Point Forward

Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner are great friends. They’re also former NBA teammates whose versatility on the court endowed them with the nontraditional position that also happens to be the title of this podcast. But that’s not all. Extend those gifts off the court and you’ll find two truth-tellers who keep their finger on the pulse of sports, business, and culture. Each week join in as they unleash sharp analysis on everything from sports headlines & tech innovations to book reviews & internet memes. Throw in a rotating cast of some of the world’s most elite players, authors, musicians, and entrepreneurs, and Point Forward is a podcast taking the athlete conversation to the next level. Candid. Unconventional. Witty. Welcome to the future.

Society & Culture
CREAM, Part 2 (Feat. Payton Pritchard)
68 min
Transition Game (Feat. Roger Steele)
82 min
Razor Sharp (Feat. Moses Moody)
70 min
CREAM, Part 1 (Feat. Ty Jerome)
83 min
​​Call Me Now! (2023 Predictions)
53 min
Rewind (Best of 2022)
52 min
A Penny For Your Thoughts (Feat. James Wiseman)
62 min
Storybook Ending (Feat. Jonathan Abrams)
97 min
Get It In Ohio (Feat. CJ McCollum)
78 min
The Crown (Feat. Jon Scheyer)
64 min
She Got Game (Feat. Doris Burke)
After reviewing last week’s thought-provoking conversation with billionaire businessman and philanthropist Robert F. Smith, co-hosts Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner welcome their first female guest to the Point Forward pod, internet-famous NBA announcer DORIS BURKE.
69 min
Nobody Built Like You, You Design Yourself (Fea...
ROBERT F. SMITH, the billionaire businessman and philanthropist, hosted Iguodala and Turner in the cozy confines of his historic Lincoln Hills, CO, home.
89 min
Could Be You (Feat. Nuggets' Bones Hyland)
Over the course of an extended conversation, Hyland shares about a childhood in Delaware, a house fire that changed–and almost took–his life, his side hustle as a musician and content creator, and the legacy he wants to leave. Hyland’s charisma and storytelling ability elevate this episode to new heights.
74 min
Rich Rich (Feat. Steve Ballmer)
89 min
Fender Bender (feat. Bret Taylor)
Live from San Francisco Andre & Evan bring you a special interview with the Co-CEO of Salesforce, Bret Taylor.
19 min
Andre Iguodala's Decision™ | To Come Back or Ca...
In this special edition of the Point Forward podcast with his close friend and co-host Evan Turner, Iguodala shares his decision, the reasoning behind it, and discusses who had an impact on the final call.
7 min
The Interlude
This week's episode will mark the end of our glorious inaugural season but we wanted to make sure to take the time to thank our fans, our guests, and our team while we recap the journey and look ahead to the next phase. We'll take be taking a brief hiatus to give the show a tune-up and return bigger and better just in time for the NBA season. Stay tuned!
40 min
Business is the Ultimate Sport (feat. Zoom Foun...
Finally, Zoom Founder and CEO Eric Yuan joins the show to discuss his career origins as well as the challenges and adjustments his company endured during the COVID-19 pandemic.
75 min
Legacy, Legacy, Legacy…. (Feat. Dwyane Wade)
Finally, NBA Legend and current governor of the Utah Jazz Dwyane Wade joins the show to cover a wide range of topics.
93 min
It's Gotta be the Shoes (feat. GOAT Founder Edd...
Sneaker exchange company GOAT Founder Eddy Lu joins the show to give fans a truly honest depiction of the journey from start-up to a thriving business.
78 min
Crypto Winter Ain’t That Cold (feat. Sam Bankm...
Finally CEO & Founder of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried joins the show to chat with Andre about his origins in business, thoughts on crypto and altruism, and just why his company has tried to maintain such a close tie to sports
90 min
2012 Olympic Team vs. 1992 Dream Team, Salute t...
This week the debate for the greatest overall NBA team ever assembled heats up with Andre & Evan taking on a match-up between the 2012 USA Olympic team (Kobe, Melo, Bron, KD...) vs the 1992 Dream Team (Jordan, Bird, Magic, Barkley). Its the ONE team with Michael Jeffrey Jordan that Andre decides to choose against
63 min
Trade Leaks, 1996 Bulls vs. 2017 Warriors Debat...
Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive joins the show to chat about his origins in tech, how he fell in love with basketball, moving the Kings to "Basketball 3.0", the power of fiction as it relates to crypto currency and his place as having coined the phrase "positionless basketball".
83 min
ESPYs Talk, Juan Soto + an interview with Benne...
Ben Mathurin joins the show to talk about his origins in basketball, hoops influences, becoming business savvy in the league, and back-up his Lebron comments as Andre & Evan both share gems with the rookie along the way
53 min
A Winning Combination (feat. Joe Lacob)
Warriors owner Joe Lacob joins the show to talk about building a dynasty, how he accumulated wealth in business after a long stint in the sciences, his maniacal focus on winning, how to build a thriving team and how he really feels about the lightyear comments.
77 min
Run it Back (feat. Andrew Wiggins)
NBA Champion and All-Star starter Andrew Wiggins joins the show to talk about the stellar year he's had, putting on for Canadian basketball, shares a few draft stories, and talks about the unbelievable feeling that accompanies being an NBA champion.
69 min
Warriors Season Continues (feat. Klay Thompson)
It's still Warriors season on Point Forward as Andre & Evan talk trade deadlines and discuss all of the free agency moves that have been happening around the league. Later the man, the myth, the legend Klay Thompson joins the show.
77 min
Rings, Rings, Rings, Rings (feat. Steve Kerr)
It's Warriors week! Andre & Evan, discuss the long road to the Warrior's fourth championship and all of the wrong takes people have about Stephen Curry's game and why Andre defends it so fiercely (1:18). Also, Andre Iguodala & Evan Turner are joined by championship coach Steve Kerr.
92 min
Honestly, Nevermind
Andre and Evan take a break from the excitement of the Warrior's win (and Andre's 4th championship) to talk Fake Klay, Jack Del Rio and whether Draymond Green is the Wes Welker of the NBA..
47 min
Greatest Rappers Alive + Game 4 of the 2022 NBA...
Andre and Evan double up on episodes this week as Andre shares his thoughts heading into Game 4 of the NBA Finals against the Celtics.
60 min
BONUS: Live Recap of 2022 NBA Finals Game 3
We're back! Live from Boston Evan & Andre took to Twitter Spaces Wednesday night to recap the 2022 NBA Finals Game 3 against the Celtics.
36 min
We've Been Here Before (2022 NBA Finals Recap G...
Andre hustled home after the Game 1 loss to the Celtics to recap with Evan. They chat about Andre's first game back from injury being an NBA Finals game, the mental toughness needed to absorb a Game 1 loss, and how motivated and discuss just how real momentum actually is.
65 min
NBA Pedigree (feat. Pelicans Head Coach, Willie...
Willie Green joins the show. He talks about his epic sideline speech, how he responded to the 300 messages when news broke of his head coaching job, the pressures on a Black head coach to succeed, connecting with and developing players, hopes for the upcoming season, and how he sneaks a golf game into his busy schedule.
74 min
BONUS: Game 4 Live Reaction (feat. Jordan Poole)
We're back again with another Point Forward live! This time we took to Twitter Spaces with the homie Jordan Poole to recap Game 4 against the Dallas Mavericks. Jordan also waxes poetic about his sense of style and his dedication to being himself, his journey through the G-League, dealing the spotlight of the NBA, the legacy he wants to leave behind.
22 min
BONUS: Game 3 Live Reaction (feat. Kevon Looney)
Andre & Evan chop it up with Kevon Looney. The three chat about Looney's journey to the spotlight, overcoming health challenges, his thoughts on the James Wiseman situation, and Andrew Wiggins' poster against Luka Doncic.
30 min
Greatest White Players of All-Time Pt. 1
This week Andre & Evan are on their own as they tackle the most pressing question on the minds of all NBA fans... Who are the GWOATS? (1:12). Afterward, they discuss NBA censorship (33:10), racist fans (41:35), and how European soccer leagues have created a blueprint for athlete empowerment (33:10). Finally, Andre & Evan review Yasiin Bey & Talib Kweli's album No Fear of Time and talk about ownership stakes, paywall, and art (46:09).
58 min
Silicon Slopes (feat. Utah Jazz Owner Ryan Smith)
Ryan Smith joins the show live from the Silicon slope to talk about how he is actively changing perceptions. From how his relationship with Dywane Wade is changing the face of ownership, to how his business, Qualtrics is pushing the world to see Utah as a global business hub, inverting the concept of a "small market", Ryan shares valuable free game from years of experience.
70 min
Logo-rithm (feat. Jerry West)
77 min
Stay Humble or be Humbled (ft. Jrue Holiday)
Jrue shares his thoughts on becoming an influential veteran in the NBA as well as when he realized that he could play at an elite level in the league. Finally, he discusses being paid $300K for 8 seconds of play, his relentless love for the game and how it is affected by the business of basketball
80 min
A Seat at The Table (ft. David Falk)
Agent, innovator, and marketing genius David Falk talks about his career, the rise of the super-agent, and how to leverage athletic ability into value that translates to a lifetime of wealth
68 min
Holding Court (ft. Draymond Green)
Open-book Draymond Green joins the show to talk about his winning mentality, playing with a high IQ, his media interests and a career lived without regret.
70 min
Rich People are Boring (ft. Michael Rubin)
Michael Rubin joins the show the talk about his path to success in business, advocating for criminal justice reform and being $75 million in debt at the age of 21.
69 min
Blood on the Leaves: New Amendment Book Club (f...
Chris Herring joins the show as they kickoff the New Amendment Book Club and discuss Chris' book detailing the inner workings of the New York Knicks in the 1990s and the trailblazing journey of Pat Riley into and out of that organization.
72 min
The Plight of the Amateur Athlete (ft. John Ski...
Former ESPN CEO, and Meadowlark founder John Skipper joins the show to talk about the joys of working with those of differing backgrounds, college basketball memories, the business of the NIL, and the value of separating amateur athletes from the professionals
71 min
Small Money Never Told Big Money What to Do (ft...
Isiah Thomas stops by to drop off a bag full of gems including what needs to be done to preserve the game, his absence from the Dream Team and the alternative history told about Michael Jordan's legacy, as well as his ownership stint with the Toronto Raptors and his thoughts on true athlete empowerment.
92 min
The Humble Giant (ft. Stephen Curry)
Point God Stephen Curry joins the show to talk about what motivates him, how humility fuels his superpower and the perks and disadvantages of being the face of the league.
88 min
Truth to Power
Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner are great friends. They’re also former NBA teammates whose versatility on the court endowed them with the nontraditional position that also happens to be the title of this podcast. Candid. Unconventional. Witty. Welcome to the future.
2 min