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Every Friday, Recode’s Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no one else. After all, with great power comes great scrutiny. Produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
News Commentary
Tech News
CEO’s are out (literally), France's "digital se...
Kara and Scott talk about leaderships shifts at Google -- Larry and Sergey are out and Sundar Pichai is in.
38 min
Dorsey moves to Africa and streaming platforms ...
Kara and Scott talk about the future of Twitter as Jack Dorsey announces he's off to live in Africa.
33 min
London gives Uber the boot, the billionaire's 2...
Kara and Scott talk about Uber getting kicked out of its biggest EU market, London.
40 min
Trump lies about Apple, HBOMax fumbles its bran...
Kara and Scott talk about how Apple CEO Tim Cook, let Trump get away with lying about being responsible for building a 2013 factory.
45 min
Big Tech wants to be your wallet and your healt...
Kara and Scott talk about all the Silicon Valley companies rolling out credit cards and checking accounts.
41 min
Twitter and the Saudis, Facebook’s 'Switcharoo'...
Kara and Scott talk about former Twitter employees who were spying on user data for Saudi Arabia.
42 min
Twitter will stop running political ads ... you...
Kara and Scott celebrate Jack Dorsey announcing that Twitter will not be running political ads anymore. That puts Facebook on the spot.
39 min
The screw-up-billionaire, quantum computers, an...
Kara and Scott take a victory lap as SoftBank buys out Adam Neumann, the founder of weWork for a cool $1.7 billion.
39 min
Mark Zuckerberg the free speech jester, and Mar...
Kara and Scott met up at Stanford University (where they were both rejected from) for a live Pivot!
56 min
LIVE at the Podcast Upfronts in NYC!
Kara and Scott meet up at the Podcast Upfronts in NYC. And we make a special announcement...wait for it... WE'RE GOING TO 2 DAYS A WEEK! BOOM!
36 min
Going after venture capital culture and the uni...
Kara and Scott talk about feuds with VC's, billionaires paying fewer taxes than the working class and tech companies folding to Chinese state media pressure.
39 min
Mark Zuckerberg’s leaky staff and the silver li...
Kara and Scott talk about the a leaked Facebook tape, why WeWork CEO Adam Neumann may have to go into the Unicorn Protection Program, and President Trump's dangerous "coup" tweets.
44 min
LIVE from Toronto, Kara and Scott go internatio...
Kara and Scott are live at the Elevate in Toronto -- Pivot's first international appearance!
55 min
Uber is 'disruptive and drunk', weWork is 'jus...
Happy 1st anniversary to Pivot! Kara and Scott talk about weWork's halted IPO (we'll take partial credit).
44 min
'I love Amazon. Let's break it up'
Scott joins Land of the Giants host, Jason Del Rey, live on stage at the Code Commerce conference in New York City.
25 min
LIVE! From the Lesbians Who Tech Summit
Kara and Scott talk at the annual Lesbians Who Tech Summit in New York City.
54 min
Is Uber super f*cked? Let’s ask “Super Pumped” ...
Kara and Scott bring on NYTimes reporter, Mike Isaac, to talk about his new book "Super Pumped: the Battle for Uber".
40 min
Peloton “sells happiness” and bedbugs take over...
Kara and Scott talk Peloton's S-1 ... is it the WeWork of exercise or an innovation in happiness?
42 min
DoorDash is still stealing tips. And is Tesla f...
Kara and Scott are back in the studio to talk about Trump bringing foreign policy to Twitter, state AG's taking on big tech and Tesla possibly being bought by Volkswagen (what a world!)
39 min
LIVE! From NYC it's Kara and Scott
Kara and Scott meet up in New York City for an extra, unfiltered Pivot in front of a live audience.
68 min
Sharks, WeWork & Tumblr's tumble from grace
Kara and Scott take on sharks, summer in New England, WeWork's IPO, Tumblr's tumble from grace.
46 min
Hate on 8chan and why Scott's not quitting Equinox
Kara and Scott talk about Cloudfare dropping 8chan after its latest link to domestic terrorism and hate speech.
35 min
Facebook wants to read your mind. What could po...
Kara and Scott talk about the debates and how questions about big tech...well, didn't really come up.
29 min
The Mueller hearing, Facebook's fine, and revis...
This week, your hosts Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway revisit their democratic presidential nominee faves, and talk about the Mueller hearing
39 min
Peter Thiel is Pennywise, Trump's racist tweets...
This week, Scott wants to scoop on all of Kara's interviews with presidential candidates.
30 min
Epstein's Out, Rapinoe's In, Plus a Social Medi...
30 min
Fish and Chips and Biden and Harris and Reddit ...
This week, Kara calls in from London!
39 min
TikTok, Time's Up on Facebook's Content Moderat...
When Scott Galloway is away, Kara Swisher will play... with The Verge's Casey Newton! This week, Kara and Casey get down and dirty about Bodies in Seats, Casey's exposé on the terrible conditions inside Facebook's North American content moderation sites.
28 min
Facebook's New Money and Slack's New Valuation
This week, Kara is in New York! And Scott's in... France? So close yet so far as usual.
32 min
Pivot LIVE! From the 2019 Code Conference
This week's Pivot is live from the Code Conference in Arizona.
36 min
The FTC and DOJ are Stayin' Alive, and YouTube ...
This week, Kara and Scott talk breaking down the big boys (Facebook, Google, etc) and YouTube kicking out the bad boys ("free speech" haters).
31 min
Deepfake takedowns, white supremacy on Twitter,...
Pivot takes up the internet-age-old question of Facebook's responsibilities as a media company.
34 min
Medium's "Shampoo Effect," and Tesla, coming un...
The hosts opine on Medium, L'Oreal, and Quora.
36 min
Alabama's big fail, Uber's disastrous IPO, and ...
Recode's Kara Swisher and NYU's Scott Galloway discuss Chris Hughes' Facebook breakup proposal, Away Travel's big funding, how southern states are trying to ban abortion and more.
36 min
Chris Hughes' Case Against Facebook, Strikes on...
"Union Scott" shows up to discuss the work stoppages at Uber and Lyft.
33 min
Facebook's privacy fakeout, WeWork's reckless I...
Kara and Scott discuss Facebook's new focus on privacy; what comes after the Web 3.0 era; and what Oprah has to say about Scott's new book.
33 min
The FTC & the "Algebra of Deterrence"
Kara and Scott talk about the FTC's fine on Facebook -- it's basically a "parking ticket".
30 min
Uber's IPO and, more importantly, Game of Thrones
Kara and Scott talk about Disney breaking into the content streaming business, the Uber IPO and, yes, Game of Thrones.
39 min
Mr. Zuckerberg goes to Washington ... again
Kara and Scott talk about Congressional hearings on tech platforms responsibility for spreading white nationalism and other hate speech.
35 min
"It's not a meritocracy, it's a mirror-tocracy"
Kara and Scott talk about the avalanche of recent Facebook news -- including Zuckerberg's new professed want for regulations.
32 min
Will the rising tide of ride sharing Lyft all b...
Scott and Kara are skeptical of Lyft's IPO. What exactly is the network effect of ride shares?
32 min
Does social media cause terrorism?
Kara and Scott talk about terrorism against the Muslim community in New Zealand and how social media may be exacerbating this type of violence.
27 min
LIVE! From SXSW it's Kara and Scott
Kara and Scott are live in Austin, Texas for SXSW. They talk antitrust, the breakdown of big tech and take audience questions and predictions.
47 min
Facebook says it’s all about privacy now. OK, s...
Kara and Scott are back! They talk about Zuckerberg's supposed shift towards more privacy on Facebook and, well, we'll believe it when we see it.
32 min
News flash: Facebook’s contractors are people
Kara brings on her former co-host, Wired senior staff writer and Gadget Lab co-host, Lauren Goode.
39 min
DC is old news. “The universe revolves around S...
Kara brings on co-host, legendary NYTimes journalist, Maureen Dowd. They talk about how Silicon Valley has eclipsed Washington, DC as the country's true seat of power.
36 min
Hot Take: Amazon HQ2 breaks up with NYC
Kara and Scott pop back into the studio to give their hot takes on Amazon pulling out of their HQ2 deal with New York City.
9 min
Is this the year big tech gets regulated? (Prob...
Scott blusters in from his breakfast with Congress on how to regulate big tech — so Kara and Scott get into whether Congress will ever be regulating tech (seems not so likely).
29 min
Hot Take: Scott Galloway on Bezos vs. AMI [BOOM!]
BONUS episode: Scott couldn't wait to tell Pivot listeners what he thinks about Bezos' post accusing the National Inquirer of extortion.
4 min
Happy(ish) birthday, Facebook.
Kara and Scott (sort of) celebrate Facebook's 15th birthday.
36 min
Cook vs. Zuckerberg vs. consumer privacy
Kara and Scott talk about Apple and Facebook's latest gaffes and how Apple might be the only force left regulating Facebook.
31 min
MAGA teens, Fyre Fest and Twitter wars
Kara and Scott talk about how Twitter duped us all again.
36 min
"Woke" is the 2019 business strategy
Kara and Scott are back together again! This week they catch up on Jeff Bezos' divorce and his not so hot texting skills (hey alive girls!).
37 min
Tech addiction and how it might be ruining Gen Z
35 min
Why the “Fakakta Shutdown” is slowing tech regu...
43 min
2018's biggest stories and 2019 predictions
33 min
Facebook’s latest scandal and the "tyranny of t...
28 min
Google doesn't make iPhones, and other things C...
31 min
The U.K. piles on Facebook
32 min
Microsoft is more valuable than Apple again. Why?
35 min
It's time for Facebook's board to step up
26 min
Facebook's dirty tricks
37 min
Amazon’s HQ2 was a con, not a contest
26 min
Sexual harassment at Google, nasty YouTube comm...
35 min
Tim Cook’s 'data industrial complex,' Uber’s IP...
28 min
Saudi money, Facebook’s fib and Amazon HQ2
23 min
Google's data breach, Facebook Portal, and Tayl...
32 min
Facebook's data breach, Elon vs. SEC and the Ka...
24 min
Instagram co-founders, "tech bias" and why Amaz...
25 min
Kara and Scott explain what happens on Pivot
Everything you need to know about the show
2 min