Placed For A Purpose

We want to love our neighbors, but we’re busy and sometimes don’t know where to start. In each episode, we’ll keep neighboring on your mind by encouraging you with simple ways to connect with those next door. Because your address is not an accident, and neither is your neighbor’s.

Religion & Spirituality
Society & Culture
Neighboring is so... Ordinary
In today's episode, we discuss what it looks like to embrace the ordinariness of neighboring.
22 min
What the Parable of the Mustard Seed Has to Tea...
Jesus often used agricultural metaphors when talking about matters of the heart and spiritual realities.
18 min
Hospitality: Our Countercultural Calling
In this episode, we discuss how our understanding of the word 'hospitality' has shifted away from the Biblical definition.
19 min
Jesus Had Neighbors...?
In this episode, we begin by discussing the legacy of one of the most iconic neighbors of all time, Fred Rogers.
25 min
How The Story of the Good Samaritan Flips the S...
In this episode, we explore the parable of the Good Samaritan.
22 min
Neighboring in God's Story
In this first episode, we discuss cultural obstacles to neighboring that make us want to leave our neighbors alone.
24 min
Welcome to the Placed for a Purpose Podcast.
8 min