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The End... Again?
Godfrey's back, Richard's leaving and we're not sure about much else. Oh also the NFL Draft is this week.
53 min
PAPN Talks: App State’s Shawn Clark on maintain...
Richard and Alex talk with new Appalachian State head coach Shawn Clark.
46 min
UAB’s Bill Clark on coaching through chaos (and...
42 min
#AskPAPN: Anyone wanna talk about college footb...
92 min
What happens to college sports after COVID-19?
Richard and Alex talk to Matt Brown, proprietor of the Extra Points newsletter and longtime college sports person for SB Nation.
53 min
How colorful is your college football team?
Alex and Richard are joined by Ced Funches to talk about the world of college football logo design.
52 min
It's time to go to Klass about quarterbacks
Richard and Alex are joined by Derrik Klassen, of Rotoworld and Football Outsiders to talk about quarterback play.
68 min
PAPN goes to the NFL Combine
44 min
A conversation with the 2019 Piesman Winner and...
Changes to transfer waivers, Joe Burrow's leverage, and more
57 min
Let's talk about a former Idaho player who deci...
Richard has a conversation with Nate Scott of USA Today sports about his true crime podcast called “The Sneak” (which you should listen to right after this episode).
54 min
#AskPAPN: What does Michigan State do now? And ...
Bud and Richard come to you on this legacy Signing Day wondering whether the early signing period is in fact too late.
69 min
The (Almost) All XFL Episode!
Richard and Godfrey preview the BIG GAME LOL NOPE they're gonna scour the XFL rosters (debuting next week!) for the most college football friendly rooting interests possible.
64 min
#AskPAPN: USC is still a mess, Auburn is still ...
Richard and Godfrey dive into some offseason #AskPAPN.
45 min
PAPN goes to AFCA
Go Tigah.
47 min
Emergency Conference Call: Mississippi State hi...
Ask not for whom the cowbells toll!
40 min
PAPN: Oh Look, It's Baylor, Mississippi State, ...
Richard and Godfrey pick apart Mississippi State's firing of Joe Moorhead, the timing of its next hire and what Baylor will do after Matt Rhule.
51 min
A PAPN New Year: Ohio State's TV ratings, Kentu...
Plus several proposals on how to mix up bowl season that nobody in power will listen to.
78 min
It's a Wonderful #AskPAPN, Part 2
Hope you're good and sluggish from all that holiday'in.
45 min
It's a Wonderful #AskPAPN, Part 1
Richard and Bud join Godfrey for the first of two #AskPAPN installments to help ease your holiday travels.
50 min
BOWL SEASON STARTS NOW! (It's not great but we'...
Bud, Richard and Godfrey plow through the entire bowl slate and uh, well... it's football. At least some of it.
48 min
CROOTMAS COMES EARLY! Your Early Signing Day Guide
Bud joins Godfrey to break down the trends, winners and surprises of Early Signing Day.
44 min
All Silly Season: Lane Kiffin, Mike Norvell, an...
Richard and Godfrey recap, explain and pick apart the searches that finished up over the weekend and the variety of jobs still left open. Oh, and the NFL hasn't ended yet, so don't act like this mess is ending anytime soon.
47 min
The Selection Sunday Hurry-Up: Let's Start Narr...
Dabo Disrespect levels continue to rise!
39 min
Week 15 Tasting Menu: Of Course We Knew We'd Be...
Godfrey, Richard and Bud close out the 2019 Tasting Menu with a lengthy, well-rounded trip through 1. Actual football games, 2. Tons of coaching news and rumors and 3. Playoff conjecture galore. Everything and anything is a topic this week. Enjoy it.
88 min
The Week 14 BLACK SUNDAY Hurry-Up: Playoffs. Bo...
Thank you, Ole Miss, for firing your coach before this got recorded and not after.
95 min
Week 14 Tasting Menu: TURKEY IS NIGH. SO ARE TH...
Bud, Richard, and Godfrey pick through the holiday rivalry week and look for the quality games (A&M vs. LSU! Cincy vs. Memphis! The Commonwealth Cup!) while trying not to frame everything around that pesky playoff.
59 min
PAPN Special: everything you'd ever want to kno...
On a special episode of PAPN, Richard and Godfrey interview search firm veteran Chad Chatlos of Ventura Partners. No longer a fad, these firms are now a fact of life in coaching searches.
61 min
The Week 13 Hurry-Up: Oregon Died, Georgia Just...
Get your Herm Edwards Hire receipts out!
31 min
Week 13 Tasting Menu: How To Survive the SoCon ...
Richard, Godfrey and Bud pick through the especially slim SoCon Saturday and find Indiana vs. Michigan, Texas A&M and Georgia, some high quality G5 and THE RETURN OF #ASKPAPN.
61 min
Silly Season, Round 4: Let's go ALL HOG
Richard and Godfrey debate Arkansas' place in the SEC, it's value as a program outside of it and where the Hogs could go after almost a decade of bad coaching moves.
38 min
The Week 12 Hurry Up: LSU's defense, Georgia's ...
If you go to Iowa, prepare to become Iowa.
33 min
Week 12 Tasting Menu: Baylor, Let's Figure You ...
Richard, Bud and Godfrey sort through a Week 12 that starts strong in the morning and uh... maybe do a date night or volunteer in the evening or something.
65 min
The Week 11 Hurry-Up: LSU Wins, Alabama Survive...
(Yup, Chad Morris got fired basically right after Godfrey and Richard finished recording this.)
45 min
Week 11 Tasting Menu: It's LSU and Bama. There'...
Richard, Bud and Godfrey can't ignore the magnitude of LSU at Bama, but there's still some other stuff to pick at.
62 min
Silly Season, Round 3: Arkansas Is Historically...
coaching rumors in the Ozarks, Greg Sçhiano and Rutgers, and what USC might do with our without Urban.
29 min
Florida State Fires Willie Taggart
28 min
The Week 10 Hurry-Up: The Pac-12 Is In The Play...
Oregon and Utah keep doing their best to keep the Pac-12's reputation alive.
33 min
Week 10 Tasting Menu: It's Pac-12 Elimination W...
Bud, Richard and Godfrey are telling you to SKIP THE MORNING GAMES in Week 11 and dive into a bounty of Florida vs. Georgia, USC vs. Oregon, Washington vs. Utah and a host of other narrative friendly affairs
78 min
The Week 9 Hurry-Up: LSU finds a new way to win...
Please note that Oregon punting late from the Washington State 33 does NOT go unnoticed.
27 min
Week 9 Tasting Menu: Let's trick Penn State! Le...
Bud, Richard and Godfrey pick up on yesterday's coaching discussion with a long look at what's going on with Willie Taggart and the 'Noles.
67 min
Silly Season, Round 2: Rutgers is STILL the mos...
Richard & Godfrey talk about the coaching and staff situations in Rutgers, Old Dominion, Arkansas, and more
38 min
The Week 8 Hurry-Up: Oregon got bonafide, Wisco...
The Pac-12 really isn't as bad as you think!
33 min
Week 8 Tasting Menu: Can Oregon The Pac-12 Rele...
Richard, Bud and Godfrey want you to watch SMU and Temple because it's a "Gameday" quality affair that dumb old Michigan had interrupt
62 min
Silly Season, Round 1: Jobs are opening! Let's ...
Richard and Godfrey look at college's football's sole opening, Rutgers, as well as USC, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Ole Miss and Arkansas.
38 min
The Week 7 Hurry-Up: LSU is exceptional, Florid...
Spencer Hall joins Godfrey to marvel at LSU's offensive efficiency and explosiveness.
30 min
Week 7 Tasting Menu: CONSUME (almost) EVERYTHIN...
Bud and Richard JOIN FORCES to prepare viewing, gambling and hollerin' recommendations for a fantastic weekend of games.
85 min
The Week 6 Hurry-Up: Michigan's offense is stil...
Godfrey's on the road this week, so Ryan Nanni fills in with Richard to talk about Minnesota's first non-nail biter, Washington stumbling hard, Michigan winning but looking broken on offense, and Bo Nix's Very Bad Day.
34 min
Week 6 Tasting Menu: Auburn and Oregon could be...
The tasting menu warns you against ugly things like whatever Ohio State will do to Michigan State and tells you to spend some time with... Illinois and Minnesota?
68 min
The Week 5 Hurry-Up: Clemson made mistakes! Bay...
Richard and Godfrey set the table of playoff teams, maybe playoff teams and everyone else.
29 min
Week 5 Tasting Menu: Let's figure out Baylor, C...
74 min
#AskPAPN: The state of (Southern) California fo...
Godfrey & Richard discuss USC and UCLA, Bud answers your questions about Mountain West, App State, Boise, and SMU
69 min
The Week 4 Hurry-Up: Notre Dame is good but not...
Right now, we've got some really, really good teams, some pretty good teams, and a whole lot of who knows.
31 min
Week 4 Tasting Menu: Should we... thank(?) Notr...
There’s good football all day long this Saturday! Let’s plan a bountiful day of viewing with Bud and Richard
78 min
#AskPAPN: Is Neal Brown a wizard? Is Dave Doere...
NC State loss to WV, and talks about Oklahoma, Nebraska, Purdue, and more!
60 min
The Week 3 Hurry-Up: The Wonderful, Awful Relia...
A low-stakes week of weird side stories didn’t disappoint.
25 min
Week 3 Tasting Menu: Look, it’s a buffet OK? T...
Week 3 is uh... unique? Let’s not kid ourselves, this is territory for hardcores only.
84 min
#AskPAPN: Why we (don't really) hate Notre Dame...
Richard and Bud join the return of #AskPAPN
75 min
The Week 2 Hurry-Up: Anarchy in the Pac-12
Richard gives in to Joe Burrow Hype, Ohio State and Michigan have extremely opposite days, and Les Miles is still Les Miles.
25 min
Week 2 Tasting Menu: Texas The Scrappy Underdog...
Week 2 Tasting Menu: Texas The Scrappy Underdog Meets Offensive Innovators LSU
96 min
The Week 1 Hurry-Up: Oh no, Tennessee
We were wrong about some teams, and right about others, and so it will be forever!
25 min
Week 1 Tasting Menu: Let's binge Auburn, Oregon...
Week 1 Tasting Menu: Let's binge Auburn, Oregon, Houston and Oklahoma and cut those Notre Dame carbs
75 min
PAPN BONUS: The Interactive FCS Upset Draft!
PAPN BONUS: The Interactive FCS Upset Draft!
36 min
PAPN Talks: Bryan Harsin
PAPN Talks: Bryan Harsin
52 min
Combo Episode! Week Zero Tasting Menu & PAPN Ta...
Combo Episode! Week Zero Tasting Menu & PAPN Talks: Sean Lewis
79 min
PAPN Talks: Luke Fickell
PAPN Talks: Luke Fickell
53 min
PAPN Talks: Nick Rolovich & Mike Bobo
Head coaches from Hawaii and Colorado State stop by to talk
49 min
PAPN 2.0 Preseason: On Blue Chips and Bird Shit
Recruiting math, arrests and media day feuds: It's still the offseason.
78 min
2.0 PAPN Preseason: Cord Cutting For The Broke-...
2.0 PAPN Preseason: Cord Cutting For The Broke-ish & Congrats, Vegas Fired Your Coach
91 min
2.0 Preseason: Polls Are Awful, Coach Gossip Is...
A modest proposal to rein in the stupidity of polls
79 min
2.0 Preseason: Let’s Talk About Football With N...
99 min
This isn't goodbye, it's merely the end of vers...
A walkthrough of this year's Athlon preview mag (with Athlon's Mitch Light), a visit with an editor, #AskPAPN, a WILD BOX SCORE APPEARANCE, and ... an announcement from a co-host.
135 min
Preemptive outrage, NCStating, future realignme...
Finishing looks at the MWC and ACC and taking questions on Geoff Collins, Illinois, Liberty, and the blessed Wisconsin DC job.
73 min
Who Rebounds? vs. Who Sustains their Gains?
A deep dive into all things (non-Clemson) ACC in 2019.
107 min
The world's only pro football podcast
Thoughts about this week's NFL Draft, forecasting the bottom half of the MWC, and answering questions on Penn State, Rutgers, Arkansas, and more
79 min
Memphis, Kendal Briles, run-game coordinators, ...
Power ranking the top of the AAC and taking reader questions about assistant coaches, Florida State, etc.
86 min
Charity drives, Big12+, Joey Lauren Adams, and ...
A preview of the bottom half of the AAC for 2019, plus a charity drive and a look at the Big 12's new ESPN+ deal
94 min
Curses, deli trays, the triple, and don't crash...
Curses are real, more teams should run the triple option, and let's power rank the Sun Belt!
82 min
Doomed podcasts, G.A.T.A., and the latest Big! ...
2019 Sun Belt team previews and the latest on the Pac-12's quest for money
58 min
Pods, the hardest schedules, Aunt Becky, and AL...
2019 Conference USA power rankings, pod scheduling, the hardest schedules on record, Tennessee as sleeping giant, and tsk tsk tsk, Aunt Becky.
80 min
Nerds, coaches, Jim Delany, and the WORST. COLL...
Further C-USA preview talk, a Sloan Conference recap, truly awful college football teams, and the latest #AskPAPN goodies.
84 min
Minor league football, year zeroes, cryin' rass...
A look at the bottom half of Conference USA, plus AAF, Mike Leach, Year Zeroes, sleeping giants, and the Sloan Conference in Boston.
84 min
Oh, what must it be like to discover Twitter at...
MAC power rankings, the latest in Stupid Bickering Between Auburn and Georgia, and a particularly noteworthy fight with a certain aging sportswriter.
101 min
MACtion, Peter Warrick, and don't call the Hogs...
Previewing MAC football for 2019 and taking listener questions.
89 min
The NCAA united the Mizzou fan base, and oh no ...
A look at Bret Bielema's pro coaching prospects, the NCAA's Mizzou sanctions, Southern Miss' fraught offensive coordinator search, and changes being made to S&P+.
75 min
Virginia Tech might not be screwed, Texas fans ...
A review of college football returning production for 2019 and a quick perusal of the Week 1 slate. Looks good!
75 min
Coaches + idle time = bad
What college football coaches do when they have some time on their hands and why Saints-Falcons is the NFL's most college rivalry
70 min
Aggie hype and the best games of the season
77 min
Title game surprises, double doinks, and THE Bi...
68 min
Just hire us as consultants, Pac-12
72 min
Chalky seasons, the Miami job, and PG-13 movies
66 min
What was the college football game that changed...
76 min
Please piss Paul Johnson off, P.J. Fleck
81 min
Boosters are just angry message boarders with m...
68 min
Kliff, Kelly, Silly Season, and Schmooze Week i...
67 min
CFP pairings, Russian operas, and talking to yo...
26 min
Jeff Brohm WASN'T a done deal, and what does Ge...
57 min
Seriously, UNC?
86 min
When did YOU realize the LSU-A&M game wasn't ov...
27 min
Apple Cup, Bourbon Cup, and this is an NFL podc...
69 min
T-shirts in crap weather and Ohio State's chanc...
29 min