN 1040, joins PP1 Podcast for some super awkward moments, critical thinking on the Canucks situation and coming up with fun stripper names.
73 min
Discussing the Retool with Farhan Lalji
It must be a big week when PP1 runs two shows. Farhan Lalji of TSN and VanCast joins Ryan to talk the state of the union in Canucksland.
32 min
Overrating Bandicoots, Tick Tocchet, and The Sk...
Canucks news was in abundance this week so Ryan and Ted cover it all, literally all of it. A rant, a debate, and Ryan threatens Ted kinda seriously?
62 min
Running your mouth, The Wendys Guy, and Acciden...
Ryan and Ted were happy to get back at it on PP1 and their good friend B Mack of Virgin Radio Kelowna stopped by. We get into the local Wendys guy crossing back from Arbys, Kuzmenko contract and again... Bo Horvat future.
74 min
Delia, Dill Pickle Salad, and Emily in Paris
Its the final show of 2022 for the boys in blue... and green and there's still some things we'd like to get off our chests. From Dill Pickle salad, to Delia getting called out to Nickelback to scoring; everything is covered.
51 min
Fantasy Christmas Auction Draft WITH GUESTS
We auction off some of the best Christmas gifts and experiences from our younger years to the highest bidder. Joined by some of our favourite people from Canucks twitter.
72 min
Leading by example or Reasonable Doubt?
Canucks hockey is a real mixed bag but we wouldn't have it any other way. Brendan Kobliuk joins Ryan this week to talk Canucks, Justin Bieber, and earthquake beds.
64 min
Bathroom Stall of Honour
Roberto Luongo is in the Hockey Hall of Fame but his jersey will not hang from the rafters. Connor Bedard has a tough west coast road trip and PP1 discusses generational talent.
67 min
Deep Fail Turkeys, Candyman Petey and Bo feat. ...
Grady Sas of Go Goat Sports! joins The PP1 Podcast to chat deep fried turkey fails, navigating underground parking and of course the Canucks. Powerhouse meets powerhouse.
77 min
Bo on the Go! Kars 4 Kids and Mouth breathers
On the possible eve of Twitter's demise and Nickelbacks latest album, PP1 Podcast talks about the Canucks and breaking it all down. Its fun.
59 min
Taking an L point 5, Breaking Books, and Single...
Canucks problems don't get solved quickly but PP1 has you for the commentary. We try and take a book podcast off the top and what if only one Sedin made the HHOF?
59 min