Pop Culture Brews

A Homebrewing podcast like no other! Hosts Andrew & Tyler combines their two favorite things: Pop Culture and beer.Each episode takes a piece of pop culture, where it is broken down, and looked at for what it is, who made it, and the influence it has had. At the end of each episode, they reveal the beer he was inspired to brew by it. (All recipes are in the episode description as well) If you like homebrewed beer, and you like pop culture, then this is pretty much the best podcast for you! So come check us out and have a pint!

TV & Film
Introducing The Homebrew Pub
Introducing The Homebrew Pub
42 min
Star Trek TOS w/Jason Ungate - Red Shirt Red IPA
Star Trek TOS w/Jason Ungate - Red Shirt Red IPA
81 min
Loki w/GamnDood
Loki w/GamnDood
81 min
Screwball Comedy w/Denny Conn
Screwball Comedy w/Denny Conn
68 min
Star Trek: TNG (w/6 & 40 Brewing)/ Belgian Gold...
Star Trek: TNG (w/6 & 40 Brewing)/ Belgian Golden Strong Ale
95 min
Galaxy Quest (w/Rob Silk) / Grabthar's Hammer S...
Galaxy Quest (w/Rob Silk) / Grabthar's Hammer SMASH Ale
92 min
Shakespeare w/Austin Tichenor - Shakesbeer Brit...
Shakespeare w/Austin Tichenor - Shakesbeer British Ale
64 min
Halloween Special w/The Mad Brewer/ 3 scary beers
Halloween Special w/The Mad Brewer/ 3 scary beers
93 min
Queen (w/Rohan Acharya) / Rye Lager
Queen (w/Rohan Acharya) / Rye Lager
96 min
The Terminator w/Poptimistic / Terminator Barl...
The Terminator w/Poptimistic / Terminator Barleywine
71 min
The Sandlot w/Jason Wuerfel / Sandlot Pilsner
The Sandlot w/Jason Wuerfel / Sandlot Pilsner
109 min
Sherlock Holmes w/Zach Eastman/ London Fog Brit...
Sherlock Holmes w/Zach Eastman/ London Fog British Mild
94 min
Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban/ Azkaban...
Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban/ Azkaban ESB
70 min
The Room w/Homebrewing DIY/ A sorta European Beer
The Room w/HomebrewingDIY/ A sorta European Beer
129 min
Blade Runner/szechuan Pepper Steam Beer
Blade Runner/szechuan Pepper Steam Beer
64 min
Season Announcement
Season Announcement
0 min
One Hit Wonders (w/Ruvani De Silva)/ Brut IPA
One Hit Wonders (w/Ruvani De Silva)/ Brut IPA
107 min
Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets/Hopped Br...
Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets/Hopped British Golden Ale
85 min
(The Man Who Killed) Don Quixote/ Honey Lemon B...
(The Man Who Killed) Don Quixote/ Honey Lemon Blonde Ale
68 min
Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone/Golden S...
Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone/Golden Snitch Helles
87 min
The Godfather/ Citrus Wheat
The Godfather/ Citrus Wheat
72 min
Highlander/Heather Saison (w/Paul Crowther)
Highlander/Heather Saison (w/Paul Crowther)
81 min
The Simpson's/Skittle-Brau (w/Kristin Ungate)
The Simpson's/Skittle-Brau (w/Kristin Ungate)
59 min
Yes Man/Yes Man Lager
Yes Man/Yes Man Lager
54 min
Alien (w/Paul Crowther)/ Weyland-Yutani Aspen Ale
Alien (w/Paul Crowther)/ Weyland-Yutani Aspen Ale
70 min
UK & US Beer with Pellicle Magazine
UK & US Beer with Pellicle Magazine
71 min
Britpop (w/Amethyst Heels aka Ruvani De Silva)/...
Britpop (w/Amethyst Heels aka Ruvani De Silva)/Don't Look Back in Lager
70 min
Mean Girls (w/Chelsea Wise-Foster)/ On Wednesda...
Mean Girls (w/Chelsea Wise-Foster)/ On Wednesday's We Drink Pink Cider
56 min
Dune/Chai Cream Ale
Dune/Chai Cream Ale
71 min
Return of the Jedi (w/Paul Crowther)/Forest Moo...
Return of the Jedi (w/Paul Crowther)/Forest Moon of Endor IPA
62 min
The Empire Strikes Back (w/Paul Crowther)/Dark ...
Pop Culture Brews Strike Back
63 min
Star Wars (w/ Paul Crowther aka The Mad Brewery...
(w/ Paul Crowther aka The Mad Brewery)/Citra Pale Ale
68 min
Pop Culture Brews Announcement
Pop Culture Brews Announcement
1 min
Scrubs/Elderflower Ale
It's the episode Tyler has been waiting for. This is the episode where he gets to talk about what he believes to be the greatest show on Earth: Scrubs. The medical sitcom made by ABC, aired on NBC, until the final few seasons when for some reason they...
78 min
Tom Petty/ Wildflowers Honey Ale
To some he is the greatest songwriter of a generation, to others he is an understandable Bruce Springsteen. To Tyler he is everything good about music.Join the Pop Culture Brews boys as they discuss the incomparable Tom Petty. We talk his music, we...
53 min
BONUS EP: Beers and Chatting with Fiction Beer ...
We had such a great time chatting with Brittany and Ryan of Fiction Beer Company that we couldn't fit it all into one episode. So, we are releasing a special BONUS episode. Go to www.fictionbeer.com to learn more about their beers! Music: Christie...
28 min
The Princess Bride/As You Wish Caramel Amber (w...
The Princess Bride is perhaps the most universally loved movie of a generation, but did you know it was based on a book? Ok, well sure, you probably did! Because it was based on a book Andrew & Tyler sat down with owner Ryan, and head Brewer Brittany...
55 min
James Bond/Scottish Ale & English Mild
James Bond - a character so manly, that five men have had to played him.Join Andrew & Tyler as they talk about this amazing series of movies, and reveal not one, but TWO beers inspired by it. In it they talk theme songs, questionable tastes, and Ian...
79 min
CAMRA Pints. Pubs. People. special: Pop Cultur...
Tyler and Andrew had the opportunity to sit down with the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale - the UK's brewers association) podcast Pints. Pubs. People. to discuss the podcast, and the difference between US and UK beers. As host Katie is a yank living in...
24 min
Watchmen/Psychic Shockwave IPA
We all love superheroes: strong jawed, infallible sense of right and wrong, all round decency.... well these aren't the guys for you!Tyler & Andrew go and do a deep dive into Alan Moore, and David Gibbon's seminal graphic novel: Watchmen. This is...
83 min
The Avengers/ One-Eye-PA & All Together IPA (w/...
What's better then 1 superhero movie? How about 5,000 superhero movies! Well, sure, but we're nowhere near that, so you're going to have to settle for 20. 20 Marvel Movies. Tyler, Andrew, and their friend Cody talk all things Marvel, and then give you...
60 min
Disneyland/West Coast IPA
Tyler & Andrew are back, and this time they're visiting the happiest place on earth... While it's closed! So if you are missing Disney, come on in to learn some history, facts and sage tips from these honorary mouseketeersWest coast IPA - 5 gallons...
61 min
Spinal Tap/ it goes to 11% Stout
The boys are back, and this time they're going to 11!Join Andrew and Tyler as they talk about Britain's loudest band, and America's funniest movie (ok, that's Andrew's very valid opinion), before finding out how to make a stout that will put you on...
57 min
Dracula/Transylvanian Hefeweizen
"The children of the brew, what sweet beer they make" is probably what the world's most famous vampyre would probably say about Andrew & Tyler.  In this episode the guys go all in on Dracula, starting with the book, and the impact it has had on...
51 min
The Fifth Element/ Ruby Rhod Grapefruit Blonde
A movie so grand in scope, so philosophical, so over the top and garish that only a French auter could have made it! Tyler loves the Fifth Element, while Andrew for the purposes of these show notes pleads the fifth. The guys review this classic of...
65 min
Ghostbusters (& Oscars) / Stay Puft Vanilla Cre...
Shhh... listen... you smell that? It's our latest episode! This episode, Tyler & Andrew talk the Oscars and what they mean for actually good movies like Ghostbusters! A movie, which awesomeness cannot be overstated! Stay Puft Vanilla Cream Ale - 5...
60 min
Weekend At Bernie's/ Mai Tai Rye
Weekend at Bernie's, the cinematic masterpiece that rivals last episode's Apocalypse Now... but with a lot more jokes! Tyler suggested doing this movie, Andrew apparently really loved the movie, and they both had a great time talking about it! So...
52 min
Apocalypse Now/ Valkyrie Sahti
Apocalypse Now is a long movie... so we recorded a long episode about it! Tyler & Andrew do a deep dive into this monumental motion picture, that to be perfectly bloody honest, should never have made it out of the raw footage. Listen as the guys try...
61 min
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them/ Obscuriale
Tyler and Andrew take a trip back where their podcasting partnership began: in the Harry Potter Universe... well a pre-Harry Potter Universe... a magical universe... a magiverse? Anyhoo, the guys breakdown JK Rowling's prequel to Harry Potter,...
45 min
Boondock Saints/Jameson Ginger Lemon Cream Ale
Andrew & Tyler are back, and to kick off the new season they've chosen the most explosive movie they could think of: The Boondock SaintsJoin the guys as they dissect this classic of late 90s cinema filled with gun play, outrageous accents & some very...
40 min
Harry Potter (w/Tyler Maybee)/ Honeyduke's Hone...
"You're a wizard Harry" - and with that phrase an ordinary boy becomes the centre of his own franchise. Join Andrew, and guest Tyler Maybee, as they breakdown what makes Harry Potter so great. At the end of the episode they reveal the two beers they...
29 min
High Fidelity/Top 5 Black IPA
Do you constantly make top 5 lists? Is this podcast even in your top 5 podcasts? Are you wondering why I care so much top 5s? Well join host Andrew as he jumps into the movie and book of High Fidelity, written by Nick Hornby and starring John Cusack...
17 min
Rocky Horror Picture Show/Strawberry Kai Kai
"It's not easy having a good time", so laments Dr. Franken-furter. And he's right... unless you're listening to this podcast! Join host Andrew has he takes you through his love, and the impact of the immortal movie 'Rocky Horror Picture Show', the...
18 min
A Hard Day's Night/Liverpool Import British Ale
Is "A Hard Day's Night" the most important Beatles album? Well, this guy seems to think so!This episode dives into what makes "A Hard Day's Night" such an important album in the Fab Four's canon, and the frenzy surrounding these four normal lads from...
15 min
Back to the Future/Twin Pines IPA
The classic 1985 comedy was a big hit, but just how big is it? Let's just say it is the 1985 equivalent of Avengers: Endgame, a movie with very suspect timetravel science!This episode dives into the plot of BTTF, and why it still holds up today.Twin...
20 min
The Prisoner/The Village Pint Summer Ale
"I am not a number, I am free man!" or so the prisoner known only as no. 6 tells his captors in the mysterious Village.  One of the most infamous shows of the '60s, The Prisoner has confounded viewers since its 1967 debut, with its message of...
20 min
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/Heart of Gold
What is the meaning of life? What is the probability of surviving floating in the cold depths of space? Why can't I just get a decent cup of tea? These are just some of the questions that are answered in Douglas Adams's classic novel "The Hitchhiker's...
16 min
Ready Player One/Jelly Donut
What's the best way to begin a podcast about Pop Culture? Do an episode the the ultimate piece of pop culture! This episode looks at 2011 novel/ode to geeky obsession, Ernest Cline's "Ready Player One". What is the book about, why do/did people love...
16 min
Episode 0
Trailer Episode for Pop Culture Brews: A podcast about one man's love of pop culture and the beers it inspires him to make. Episodes released every two weeks. Music:  "Christie" by Teknoaxe TeknoAxe http://www.teknoaxe.com, and/or the webpage...
0 min