The Pick and Roll NBA Podcast w/ Jet and

An NBA Podcast hosted by Jet Striar and John Sapochetti and presented by Full Press Coverage.

Ep. 249 - Where Will Chris Paul End Up?
Debating Chris Paul's next team; Finals Game 3 reaction; Damian Lillard trade talk
36 min
Ep. 248 - Would the Heat be the Most Unlikely N...
Figuring out how the Miami Heat just keep winning
37 min
Ep. 247 - History and Legacies on the Line in N...
Jet and Sap preview and predict the 2023 NBA Finals
35 min
Ep. 246 - Who is to Blame for the Celtics Comin...
A post mortem on the 2022-23 Celtics, and how/why they couldn't return. to the NBA Finals
38 min
Ep. 245 - Is LeBron Really Considering Retirement?
Will LeBron retire after the Lakers were swept by the Nuggets?
37 min
Ep. 244 - The Collapse of the Boston Celtics
How and why the Celtics have failed so miserably in the conference finals
38 min
Ep. 243 - Is LeBron's Age Catching Up to Him in...
How Lakers and Celtics Can Dig Out of Holes of Their Own Making
38 min
Ep. 242 - Is a Celtics vs. Lakers Finals Inevit...
Jet and Sap preview the NBA Conference finals
38 min
Ep. 241 - Where do the Suns go From Here?
Jet and Sap formulate a plan for the Phoenix Suns to bounce back next year as well as react to the Celtics forcing a game 7
35 min
Ep. 240 - Are the Lakers the New NBA Title Favo...
Jet and Sap react to the Lakers seizing a dominant 3-1 lead over the Warriors, and look at the other 3 ongoing series in the 2nd round
37 min
Ep. 239 - Lakers Success or Failure Comes Down ...
Jet and Sap break down whats going on in the Lakers vs. Warriors series and the Celtics vs. 76ers series through two games each
38 min
Ep. 238 - Can the Celtics Get Out of Their Own ...
Jet and Sap try to figure out the disappointing Celtics, and talk about whats happening in round 2
38 min
Ep. 237 - It's Jimmy Butler's World, We're Just...
Jet and Sap preview the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs and highlight the unbelievable play of Miami's Jimmy Butler
38 min
Ep. 236 - NBA Playoffs Have Never Been More Unp...
Jet and Sap react to a thus far crazy first round of the NBA playoffs
36 min
Ep. 235 - Will Draymond Green's Suspension cost...
Reaction to Draymond's suspension and the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs so far
37 min
Ep. 234 - 2023 Playoff Preview and Predictions
Jet and Sap give their thoughts and predictions for the 2023 playoffs and pick their champs
37 min
Ep. 233 - New NBA CBA Reaction and Details
Reactions and revelations of the new NBA CBA
38 min
Ep. 232 - Ranking the 2023 Basketball Hall of F...
Jet and Sap rank the 2023 Basketball Hall of Fame class
38 min
Ep. 231 - The All-NBA Team Problem
Why All-NBA creates a massive issue for players and teams
37 min
Ep. 230 - NBA Playoff Race Could Come Down To I...
How will injuries affect NBA playoff race and seeding?
37 min
Ep. 229 - Jaylen Brown Raises a lot of Eyebrows...
Jet and Sap share their thoughts on the two lengthy interviews Celtics' star Jaylen Brown gave the past week
38 min
Ep. 228 - What's Next For Michael Jordan
What will MJ do now that he's no longer and NBA owner?
38 min
Ep. 227 - Top NBA Contenders Facing Major Issues
Are the Nuggets and Celtics struggles going to cost them a title?
37 min
Ep. 226 - NBA Western Conference is Up For Grabs
Checking in on the NBA standings with about 5 weeks remaining in the regular season
37 min
Ep. 223 - The Boston Celtics are Headed Towards...
Jet and Sap take a look at the recent play from the Boston Celtics and the off court issues facing Ja Morant
37 min