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Alex Barth of 98.5 the Sports Hub is joined by fellow Patriots Beat writers to bring you the most in depth analysis of the 6-Time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Patriots Beat delivers incisive Football analysis and covers some of the biggest storylines surrounding the Patriots. The Podcast also welcomes in some of the most widely recognized NFL insiders and analysts in the business. And with in-season coverage recapping and previewing every game, Patriots Beat provides all the ins and outs of every possible angle and storyline both during and out-of-season. NEW EPISODES every Tuesday & Thursday on wherever you get your podcasts and

187: Ben Natan on Aaron Hernandez, Corners in t...
1:25- RB talk 8:10- Aaron Hernandez 11:59- Ben Natan of Bleeding Green Nation  
27 min
186: Scott Carasik on Running Backs, NFL Draft,...
1:25- RB talk 8:10- Jimmy Garoppolo 11:59- Draft day trades 13:01- Scott Carasik draft talk
29 min
185: Jack Ross on Trade Rumors, Draft Day and R...
1:25- Welcome Jack Ross 8:10- Why have there been so many trade rumors? 11:59- Draft day trades 28:00- Next show  
35 min
184: Marshawn Lynch, LeGarrette Blount and TEs ...
1:25- LeGarrette Blount discussion 8:10- Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman Talk 11:59- TE Breakdown 28:00- Next show
20 min
183: Richard Sherman, CBs to Draft and Sleepers...
1:25- Richard Sherman talk 11:59- CB Breakdown 28:00- Next show
27 min
182: Jerod Brown on Dont'a Hightower Deal, poss...
1:25- LB, Adrian Peterson Talk 11:59- Jerod Brown interview 18:00- Show update
32 min
181: Justis Mosqueda on Defensive Ends, DeShone...
1:25- DE Talk 11:59- Justis Mosqueda interview 18:00- Show update  
31 min
180: Charles McDonald on Malcolm Brown, Vincent...
1:25- DT Talk 08:59- Charles interview 18:00- Show update  
26 min
179: Will Darrelle Revis Return to the Patriots...
1:25- Darrelle Revis talk 08:59- Malcolm Butler break down 18:00- Show update  
24 min
178: Chad Finn on Malcolm Butler, favorite move...
1:25- Jack Ross FA break down 12:00- best FA signing so far 18:00- Worst FA signing so far 37:51- Chad Finn interview
54 min
177: Donta Hightower & Malcolm Butler Situation...
1:21- Hightower contract breakdown 8:47- Malcolm Butler update 12:30- What’s next? 17:53- Adam Bogdan interview
35 min
176: Ben Volin on Brandin Cooks, Stephon Gilmor...
1:20- Cooks and Gilmore breakdown 8:24- Discussion over players who left 10:53- Hightower and Butler news 21:59- Ben Volin interview
39 min
175: Stephon Gilmore To New England Patriots w/...
1:03- Gilmore breakdown 8:24- Hightower and Butler breakdown 10:26- Dwayne Allen trade talk 21:49- Nick O’Malley interview
37 min
174: NFL Draft Combine w/ Henry McKenna | Bran...
1:30- Brandin Cooks wrap up 8:10- Combine chatter 10:26- Logan Ryan replacements 19:32- Henry McKenna draft talk
38 min
173: NFL Free Agency Preview | Kevin Duffy on N...
2:00- Pats news of the week  3:30- Jimmy G trade talk 6:46- Full free agency preview 17:48- Kevin Duffy Free agency talk
43 min
172: Safeties | 2016 Patriots Player Grades w/...
1:49- Brian Daboll news 2:47- Devin McCourty Season discussion 5:22- Duron Harmon future 8:10- Future of the Safety position 13:05- Tyler Trudeau Safety grades
29 min
171: Cornerbacks | 2016 Patriots Player Grades ...
1:21- Malcolm Butler free agent future  8:51- Logan Ryan destination 14:07- Doug Moore CB grades
42 min
170: Linebackers & Defensive Line | 2016 Patrio...
1:15- Dont’a Hightower free agent future  8:29- DL draft talk grades 15:01- Mike Nice Grades and depth breakdown
40 min
169: Running Backs & Offensive Line | 2016 Patr...
2:10- Brian Daboll discussion 5:04- Harris’ RB grades 10:46- OL grades  16:42- Sam Benson Smith interview and grades
40 min
168: Quarterbacks & Wide Receivers | 2016 Patri...
1:06- QB grades 6:45- Jimmy G trade talk 12:30 WR grades 19:30 Danny Amendola roster question 24:49 Mike Reiss interview
42 min
167: Super Bowl LI Review | Tom Brady GOAT Stat...
1:00-Regular Season review 09:09-Post season review  18:36-Super Bowl review
28 min
166: Super Bowl LI Predictions | New England Pa...
1:00-Harris’ prediction 10:18-Tyler’s prediction 21:10-Marv’s prediction 30:30- Mike Alongi’s prediction 42:28- Mike Nice prediction
53 min
165: Are Patriots Greatest Dynasty Ever w/ Supe...
It is Thursday of Super Bowl week, which means we are just three days away from the big game, Super Bowl LI. This will be the seventh Super Bowl that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have played in over the past 15 years, and they have a chance to win...
29 min
164: Atlanta Falcons: Behind Enemy Lines | Scot...
It is Wednesday of Super Bowl week and the talk is starting to turn more to what could happen on the field. Today we break down all things Atlanta Falcons, one of the most potent offenses the Patriots have faced. Can this offense put up points against...
42 min
163: Media Day for Super Bowl LI | Tom Brady, B...
The NFL held "Super Bowl LI Opening Night" on Monday night in Houston, which combined Media Day with ceremonies and concerts at MinuteMaid Park, home of the Houston Astros. Tom Brady told the media he "sees no end in sight" in terms of his career,...
44 min