Podcast: The Ride

A show about theme parks hosted by three adult men in their thirties. Strap in as Mike Carlson, Jason Sheridan and Scott Gairdner share the WAY-too-many things they know about Disney, Universal, and beyond. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.

Efteling with Jason Woliner
Jason Woliner (Paul T. Goldman, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm) returns to the show for an overview of Efteling. The largest theme park in the Netherlands, Efteling is known for it's elaborate rides, Fairytale Forest, and trash cans that long to eat paper.
116 min
New Universal Parks! New Disney Red Tape!
We take a look at recent announcements from Disney and Universal. Including a year round haunt in Vegas, and a park in Texas. Plus, parking is free at Disney World hotels agin, but you still have to park reservations, but that's kind of changing?
86 min
The PeopleMover
The PeopleMover! Tomorrow's transportation today! We take a look at the storied history of this attraction that is currently at Walt Disney World, was formerly at Disneyland, and is slowly falling apart at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.
101 min
Joe Camel was Camel Cigarette's cartoon mascot in the 80s and 90s. We take a look at his merchandise, short-lived cast of friends, and his downfall.
118 min
And, Uh, Dr. Stevens with David Danipour
David Danipour (Flight of Passage's Dr. Stevens) join us to talk about being part of an e-ticket attraction! Featuring secret auditions, being directed by Joe Rohde, and his on-ride experience!
91 min
Feliz Na'vidad: Na'vi River Journey
The Way of Winter continues as we discuss the Na'vi River Journey attraction and The Shaman of Songs.
106 min
P:TR Post Office (plus Scott’s Special Book)
We answer your questions! Plus, Scott gets his hands on a very special book.
91 min
Disney's All-Star Resorts with Jacquis Neal
Jacquis Neal (Physical, What If...?) returns to the show to talk about the All-Star Sports/Movies/Music Reports. Featuring giant objects, outdoor bars, and, of course, that kooky crypto polycule.
97 min
UNLOCKED-Cars Road Trip
We take a look at the Walt Disney Studios Park attraction that takes you to the best wooded spots on Route 66. It used to be a studio tour even though the park was never actually a working studio.
63 min
Disneyland Paris Report with Foreign Correspond...
Accidental P:TR legend Griffin Newman (Disenchanted, NOT ON TWITTER BANNED) returns to the show to talk about his recent excursion to Disneyland Paris.
150 min
Renaissance Faires with Johnny Pemberton
Johnny Pemberton (Superstore, Action Point) joins us to talk about Renaissance Faires. Featuring rogues, washing well wenches, human chess matches, and cheesesteaks!
90 min
Skycoasters with Mike Hanford
Mike Hanford (The Sloppy Boys, The Birthday Boys) joins us to talk about those giant, scary pendulum-like attractions known as Skycoasters.
88 min
Haunted Mansion 5: Hatbox Ghost
It's our annual jaunt through The Haunted Mansion! And this year it's all about the legendary Hatbox Ghost. His short-lived stint in the mansion, why he got the axe, and his exciting return.
126 min
General Mills Monster Cereals with Mike Scollins
Mike Scollins (Late Night with Seth Meyers) joins us to discuss Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry and the rest of the gang!
118 min
Mike Loves Haunts 2022 with Charles Rogers
Charles Rogers (Search Party) returns to the show as Mike goes on his annual haunt tour. We talk Knott's Scary Farm, Halloween Horror Nights and Charles' trip to Fright Fest.
121 min
Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies
Hauntcast: The Fright begins with this Universal Studios Florida opening day attraction. You get to learn how they made the Psycho shower scene. And hear old Jimmy Stewart ask if you've spotted a murderer.
111 min
The World Of Motion
On the eve of Epcot's 40th anniversary, we take a look at this opening day attraction. Featuring a cute sea monster, that traffic jam scene everyone remembers, and a sharp dressed corporate executive.
101 min
Great Wolf Lodge with Justin McElroy
Justin McElroy (My Brother, My Brother & Me, Sawbones) returns to the show to tell us about Great Wolf Lodge. A chain of indoor water park hotels that the whole family (except parents) will enjoy!
82 min
D23 Wrap Up
We take a look at all the Disney Parks "news" coming out of the D23 Expo.
88 min
Mike Joins The Disney Daddiez
Mike fills us in on some exciting news!
59 min
Unlocked: That Disney On Ice Show Where The Inc...
Enjoy this sample of Podcast: The Ride - The Second Gate. Find even more episodes at Patreon.com/PodcastTheRide We kicked off 2022 with a deep dive into That Disney On Ice Show Where The Incredibles Meet The Pirates From Pirates Of The Caribbean.
83 min
Mission: SPACE
Grab your Dramamine and keep your head against the headrest, it's time to talk Epcot's Mission: SPACE!
101 min
The Parks That Made Us
We take a look at the local parks we went to growing up in California, Illinois, and New Jersey!
109 min
Doctor Doom's Fear Fall
We head to the Latverian embassy to provide Dr. Doom with enough fear juice to destroy that fool Reed Richards.
104 min
Transformers: The Ride with Paul Scheer
Paul Scheer (How Did This Get Made?, Unspooled) returns to the show to discuss Transformers: The Ride. We discuss the role of intimacy in ride design, and try to remember anything that happens in the Transformer movies. And Mike does a little presentation.
104 min
The Contemporary Resort
We take a look one of the first Walt Disney World hotels. Featuring honey booths, ample servings of nutmeg, and Richard Nixon. Also, a monorail goes right through the building!
116 min
When Main Street Was Weird
We take a look at the early days of Main Street and the odd crop of businesses that filled it! A bank! A fake pharmacy! Intimate apparel!
118 min
Disney's America
We "celebrate" Fourth of July by looking a Disney's America. A park celebrating America they wanted to build in Virginia by the Manassas Battlefield.
151 min
The Tam O'Shanter with Tim Kalpakis
Tim Kalpakis (The Birthday Boys, The Sloppy Boys) joins us to discuss Walt Disney's favorite restaurant which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this month.
113 min
Skull Island: Reign of Kong
We take a look at the 2016 attraction that brought King Kong back to Universal Orlando. Featuring great fake rocks, creatures with very specific names, and a giant animatronic.
95 min
Flintstones, meet the Flintstones. We take a look at Flintstones attractions from the former Paramount Parks, to big budget Universal Studios Hollywood shows, to crumbling RV parks.
114 min
Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure
Look alive True Believers! We're taking a look at Disney's web-based Spider-Man attraction. Currently At Disney California Adventure and coming soon to Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris.
108 min
Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes
We take a look at this canoe-based attraction located at multiple Disney parks around the world.
96 min
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live with Johnny G...
Johnny Gargano (professional wrestler) joins us as we discuss Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live aka Mighty Morphin Power Rangers World Tour Live on Stage. Plus his extensive toy collection, theme park likes and dislikes, and more! And just how long did he and past guest Candice LeRae wait for the Figment popcorn bucket?
119 min
Hot Dog Hullabaloo
The Good Boys head to Anaheim to hunt for the best hot dog at the Disneyland Resort.
120 min
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters with Matt Apodaca
Matt Apodaca (Get Played) returns to the show to discuss Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters/ 's Space Ranger Spin/Laser Blast/Planet Rescue. (These attractions are based on the toy, not the man the toy was based on.)
109 min
Heritage USA
Heritage USA was created by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Once one of the most popular "parks" in America, it closed in the midst of multiple scandals.
104 min
Unlocked: Mad T Party
It's time to get mad! We go down the rabbit hole and discuss the psychedelic dance party that opened with DCA 2.0. Featuring tiny hats, jug cocktails, and the hit songs of the early 2010s!
87 min
Mars 2112 with Griffin Newman LIVE
Surprise guest and Accidental P:TR Legend Griffin Newman (Blank Check) joins us for a look at the Mars 2112 restaurant and the REAL New York City. Recorded live at the Bell House in Brooklyn, 4/3/22
107 min
Fake Rock (Music) Final Four
Look, we all know animatronics rock. But it's time to find out which animatronic musicians rock! Featuring surprises galore!
139 min
Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout! LIVE
It's the first P:TR live show in over two years! And we're talking about the punctuation heavy Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout! Recorded live at Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles, 3/22
94 min
Armageddon: Les Effets Speciaux with Carlye Wisel
Carlye Wisel (Very Amusing, Eater) returns to the show to discuss this Walt Disney Studios Park "attraction".
117 min
We hop on the jolly trolly to talk about Disneyland's special home for toons, Toontown!
102 min
Star Trek: The Cruise (And Star Wars: Galactic ...
We take a look at Star Trek: The Cruise which just finished it's fifth voyage! And also Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser (If we can swing it. Time permitting.)
101 min
Criss Angel's CAblp with Eva Anderson
It's the grand finale of Celebruary! Eva Anderson (WeCrashed) finishes out her residency with Criss Angel's "Vegas adjacent" diner CAblp (Criss Angel's breakfast, lunch, and pizza).
108 min
Wrestling Restaurants with Matt Cardona
Celebruary continues! Matt Cardona (Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Deathmatch King) joins us to discuss WWF New York in Times Square. Plus, WCW Nitro Grill, Hulk Hogan's Pastamania and more!
129 min
Planet Hollywood with Pat Cassels
Celebruary continues as Pat Cassels (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, College Humor) joins us to discuss the meteoric rise and fall of Planet Hollywood.
152 min
Dive! with Eva Anderson and Jason Woliner
Celebruary begins! Eva Anderson (Briarpatch, You're The Worst) and Jason Woliner (Borat Subsequent Moviefilm) return to the show to discuss this failed, submarine-themed restaurant from Stephen Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg.
97 min
The Simpsons Ride with Henry Gilbert and Bob Ma...
Henry Gilbert and Bob Mackey (Talking Simpsons) join us to discuss Universal’s The Simpsons Ride. Featuring funny queue videos, Easter eggs galore, and NO Harry Shearer characters.
131 min
Adventureland with Jon Gabrus
Jon Gabrus (High and Mighty, Action Boyz) joins us to talk about Long Island's Adventureland. Featuring pirate ship mishaps, another scary tree, and fighting, fighting, fighting.
102 min
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
We kick off 2022 with a look at the beloved attraction, Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Featuring circus talk, famous riders, and of course, clowns.
98 min
A Country Bear Jamboree with The Off Book Podcast
Zach Reino, Jess McKenna and the whole Off Book gang join us deep in the Angeles National Forest for a real, live, improvised Country Bear Jamboree.
51 min
Hungry Bear Bathrooms
We discuss a VERY necessary topic: the bathrooms underneath Disneyland's Hungry Bear Restaurant. One of the last places you can see the Country Bears in Disneyland.
44 min
Country Bear Vacation Hoedown with Guy Selga
Animatronic bear enthusiast Guy Selga (Touring Plans, The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland) joins us to discuss the bears' summer vacation themed show.
91 min
Country Bear Jamboree
Country Bear Jamborweek begins! We take a look at the original show, now closed at Disneyland, but still going strong at Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland.
169 min
TGIF at Walt Disney World with Kyle Mooney
Kyle Mooney (SNL, Saturday Morning All Star Hits!) returns to the show to discuss the special episodes of Full House, Family Matters, and Step by Step where they go to Disney World. Featuring working vacations, invention contests, and patriotic record-breaking attempts.
141 min
Universal's Animal Actors
We take a look at the long running Universal show where cute animals from TV and movies do little tricks.
96 min
UNLOCKED: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming ...
In 1990, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the biggest stars in the world. This is what happened when they took their act on the road.
124 min
Cub Reporter Jason’s Disney World Scoop
Jason is back from Disney World and there's a lot to cover. Featuring holiday crowds, new attractions, rowdy marathoners, the tedium of explaining Genie+ to your family, and, of course, treats.
113 min
Lagoon with Steven Ray Morris
Steven Ray Morris (My Favorite Murder, The Purrrcast) joins us to discuss working at Disneyland's Pizza Port and the Utah amusement park Lagoon.
111 min
Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run with Bobby Moy...
Bobby Moynihan (SNL, DuckTales) joins us to discuss the Millennium Falcon attraction, his peak behind the scenes, and being a part of Galaxy's Edge.
81 min
The Haunted Mansion Part 4
It's that time of year! Time for out annual look at the Haunted Mansion. This year? The Grand Hall and The Attic! Plus, an new era of politeness and also the Avatar sequels.
152 min
The Purge with Jacquis Neal
Jacquis Neal (Culture Kings, What If...?) joins us to discuss the scarezones, mazes, and Terror Trams based on The Purge movies.
98 min
Mike Loves(?) Haunts 2
King of LA Haunts Mike Carlson visits Halloween Horror Nights, Knott's Scary Farm and a horror-themed escape room. Does it go as smoothly as previous years? The answer may surprise you.
94 min
Tower of Terror (Tokyo DisneySea) with Lindsay ...
Hauntcast: The Fright is back! Lindsay Katai (Infinity Train, Teen Creeps) returns to to talk about Tokyo DisneySea's Tower of Terror. This version of the ride has an original story not based on The Twilight Zone.
100 min
Walt Disney World 50th
It's the 50th anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney World. We take a look at the creation of the Florida parks, what's planned for the 50th anniversary, and some of the great moments in Disney World history.
143 min
Toy Story Midway Mania with Griffin Newman
Accidental PTR Legend Griffin Newman (Blank Check, Masters of the Universe: Revelation) returns to discuss the technological marvel that is Toy Story Midway Mania. Featuring favorite games, Easter eggs, and shifting entrances.
148 min
Frontierland with Dennis McNicholas
Dennis McNicholas (SNL, Batman: The Audio Adventures) joins us for an wide-ranging look at Frontierland. Featuring pack mules, tall tales, the Western River Expedition, and the Big Thunder Mountain script Dennis wrote for Disney.
102 min
Justice League: Battle for Metropolis
We take a look at this Six Flags dark ride filled with multiple animatronics of beloved DC Comics characters. Access to this ride subject to availability.
130 min
UNLOCKED-A Day in the Park With Barney
We tackle the Universal Studios Florida Barney the Dinosaur show and play area. (It has closed since this episode was first released. But it had a longer run that the Jaws ride!)
77 min
Disney Genie with Justin McElroy
Justin McElroy (My Brother, My Brother & Me, Sawbones) comes on the show and we try to make sense of Disney Genie, Genie+, Lightning Lanes. If you like theme park logistics talk, this is the episode for you.
85 min
Sesame Place with Evan Susser
Evan Susser (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dough Boys commissioner) returns to tell us about his recent trip to Langhorne, PA's Sesame Place.
92 min
Test Track
We look at both versions of Epcot's first major thrill ride.
117 min
New Hampshire Theme Parks with Mookie Blaiklock
Mookie Blaiklock (You Are Worthy, Don't Trust The B-- in Apartment 23) joins us to discuss a mix of quaint and weird parks in New Hampshire. Featuring Canobie Lake Park, Santa's Village, Clark's Bears and more!
100 min
Madame Tussauds with Lamar Woods
Lamar Woods (Single Parents, Grand Crew) joins us to discuss his time managing the Hollywood location of the historic wax museum. And we discuss our own recent visits to Madame Tussauds!
111 min
Masters of the Universe Power Tour with Griffin...
P:TR legend Griffin Newman (Blank Check, Masters of the Universe: Revelation) returns to the show to discuss voicing Orko and the late 80s He-Man stage show. And we all fall in love with our new favorite character Songster.
151 min
UNLOCKED: Margaritaville Resort Orlando
Enjoy this sample of P:TR-The Second Gate.
102 min
Pinocchio's Daring Journey with Erin Gairdner
Erin Gairdner (The Price is Right) joins us to talk about this charming and unnerving dark ride. Featuring tobacco, cussing, and Figaro memory swaps. Plus, Erin was on The Price is Right!
119 min
America Sings
We take a look at the Disney's animatronic filled, bicentennial extravaganza that stuck around for over a decade.
103 min
Tomorrowland Bands with Jordan Morris
Jordan Morris (Bubble, Jordan, Jesse, Go!) returns to the show as we discuss the bands that have played Tomorrowland and the Rolly Crump designed Tomorrowland Terrace stage.
98 min
Six Flags Great Adventure with Chris Gethard
Chris Gethard (Beautiful/Anonymous, Half My Life) joins us to discuss New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure. Featuring a historic Skyway, an eccentric founder, and a safari park where nature is winning.
96 min
Avengers Campus
We discuss the newly opened Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure. Stuntronics! Pop-Up "shows"! Pym-staurants! Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure!
120 min
UNLOCKED-The Fabio Goose Incident
Enjoy this sample of P:TR-The Second Gate.
84 min
Back to Disneyland
We all went back to a reopened Disneyland. Surprise treats! Surprise physical maladies! Thrilling operational discussions!
112 min
The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash
We take a look at Universal's brand new, animatronic packed Secret Life of Pets ride. Max, Duke, Snowball. All your friends are here. Warning: contains spoilers for The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash.
94 min
Body Wars
Shrink down with us as we discuss this long closed Epcot simulator brought to you by your friends at MetLife.
110 min
Nickelodeon Guts with “Mo”- Moira Quirk
Moira Quirk, Mo from Guts herself, joins us to discuss making the Nickelodeon game show, working in Florida theme parks, and voice acting.
90 min
Sindbad's Storybook Voyage with Lindsay Katai
Follow the Compass of Your Heart as Lindsay Katai (Infinity Train, Teen Creeps) returns to the show to discuss this charming Tokyo DisneySea attraction.
113 min
Nickelodeon Studios
We discuss the opening day Universal Studios Florida attraction/kid headquarters. Featuring Game Labs, Slime Geysers, parental separation anxiety, and the wettest asphalt you ever did see.
131 min
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Kelly Nugent
Kelly Nugent (Teen Creeps, Exile) joins us to talk about one of California's oldest parks. Featuring a transcendent spinner ride, pier destroying hurricanes, and delicious turnover pies.
76 min
200th Episode Safetacular
Live! From a backyard! It's the 200th Episode Safetacular! Featuring news, segments and your questions. With special appearances by: planes! And distant commotion!
100 min
Ark Encounter
We take a look at the Ark Encounter. A massive recreation of Noah's Ark in Kentucky that is run by a massive creep.
109 min
Chuck E. Cheese 2 with Jamie Loftus
Jamie Loftus (The Bechdel Cast, My Year in Mensa) returns as we continue to explore the weird and wild world of Chuck E. Cheese. Featuring Covid-Safe toy purchases, questionable TV show parodies, and Chuck E.'s favorite actor.
129 min
The Fake Theme Park Final Four
Who will win in this battle of fake theme parks from television and film?! Featuring shocking twists and turns!
148 min
S.E.A.—The Society of Explorers and Adventurers
A look at the secret society that connects multiple attractions, characters, restaurants, and defunct nightclubs at Disney parks around the world. Soon to be the basis of a new streaming show!
99 min
Batman: The Rides
That's right. Rides plural. From humble beginning as the first inverted roller coaster, we take a look at some of the most thrilling Batman attractions. Domestic and international. Built and unbuilt.
128 min
Disneyland Fortune Tellers with Avery Monsen
Avery Monsen (All My Friends Are Dead, High Maintenance) joins us to discuss the various themed fortune telling machines that are located throughout the park.
102 min
Mickey's House
We take a look at Mickey's various homes at the parks. Featuring doilies, indoor outdoor spaces, and, of course, The Den.
119 min
Impressions de France with Matt Warburton
Matt Warburton (The Simpsons Ride, Community) joins us to discuss this opening day Epcot attraction. And tells us all about helping write The Simpsons Ride.
101 min
DCA 1.0
As we approach the 20th Anniversary of Disney's California Adventure, we take a look back at the early pun-filled days of Disneyland's Second Gate.
124 min