A psychological examination of historically significant lives. We will peek into the minds of our subject to answer, what made them tick? Uncovering the personal motivations that drove their public acts and how those acts in turn changed all our lives.

Social Sciences
Amy Winehouse: Painfilled Lyrics Foreshadow Death
Amy Winehouse was a grammy award winning pop, soul and jazz singer whose haunting voice and astonishingly emotive lyrics revealed her short, tumultuous, tempestuous and addiction permeated life. What led to her incomprehensible talent and insurmountable struggle?
62 min
Personology Season 2 Trailer
1 min
Joe McCarthy - Part 2: When Power Corrupts
43 min
Joe McCarthy - Part 1: The Power of Personality
At one point Joe McCarthy was amongst the most powerful and dangerous of people, what specifically within his character, personality and earlier life experiences enabled him to rise from poor farm boy to senator to demagogue?
39 min
Adolf Hitler: What makes a malevolent mind?
Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi party, dictator in Germany from 1933-1945, initiator of world war II, perpetrator of the Holocaust and widely considered one of the most evil leaders in all of history.
56 min
Martin Luther King Jr: Revolutionary Through No...
Martin Luther King Junior was an activist, minister and the most visible leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He advanced civil rights through nonviolence and civil disobedience, inspired by his Christian beliefs and the nonviolent activism of Mahatma Gandhi. His strategy was both revolutionary and effective.
35 min
John Lennon - Part 2: Joined to Yoko
Decades after his death, John Lennon is still one of the most well-known artists of all time. His life and work went through many changes, but perhaps no influence was more impactful than his relationship with Yoko Ono.
34 min
John Lennon - Part 1: Composer of Longing
John Lennon was one of the worlds most revered singer songwriters, and peace activists. His lyrics are filled with unresolved mourning and longing which can be understood as a product of his early traumatic life. How did John's childhood suffering inform his creative productions and drive his desire for peace?
40 min
Diane Arbus: Evoking freaks
Diane Arbus, a renowned photographer who changed our view of acceptable subject matter with shocking and emotionally riveting photographs of people considered to be on the fringes of society, or as she called them freaks. Her own struggle with depression and internal feelings of being an outsider, an oddity, drove her creative passion.
50 min
Theodore Roosevelt: Morality and hypomania driv...
Theodore Roosevelt was a progressive policy setter, a conservationist and the 26th President of the Unites States. His early life struggles, and grandiose attitude drove him to implement his moral code to strengthen the US. Then depression brought him crashing down. Jump inside the mind of one of our most colorful Presidents.
37 min
Frida Kahlo: When trauma shapes artistic creation
Frida Kahlo is a revolutionary Mexican, feminist, and LGBTQ artist whose devastating trauma became the key ingredient in her ability to evocatively show pain and suffering on a canvas. She became a symbol of revolution for the disenfranchised. What made her willing and able to reveal her own differences and stand for the rights of others?
42 min
Albert Einstein: Inside the Mind of Quirky Genius
Albert Einstein is the theoretical physicist who discovered the theory of relativity and E=MC². He changed our understanding of the universe more than any other scientist. How and why was he such an original thinker? How did his personal life inform his scientific works?
34 min
Harry Houdini: A Lifetime of Escaping
Harry Houdini, a name synonymous with magic. The innovator of escapism, known the world over, the secrets to his performances remain unknown to this day. How did a poor jewish immigrant from Budapest virtually invent the art of self liberation? What drove Houdini as an inventor, performer and debunker of spiritualism?
35 min
Vincent Van Gogh: A Portrait of Neuropsychiatri...
Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most influential of all post impressionist artists. Known for his emotive and intensely expressive style, he is also known for excessive suffering in his short 37 year life. But what caused Vincent's extreme moods and did his mental issues contribute to the beauty and originality in his artwork?
40 min
Introducing: Personology
2 min