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Perfectly Imperfect is the show for those who are searching for growth and acceptance. As two Asian American women, Christine Chen and Regina Fang started having real and raw conversations after work 10+ years ago about our community and us as 20 something women. Now we’ve turned our 3am talks to this podcast where we can openly share thoughts + feels about mental health, friendships, and life lessons we’ve learned along the way. 

We are the sisters in your life that believe in building family through honesty, vulnerability and openness with ourselves and each other. We create meaningful and deep connections that make you feel loved and seen. You are not alone, come join our perfectly imperfect conversations!

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#86 - Sister Advice Q&A: Mental Health
35 min
#85 - Intergenerational Family Trauma
63 min
#84 - Only Child vs. Siblings with Michael Chen
68 min
#83 - Sister Advice Q&A: Disney's Live Action M...
Soooo, let's talk Disney's new live action Mulan. This week, we invite our incredibly talented sister love, Minji, to help us dissect the film from an industry perspective, and we have a LOT to say. Having grown up with the animated film, we each have an emotional attachment to Mulan; she was the first Disney princess who looked like us, and inspired us with her courage, perseverance, and loyalty. So, how did Disney do with the live action retelling? Listen in to this week's episode! P.s. Spoilers!
60 min
#82 - Dating RED Flags
Dating is hard enough as it is, so we wanted to share with you some of our biggest dating red flags to look out for! How can you tell if they’re ready to commit? What are some signs of compatibility? Is this person being genuine or fake? Listen in to hear stories of our dating woes!
56 min
#81 - Are We Cancelled? with Jimmy Wong (@jfwong)
Cancelled. How many times have we heard this phrase and been quick to judge without getting the full story? In this politically tense climate, it's easy to get pitted against one another through the media and circulating rumors creating a mob mentality where neither side can see eye to eye. This week, our good friend Jimmy Wong joins us this week as we dive into cancel culture and the toxic environment that has bred from wanting to stay politically correct to sending death threats. Should we be canceling people and companies? How do you go about having open discussions from opposing views? Listen in!
70 min
#80 - Sister Advice Q&A: Family
In this week's episode of Sister Q&A, we answer your questions about family! As first generation Asian Americans, there are decades of cultural and generational misunderstandings. We so desperately want our parents to be proud of us and for there to be understanding, but there are also so many so many differences that cause friction. How do you make a meaningful connection with your parents (@anhthu_dang)? How do you deal with family triggers (@onebeliever2014)? Listen in!
36 min
#79 - How Regina Launched Her Own Clothing Line
We meet, At Last, the women's workwear line that Regina has been working on over the past year! It is a culmination of the hopes and dreams she's always had of being able to inspire confidence in women by helping them realize that everything they ever wanted is already within themselves. The fashion industry is constantly polluted with images of unrealistic expectations of how women are supposed to look/dress and Regina realized how much of a toll it took on her own self esteem. With that being her why, she wanted to create a line with timeless classics that are long lasting and fit a variety of body types, which included creating a new sizing system! However, as picturesque as it sounds, the journey wasn't easy. It was filled with doubts, fears, and insecurities that were put on blast as she tried to navigate becoming a first time entrepreneur. From taking clothing design classes to traveling to China to learn about fabric and production factories, to dealing with a pandemic, to finding her purpose, what were the mistakes she made? What would she have done differently? Why fashion? Listen to this week's episode to learn more about the company she is trying to build, her purpose, and the efforts they are currently putting to helping first line responders during this pandemic!
59 min
#78 - 10 Things We're Happy Didn't Work Out
It's easy for us to name all the opportunities that have worked out perfectly in our lives, but have you ever taken a moment to stop to think about all the things that didn't work out? This week, we dive deep and think back about all the opportunities we had once hoped and dreamed about, that never came to fruition. At the time, these events were some of our biggest disappointments, but to pivot and see how our lives are better for it just reminds us that everything happens for a reason.
57 min
#77 - Getting the Relationship You Want
If only love was always mutual. More often than not, we find ourselves (or the other person), being in the friend-zone, friends with benefits, the only one wanting to say I love you, or the only one who wants to get married and constantly waiting around for your partner to be ready... How do we overcome our fear of getting hurt or rejected while allowing ourselves to be vulnerable? How can we admit what we really want in a romantic relationship? When do you keep doing what is “comfortable” vs. stepping out and asking for what you truly want because you’re really not that happy?
45 min
#76 - Sister Advice Q&A: Friendship
Continuing our Sister Advice Q&A series! It's been so much fun doing this being able to answer your questions because it makes us feel closer to all of you! Be sure to check out our IG stories to stay up to date for when we accept questions for these episodes. This week, we answer your questions about friendships, the good, the bad, and the toxic. What does it mean to be a good friend? How do you heal after a broken friendship and betrayal? Listen in!
30 min
#75 - Feeling Jealous? This One's For You
During a time when we are constantly surrounded by social media and watching everyone's highlight reels, it’s hard not to feel FOMO or jealousy for what everyone else is doing. Feelings of envy can be all consuming which can also lead to feelings of inadequacy and depression. So how do we combat this jealousy? Are we truly jealous of what others have or is there a deeper message behind this emotion? How do we use these triggers as opportunities for self growth and to find maturity to be genuinely happy for others while not letting their successes define us?
46 min
#74 - Are We "Really Strangers" Game
This week we play the "We're Not Really Strangers" game to really put our 10+ year friendship to the test! We dig deeper with questions like "What was your first impression of me," "Am I intimidating to others," "Are you more afraid of failure or success," "Why do you think we met?"
64 min
#73 - Black Lives Matter & Healing Together
In light of current events that have been happening all around the world right now with Black Lives Matter, we wanted to share some self reflections, as raw as they are. Like many of you, we’ve been listening, educating ourselves, and reflecting about the deeply rooted injustices towards our black and brown brothers and sisters. We believe this must end and we are learning how to do our part to be strong allies and to fight for anti-racism. From checking our own privileges, sharing how we’ve talked to our parents about racism, the model minority and finally how we can better bridge that gap from seeing each other as separate to fighting together for one truth. Equality for all.
47 min
#72 - How to Turn Your Hobby into a Successful ...
Our incredible friend, Shelly Kim, joins us this week to talk about her journey of how she turned her hobby and love of hand lettering into a full blown business! She shares what she's learned about taking that first step to start your own dream business. As bosses of all our own businesses, we talk about the feelings of uncertainty, the mental fortitude you battle within yourself, the unexpected work that comes from running your own business, and tips that we've learned and are still learning. Wanting to make a living from doing what you love is a beautiful dream. But it takes so much hard work, perseverance, finding inspiration when you have none, and learning to adjust from things that didn't go your way. Shelly inspires us with her incredible work ethic and give lots of advice that is perfect for any budding entrepreneur!
67 min
#71 - Sister Advice Q&A: Who Are You Really?
27 min
#70 - Depression + How to Help
59 min
#69 - ALL Your Dating Questions!
The A's to all your dating Q's! This week, we answer your guys' most asked dating, relationship, and love questions from IG! Like any good girlfriends, we probe into each other's dating stories: from the good to the horribly bad to the absolutely hilarious. Dating can be rough, so come laugh with us!
56 min
#68 - Dealing with Loneliness
Loneliness is an aching inside of us, a longing for understanding, acceptance, and comfort. It’s a feeling that happens to all of us and more often than not, can happen even in a crowded room. So why is loneliness always portrayed as the person who is the odd one out? What can fill that emptiness we feel? This week, we dive into the first time we felt loneliness (pre-Covid times). We discuss the ways that we’ve learned to cope with it, the mechanisms to help us get out of it, and how to approach a friend who may be experiencing loneliness.
40 min
#67 - What is Your Purpose with Rowena Tsai (@r...
Growing up, we were constantly trying to find that balance between who society tells us to be and who we think we should be…but at the end of the day, who are we really? This week, we have on our beautiful friend Rowena Tsai who dives deep into understanding herself and her calling through lots of trials and tribulations. It’s easy to ignore your feelings and keep grinding towards a life you think you want, but when you hone in on your inner voice, you’ll realize that your purpose and mission are stronger than anything that was holding you back.
67 min
#66 - Surviving the Pandemic
During this very overwhelming time, we wanted to record a special episode of Perfectly Imperfect to offer some emotional support for everything that has been going on in the world. 2020 has been… a LOT and has really forced us to come to terms with a lot of social ugliness that we've gotten used to or overlooked in our own lives. What can we really take away from all this and how do we manage our anxiety during these trying times? We get honest about how we’re dealing with the pandemic and what we’re doing to stay well mentally and physically. If you are going through a really rough time right now, please feel free to reach out to us via email or DM, we’re here for you #pipfam <3
35 min
#65 - Letting Go + Moving On
We're BACK!! Starting off 2020 with a bit of a cleansing as we talk about how we learned about when is it the right time to let go of something or to push through? It's easy to let fear get in the way and create doubt in your mind about all the things that could go wrong, but how do you channel that energy into having the courage to go out of your comfort zone and really move onto your next chapter? Listen in to our first episode of Season 4!
41 min
#64 - Create + Innovate from Off the Mic Event ...
AND WE'RE BACK with part 2 of our Off the Mic Live event. This week we're featuring the second panel "Create + Innovate" with Christine, Minji, and Helen! We share actionable tips and breakthrough experiences we had in order to make your dreams into reality. Join us as Mel + Janet from ABG moderate this panel!To get your own Perfectly Imperfect Journals, download free weekly journal prompts and sign up for our newsletter, please visit:
63 min
#63 - Lost In Transition from Off the Mic Event...
SURPRISE!! We have a super special bonus episode from our first ever live event called Off the Mic that happened in LA of October this year. It features our first panel called Lost in Transition where Melody Cheng + Janet Wang (ABG podcast) and Regina talk about their experiences of feeling lost or stuck throughout their careers + life transitions as Christine + Minji (First of all podcast) moderate. We're sure many of you can relate to that feeling and hope this helps ground you as you navigate through that period in your life. Next week, we'll be uploading Panel 2 from the event so stay tuned!To get your own Perfectly Imperfect Journals, please visit:
69 min
#62 - Season 3 Finale with Q&A
As we reflect on season 3, we can’t help but feel so thankful for each and every single one of you who joined us on our journey this year. A year ago, we were both lost, finding our footing, wanting to start something but letting our doubts and fears get in the way. There was so much growth that has happened in our lives and in our friendship this season that led to Christine starting her own life coaching business, Regina starting her own clothing line, and us joining forces with AsianBossGirl and First of All podcasts to throw our first live event, "Off the Mic."Ideas that were once dreams are now coming to fruition. This week, we talk about what season 3 has meant to us and answer some of your most asked questions!Thank you for supporting us, thank you for believing in us. Grateful for another season, see you guys in 2020!
67 min
#61 - The Truth About the Entertainment Industr...
From making videos in his apartment in Ohio to having one of the most popular shows on Buzzfeed, Steven Lim has done it all. After giving up his “stable” career in engineering to pursue the entertainment industry, he found himself in the spotlight living the LA dream he had spent years wishing for. He started to pave the way for Asian American representation and creating content that brought joy to others. Though he seemingly got everything he had hoped for, it didn’t take long for him to become jaded and confused.This week, we talk to our dear friend Steven about the trials and tribulations he went through while working in this seemingly picturesque industry, and why it ultimately led him to take a mental breather in NYC. What are the biggest differences between east and west coast? Is everyone in the industry really that terrible? How has his mindset changed about the industry since starting it a decade ago? Listen in!
63 min
#60 - Overcoming Rock Bottom with Megan Lee (@h...
Growing up is hard enough as it is. Growing up as a star in the spotlight and constantly being judged on who you can or can't be, what you should wear, what you said or didn't say... it's suffocating.This week, our little sister Megan Lee joins us to share her story in the entertainment industry. Ever since she was a little girl, Megan knew she wanted to be an entertainer. She loved dancing, signing, acting, and saw the beauty in being able to positively influence others through performance - but after moving Korea to pursue it at full force, the harsh realities of what was expected of her started to settle in and she had to grow up really fast.Megan opens up about how the industry how affected her mental health, how she was able to overcome her rock bottom and why she still chooses to stay in the industry today.
65 min
#59 - Starting Over with Janet Wang (@asianboss...
The crossover episode we’ve all been waiting for!! Janet from Asian Boss Girl and Minji from First of All join us this week to talk about all the times they’ve had to hit the restart button. From changing industries to bad break ups to moving cities, everyone has had to start over. How do you know when it’s time to take a risk and pursue a different path without feeling you’re falling behind? Transitions take a lot of self reflection and self motivation that more often than not leads to self doubt, so how do we use this time for self discovery rather than self destruction?
71 min
Triggers. We all have them and yet most times we're unaware of them. They have a way of creeping up on us, catching us off guard, and evoking the strongest emotions in us ranging from intense sadness to deep rooted anger. When left unaddressed, they wreak havoc in not only our lives but the people around as too #triggerstriggerSo how do we find our triggers? Where do we even start? How do we learn to let go of something that has dictated our feels for so long? This week, we dive deep into our personal triggers and learn to address them one by one. It can take years to truly understand how deep our triggers run, but by slowly identifying them, we can learn to set them free.
48 min
Women are catty. Women get jealous of each other. Women hate other women. These were narratives that were written for us before we even had the chance to decide for ourselves - it’s no surprise when we constantly feel pitted against one another. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?This week we talk about the importance of women supporting women. In a world where we are taught that if another women succeeds, we have failed, how do we change our perception of what female empowerment truly means? How do we get from hating on other women to genuinely cheering our sisters on and uplifting one another? Is it possible to truly be happy for other women without having that define our own success?
44 min
#56 - Do You Like Me? Seeking External Validation
It’s completely natural for us to seek external validation. As young children, we sought our parents approval, teachers approval, friends approval. We were always waiting for someone else to tell us we were right, or cool, or pretty and that is how we started to view our self worth and gained our self understanding, from other people telling us what was good or bad. Approval from others makes us feel good about ourselves, but how long does it really last? Will that bring us actual fulfillment? How do we learn to be confident from within and trust our own truths?
42 min
#55 - Quarter Life Crisis with Jennifer Le (_jdle)
Our 20's can be a super confusing and frustrating time. It's no wonder that 80% of us go through a quarter life crisis where we're trying to make sense of things. Where are we going? Are we moving fast enough? Which path is the "right" path? Am I making the "right" decisions to get to where I want/should be at in 5, 10 years?This week we bring on our amazing, extremely talented, and super punny girlfriend, Jenn Le who is currently going through her quarter life crisis. We go through the different phases of any crisis and reflect on what is it that we're searching for.
53 min
#54 - Men: What They're REALLY Thinking (and no...
There has always been a clear distinction in which men and women handle their feelings. For women, it’s okay to openly cry and talk about their feelings but for men, they are taught to suppress any emotion that isn’t anger or happiness. This stark contrast in gender expectations causes a whole lotta pain and assumptions on both sides and ends with us never truly understanding one another. This week, Christine’s brother Michael and fiancé Jack join in on the conversation about *feelings*. What were the expectations they faced as young boys that forced them to suppress their emotions? What were the consequences of that as they grew into men? How did they finally learn how to feel their feels and then be brave enough to express them outwardly? Listen in! It’s a good one, full of laughs, tears, and emotions!
61 min
#53 - Toxic Friendships
You’ve been good friends up until this point. They’ve been there for you…kind of…they’ve got your back…kind of…they've...wait..things are starting to not add up. Toxic friendships usually fly under the radar, it creeps up on you, the manipulation increases, and soon you lose sight of what’s true or false. Are we truly friends? Do real friends treat each other that way? And why do I feel mentally and emotionally exhausted from this friendship?!This week, we dive into the signs and red flags that you can pick up on if you’re in a toxic friendship/relationship and what you can do about it. We want to believe in the best in people, but what if they take advantage of that and you?
44 min
#52 - Afraid to Love
The movies make love seem easy, an instant connection between the pair, a slight disagreement in the middle, but in the end, a happily ever after. From a very young age, we are taught to chase love. It allows us to have a partner in life, to have the family we've always dreamed of, and to feel accepted for everything we are. But what happens when we want all of those things, but are ultimately afraid to love?This week, we dive into how society has often romanticized love and make it seem so effortless. We discuss our fears when it comes opening up and being vulnerable to giving/receiving love and how those fears have affected our relationships in both the past and present. Are we all capable of opening ourselves up to love or are some of us wired differently?
42 min
#51 - Online Dating: Survival Guide
Online dating has taken the internet by storm. The endless options and judgement that goes into swiping can be extremely overwhelming, and you either come out with a slew of awful dating stories or you find your happily ever after. This week, Regina introduces Christine to the world of online dating + apps by walking Christine through decoding profile pictures, the red flags of hidden messages, and the dos and dont's of modern dating. She also shares her dating experience she's had on both the east and west coast and catching us all up on her love life!
42 min
#50 - Let's Celebrate 50!!
HAPPY 50th EPISODE PIP FAM!!! Can you guys believe we've reached 50 episodes?! Because we can't! Wow what an incredible journey it's been and we're so grateful it's with you guys. We take this episode to reflect back on what PIP has meant to us as well look forward to the future of PIP. We share some super exciting news and developments that we just couldn't wait to tell you!
36 min
#49 - Making the "Right" Decision
What separates a career from a hobby? Can you pursue what you love and make a career out of it? Do you keep your hobby a hobby so you can fully enjoy it without the pressures of making it a business? What if you want to start a business from something that started off as a hobby?This week we chat about the two different mentalities when it comes to work: chasing your passion or working purely to make a living. There's so much doubt when it comes to what're doing with our lives and how we should prioritize - on one hand, we are taught to chase what we love, the other, that work is work, do what you have to do and save play for later. So which path will you take?
35 min
#48 - What Personality Type Are You?
Who loves to dissect their personality traits? WE DO! This week, we retake our Myer Briggs personality tests and had so much fun comparing it to our results from 2013. Listen in as we reflect on how we’ve changed, what core values have stayed true and our takeaways of how we want to keep growing! Personality tests are a great way for you to gain a better understanding of yourself and dig a little deeper. They highlight your strengths and weaknesses and are a great vehicle for self improvement.
39 min
#47 - When Good Friends Fight
Friends fight, and we did too. The conversation becomes uncomfortable, emotions are flowing everywhere, and in the heat of the moment, it seems like this could be the end of what you thought was a lasting friendship.So how do you determine whether the friendship is worth pursuing? Can you even recover from a fight? This week, we talk about the fight we had, what led up to it, how it happened, and why we decided our friendship was worth fighting for.
44 min
#46 - Stop Lying to Yourself
We’re often told to find ourselves - like we are some lost wandering soul that if found, will make us feel complete and give us a sense of self. This concept has been so drilled into our heads, that we start feel like a shell, incomplete because it feels like part of us is missing and we have to go out to find it. But what if we took a different approach - instead of searching for the missing piece, let’s learn to realize that you were never missing anything at all, that everything you ever needed was within yourself. We must learn that what’s more important than “finding yourself” is to understand yourself - understand your emotions, understand your actions, understand your perspective on life. Understanding yourself takes time, patience, discipline, and years of dissecting your actions and behaviors, but when you finally do you can finally let go of all the expectations and fulfill your own prophecy.
45 min
#45 - Everything You Need to Know About College
"College are the best years of your life," they said, "It'll be fun," they said. Whether you're prepping for college or done with college, I think we can all agree that those 4 years are a pretty significant chapter in our lives. Through the tests, parties, new friends, we come out the other side as a new person. We spend years, tears, and sweat prepping for college, but what happens when we actually get there? How do we make those lifelong friends everyone talks about? How do we enjoy these "best years" of our lives? How do we fully experience college? This week we reminisce on our college years, the good, the bad, and the what we would've done differently. College is different for everyone, but it's up to us to make the best of it... college and the rest of your life actually!
38 min
#44 - Who Am I?
This week, we discuss what it feels like for us to be Asian American women trying to find and become who we truly are. Being taught to conform to what we can and can’t be as young girls and then being modern minority women who have the world regulating what we can and can’t do, is exhausting! We share how we’ve learned to break barriers and stereotypes as we truly embrace the power of our story.
45 min
#43 - Paralyzed by Perfection
WE’RE BAAAACK! Thank you so much for the love and support you’ve given us, words cannot describe how grateful we are for each and every one of you! <3At a very young age, we were taught what the idea of perfection looks like through the successes of others. It can be a great motivator to watch others accomplish great things such as inventing new products, producing new content, etc. but what if it starts hindering you from seeing your own path? This week, we discuss analysis paralysis and how the chase for perfection can both fuel and break us. We dive into our own stories of insecurities and how it feels to constantly be surrounded by everyone’s highlight reel and how we’ve learn to fully embrace our own path.
39 min
#42 - Is This It...? (Season 2 Finale)
Our Season 2 finale is here, thank YOU for sticking with us for 42 EPISODES!! We reflect upon one year and two seasons of Perfectly Imperfect. It's been an incredible journey of producing consistent content, strengthening our friendship, and connecting with each and every one of you. Through the vunerability, raw and real talks, thank you for letting us ... be us. WE LOVE YOU ALL <3
37 min
#41 - Connecting the Eggie Dots with Jenn Im (i...
There are a lot of things in life that don't make sense - jobs that we wanted but never got, relationships that we thought would be our forevers but didn't last, opportunities that we were so sure were right for us but ended up being another disappointment to add to our list. We go through life, dot by dot, attempting to achieve success and happiness - but during the process, we slowly begin to realize that we've become someone we don't know, to try and impress people who don't matter. This week, the ever-inspiring-superwoman Jenn Im, shares her story as she connects the dots in her life that has led her on this wildly amazing journey. We each reflect upon significant moments from our past and uncover insecurities we didn't know we were struggling with. As well as find acceptance and release in what we had to overcome in order to be who we are today. We laugh, we cry, and of course we yaaaasss!!
67 min
#40 - Dear Mama with Chris Dinh (chrisdinh)
A child’s relationship with his/her mom can be complicated. We have this ideal image of a mother is one who *should* ALWAYS provide nurture, care, and unconditional love, but sometimes, this just isn't our reality. As first generation Asian Americans, our relationships with our moms face extra obstacles such as language and cultural barriers, which can make being open and honest with each other extremely difficult.This week, our good friend, Chris Dinh joins us as we dive deeper and explore what our moms' stories are: who they were growing up, what their hopes and dreams were, what they sacrificed and overcame. Knowing their story is key in getting to know yours and untangling years of misunderstandings, regret, and resentment.
50 min
#39 - Playas Gon Play with Joanna Sotomura (joa...
No one likes to talk about being cheated on or cheating on someone. When the foundation of any relationship is trust and that trust is broken through cheating, lies, broken promises, and crossed boundaries (again and again and again), what the EFF do we do? We want to dive into the heartbreak as well as the consequences to being cheated on, lied to, and how we can learn to build ourselves back up + set better boundaries. This week, our sista love who keeps things real, Joanna Sotomura joins us in this super difficult and complicated topic. We share our stories of being cheated on as well as being the cheater in past relationships... and of course, our lessons through some of the hardest times of our lives.
40 min
#38 - Lighting the Darkness with Mimi Chao (mi...
We’re too often told to stay positive! Think happy thoughts! Don’t dwell in the negative! And while this can be great advice to help deal with life's woes, how do we approach it authentically so that resentment and anger don't take over? In many aspects of our lives, we suppress a lot of feelings and emotions in order to move on and "be positive". Sometimes it’s for survival, other times it becomes a way of life. But it doesn't mean those "bad" emotions are really gone! This week, our fairy soul sister Mimi Chao joins us as we explore the many ways we have dealt with the suppression of negatives memories from past experiences and how the consequences have affected our lives. We also dive into how we are currently processing all the horrific news happening daily in today's political climate from Harvey Weinstein, Trump, to the devastating Sutherland Springs shooting. How do we find happiness when there is negativity everywhere?!
59 min
#37 - Risking it All with Liah Yoo (liahyoo)
Working in corporate gets a bad rep, while pursuing the creative path can be glorified. This week, we invite our incredibly sweet friend Liah Yoo to talk about the difference between these two worlds because she's done both! She studied architecture and design, but then got a corporate job to work for Korea's biggest skincare brand (Amore Pacific), and now she's a full time YouTuber??? Liah's story is the perfect example of how life can throw some pretty surprising curveballs, but every experience leads you one step closer to where you're supposed to be so long as you understand your purpose. We share the realities of working the 9-5 corporate job vs. the create-your-own-schedule freelancer. And answer questions like: what were the signs that told us which world was better suited for us & when is it time to make a change to take that risk?
46 min
#36 - Why Being Single was the Best Decision I ...
Being single is always met with sad and pitiful glances. Your friends constantly want to introduce you to someone, you're always the 3rd or 5th wheel, your family keeps asking when you're going to get married, and you're known as the future crazy cat person. #foreveralone! But, hey we've been there. The world makes you feel incomplete and devalued as a person when you're "single," but we can honestly say that being single can be one of the best decisions of your life! And by decision, we mean when you CHOOSE to be single. Christine opens up about her 6 years of being single after jumping from one relationship to the next. That one decision to find THE answer has led to a life changing journey of self love + true freedom.
31 min
#35 - The Life of an Introvert with Ted Fu (tedfu)
Navigating in an extroverted world as an introvert can be exhausting. Others perceive introverts as shy, antisocial, weird, or even socially awkward is typically untrue. So what is it really like living inside the mind of an introvert? What are they really thinking... about themselves, others, and the world around them? After listening to this episode, you may realize that you got a bit of introvert all along!This week, we invited our big brother and favorite introvert Ted Fu to speak about this highly anticipated topic! Ted is known to be extremely private but we got the rare privilege to dig into his feels and talk about his experience + insecurities of being an introvert thrust into the spotlight. He shares how that has completely changed his life and perspective on himself. The more we explored our own stories, the more we began to understand that whether you're an introvert or extrovert, we have a lot more in common than we realize.
49 min
#34 - Your Greatest Responsiblity with Jennet ...
As first generation Asian Americans, we understand the sacrifices our parents have made in order for us to have the opportunities we are blessed with today. We grow up in a society that they are unfamiliar with but we must abide by traditions we are unfamiliar with. This contrasting reality leads to many unanswered questions and leave us feeling the need to sacrifice our passions to fulfill our parents' wishes. But IS it selfish to pursue a path we know feels right? Do our families truly know what's best for our future? This week, our shining light of wisdom Jennet Liaw shares her beautiful insight on how we can and should responsibly chase our dreams. We give practical tips and advice on how we got our foot in the door and why fueling your fire is the MOST responsible and USEFUL thing you can do for the world.
45 min
#33 - Not Fitting In with Dan Matthews (DANakaDAN)
Have you ever felt like no matter what you did, you just didn't quite fit in... or belong? Is it you? It is your fear of rejection or past pains? Or is it everyone else?This week our community soul brother aka Dan Matthews comes by to explore why he still feels out of place even though he has countless friends. Dan shares how he's still navigating through life trying to find and embrace his true identity. Korean adoptee aka rapper aka community leader aka host aka friend aka.. Dan.
47 min
#32 - Fake It Till You Make It with Amy Okuda (...
Our comedic soul sister Amy Okuda joins us this week to talk about confidence. The three of us may come off as confident women on the outside, but do we actually feel as confident as we look? Most people encourage the idea of faking it till you make it but how do you do that when it makes you feel like a fraud? We answer all types of questions about confidence such as where does ours come from? When do we feel least confident? How do we overcome our own doubts and insecurities? Find out this week on Perfectly Imperfect!
37 min
#31 - The Ugly Truth About Popularity with Ashl...
Not everything is what it seems. From the outside, things can look sparkly and flawless, but what is it really like on the other side? Is the grass really greener? This week, we invite our ray of sunshine soul sister, Ashley Matsunami @ashmats to explore the different masks we've each had put on since childhood and what they look like now as grown women. After digging through our past, we finally own up to ourselves and tell the true stories of why we are the way we are. Spoiler alert: Being bullied and bullying has a lot to do with it.
42 min
#30 - Disappointing Our Dads with Cassey Ho (b...
Our relationship with our dads affect every aspect of our lives, especially as women. It shapes how we see our self worth, how we give and receive love, our sense of security + self confidence, etc.. But what happens when you don't get along with you dad? How can one of the most important relationships in your life that's supposed to be filled with love and acceptance is instead filled with anger and misunderstandings? This week, we explore these exact questions with our own Asian Oprah sister, Cassey @blogilates!! She opens up about her difficult times with her dad and how it still currently impacts her self esteem. We give our best advice on how we've learned to bridge the gap and have that father daughter relationship we've all wanted.
45 min
#29 - Getting Bare Naked with THE Wesley Chan (...
This week, we sit down with our first male guest and our very dear brother friend THE Wesley Chan! We've been there for each other, through so many years of ups and downs, growth, and laughs so we wanted to sit down and reflect on what each of us are really chasing and why.When it comes to chasing perfection, we wanted to dig in deeper and explore what that means to each of us. How do we factor it into the different facets of our lives and where does it stem from? Everyone knows Wes for his artistic creativity, meticulousness, and sense of style; but what is really going on inside his head when the rest of the world sees just one side to him? Does he believe in perfection? Is he trying to prove something to others or himself? What makes him afraid of looking stupid? Turns out when it strip it down bare naked, WES ROBOT MACHINE MAN is just as human as you and me. Yas <3
45 min
#28 - Expectation vs. Reality: Pregnancy & Moth...
This week we want to give the biggest YAAASSS to a dear dear sister friend of ours... Jen (frmheadtotoe)! Jen is best known for her YouTube channel, of over 10 years, for creating beauty and lifestyle tutorials for her 1.2m fans! Throughout our friendship, we've had the privilege of having intimate talks about our struggles in the industry and our careers as women. Jen is now a first time mommy to the ADORABLE Aria June and we have TONS of questions!We dive into the expectation vs. reality of motherhood with our vastly different experiences and discuss the pressure of societal expectations for women to be mothers. Hopefully it will help change or confirm your thoughts on whether or not you want to have a baby in the future. It did for us!
45 min
#27 - Procrastinating Perfection
Ever feel the need to have and do everything as perfectly as possible? So no one will judge you, so you don't disappoint your parents, so you live up to your own expectations? Does striving for perfection prevent you from accomplishing your goals + dreams?Because you're afraid to fail, you never start that project you've always talked about or finish the ending to that script you've been working on for the past 6 months. Fear paralyzes us. We become terrified that the product isn't good enough or what we've envisioned. It's that little voice in our head that constantly reminds us that we could have been more. So how do you combat these thoughts? How do you overcome them and find the courage to start your own passion project that you've been putting off? Listen in and find out!
26 min
#26 - YOU are Meant to CHANGE the World!!
Are you feeling deflated and uninspired? Do you feel lost? This week we have our most uplifting episode yet!!We've been there (and tbh, are still climbing our way out). We definitely know how it feels to want to make an impact, to want to find your passion, and to make that difference in the world. But where do you start? How do you just start over or take any risks without having a solid plan for the future??We share our thoughts and first hand experience of learning the difference between passion and a higher purpose. That is the key to moving higher and living with intention. That is the secret to finding peace and being able to share that overwhelming joy with the world.
32 min
#25 - Finding Your Soul Mate and Home with Wend...
OMG YAAAASSS!!!! We've hit 25 episodes of PIP! We can't believe we made it! We want to thank all of you incredible, generous, and beautiful people (our PIP family) for listening and supporting us each week by sharing this very special treat: our first episode with a super special guest... the amazing and super inspirational Wendy Nguyen (wendyslookbook)! This week we talk about love, tips on why you should move to a new city, and soul mates. Wendy opens up about her own love journey with soul mates in people and cities: Do they exist? How does our belief in soul mates affect how we find love? And can we have multiple soul mates? We also share our love languages, how it has changed our love lives, and how we've learned to better communicate and receive love from others and ourselves!
38 min
#24 - The Best Life Advice
YAYY BIRTHDAY!!!! To celebrate both of our recent birthdays, we wanted to share our greatest life advice that we would give to our younger selves and YOU! Life has definitely taught us some powerful lessons and if we can do our part to make your lives a bit easier, we would happily do so. CHEERS TO OUR PERFECTLY IMPERFECT FAMILY! You guys are the best birthday present we could ever ask for... #blessed
32 min
#23 - How To Be An Influencer 101
So you want to be popular... WELCOME TO THE CLUB! So many of us grew up chasing the idea of being SOMEBODY who everyone loved and wanted to be. We all thought we would outgrow that phase in our lives after high school but now it's all about the numbers again: subscribers, followers, fans, likes, etc. that lead to "instant fame" and falsely validates our worth. We give our opinions on how popularity has shaped our perspective including what it's like to be surrounded by influencers. Believe us when we say the "glitz and glam" lifestyle isn't as shimmery and perfect as they seem on Instagram/Youtube/Snapchat/etc.
30 min
Overwhelmed. Uninspired. Exhausted. These are some of the signs that you have spread yourself too thin! We are both too familiar with the feeling and know what it's like to hit rock bottom because of overbooking. STOP. Take a moment. Breathe. You're going to get through this, but in order to do so, you have to take the time to sloooow down. We have the tendency to overestimate how much we can handle, but it's important to take a look at where you're spending your time. Is it helping you grow? Or are you doing it for the sake of others? This week we talk about our low points of being over stressed & burnt out and how we've come out the other side finding balance and fulfillment in our lives now.
30 min
FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out. Not getting invited to a party. Watching your friends hang out without you. Seeing what other people are doing and wishing you were there. Now with social media, you can watch all the fun in real time. FOMO sucks! No one likes the feeling of being left out. You're either the last one to know about something or no one even bothered inviting you in the first place. You feel lonely, hurt, excluded. The thing is, everyone experiences FOMO on some level BUT the good news is, you can do something about it. This week, we share how we've come to say goodbye to FOMO FO GOOD!
29 min
#20 - I Fight Like a GIRL
In a world that is seemingly hopeless, we can feel the odds stacked against us. So how do we win? Where do we find the strength to keep fighting? How do we make a difference? Insert... a superhero!This week, we put on our tiaras and channel our inner powers to dive into the biggest blockbuster of 2017 - Wonder Woman!! We share our thoughts about the movie, the character, & what it meant to us to see a female superhero on screen as women and women in the industry. One of our favorite quotes from Wonder Woman is "So I stay. I fight, and I give... for the world I know can be." It perfectly sums up how each of us can and will make a difference. It's when we realize that our alter ego has always been a superhero and there was always a reason we were given our powers.
32 min
#19 - DRAAAMA!!
Here's the gossip on gossip: We all do it (or have done it) and it not only hurts the people you talk about, but you're also hurting yourself in the process. Gossip fuels negativity in all our lives and robs us of having genuine connections. Even when we convince ourselves it's harmless chit chat or we're just "sharing information," it all comes down our underlying intentions. Gossip has the great ability to reveal your own insecurities and internal battles which you then project onto other people.As we had this conversation, we also discovered and admitted to a few realities of why we gossip and how we've been making the conscious effort to reframe the way we see others and situations. At the end of the day, if we want to spread more positivity and exchange meaningful ideas & visions, then gossiping has no place in our lives. And we just ain't got time for it!
29 min
#18 - I Hate My Body
For so long, the world teaches us to hate the way we look; from constantly wanting to change our natural features, to being extremely critical of every inch of our body. We constantly compare ourselves to these impossible images that we see on social/media that make us so unsatisfied with who we are. It is a daily battle to keep a positive body image of ourselves, and though we are still learning ourselves, we share how we cope with the process through self love.
33 min
#17 - How to Get Over Your Ex
This is it. You've both said goodbye and now it's hitting you that it's over. It's really over. Take a deep breath. We got you in this episode. We know too well that feeling of complete heartbreak, doubt, and loneliness. Your soul aches and yearns for your ex. Did you make the right decision? Will you be happy again? How do you let go of not just the memories that you guys shared but also ... your best friend? The one person you've come to trust and lean on the most. Who do you go to now? What do you do now?We talk about our breakups and share Christine's "How to get over an Ex" rehab program! We know you'll get there because you are worthy of the type of love you've always dreamed of #huggg
30 min
#16 - Why Do Nice Girls Date A**holes?
We've all heard that "Girls Like to Date A*holes," and as much as we would like to deny it as women, we have dated our fair share of a*holes.So what's the deal? Why do nice girls date a*holes? What's the appeal? If they really are a*holes and these nice girls deserve someone better, why do these girls continue to stay with these guys?? And what's the real story behind nice guys who turn into a*holes to get the girls? We believe these answers are something all three parties need to face (the nice guys, the a*holes, and of course the nice girls). We share our own dating stories of how we've come to recognize the signs and internal reasons why we fell for a*holes.
31 min
#15 - How to Win at Failing
What is wrong with me? Not good enough get into the university I wanted, not good enough to get a date, not good enough to land a job, not good enough be loved...NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Sound familiar? We've all had these thoughts about ourselves, and probably thought worse things in our heads. It feels like no matter how hard you try, you can't dig yourself out of this rut. We let these negative voices take over and then it's a quick downward spiral of us against the world. But here's the secret: failing and taking risks is what helps you level up in life. Achieving your impossible dreams is done by learning from your mistakes and taking that risk over and over again until you are molded and shaped to be the right key to unlock the next level. You'll then discover that life will open up and unfold in ways that you never thought possible! And it will happen to you because you were created specifically to fight and win those battles. In the meantime, take a moment to look up at the stars and breathe in how wondrous life is. It will help you see that you had the power all along to change... everything.
28 min
#14 - The NICE GIRL Story
We've all heard the nice GUY story from the "nice guy's" perspective a billion times over, but what about the woman's side of the story? What goes on in her mind as her best friend confesses his love for her? Did he ever have a chance with her? What happens when a woman gets friendzoned? And why isn't a woman's "no, I'm not interested" ever enough but instead interpreted as a challenge to try harder? This week, we channel our innermost feels to speak out as the NICE WOMEN whose voices have been lost amongst the cries of nice guys! Just because he calls himself a nice guy, doesn't make him a good person. We share our advice to all the nice people about dealing with rejection, jerks, and realizing that you deserve someone who wants you just as much as you want them! And lastly, no one, no matter what gender, should ever feel guilty about not liking someone back! Chemistry can't be earned or forced. /endrant
29 min
#13 - I'm Sorry, I Don't Know How to Say I'm Sorry
We've all been hurt before, and we've also hurt others. Most of us hate dealing with confrontation and have a really hard time apologizing, which leads us to tiptoeing around the actual situation and never actually resolving the issue.How do you get to a place where you can talk openly to the other person about your feelings and try to reach a real resolution? What if that person won't accept your apology or you're not ready to accept theirs? How do you both move on when one person refuses to forgive and forget? Can you get real closure if the other person refuses to give you one?Whether we did the hurting or need to do the apologizing, it's important for us to approach these situations with the right levels of maturity and sensitivity. Confronting a friend who hurt you takes a great deal of strength, but so does taking ownership of your actions and learning to apologize for your behavior. Regina shares her story of how she found the courage to confront her coworker in a difficult work situation and Christine finds peace within herself as she seeks a resolution for her tumultuous relationship with her dad.
25 min
#12 - The Shameful Secret
People have the tendency to disregard things that don't fit into their perfect perception of what the world is supposed to be like. They have difficulties understanding things they can't see and one of the biggest misconceptions is mental health. Everyone has dealt with mental health issues at some point or another, but so many people never address the problem directly. After a while, you begin to feel like you're in a rut; all those repressed feelings and emotions have no outlet, and it leads you to a downward spiral with only feelings of hopelessness. This week, we discuss our experiences with mental health and how we dealt with life after our diagnoses. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone, you are strong, and you will get through this.
31 min
#11 - Emotionally Exhausted: Am I Weak?
Emotions, we all have them but society makes us believe that it's a sign of weakness to show them. At work you're expected to never get angry, in a relationship you're expected to act coy, and with friends you're expected to always be happy. This game becomes exhausting and by the end of it you don't even remember what you actually felt in the first place. It takes a great deal of maturity and strength to understand your emotions and fully utilize them to live your truth freely and openly. We talk about how we've learned to embrace our emotions and open up about how we feel when we feel it. And in the process, how you can find your passion and life's purpose!
28 min
#10 - Friendship Status: It's Complicated
Having a BFFL is one of the strongest bonds we can have! Someone who you can, without a doubt, count on and vice versa. As we grow through the different stages of our lives, we outgrow many things… can friendships be one of them? What happens when we start to grow apart from our friends? What if you realize your relationship isn't the same as before? When do you know when to fight for a friendship and when it's time to say goodbye? How do you deal with losing or letting go of a bestie?
24 min
#9 - Family Feud: My Parents Just Don't Underst...
When it comes to family, it often feels like you're living amongst strangers rather than you are your own blood. Why don't they understand you and what makes you happy? Why does everything always end up in a fight or huge disappointments? How can we learn to express ourselves honestly without the weight of resentment, bitterness, and anger of past memories getting in the way? We all want to reach that point where we can have that kind of understanding with our parents and genuinely love each other for who we really are, flaws and all. Truth is, they feel the same way.Listen as we share our own personal journeys with our parents, current struggles, and how we've learned to balance doing what we're passionate about while breaking down the barriers with our family.
30 min
#8 - Expectation vs. Reality: Life in Your 20s
Welcome to your 20's! You have now entered the wonderful world of ADULTING! But things aren't what you expected them to be. You're not alone. We all had grand dreams of what would happen and how it would feel like when it did (love, relationships, friendships, career). But what happens when "it" doesn't transpire at all or you didn't end up feeling the way you thought you would when "it" did? Is adulting disappointing after all? Was it all better in our heads and in our fantasies?On one hand, reality can be very sobering. On the other, it can also unlock life's abundant possibilities which are even better than your fantasies... because it's real! It just won't happen the way you pictured it. But as soon as you let go of that, life truly becomes limitless.
30 min
#7 - Post Grad Struggles: I Don't Know What I'm...
Congrats, you've graduated! Now what? You're lost, confused, and the harder you try the more it feels like you're going absolutely nowhere. It's the pre-quarter life crisis and whether you're either unemployed or trying to figure out if you enjoy the path you've chosen, let's be real, adulting is HARD. We talk about how we found our way through our own paths and all the things we wish we knew back then that would have helped us enjoy the beginning of this beautiful journey of self discovery.
27 min
#6 - Break Up & Wake Up: Red Flags You're In a ...
This week, we talk about love, relationships, and friendships and just how toxic they can be. We've had our fair share of letting bad people stay in our lives longer than we should of because of the fear of being alone, settling, convincing ourselves this is as good as it gets, or chasing a fairytale. What are the signs of a toxic relationship? What are some red flags you shouldn't ignore? And how do you break up with someone in a thoughtful and considerate way?It's never easy to let go of someone you've loved. But you have to ask yourself, are you more afraid giving up on the idea of someone or facing reality. Admitting and facing the truth is the hardest part. However, once you can be honest with yourself then you open up that space for true self love to come into your life.
31 min
#5 - Selfish vs. Selfless: Where is the Balance?
There comes a point in every people pleaser's life when we stop and wonder to ourselves, am I doing this for me or ... for you? We often find ourselves essentially living someone else's life to make others happy as we become more and more miserable. This week, we chat about what it means to be selfishly selfless. Where is the balance between doing what's expected of you vs. what makes YOU happy? We share how we've learned to say no and take back what's important to us so we're able to live our happiest life now!
33 min
#4 - Career Advice No One Gave Me
We all fantasize about landing our dream job and spend most of our lives working to define who we are, our self worth and value. People chase money, power, and success because they believe their dream jobs will give them all that. But will it actually lead to the one thing we're all ultimately chasing - happiness? This week we share our stories of landing our dream jobs and the realities behind the fantasy. We give our best tips of how to win at work on your own terms and the heads up we wished we had gotten before we had started working. Your sense of self and purpose comes from the moments you step up and stand for your truth. And when you do that, you stand with others by your side, and that is happiness. Just remember, even dreams are perfectly imperfect.
34 min
#3 - What's Holding You Back?
Have you ever thought to yourself, why do I always do that? Life is so unfair. I feel stuck! Everyone seems to have it all figured out except me. Well, we've definitely been there too. This week, we share how we break free from our perceived limitations and insecurities that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential. We unlock our past and delve into the significant moments that have shaped us into who we are and make us realize why we do the things we do. Spoiler alert: You're not who you think you are.
33 min
#2 - You Can't Sit With Us
Why are we so mean to each other? From being immature kids to now petty adults, our need to gossip and tear each other down has gotten worse. We want to dig deeper into the reasons why see each other as competition instead of a potential real friend. When did we stop empowering each other and start being so catty? How do we get to a place where we can genuinely be happy for each others' success and not feel that someone else's shine takes away from your own? We take down the myth of the glory of being Queen Bee and why true female friendships are the answers to your success.
25 min
#1 - Why is Everyone Else So Perfect?
Welcome to the first episode of PERFECTLY IMPERFECT! We wanted to jump right in and talk about one of the biggest struggles we have and the inspiration behind our podcast name: how to love yourself...flaws and all!We grow up constantly being compared to others and defining our worth based on other peoples’ standards. We become unhappy and our own worst critic because we try to chase this fictitious goal of being perfect. Join in as we share how we've come to love who we are.
27 min