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Twitter’s Reorg, Comedians v. Spotify, and Frie...
65 min
Twitter’s New Anti-Harassment Policy, Chris Cuo...
46 min
Jack Dorsey steps down from Twitter, Omicron’s ...
71 min
Build Back Better Passes in the House, Amazon’s...
54 min
Pulp Fiction NFTs, Netflix’s Numbers Revealed, ...
51 min
The Great Resignation Continues, J&J’s Two-Way ...
59 min
GE’s Three-Way Split, Facebook Scraps “Sensitiv...
64 min
Elon’s Taxes, Infrastructure Week at Last, and ...
53 min
The Tesla and Hertz Mystery, a Tough Election f...
57 min
Facebook is So Meh-ta, Biden's Budget Package, ...
65 min
The Billionaire Tax Bites the Dust, Big Tech’s ...
35 min
Land of the Giants: This Changes Everything
32 min
Apple’s Privacy Changes, Amazon’s Flawed Leave ...
59 min
Live from Advertising Week: Netflix’s Q3 Number...
44 min
Bonus Episode: Ari Emanuel at Code 2021
32 min
LinkedIn is Leaving China, TikTok is Bad for Te...
48 min
Facebook’s Blacklist, Apple Trims iPhone Produc...
53 min
Bonus Episode: Satya Nadella at Code Conference...
52 min
Rent The Runway’s IPO, Southwest’s Flight Cance...
56 min
BONUS EPISODE: Marc Benioff at Code Conference ...
43 min
Pivot Q3 Quarterly Review and Friend of Pivot, ...
72 min
BONUS EPISODE: Elon Musk at Code Conference 2021
58 min
The Pandora Papers, Facebook’s Whistleblower an...
54 min
The Biggest Moments from Code, the Latest Robi...
42 min
Code Galore, No More Instagram for Kids, and Fr...
55 min
Apple Wants to Diagnose Your Depression, Google...
52 min
Russia vs. Big Tech, Facebook Responds (Dismiss...
52 min
Instagram Knows it’s Toxic, Amazon’s Starting W...
48 min
Epic v. Apple, Facebook’s VIP List and a Friend...
53 min
The red-hot IPO Market , El Salvador’s Bitcoin ...
55 min
The Texas Abortion Ban, Joe Rogan's Covid, and ...
42 min
Lessons from Afghanistan, the California Recall...
57 min
What the OnlyFans news says about power and con...
45 min
Big Covid Questions, the Nursing Shortage Crisi...
55 min
What the Taliban’s Rise Means for Big Tech, Fac...
44 min
Tucker goes to Hungary, the Taliban take Afghan...
51 min
Rudy Giuliani's on Cameo, Marjorie Taylor Green...
45 min
We're not the only ones obsessed with Preet Bha...
48 min
Cuomo digs in, Chaos in the skies, and Eviction...
45 min
Hollywood on Blast, Vaccine Mandates, and Frien...
50 min
Instagram's new privacy settings, Big Tech's re...
45 min
Tokyo Games Can't Catch a Break, Klobuchar Targ...
55 min
Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin hopes, Biden picks a heav...
44 min
Biden vs. Facebook, the U.S. accuses China of c...
47 min
Big banks' quarterly earnings and economic reco...
37 min
Regulators are cracking down on tech, and Frien...
52 min
Q2 Quarterly Review: The State of the World Acc...
53 min
Facebook FTC antitrust case thrown out and Amaz...
Kara and Scott talk about a Federal judge throwing out an antitrust case against Facebook by the FTC and more than 40 states.
52 min
Toyota's GOP contributions, BuzzFeed's SPAC and...
Kara and Scott talk about the revelations that the car company Toyota is the highest contributor to Republicans who voted to invalidate the presidential election.
52 min
House Judiciary Committee antitrust bills, Micr...
Kara and Scott talk about the six antitrust bills the House is contemplating this week and what it means for big tech and political divisions.
51 min
American Airlines cancellations, Bitcoin mining...
Kara and Scott talk about American Airlines cancelling flights because of staff shortages.
68 min
Amazon's worker problem, Andreessen Horowitz's ...
Kara and Scott talk about a blockbuster story exposing worker issues in Amazon warehouses as Mackenzie Scott donates money to counteract the forces of her ex-husband's company.
65 min
Apple vs. the Trump Administration, CEO compens...
61 min
Billionaires and the tax code, Facebook smartwa...
Kara and Scott talk about the ProPublica report that America's wealthiest people paid basically nothing in taxes and what the country should do about it.
52 min
G-7 nations' historic tax reform, Bitcoin 2021,...
Kara and Scott talk about the historic tax reform deal reached by the G-7 nations that would make the minimum global corporate tax rate 15%.
53 min
The SEC goes after Elon Musk's tweets, Fauci's ...
Kara and Scott talk about the SEC saying that several of Elon Musk's tweets were not vetted before they were posted and violate a previous settlement with regulators.
51 min
Uber and Lyft price surge, the Biden infrastruc...
Kara and Scott talk about Uber and Lyft rideshare prices surging as the companies struggle to find contract drivers.
60 min
Russia crackdown on social media, Amazon buys M...
Kara and Scott talk about Russia increasing penalties and crackdowns on Google, Twitter, and Facebook.
48 min
Tim Cook takes the stand in Apple vs. Epic tria...
Kara and Scott talk about Apple CEO Tim Cook's testimony in the final days of the Apple vs. Epic antitrust case.
63 min
Crypto-crash, Streaming wars and tax plans with...
Kara and Scott are joined by MSNBC Host and NBC News Senior Business Correspondent Stephanie Ruhle for a lightning round about the week's news.
56 min
AT&T's TimeWarner/Discovery+ super merger and G...
Kara and Scott talk about AT&T spinning off their streaming service Time Warner and combining it with Discovery+ to compete with streaming content giants.
57 min
The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and Tes...
Kara and Scott talk about the fallout from the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the gas hoarding that followed.
47 min
Elon Musk on Saturday Night Live and the dogeco...
Kara and Scott recap Elon Musk's host appearance on Saturday Night Live and how it affected the cryptocurrency market.
49 min
Facebook Oversight Board and the Trump ban, tro...
Kara and Scott talk about the Facebook Oversight Board's decision to uphold Facebook's ban of Donald Trump's Facebook account... for the next six months.
49 min
Apple and Epic go to trial and Friend of Pivot ...
Kara and Scott talk about Apple going to trial with Epic over its choice to kick Fortnite out of the app store.
69 min
Trouble at Basecamp, Bezos fights for the moon,...
Kara and Scott talk about controversies at Basecamp, as the company rolled out a new ban on internal political talk.
52 min
CEO wealth surge, Apple/Facebook tensions heat ...
Kara and Scott talk about how CEOs in the United States wealth has surged during the pandemic as compared to their workers.
60 min
Apple's podcast play, Netflix's rough quarter, ...
Kara and Scott talk about Apple's big announcements in the podcast space and what that means for other competitors in the podcast market.
54 min
Facebook gets into audio, WeWork's SPAC, and Fr...
Kara and Scott talk about Facebook's new foray into the audio space and what it means for creators.
67 min
The crypto-surge, Bernie Madoff's dark legacy, ...
Kara and Scott talk about the Coinbase IPO and the surge for Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other currencies.
44 min
Amazon union defeat, Alibaba’s antitrust fine, ...
Kara and Scott talk about the failure to form a union at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama; this was the biggest unionization effort in the company's history.
60 min
Twitch's new guidelines, YouTube's video violat...
Kara and Scott talk about Amazon's live-streaming service Twitch's new guidelines to keep hate speech and other forms of violence off their platform.
59 min
Global corporate tax, Facebook's data breach an...
Kara and Scott discuss Janet Yellen's call for a global corporate tax and what that would mean for corporations.
71 min
Big Tech military contracts, Compass's IPO, and...
48 min
Tony Hsieh, Jeff Bezos's Twitter fingers, and B...
52 min
Microsoft and Discord, Goldman Sachs' junior ba...
Kara and Scott talk about Microsoft's potential acquisition of the video gaming social platform Discord.
44 min
Struggles at Dispo, Trump's own social media ne...
Kara and Scott talk about troubles at Dispo – the photosharing app – after allegations of sexual assault came out around the founder's circle.
57 min
Facebook makes a Substack competitor, Netflix's...
Kara and Scott discuss scandals at Substack as Facebook builds a newsletter competitor.
51 min
The future of travel and a Friend of Pivot on t...
Kara and Scott talk about the biggest weekend for airlines since the pandemic started and what that means for the industry.
55 min
Roblox IPO, Facebook doesn't think it has an an...
Kara and Scott talk about Roblox going public – and making a big splash – and what that means for the gaming industry.
39 min
SPACs tumble, the education tech market and the...
Kara and Scott talk about how SPACs have tumbled in recent weeks and what that means for the IPO landscape.
54 min
Google ad track changes, implosions for the ent...
Kara and Scott talk about Google changing its ad model – they won't be selling ads based on how your browse the web anymore.
61 min
The new COVID stimulus and Andy Slavitt on vacc...
Kara and Scott talk about the $.19 trillion stimulus package that passed the House and the fight for a $15/hour minimum wage.
62 min
More hearings for big tech, GameStop stock surg...
Kara and Scott talk about deals reached between Facebook and Australia as Facebook, Google and Twitter prepare to testify in front of Congress.
54 min
U.K. says Uber drivers are employees, and the f...
Kara and Scott talk about a U.K. Supreme Court ruling that says Uber drivers must be treated as employees and what that means for the future of the company.
59 min
Australia vs. Facebook and the GameStop hearings
Kara and Scott talk about Facebook restricting users and publishers from using the platform in Australia as the country weighs a law that would require big tech to pay for news content.
53 min
Lincoln Project implosion, Microsoft says Googl...
Kara and Scott talk about Microsoft CEO Brad Smith's stance saying the US should follow Australia in a model that would force tech giants to pay for news content.
66 min
Is there a Trump without Twitter? A mini class ...
Kara and Scott talk about Twitter's fourth-quarter earnings and the decision to ban Trump's account for life.
55 min
Twitter subscription service, Tesla invests in ...
Kara and Scott talk about Tesla investing $1.5billion in Bitcoin and what that means for the future of cryptocurrencies.
57 min
The end of the Bezos era, SpaceX for civilians,...
Kara and Scott talk about Jeff Bezos stepping away from his role as CEO of Amazon and moving into the Executive Chair position.
55 min
Who is profiting off Reddit stock threads? And ...
Kara and Scott talk about more fall out from the Reddit/Robinhood stock blitz.
48 min
The GameStop, Reddit, Robinhood saga
Kara and Scott break down how amateur traders best hedge fund managers, driving up GameStop stock and what that means for the future of the stock market.
56 min
Facebook's oversight board takes on the Trump b...
Kara and Scott talk about Facebook's oversight board are deciding whether to permanently ban Donald Trump from the platform and what that might mean for other world leaders.
51 min
Inauguration Day, Biden's antitrust issues, and...
Kara and Scott talk about Inauguration Day and the Biden administration. Big tech critics are concerned about his potential DOJ antitrust division appointees.
51 min
More GOP Twitter suspensions, Parler is back, a...
Kara and Scott talk about Twitter suspending republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for spreading misinformation about the election.
56 min
Impeachment number 2, Airbnb cancels DC reserva...
Kara and Scott talk about the second impeachment of Donald Trump.
58 min
Parler goes dark, Trump's power without Twitter...
Kara and Scott talk about how an alt-right social media app got shut down. They also discuss Trump's permanent ban from Twitter.
58 min
Twitter and Facebook ban Trump, the future of I...
Kara and guest hosts Casey Newton and Louis Swisher talk about the insurrection on the US Capitol and the de-platforming of Donald Trump.
42 min
The Trump tapes and Tesla sales soar with guest...
Kara and guest host MSNBC Anchor Stephanie Ruhle talk about the Georgia special Senate election and the leaked tapes of Trump asking to doctor votes.
50 min
The Wonder Woman premiere, Georgia's run off el...
Kara is joined by guest Hilary Rosen and White House reporter Olivia Nuzzi for this politically-packed episode of Pivot.
53 min