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The Devil's Music 19: Ian Harvie
In this episode, Ian and hostess Pleasant Gehman chat about serial killer Richard Ramirez, ‘80’s hair metal, and touring together in Margaret Cho’s burlesque and comedy show,
60 min
The Mistress Carrie Podcast 34: Tyler Connolly ...
Tyler Connolly is the lead singer from Theory of a Deadman, which formed in 1999 in Canada. The band is separated right now, because of Covid-19, because Tyler is in LA. The band is still promoting their latest album "Say Nothing", the band just launched a new merch store, they have virtual Meet & Greets coming up in February, and Tyler and Dave have launched a new podcast called "Band Meeting". We talked about all of those things, plus how he's keeping occupied in LA on lockdown, the Night Stalker documentary, his famous old school hair style, doomsday prepping, witches, playing shows in Boston, Beignets, traveling, golf, NHL Hockey, hosting a podcast, Mr. Potato Head and much more!
68 min
Long May You Young 36: Unplugged / Lucky Thirteen
Neil Young podcast Neil Young podcast Neil Young podcast!
128 min
Performance Anxiety: Corey Ledet
Today we are joined by royalty. Corey Ledet’s family has been at the forefront of jazz, bebop, blues, & zydeco from the beginning.
56 min
History in Five Songs 83: New Way to Rank Zep
In episode 83 Martin talks about a New Way to Rank Zep in these five songs:
34 min
The Hook Rocks!: The Return of Joel Hoekstra
Joel Hoekstra returns to the Hook Rocks Podcast to discuss his latest album "Running Games" by Joel Hoektra's 13. The album features Joel's definitive sound as musicians Vinny Appice, Tony Franklin, Derek Sherinian, Russell Allen, and others contribute on each track. We then move to the timely topic of Covid19 and how its impact continues to put live music in a state of unknown. Please enjoy the episode! Part of The Pantheon Podcast Network!
40 min
See Hear 81: The Stoned Age
Three grown men over the age of 40 (two Brits and an Australian) walked into a podcast to discuss a film about two teenage American guys from the seventies looking to get stoned, drunk and laid.
74 min
Rock's Backpages Ep.92: Nick Coleman on Voices ...
We welcome the excellent Nick Coleman into RBP's snug virtual cupboard
77 min
The Grunge: Oasis - 'What's the Story' Morning ...
Jerry is a lil' Bundt Master General, and Joseph has absolutely no recollection of how to do a podcast.
80 min
Bass Impact Ep. 7: Jumping Jack Frost
Jumping Jack Frost played an integral part in the evolution of the Jungle/ Drum & Bass scene.
43 min
Shout It Out Loudcast: "Bang Bang You!"
This week Tom & Zeus each make a Top Ten list of the best third songs from a KISS studio album.
110 min
Let It Roll: ICYMI: Phil Spector - The Music an...
A re-broadcast of Nate Wilcox's 2019 interview with Phil Spector biographer Mick Brown.
121 min
Audio Judo: Genesis - Selling England By The Pound
On this episode of Audio Judo, Matthew and Kyle talk about the 1973 album "Selling England By The Pound" by Genesis.
77 min
The Story Song Podcast: Classics - I've Never B...
BONUS EPISODE: Hey listener. You, listener. Don’t curse at your life.
47 min
No Filler: Whatcha Heard?
Our weekly Whatcha Heard segment has gone monthly.
68 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: Music ...
During trying times, a song can lift our heart.
51 min
Is It Rolling Bob? Talking Dylan: John Niven
Novelist, former A & R man and screenwriter John Niven begins by summing up Bob’s generally unloved Neighbourhood Bully...
52 min
Backstage Chats with Women in Music: Shredding ...
This 24 yo bassist is touring with Marco Benevento and working on her first album “The Karina Rykman Experiment.” In this episode, she busts myths about traveling with a group of guys, rapports between touring female performers, and how to handle the dreaded mansplaining. She ends the chat with answers to fan questions!
30 min
What Difference Does It Make: KROQ 1984 Countd...
You might know Mike Marrone as the guy that created and hosted The Loft for SiriusXM for 17 years. He first established a name for himself in 1984 at 106.3 WHTG, a free form rock station in New Jersey. And so, Mike is the perfect guest as we analyze the top 106.7 songs played on KROQ in Los Angeles back in 1984. This week we take apart songs 100 to 91. Mike says there are two types of songs, "Stuff you like and stuff you don't". As you would expect, he holds nothing back. We have a great time talking about Mike's early days and now you can listen to him on his internet radio show, FROM THE BASEMENT at We are a proud member of the Pantheon Podcast Network.
49 min
After the Deluge 5: Running on Empty with Holly...
In episode five I talk about Running on Empty with music critic, author and songwriter Holly Gleason.
57 min
Performance Anxiety: Robert Duncan
We’re joined by author Robert Duncan. He’s led a pretty rock & roll life.
91 min
Who Cares About the Rock Hall?: Grace Jones w/ ...
Should reggae-funk-dance icon Grace Jones be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
80 min
The Hook Rocks New Music Spotlight: Interview W...
The new year has begun but the same worries and unknowns remains for music fans across the globe. Live music and going to concerts remains a "who knows" as far as when and if tours will be able to go on. However, new music from our favorite artists and new bands will continue to be released in 2021. With high hopes and expectations the band Bourbon House is currently working on a new album with a target for release this spring. Lead Vocalist Lacey Crowe joins the Hook Rocks to talk about the new album, her influences, and where the band is headed. Please enjoy the episode!
50 min
Almost Famous Minute 79: Decrepit Bus
The seventy-ninth minute starts with William looking back at the bus and ends with the road managers playing poker.
65 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: Heavy Hitter - Eddie Van ...
A new singer, a new era, and of course, a new debate...
145 min
Side Jams Ep. 34: Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir)
The extreme metal guitarist describes the zen of motorcycle riding, his love for exploring Norwegian forests, and his "electrical curse".
32 min
Beatles vs. Stones 03: 1965 - Love letter to R...
HELP!, Rubber Soul and a bunch of Stones records.
46 min
The Mistress Carrie Podcast 33: Matty Blake
Matty Blake is a tv host, currently on the History Channel investigating Oak Island and Beyond. He's also an actor, stand up comedian, podcast host, and former WAAF DJ. In his spare time he stalks the Black Crowes, and researches all things paranormal. He sat down with Mistress Carrie to talk music, UFO's, Bigfoot, explain the Curse of Oak Island, the Boston comedy scene, swap old stories, and solve the mysteries of life.
119 min
Rock Candy Ep. 147: George Harrison Part 2 - It...
In this episode we take a look at the rest of George's legacy, with a few tidbits from his time in the Beatles and beyond.
93 min
Songfacts Podcast: Asaf Avidan
The Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan on how the wolf-dog attack that nearly killed him informed his latest album, the very philosophical Anagnorisis.
53 min
Long May You Young 35: Horse Lords with Griffin...
We Interview our pal Griffin Sherry from The Ghost Of Paul Revere.
101 min
Make it Stop: The Stooges - The Weirdness (w/ K...
Things get spicy on this week's Make It Stop as Heather and Mike are joined by veritable hardcore legend Kira Roessler (Black Flag, Dos, Awkward) and local up-and-coming musician Sophia Belle (Home Despot) to discuss The Stooges' 35-years-in-the-making fourth album The Weirdness (2007).
153 min
History in Five Songs 82: Queen and Novelty
In episode 82 Martin talks about Queen and Novelty in these five songs:
30 min
Decibel Geek 437: New Noize 13
We discuss recent rock news including Gene Simmons, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Megadeth, Dokken, and much more!
56 min
Performance Anxiety: Andrew Toy
Let’s welcome drummer Andrew Toy to the Performance Anxiety family. He’s played in so many genres of music that I lost count. He likes to use music genres like chords; building one on top of another to create something unique. And it began by playing on a cruise ship! Now he’s got a solo album out that is full of experimental percussion. And it’s a true solo album. He...
70 min
The Hook Rocks!: The Todd "Damnit" Kerns Interview
Rock 'n' roll veteran Todd "Damnit" Kerns talks with the Hook Rocks Podcast in a wide-ranging conversation about his influences, the upcoming Minefield album, the evolution of song writing, and much more
70 min
Invisible Arts 12: The Woodshed Chronicle
The birth, near death, and rebirth of a recording studio
25 min
Let It Roll: ICYMI: Muddy Waters, His Life & Times
A re-broadcast of Nate Wilcox's 2019 interview with Muddy Waters biographer Robert Gordon
65 min
The Grunge: Faith No More - King For A Day... F...
Jerry loves virtual reality porn, Joseph describes a recent DMT trip, and then the boys gush over an insanely great Faith No More album!
86 min
Goldmine Record Store Recon: Waterloo Records
Goldmine Podcast's Record Store Recon reviews Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas
14 min
No Filler: Andy Stott - The Darker Side of Elec...
We explore the dark, ambient, and experimental dub techno of Manchester-based electronic producer Andy Stott.
47 min
The Imbalanced History of Rock and Roll: Two To...
Two Tone Records. The brains behind the 2nd wave of Ska. A label and music that burned bright and faded quickly. But, the impact of Two Tone Records and the 2nd Wave of Ska is still felt today in Rock and Roll.
39 min
The Career Musician EP. 75: Smash Mouth Guitar-...
Holding down the guitar chairs with Enrique Iglesias and Smash Mouth, Sean has traversed the globe more than a few times while balancing his studio life.
64 min
The Grunge Classic Album: Dio - Holy DIver
Jerry makes his triumphant return after his near-death experience and hospital stay. He tells the whole tale, and the guys get to listen to one of the greatest albums in all of Rock/Metal.
79 min
Shout It Out Loudcast: "Charlie Benante & Chris...
This week Tom & Zeus welcome the amazing Anthrax drummer, Charlie Benante & AEW Wrestling Superstar & Fozzy lead singer, Chris Jericho returns for KISS Draft IX, the Setlist Draft! The guys each draft 15 songs that they want as their setlist in their KISS live concert, fantasy draft style.
140 min
Let It Roll: ICYMI - The Beatles ended Rock & R...
A re-broadcast of Nate Wilcox's 2018 interview with author Elijah Wald about his book "How The Beatles Destroyed Rock & Roll"
60 min
Performance Anxiety: Dale Crover (Melvins)
Dale Crover joins us. You may remember him from one of his many bands: The Melvins, Altamont, Redd Kross, or maybe The Dale Crover Band...
65 min
After the Deluge 4: The Pretender with Kyle Cox...
In episode four I talk about The Pretender with musicians Kyle Cox and Dana Cox, who are also my cousin and my dad respectively.
47 min
Goldmine: All you need to know about Hawkwind
Author Dave Thompson talks about his new tome, "The Encyclopaedia Hawkwindia"
38 min
What Difference Does It Make: 1984 Music KROQ S...
Our cover photo boy this week is Swedish Egil The jock from KROQ in Los Angeles kicks off our countdown with a song that time has forgotten, 'Erotic Egil'. Time has forgotten it because it is nowhere to be found. Fortunately, most of the songs played back then are still around and ready to be dissected. We jump right in to the year that was 1984 and discover many lost classics. We strive/strove/are striven (Holly and Dave and decide which is the proper word) to create a great show so welcome to 1984 as we countdown the top 106.7 songs. Follow along as we slowly reveal the songs on our Spotify playlist. We are a proud member of the Pantheon Network.
39 min
Suburban Base - Bass Impact Podcast 06: Winston...
The man who was notoriously behind the counter at Boogie Times and an artist on Suburban Base sits down with Danny in this week's episode!
56 min
I'm In Love With That Song: Deep Purple - 'Burn'
I'll happily go out on a limb and say Deep Purple was THE hard rock band of the '70's. They could shift from monster guitar riffs to complex classical-influenced passages to outright improvised jams-- all within one song. Built around a trio of top-of-their-game players (guitar, organ & drums), with a series of distinctive, powerful singers & bassists -- the lineup changes so iconic they became known as Deep Purple Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, etc. This episode, we'll break down the classic Mark III track, "Burn", and listen to all the ingredients in this witch's brew.
25 min
Music Buzzz 04: Steve Hackett (Genesis, GTR, more)
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Steve Hackett is renowned as an immensely talented and innovative rock musician. He was lead guitarist with Genesis as part of their classic line up that included Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, who produced six acclaimed studio albums and an EP during Steve's tenure from 1971-1977.
51 min
Crime in Music 61: I'm Son House and My Dad Pla...
Son of a Folk Tuba player and raised in the Baptist church, his life was a rollercoaster between the bible and the blues. At the age of 9, he started preaching sermons at his local church and singing hymns. After hearing a bottleneck guitar playing blues musician, he changed his focus from God and switched it to guita
66 min
Who Cares About the Rock Hall?: Little Feat w/ ...
Author Peter Ames Carlin joins Joe & Kristen to discuss the Rock Hall potential of bluesy swamp rock band Little Feat.
76 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: Heavy Hitter - Eddie Van ...
Join us for part II of our Heavy HItters episode on one of rock's greatest guitar players. TJ II recounts Van Halen's rise to fame, excess, and all the trials of a budding music career. We even take a detour to share those offbeat cuts that you may have missed on the first go-round.
113 min
Rock N Roll Archaeology: Episode 20 - Ohio
We begin in the midwest college town of Kent, Ohio, in the late spring of 1970. We’ll meet three future rockers--students at Kent State University, barely out of their teens--who will be changed forever by what they witness. We’ll check in on Motown, where the fluffy pop “Sound of Young America” is still alive, but there's a big change coming, a movement towards a tougher, more topical sound
55 min
The Mistress Carrie Podcast 32: Frank Sgambello...
Frank Sgambellone has been a professional live sound engineer for 30 years. Currently working for Clair Global and Luke Bryan, he has toured with Godsmack, Sevendust, Beastie Boys, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and many more! He has worked for the biggest bands, at the biggest shows, and he talks to Mistress Carrie about putting together great live concert sound, what touring life is like, practical joking on the road, how Covid-19 has taken it's toll on live music, and some of the technical aspects behind what it takes to make your favorite band sound great!
123 min
Americana Music Profiles: Sweetheart
John-Arne Gundersen, guitarist and lead singer with the Norwegian trio, Sweetheart, join us for this edition of Americana Music Profiles brought to you by Americana Music Magazine.
25 min
Beatles vs. Stones 02: 1964 - 'Hold Me, Love M...
Featuring: Hard Days Night, Beatles For Sale, England's Newest Hit Makers, 12x5, etc.
46 min
Moments that Rock with Tony Michaelides: Trailer
It’s a podcast made up of various segments namely ‘Way Back Then’ a selection of archive interviews with the likes of The Ramones, U2 , Steve Winwood etc together with music industry insiders. Then there’s ‘A Manc and a Yank’ segment where myself and a colleague share some of the magical music moments we’ve experienced over the years.
2 min
The Devil's Music 18: Iris Berry
In this episode, Iris and Pleasant reminisce about the crazy times they’ve had together in four decades of friendship as feral girls in the 1980’s LA rock’n’roll scene, bartending at illegal after hours speakeasies, forming their band The Ringling Sisters, and among many other things...wild adventures with sex toys.
64 min
The Punk Tree: It's Always Pride Week When You'...
The guys discuss good tunes, our first installment of Wise Wisdoms and insurrectionists invading the Capitol.
68 min
Rock Candy Ep. 146: George Harrison Part 1 - A ...
Known as the "silent Beatle", George Harrison was the youngest member of the band, but that didn't mean he had a lack of any talent.
71 min
Songfacts Podcast: Jillette Johnson
Singer-songwriter Jillette Johnson discusses her Eckhart Tolle-inspired song about breaking down the pain body wall, and explains why she declined an offer to compete on The Voice.
50 min
Long May You Young 34: Harvest Moon
Come a little bit closer, here what I have to podcast. It's Harvest Moon!
130 min
The Grunge: Pearl Jam, Mad Season, Soundgarden ...
An episode without Jerry!? Lil’ Jer tried to drown his sorrows once again, but this time his boozing led to a stay in the hospital. Special guest host Andy steps in to save the day! Also, we listen to some wild Pearl Jam, Mad Season, and Soundgarden performances!
91 min
History in Five Songs 81: Novelty Singles: Not ...
In episode 81 Martin talks about Novelty Singles: 'Not My Style' in these five songs:
30 min
The Hook Rocks!: Carrie Stevens Interview
The journey in ones life is often complicated. At any given moment the road you are on can change without notice. Author, actress, model, and entrepreneur Carrie Stevens writes in her book Unrated: Revelations of A Rock 'n' Roll Centerfold about her life in unparalleled honesty. The grief, the heartbreak, the high and the lows are all on the table during her conversation on this episode of The Hook Rocks. Please enjoy!
115 min
Feels Like Weezer 67: Make Believe - Hold Me
Eric and Martin are terrified of all things, frightened of the dark.
35 min
Performance Anxiety: Glenn Morrow
We’re joined by head honcho at Bar None Records & founder of Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help, Glenn Morrow. We talk about his career in music as a musician as well as head of a record label. He’s worked with some great bands & former guests like The Mendoza Line & El Ten Eleven. Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help has just released their second album & we discuss...
55 min
The Story Song Podcast: Minisode- Kyoto by Phoe...
BONUS EPISODE: In this special episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST, your hosts explore and review the lyrics to one of Dan’s Top 20 songs of 2020, Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers.
29 min
Rock's Backpages Ep.91: John Simon on Janis Jop...
We welcome legendary producer, piano player and songwriter John Simon to RBP's virtual cupboard
81 min
Let It Roll: Wu-Tang Clan, Nas and Notorious B....
Host Nate Wilcox and his cohorts Alexei Auld and Eugene S. Robinson discuss season 2, episode 4 of Hip-Hop Evolution "A New York State of Mind" which covers Nas, the Wu-Tang Clan and Biggie Smalls aka The Notorious B.I.G.
55 min
No Filler: Arms & Sleepers - Black Paris 86
When the duo behind Arms and Sleepers sits down to make music together, they typically turn to movies for inspiration.
54 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: 5 Favo...
Our favorites are part of the podcast's wild ride to Episode #100!
42 min
Shout It Out Loudcast: "Creatures Of The Night"
This week Tom & Zeus review KISS' 10th studio album, Creatures Of The Night.
164 min
Decibel Geek 436: Best of 2020
We each pick our Top 15 rock/metal albums of 2020. Lots of great stuff in this one!
133 min
Audio Judo: 2020 Albums Of The Year
It's that time of year again, when Matthew and Kyle pick their favorite albums from the past year.
94 min
Goldmine: Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson
Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson details a memorabilia fundraiser for the band's road crew
19 min
Performance Anxiety: Christian Kjellvander
Today’s guest may have the hardest last name to pronounce. Christian Kjellvander joins us to discuss his new album, About Love and Loving Again.
60 min
What Difference Does It Make: 1984 Pop Culture
In anticipation of our upcoming dissection of the songs played on KROQ in 1984, we wanted to set the table so to speak, and take you back to what we might have been doing back in the day.
35 min
Bob Dylan: About Man And God And Law 08: Why Dy...
Explore the classical roots, poetic influences, and many odysseys of the Odyssey in the music and vision of Bob Dylan in conversation with author and scholar Richard Thomas
60 min
Who Cares About The Rock Hall?: Kate Bush w/ OU...
Joe and Kristen chat with their shadowy Rock Hall informant, once clumsily nicknamed "Deep Purple Throat,"...
78 min
Let It Roll: ICYMI - The Biz Was Quick to Explo...
A re-broadcast of Nate Wilcox's 2018 interview with author Adam Caress discussing Nirvana, Kurt Cobain and the music business
65 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: Heavy Hitter - Eddie Van ...
Immigrant, Outcast, Guitar Legend... Last year was full of losses, and the world of rock was no exception. We lost a titan and innovator when we lost Eddie Van Halen. Now, we honor his legacy.
113 min
The Hook Rocks!: The Hook Rocks Top EP's of 2020!
2020 is officially closed and in the books. The year was filled with unprecedented challenges, a new normal, and many questions as we head into the future. However, I believe 2020 will mark the beginning of the resurgence of real rock 'n ' roll. With many great bands releasing incredible music and the angst of the youth building the next wave of rock is ready to take over the world. Chris Corradeti and I break down the top EP's released in 2020 and discuss why many of these artists will be the focus of rock fans for years to come...and there may be a rant about the infamous Led Zeppelin tribute album. Please enjoy the episode! Now Part of Pantheon Podcasts!
73 min
Beatles vs. Stones 01: Pre-1964 & our Beatles v...
We look at the fist days of both bands, introduce the podcast structure, and draft what bands we'll represent in each year of the podcast series.
37 min
The Mistress Carrie Podcast 28: Wes Scantlin fr...
Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd checked in with Mistress Carrie to talk about his Covid-19 lockdown in LA, the bands latest album Welcome to Galvania, touring, fatherhood, sobriety, songwriting, women, and even good Kansas City BBQ.
75 min
Almost Famous Minute 78: Audience Loves the Roo...
The seventy-eighth minute starts with Dennis talking about Mick Jagger and ends with the band and entourage walking from the bus to the plane.
52 min
Rock Candy Ep. 145: Ringo Starr - Ringle Dingle...
We're taking the next several weeks to look at each Beatle as an individual, and we're starting with someone who raises different controversy than the other three. Ringo Starr...
106 min
History in Five Songs 80: Five Females - A Wyrd...
In episode 80 Martin talks about 'Five Females - A Wyrd Congruence' in these five songs:
38 min
Songfacts Podcast: Chris Pierce
Soulful singer and immensely talented Chris Pierce comes on the Songfacts Podcast.
61 min
Performance Anxiety: Peter Milton Walsh (The Ap...
I’d like to welcome Peter Milton Walsh of The Apartments to the show.
85 min
Invisible Arts 11: Fame
Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?
21 min
Music Buzzz 03: Kyle Cook of Matchbox Twenty
Kyle Cook is an American musician, best known as a member of the band Matchbox Twenty. He plays lead guitar and banjo and sings backing vocals for the band.
60 min
You're Not Listening: Mr. Big - To Be With You;...
Today, YNL discusses To Be With You by Mr. Big and Turn It Up by Hootie and the Blowfish. If you think you don’t like these songs, then You’re Not Listening. So #CleanOutYourEars and #ListenUp!
59 min
Let It Roll: Tribe Called Quest & De La Soul Le...
Host Nate Wilcox talks S2E3 of Nexflix' Hip-Hop Evolution with Alexei Auld and Eugene S. Robinson
63 min
After the Deluge 3: Late For The Sky with Steve...
In episode three I talk about Late For the Sky with culture critic and music writer Steven Hyden of Uproxx and the Rivals podcast.
45 min
The Grunge: No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom
Jerry details his attempt at autoerotic asphyxiation and the guys do the first ever Grunge Giveaway! All this while also listening to a No Doubt album.
72 min