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Performance Anxiety: Charlie Jones (Robert Plan...
We welcome Charlie Jones to the podcast. You’ll probably recognize him as Robert Plant’s bassist. But there’s a lot more to him. He went from playing bass in a pop band to session work with Ofra Haza to touring with Robert Plant while on the Work Enterprise Scheme, all in just a handful of years. After playing and writing music with Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, Charlie...
85 min
Who Cares About The Rock Hall?: What to Expect ...
Troy Smith joins the show to preview the upcoming induction special
61 min
Deeper Digs: Neal Preston - Storied Rock Photog...
Christian gets to add another photographer to the list when he spends time with the great Neal Preston, one of the best to ever point the lens rock n roll’s way!
115 min
Almost Famous Minute 70: Shushing Him
The seventieth minute starts with William waving to Beth from Denver and ends with William crying in the hallway.
26 min
Songfacts Podcast: Elle Belle
Christopher Pappas, who writes and performs as Elle Belle, talks about his album Post Everything and names the "Big 3" grunge bands that influenced him.
52 min
Muses: Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth Remain In...
Today we’re going to discuss the autobiography of Chris Frantz, founding member and drummer of Talking Heads.
87 min
Highway Hi-Fi Ep. 87: Satanic Fanatics - Sounds...
Almost as long as humans have mastered the ability to record the environment around them, they have desired to record the world that is just beyond them.
141 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: The 27 Club - Jimi Hendrix
What do you know about guitar legend, Jimi Hendrix? Maybe you know about his troubled upbringing, that he smashed one of Keith Richards' prize Stratocaster, or that his death is still a mystery.
121 min
The Devil's Music 13: Gabriela Herstick
In this episode, Gaby and hostess Pleasant Gehman get all witchy discussing telekinesis, clairsentience, Samhain, Halloween and Dia De Los Muertes.
59 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: The Im...
The music, the sights and sounds of film, the culture of celebrating Hallow's Eve has a lot of common (burial?) ground with Rock N' Roll!
45 min
Rock Candy Ep. 137: Halloween Playlist III - wi...
It's the most wonderful time of the year - HALLOWEEN! And we are once again doing our classic Halloween playlist, but this time, not alone.
101 min
History in Five Songs 70: Imaginos and Re Imaginos
In episode 70 Martin talks about 'Imaginos and Re Imaginos' in these five songs:
35 min
The Punk Tree: Slick Shoes Has a New Album!!! T...
Aaron, Jesse & Mike hang out with Joe and Jeremiah from Slick Shoes. We talk about their new record, Rotation and Frequency, and reminisce about the West Coast punk scene over the last 25 years.
63 min
Mixtape Memories: Peter Silberman
Matt Heart Spade & Jinners interview Peter Silberman, the frontman, singer, and principal songwriter of the Antlers, revered solo artist and one half of Spatial Relations. They discuss the early days of the Antlers, Nirvana, college radio, "Hospice" fandom and much more. For the Repeat/Skip segment, they discuss Yo La Tengo's And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (2000) and The Books' Lost and Safe (2005).
58 min
Make it Stop: Bobby 'Boris' Pickett - The Origi...
I was working in the lab late one night When my ears beheld a dreadful blight For Bobby "Boris" Pickett began to write An album which, to no surprise
114 min
Performance Anxiety: Brian Cullman
This show is all about Brian Cullman. Brian is one of those guys who’s been everywhere, met everyone, and done everything.
102 min
Rock's Backpages Ep.86: Loraine Alterman on Det...
Loraine Alterman reminisces about her journey from the Detroit Free Press to Broadway
77 min
Side Jams 28: Orianthi
The six-string dazzler dishes about her love for cooking and traveling.
40 min
No Filler: Sidetrack - Poor Moon - "Heaven's Door"
We listen to a track from Poor Moon: the short-lived side project of Fleet Foxes' Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott.
28 min
Let It Roll: Bing Crosby Ruled The 1940s
An interview with Crosby biographer Gary Giddins
52 min
Invisible Arts 06: Only a Dad
Only a Dad connects fathers and sons via the Endless Summer, surfing, music, and life.
21 min
Shout It Out Loudcast: Blizzard Of Ozz
On the 9th Bonus episode, Tom, Zeus & Hollywood review the 1980 classic album Blizzard Of Ozz by Ozzy Osbourne.
176 min
The Career Musician Ep. 64: NY Guitar In An LA ...
Nomad's guitar-slinging brother from another mother, Joe Augello, speaks about his experiences as a go-to guitar man in NYC and L.A.
42 min
Festival Nation Ep. 14: Rock Photographer Jay B...
Host Marla Davies talks to Rock and Roll Photographer and Filmmaker Jay Blakesberg about the 'Skull and Roses' Festival that was scheduled for April 2-5, 2020.
63 min
Goldmine: Record Store Recon-Scratched Vinyl
Goldmine's Record Store Recon visits Scratched Vinyl in Barrington, Illinois
15 min
Long May You Young 22: Trans
Precious metal lines molded into podcasts, running through me so microscopically. It's Trans!
124 min
What Difference Does It Make?: Immediate Family...
The cruel twist in this episode is that our talk with The Immediate Family had to end.
33 min
Who Cares About the Rock Hall?: Revisiting Noto...
Dr. Todd Boyd joins Joe and Kristen to talk Biggie Smalls
63 min
Pamela Des Barres' Pajama Party with Dave Alvin
Dave Alvin, one of my eternal faves, from the seminal LA band the Blasters to his endless brilliant journeyman excursions with other eclectic musicians, I've joyously followed his career.
78 min
Deeper Digs: Lee Abrams - Radio & Media Visionary
This episode the Rock N Roll Archaeologist (of the podcast world) sits down for a deep dig into radio executive and consultant Lee Abrams!
104 min
Songfacts Podcast: Eric Senich of the Van Halen...
Eric Senich has been enamored with Van Halen since Christmas Eve 1988, when he found his brother's 5150 cassette. "When I listened to that, I was like, Wow this makes me feel something special.
48 min
Almost Famous Minute 69: Stress Boners
The sixty-ninth minute starts with Ben offering a thousand more words and ends with William taking the laundry.
61 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: The 27 Club- Amy Winehouse
You know the voice, you know the name, now hear the full story...
108 min
Rock Candy Ep. 136: Elvira - Never Gonna Get A ...
You may not realize the role and influence Elvira has played in music, but it's there and it's heavy.
78 min
History in Five Songs 69: Heaviest US Albums of...
In Episode 69 Martin talks aboutthe Heaviest US Albums of the ‘70s
28 min
Performance Anxiety: Ryan & Pony
I’m joined by Ryan Smith & Pony Hixon-Smith of Ryan & Pony on this episode. They tell me about their paths into music.
61 min
Let It Roll: The Beatles' Story Changes With Th...
A conversation with historian Erin Torkelson Weber about her book "The Beatles And The Historians"
53 min
Goldmine: Bruce Sudano
Singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano talks about his latest "Spirals" EP.
38 min
No Filler: Fleet Foxes - Shore
Robin Pecknold and crew return with a surprise album that made 2020 feel hopeful again.
55 min
Love That Album Episode 139: Interview with Cha...
You don't need me telling you that 2020 has...uhhh....not exactly been a highlight for a whole heap of reasons besides the obvious ones ramming their way into your consciousness every day for months.
60 min
The Story Song Podcast: Somebody's Watching Me ...
Celebrate Halloween early with the newest episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST.
86 min
Mixtape Memories: Saidah Blount
Matt Heart Spade & Jinners interview Saidah Blount, senior manager of global brand at Sonos and formerly NPR Music’s live events manager. They discuss Kansas City radio, now-defunct New York venues, live music discovery, her incredible career path and much more. For the Repeat/Skip segment, they discuss Bjork's Post (1995) and Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral (1994).
77 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: Tom Pe...
As we remember his 70th birthday, let's celebrate Tom Petty's Wildflowers on this week's episode of the podcast.
36 min
The Career Musician Ep. 63: The Voice Of Hunger...
What it takes to become a composer–Sunna Wehrmeijer reflects on the journey that brought her to the silver screen and beyond.
50 min
Make it Stop: Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus with...
Do you like trying different things? Or do you prefer smoking funny things? This week we're talking about Robbie Ritchie, Bobby Shazam, his name is Kid Rock, that is his name, and if you ask him again, he'll probably call you a slur....
139 min
Audio Judo: Rush - Permanent Waves
On this episode of Audio Judo, Matthew and Kyle talk about Rush's 1980 album 'Permanent Waves.'
77 min
Side Jams: Jeff Pilson of Foreigner
The energetic bassist reveals how meditation has kept him centered and focused throughout his busy life.
28 min
What Difference Does It Make?: The Immediate Fa...
If you're familiar with the names Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, Don Henley, James Taylor, Keith Richards and Carole King then you are familiar with The Immediate Family.
27 min
Who Cares About the Rock Hall?: Revisiting Nine...
Writer Daphne Carr (Pretty Hate Machine for the 33 ⅓ book series) joins Joe & Kristen to talk about 2020 Rock Hall inductees Nine Inch Nails.
63 min
Almost Famous Minute 68: I'm Singing about What...
The sixty-eighth minute starts with sleepy and sexy “hello"s and ends with Ben liking what we're saying.
45 min
I'm In Love With That Song: Alice Cooper - 'Ele...
When Alice Cooper recorded "Elected" in 1972, it was a satire about a rich, grandstanding, self-obsessed celebrity running for president. He's a "yankee doodle dandy in a gold Rolls Royce". We all laughed. That could never happen in real life, right...?
19 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: The 27 Club - Robert Johnson
The name Robert Johnson is synonymous with the Blues. And yet, what do we know? Who was he?
97 min
The Devil's Music 12: Karie Bible
Karie and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss the stars buried at Hollywood Forever and Closeup, the black cat who follows along on Karie’s tours.
64 min
Rock Candy Ep. 135: True Crime in Music II - 24...
We are continuing Halloween month by bringing back true crime stories, involving people in the music biz who have abused their power and influence and try to get away with some of the most heinous crimes.
75 min
Songfacts Podcast: South of Eden
The frontman and bass player in South of Eden explain how they make fast, loud, thoughtful rock music with a Michael Jackson influence.
44 min
Long May You Young 21: Re-ac-tor
You were born to rock, you'll never be a podcast star. It's Re-ac-tor, baby.
114 min
History in Five Songs 68: Smarty Pants Metal
Show 68, Martin explains 'Smarty Pants Metal' in these five songs:
35 min
invisible arts 05: Never Be Home
Never Be Home is the answer to the oft asked question, "How do I get started in the music business?" Stories of Tom Jones, Jerry Seinfeld, Oingo Boingo, Clifford, and Chaka Khan.
21 min
Highway Hi-Fi 86: Music History in Graphic Novels
In this episode we look at how graphic novels are pushing the boundaries of pop music history, bringing new perspectives and fans.
102 min
Rock's Backpages Ep. 85: Midge Ure on New Roman...
James "Midge" Ure to talks us through his wonderfully convoluted career from Slik to Visage — via the Rich Kids, the Blitz club and Live Aid
70 min
Mixtape Memories: Mona Dehghan
Matt Heart Spade & Jinners interview Mona Deghan, senior director of marketing & project management at Mute Records and founder of Mon Amie Records. They discuss her new compilation The Longest Day (that features songs from a variety of artists to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association), New Kids on the Block, the momentary rise of swing music, bands playing college campuses, and much more. For the Repeat/Skip segment, they discuss Morrissey's Maladjusted (1997) and Erasure's Chorus (1991).
60 min
Let It Roll: Dolly Parton Had A Vision Of Super...
Interview with Dolly Parton biographer Alanna Nash
50 min
No Filler: Hughes Tunes - Pretty In Pink
In our final episode on the music of John Hughe's iconic 80's films, we end with Pretty In Pink.
66 min
The Imbalanced History of Rock and Roll: Birthd...
Birthday Twins #4 - 9/14/1949 Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ed King and Steve Gaines
36 min
Goldmine: William Shatner
William Shatner of Star Trek fame (Captain Kirk) talks about his latest album, "The Blues," a tribute to the blues genre.
26 min
The Career Musician Ep. 62: West Coast Hybrid w...
Norwood Fisher of Fishbone has accomplished a lot for himself since he helped form the band in 1979.
67 min
Tripping on My Roots 05: Jonathan Edwards
Before 1971's "Sunshine" established Jonathan Edwards as an acoustic folksinger whose songs combined pop melodies, country roots, and first-rate guitar picking, Jonathan struggled to find his place in the East Coast's folk scene.
25 min
What Difference Does It Make?: Eddie Van Halen ...
You don't need to know anything about the guitar to know that what Eddie Van Halen did when placed his fingers on those strings was something totally unique.
38 min
Who Cares About The Rock Hall?: 2020 Induction ...
Rolling Stone writer Andy Greene joins Joe & Kristen to discuss and speculate about the recently-announced guest appearances for the 2020 induction special.
66 min
Goldmine: Rock Photographer Mark Weiss
Rock photographer Mark Weiss talks about his new book, "The Decade That Rocked."
28 min
Deeper Digs: Danny Kortchmar
The Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs deep with one of the most sought after guitarist/songwriter/producer in the business, Mr. Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar! Yes, it is number three in our Immediate Family series.
114 min
Almost Famous Minute 67: Posed at His Desk
The sixty-seventh minute starts with the second half of the deflowering and ends with Ben Fong-Tores calling from Rolling Stone.
52 min
Long May You Young 20: Hawks & Doves
Oh, this podcast sure looks good to me. But this podcast is coming apart at every nail. It's Hawks & Doves.
121 min
Songfacts Podcast: Suzy Bogguss
Country star Suzy Bogguss tells the "Hey Cinderella" story, talks about her Dollywood days, and performs her song "Letting Go."
45 min
History in Five Songs 67: Eddie Van Halen
In Episode 67, Martin talks about Eddie Van Halen in these five songs:
28 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: The Rat Pack- Frank Sinatra
The picture says it all... The of Frannk Sinatra is one of the most celebrated and questioned in all of American Music.
123 min
Performance Anxiety: Garry Pitcairn
This show features Garry Pitcairn. He’s a DIY singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Italy. His latest release is called The Gospel and was produced by Alain Johannes. Garry tells me why he won’t sing in Italian, how his prior band sabotaged itself, how he came up with the name Garry Pitcairn, and how he was threatened by a dead musician. We get into...
102 min
The Story Song Podcast: Sultans of Swing by Dir...
Come in out of the rain for another episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST
69 min
Rock Candy Ep. 134: GG Allin- The King of BTFU
We are kicking off Halloween month with a pretty horrifying story. GG Allin's life was terrible from the get-go, and it didn't get any better as he grew up. Some think he was a legendary performer, while others see his on stage antics as downright criminal (cause they were).
90 min
Bob Dylan: About Man and God and Law 05: Love
We're talking about Bob Dylan and love and only love that can’t be denied.
45 min
Is It Rolling, Bob? Talking Dylan: Loudon Wainw...
Sitting on the porch of his Long Island lockdown hideaway, serenaded by a local bird, Loudon Wainwright III reminds us that he was proclaimed “the first of the new Bob Dylans”.
39 min
Let It Roll: Marley Marl, Big Daddy Kane, Biz M...
A conversation with author Ben Merlis about Cold Chillin Records and the Juice Crew
51 min
No Filler: Hughes Tunes- Weird Science
We're blinded with science on this installment of Hughes Tunes as we discuss Weird Science.
65 min
Mixtape Memories: Shiv
Matt Heart Spade & Jinners interview film and music writer, former WOXY and 97X Music Director and DJ, Matt Shiverdecker (aka Shiv). They discuss legendary WOXY sessions, discovering music as a kid in rural Ohio, mixtape curation and much more. For the Repeat/Skip segment, they discuss PJ Harvey's Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (2000) and Travis's The Man Who (1999).
70 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: Birthd...
Birthday Twins #3 - 7/9/1946 (Mitch Mitchell and Bon Scott) and 2/17/1972 (Billie Joe Armstrong and Taylor Hawkins)
29 min
Side Jams 26: Elize Ryd of Amaranthe
The Swedish singer expresses her love for both thrill-seeking and mentally engaging pursuits ranging from mountain rappelling to criminology.
32 min
The Career Musician Ep. 61: Young Gun Drums wit...
This career musician is hitting his stride at the ripe age of 25, drumming for rock legend Ted Nugent and other big stars!
66 min
Songfacts Podcast: Amada Brown
Amanda Brown come from a gospel upbringing and talks about how that and her experiences touring with Alicia Keys and Adele have shaped her sound today.
42 min
What Difference Does It Make?: Peter Himmelman
Singer-Songwriter Peter Himmelman takes us on the journey that led to his latest album "Press On". We talk about the songwriting process and the discipline that Peter needs to keep pushing himself to become a better songwriter. We also touch on how his move to the east coast has affected his creation of new work, the frustration in his the inability to play in front of a live audience and his desire to one day start up a band again. Peter has his guitar with him and that makes for some fun improv songs. It's a great episode so press on and enjoy!
43 min
Long May You Young: 2 Dudes Takeover - Stephen ...
The man in black fled across the podcast, and the gunslinger followed.
69 min
Goldmine: Ricky Byrd
Singer-songwriter and ex-Blackhearts guitarist Ricky Byrd chats about his solo album, "Sobering Times."
44 min
Audio Judo: Video Game Music
On this blocky, 8-bit episode of Audio Judo, Matthew and Kyle are joined by special guest Christian to talk about video game music.
64 min
Who Cares About the Rock Hall?: Rolling Stone's...
The gang discusses the new Rolling Stone 500 best albums list
63 min
Performance Anxiety: Mark Bingham
We’re thrilled to have Mark Bingham on the show! He’s had quite a career in the music industry.
61 min
Festival Nation Ep. 13: Hardly Strictly & Fall ...
What's coming up at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival and other Fall Festivals
33 min
I'm In Love With That Song: The Thorns - 'No Bl...
When Matthew Sweet, Shawn Mullins & Pete Droge (aka The Thorns) recorded "No Blue Sky" almost in 2002, they had no idea that the skies over the Western US would be thick with smoke, or that a global pandemic would isolate us in our homes.
19 min
Art of Rock with Kosh & Friends 12: Jim Shea
Jim Shea's advertising work in NYC led him to Los Angeles where he began photographing celebrities for the entertainment industry. His images soon began to appear on album covers, movie posters and in publications such as Rolling Stone and Interview Magazine.
78 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: The Rat Pack- Dean Martin
"You're nobody til Somebody Loves You..." If that was true, there are few entertainers more beloved than the great Dean Martin.
131 min
The Band: A History - Planet Waves
Even after a few years of meaningless wandering, riddled with substance problems, creative problems The Band, unbeknownst to them, were about to embark on a two year journey that would elevate their profile to the largest they’d ever have.
41 min
The Devil's Music 11: Madame Pamita
Madame Pamita and hostess Pleasant Gehman dish on everything from the Los Angeles music scene in the 1980’s to taking LSD in graveyards to Eastern European Slavic magick...from concerts by The Damned going very wrong.
70 min