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We provide new parents with practical information to help preserve their sanity. Both moms and dads discuss common parenting concerns for their toddlers. With the help of our experts, parents get the superhero strength they need to tackle the world, and the next dirty diaper.

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Showing Favoritism with Your Kids
How does favoritism impact your children and the relationship they have with you as well as their siblings?
34 min
Tummy Time for Infant Development
What are some great exercises to do during tummy time? What are some of the common problems parents face?
40 min
Toddlers and Tantrums
Why do little kids throw these bursts of rage in the first place?
38 min
Baby Names and Baby Name Remorse
What do you do if you later decide to change your baby's name, possibly due to remorse?
32 min
Water Safety: Lessons for Survival
Today we're exploring some tips on how to keep your children safe when around water.
37 min
Technology and Your Toddler
With all this modern technology, how do we continue to provide a safe environment for our kids but still allow them to learn and have fun on our smartphones, tablets and all the other gadgets on the market?
33 min
Fun Summer Activities for Kids
We've got some fun activities you can do at home to help keep your kids entertained!
31 min
The Importance of Infant CPR
What exactly is infant CPR and how does it differ from adult CPR?
30 min
Fathers Day Special- Ask Dad Anything!
We asked our facebook fans what questions they had for dads everywhere, and we have a great all-dad panel that's prepared to answer them!
33 min
Preparing for Your Pediatrician Appointments
The average parent gets only 15 minutes of face time with their pediatrician, so how can you make the most of it?
29 min
Sunscreen Safety for Kids
How do we protect the delicate skin of our little ones? How old does your child have to be to use sunscreen?
35 min
Taking Your Child to the Emergency Room
What type of injuries require a trip to the emergency room as opposed to urgent care?
33 min
The Realities of Single Parenting
What are some of the main challenges associated with being a single parent? What are some of the common misconceptions?
38 min
Building Confidence in Your Kids
Why is it important to raise confident children? What steps can you take to improve confidence in your kids whenever possible?
40 min
Attachment Parenting: The Basics
So, how exactly does attachment parenting work? What are the main principles?
28 min
Creating and Organizing Your Family Calendar
There are lots of different apps to help you keep track of everything, so how do you determine which one is best for your family?
46 min
Baby Skin Conditions: All About Rashes
Where did these bumps come from? What caused it? And is it serious?
35 min
Sibling Fighting: How To Keep the Peace
What are some of the positive and negative consequences of sibling rivalry that can sometimes lead to fights?
41 min
Making Baths Fun and Safe for Kids
We'll explore some tips to help keep your kids safe, all while having fun and teaching them valuable lessons to help make them self-sufficient.
33 min
Feeding Your Child: Picky Eaters
Why are some children pickier than others?
42 min
The Dirty on Diapers
How do you choose what diapers are best for your family?
36 min
Simple Baby Food Recipes
What are the benefits of making your own food? What are the easiest foods for them to eat?
31 min
Baby Skin Conditions: Common Skin Irritations
What are the most common ailments new baby's encounter? How can you recognize them?
38 min
Childcare Options for Working Parents
How do you determine what type of childcare is best for you and your baby? What factors should you consider?
32 min
The Milk Mystery
What are some of the biggest milk myths? Plus, what are some alternatives to cow's milk that might be a better fit for your family?
34 min
Cloth Diapers: Getting Started
What exactly are the current cloth diaper styles available? How do they differ from one another?
33 min
Speech Development in Toddlers
How do you know if your child is having difficulty with speech development?
35 min
Newborn Screening Tests
Which tests are commonly offered and why? How and when are the tests done?
32 min
Sex After Kids?
How do you make sex a priority in your relationship after having kids? What are men (and women) really thinking before they hit the sheets?
33 min
Your Baby's Vision
How do you know if your child's vision is reaching necessary milestones?
25 min
Home Schooling Your Toddler
How has homeschooling changed over the years? What resources are available to you?
33 min
Baby Skin Conditions: Eczema
What's really happening when your baby develops eczema? How early can symptoms appear?
34 min
Power Struggles with Your Children
What typically triggers power struggles in infants and toddlers? What are some strategies for defining and measuring good (and bad) behavior?
32 min
Know Your Work Benefits: FMLA, FSA and More!
What exactly is the Family Medical Leave Act and how does it work? Plus, saving money with Flexible Spending Accounts and more!
28 min
Terrible Twos or Terrific Twos?
How can we turn the "terrible twos" into the "terrific twos"?
37 min
Ease Your Child's Separation Anxiety
What typically triggers separation anxiety in our kids? Do babies react differently than toddlers?
29 min
Music and Movement for Children
What are some great musical activities you can do with your kids?
34 min
Toddler Playdates: What to Expect
How do you find a group that's right for you and your child? Is there some sort of playdate etiquette you should know about?
31 min
Potty-Training Girls and Boys
How do you know if your child is ready? And perhaps more importantly, how do you know if you're ready?
40 min
Debunking "Only Child" Myths
Why are more and more families planning to have only one child? What are some of the benefits and trade-offs of siblings? Is only "lonely"?
36 min
Montessori Learning Environment for Baby
We're learning about the importance of bringing these tools into your home so you can better understand you baby's developmental needs.
36 min
Circumcision: The Intact Perspective
What are some of the benefits of keeping your child's foreskin intact? Should you be concerned about potential health risks, such as disease and overall cleanliness?
35 min
Co-Parenting: When Parents Disagree
How do you avoid fighting in front of your kids? What do you do when the conversation gets too "heated"?
39 min
Celebrating Halloween with Infants and Toddlers
We're chatting with some experienced moms to see how they celebrate this spooky holiday with their little ones.
28 min
Yoga For Kids
Learn more about the benefits of kid yoga and how it's attracting children from all over the world.
26 min
Baby Proofing Your Home
What are the most important items to baby-proof in your home? Are there certain items that can't be secured? Plus, how do you baby-proof outside your home?
34 min
Misbehaving Toddlers: Tips, Tricks and Advice
What are the main reasons toddlers misbehave? What common mistakes do most new parents make?
33 min
Creating Busy Bags for Kids
How do you keep older children occupied without handing them some sort of electronic device? They're called "busy bags" and creating some in advance might just save your sanity.
36 min
How Young Children Impact Our Marriages
What are the most common ways children impact our marriages? And how can we lessen the impact of all this child chaos and the effect it has on our relationship with our spouse?
39 min
Buying New Versus Used for Your Kids
What items are best to resell and which ones should you definitely buy new? Where can you find the best deals?
38 min
Public Libraries: A Great Resource for New Parents
What type of parenting resources are typically available? And what is library etiquette when it comes to small babies, infants and toddlers?
38 min
Internet Safety: Overexposing Our Kids
Are we unintentionally overexposing our children online? Is social media really to blame? And what steps can we take to keep them safe and secure?
37 min
Gluten Free Parenting
How can going gluten-free potentially help your family? How do you make the transition and what are some of the common challenges?
32 min
Using the Public Restrooms with Kids
What are some practical tips to help you stay focused so you (and your kids) can do your business and get in and out as quickly as possible?
46 min
Germs: Friend or Foe For Your Family
Germs are probably all over your home- but does it really matter? Do we really need to be lathering our kids up with antibacterial wipes and disinfectants?
44 min
Chores for Your Toddler
What kind of activities can you do with your little helpers that are actually chores? What can you to make these experiences as fun as possible?
38 min
Top 10 Theme Park Safety Tips
What should your child do if he becomes lost? Plus, what should you as a parent know if your kids are old enough to go on rides.
35 min
Geocaching: Family Fun in Nature
What are the basics of geocaching? How do you start your own family adventure?
33 min
How to Survive Road Trips with Kids
How can you beat the boredom and the dreaded question "Are we there yet?"
39 min
Electronic Games, Toys and Tablets: Do They Work?
We'll break down common fears many parents face and we'll look at new research that suggests this type of learning is more helpful than harmful.
41 min
When Your Child Is Missing: The First 48 Hours
What actually happens after you dial 9-1-1? And what can you proactively do to help law enforcement find your child?
33 min
Distant Families: Ways to Stay in Touch
We'll explore some simple ways parents can strengthen and maintain the connection with their child when away.
35 min
Family Game Night Ideas
We're chatting about what games their kids like the most!
40 min
Baby Skin Conditions: Common Skin Issues, Birth...
What common skin issues can new parents expect? How are these problems commonly treated?
39 min
Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
Is bickering and fighting amongst siblings inevitable?
36 min
Preparing Toddlers for Preschool
What can you do to prepare your little one for the big day? How can you help make drop-off go smoothly (with less tears)?
34 min
Feeding Your Child: Common Food Allergies
What symptoms and signs should new parents look for in their children?
36 min
Keeping Babies Safe: Portable Cribs and Play yards
As a new parent, what do you need to know about play yard safety?
32 min
Do I Need a Will or Trust to Protect My Child?
What's the difference between a will and trust? How do you decide who should have guardianship of your child?
36 min
The Dad's Guide to Your Baby's First Year
Many first-time dads are rightfully nervous about how life will change with fatherhood. How will your relationship with your spouse evolve?
37 min
Exploring Parenting Styles from Other Countries
What lessons can we apply from parents in other countries to help our children?
32 min
Toddler Naps: Dos and Don'ts
How often should your child be napping, and for how long?
38 min
Signs of a Spoiled Child
How do you actually know if you're spoiling your children?
34 min
Children and Type 2 Diabetes
What are the common risk factors and what are some subtle symptoms to look for in your children?
30 min
Baby Steps to Chemical Free Cleaning
We've switched out our common cleaning products for some all-natural homemade recipes. Find out how well they worked!
30 min
Feeding Your Child: Eating in Public
How do you deal with potential meltdowns, children who refuse to eat and a table (and floor) covered in food?
33 min
Sensory and Dietary Issues in Children
What do you do when your child has sensory and dietary issues?
33 min
Baby Sleep Solutions: 6-12 Months
What does a "normal" sleep pattern look like for 6-12 month old?
34 min
Saving Money on Childcare
What are your options when saving money for childcare?
36 min
Overcoming Isolation with a New Baby
How do you break away from the isolation and loneliness felt with a new baby?
32 min
Balancing Your Schedule with Multiple Children
How do you handle balancing your own personal schedule as well as the family schedule?
32 min
Autism: Testing, Therapies and Services
What does it mean if your child is diagnosed with having a disorder on the spectrum?
29 min
Autism: Prevention, Detection and Medication
So, what exactly is autism?
29 min
Creating Family Traditions
How do you make something a tradition?
33 min
Top 5 Potty-Training Mistakes
What are potty-training parents doing wrong?
32 min
Spice Up Your Marriage After Kids
Your sex life isn't over after kids, right?
35 min
Childhood Obesity: Help Your Child Maintain a H...
How do you pick nutritious versus convenient foods?
42 min
Playdate Etiquette for Parents
Learn how to initiate and run a playdate!
33 min
Halloween: Safety and Secrets for Toddlers
How do you transition your little ones into this fun, yet sometimes scary, time of year?
37 min
Coping with Your Child's Serious Diagnosis
As a parent, how do you explain the situation to your child? How can a serious diagnosis impact the relationship with your spouse and other siblings?
28 min
Circumcision: The Facts, Benefits and Risks
What are the potential advantages and disadvantages? How can your child's age make a difference? And why is the procedure considered so controversial?
38 min
Elimination Communication: Going Diaperless!
How do you train newborns to use a potty? Doesn't it get messy?
33 min
Baby Sleep Solutions: Newborns 0-5 Months
In this series, we'll explore some great ideas for new parents during this tough transitional time- starting with newborns ages 0-5 months.
37 min
The New Breed of Dads
How are today's dads different than our own dads? Plus, we'll explore ways moms and dads can work together and be successful at work and at home.
29 min
Healing after Traumatic Birth
How do you resolve this emotional and sometimes physical conflict? How can you successful push forward and even start to plan for more children?
35 min
Postpartum Depression: A Guide for New Dads
What are some of the triggers of PPPD? What are some of the symptoms and how is it treated?
36 min
Baby Sleep Solutions: Sleeping Through the Night
What are the secrets to getting your baby to sleep through the night? What three elements contribute to the right kind of sleep?
34 min
Baby Vaccine Basics
What is the recommended vaccine schedule for newborns and toddlers? What are the benefits and what are the risks? Learn the facts so you can make educated decisions for your child.
35 min
Feeding Your Child: Healthy Eating Strategies
How can your infant or toddler's eating habits impact them throughout their lives? What do parents struggle with most when it comes to healthy eating? Plus, great, nutritious snacks your kids are sure to love!
38 min
Babywearing Basics: Which Carrier is Best For You?
Why is babywearing so important? What are the different types of carriers and how do you use them? Plus safety tips for keeping your baby nice and secure.
32 min