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Dad Bod Rap Pod Ep. 131: The Juice Crew with gu...
Review of the Juice original soundtrack, crossver with The Next Movement Podcast
62 min
Who Cares About The Rock Hall?: Why I Sing the ...
B.B, King, Rock Hall Class of 1987
8 min
Side Jams 23: Tommy Vext (Bad Wolves)
The metal frontman and recovering addict opens up about helping others as a sober coach.
29 min
Performance Anxiety: Mac Sabbath
This may be the funniest episode we’ve ever done. Today I’m joined by Mike Odd. Mike manages the multi-dimensional band Mac Sabbath.
48 min
Long May You Young Ep. 11: American Stars & Bars
Saddle up the Palomino, the podcast's goin' down, Youngsters!
122 min
Stroll Down Penny Lane 01: Golden Slumbers
In our first chapter, we explore the creation story that surrounds the song, Golden Slumbers. In our discovery process, we find ourselves travelling back in time – of all things!
58 min
Deeper Digs: Shep Gordon
Christian gets the immense pleasure of a long interview with one of the greatest managers in all of rock n roll history, Shep Gordon, the Supermensch himself!. The very man who has helped guide Alice Cooper's career for over fifty years.
145 min
History of Fives Songs 59: Tormented by EPs
In episode 59 Martin talks about being 'Tormented by EPs in these five songs:
31 min
Audio Judo: Albums Of Summer
On this sweltering hot summer episode of Audio Judo, Matthew and Kyle talk about their favorite albums of summer.
54 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: Queen-...
The Rise Of One Of Rocks Greatest Bands!
52 min
The Story Song Podcast: Dead Man's Curve by Jan...
Cruise on over to another episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST. In this episode, your hosts review the classic 1963 pop hit, “Dead Man’s Curve” by California surf-rock pioneers, Jan and Dean.
74 min
No Filler: 'Dad Tunes' - The Cars - Self-Titled
We chat with our dad about his days as a radio DJ and listen to some tracks off The Cars self-titled debut.
82 min
Is It Rolling, Bob? Talking Dylan: Rufus Jones
Actor Rufus Jones (writer and co-star of Channel 4’s Home) has hardly answered the BobPhone before he confesses that, despite his Cambridge English degree, “Dylan still scares the hell out of me”.
43 min
The Career Musician Ep. 52: Silent Partner - Da...
Daryl Simmons, Grammy Award-winning R&B songwriter, musician, record producer and music consultant who is best known for his association with the LaFace Records production duo of L.A. Reid and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds.
40 min
Sample Excavator 10: Nile Rodgers - Part 2
WE MADE IT. This is the final episode of season 1, the second part to the two part finale that we started last week with the story of Nile Rodgers. If you haven't listened to last week's part one yet, stop now, go listen, then come back. In this episode ...
25 min
Shout It Out Loudcast: Pyromania
On the 5th Bonus Episode Tom & Zeus & Hollywood review the 1983 mega hit classic album "Pyromania" from Def Leppard.
155 min
Goldmine: Record Store Recon-Matt Anthony's
Record Store Recon pops in on Matt Anthony’s Records in Louisville, Kentucky.
15 min
Dad Bod Rap Pod Ep. 130: 'Pictures in the Music...
Cuban Linx discussion, interviews with journalist Dart Adams and rapper Self Jupiter
92 min
Rock And Roll Heaven: Lost To Covid- John Prine...
One man, one guitar, and the hundreds of stories he left behind...
141 min
Long May You Young 10: Decade and Nils Lofgren ...
That's right, Youngsters. The incredible Nils Lofgren joins us for a spectacular episode! We talk to Nils about playing with Neil, making music with Ringo Starr, and the wildly underrated accordion.
140 min
Muses: Loretta Lynn Part 2
We conclude our two part series with Lorettas Lynn's rise to musical fame. Loretta began performing when she was in her 20s, getting her song on the charts even before she knew what the charts actually were!
56 min
The Devil's Music 07: Rob Zabrecky
Rob Zabrecky is a world famous magician; he’s also an actor, author, musician and songwriter. Hostess Pleasant Gehman and former Possum Dixon front man Rob discuss thirty years of shared experiences, including the rowdy experimental late 80’s-early 90’s underground “Silverlake Scene” in Los Angeles.
65 min
Rock Candy Ep. 128: This Is Spinal Tap - with S...
This episode we decide to turn to comedy in these spicy times and talk about the good times that is This Is Spinal Tap.
97 min
History in Five Songs 58: Blues for Metalheads
In episode 58 Martin talks about 'Blues for Metalheads' in these five songs:
30 min
The Punk Tree: 'Punk Nibbles #2' - This Meeting...
The fellas chat about current tunes, play a round of playlist shuffle and obviously vibe like teachers in July.
28 min
Performance Anxiety: Chris Lacinak (Junko Beat,...
Our guest this episode is drummer Chris Lacinak. Chris has drummed with some legendary people like Gatemouth Brown, Papa Mali, Tab Benoit, & Adam Peters of Echo & The Bunnymen and Family of God to name a few.
61 min
No Filler: 'Record Store Zombie' - A Conversati...
Today we chat with Mark Burke, a 30-year record store veteran, about the ins-and-outs of running a record shop, surviving the rise of streaming, and his early days running punk house shows in Denton, TX.
73 min
See Hear: Projection Booth Podcast Bonus Episod...
Maurice from See Hear joins Mike and Leon in The Projection Booth to talk about Suzi Q, the 2019 documentary about Suzi Quatro.
124 min
I'm In Love With That Song: Sweet - "Fox On The...
Picture this: You're a successful chart-topping band, but your managers are writing all your hits and ignoring the songs you're writing. You wrote a track on your latest album that has potential, but the record company thinks you can improve it. So, without your managers knowing about it, you re-record it & release it as a single-- and it's a hit. That's the story of Sweet and "Fox On The Run".
18 min
Highway High-Fi Ep. 82: The Women Who Pioneered...
There is a long history of the unjust treatment of women musicians whose contributions were often overlooked, dismissed, or stolen.
133 min
Rock's Backpages Ep. 80: Mary Harron on 'New Yo...
We welcome the wonderful Mary Harron, director of cult movies I Shot Andy Warhol and American Psycho.
72 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: Siblin...
The Frankenstein!
42 min
Dad Bod Rap Pod Ep.129: Odessey and Oracle with...
Interviews with MC/producer Oddisee and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes
92 min
Tripping on My Roots 02: Little Richard
Jesse travels to Macon, GA to see Little Richard’s house in its new location. He also talks about Little Richard’s childhood and shares how he influenced the beginnings of Jesse’s music and career.
15 min
Goldmine: The Go-Go's Charlotte Caffey
Guitarist Charlotte Caffey comes on the Goldmine Podcast to talk about 40 years of Go-Go's music and the band's Showtime documentary simply titled The Go-Go's.
34 min
Who Cares About The Rock Hall?: Young, Gifted a...
3 min
Almost Famous Minute 60: Big Knobs
The sixtieth minute starts with Dick trying to convince Russell to rejoin the band and ends with Dick guiding Russell back to the bus. We are joined by co-host Dave and guest Father David.
31 min
Deeper Digs: Josh Kennedy of The Black Moods
Rock N Roll Archaeologist finds a new band to love! Join Christian as he interviews Josh Kennedy, lead guitarist of The Black Moods. Straight ahead rock n roll that reminds the Archaeologist of the fictional band from Almost Famous, 'Stillwater'!
80 min
Long May You Young Ep. 9: Long May You Run
With your chrome heart podcastin' in the sun, long may you run, Youngsters! Strap in. We're talkin' Long May You Run.
121 min
Performance Anxiety: Pamelia Stickney
Pamelia Stickney is our guest this week. Who is Pamelia Stickney, you may ask? Well smartypants, she’s a virtuoso on the theramin.
74 min
History in Five Songs 57: Faith No More and Com...
In episode 57 Martin talks about Faith No More and Commercialism in these five songs:
33 min
See Hear 75: Outlaw Blues
A musician is let out of prison. He goes with his partner on a mission to right a wrong. Together they're chased by the police and a pissed of country singer, while causing the destruction of countless vehicles along the way......
41 min
The Story Song Podcast: Jolene by Dolly Parton
Join your hosts for their review of a song whose beauty is beyond compare — the Grammy-nominated 1973 country classic, “Jolene,” written and performed by superstar and icon Dolly Parton.
88 min
Let It Roll: What Have We Learned From Ed Ward...
Nate Wilcox and Yuri Campbell discuss the lessons of Ed Ward's second volume of rock & roll history
75 min
No Filler: Flickerstick- How the VH1 Reality Ch...
We talk about the first band we truly connected with, Flickerstick, the champs of VH1's short-lived reality show Bands On The Run.
63 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: Buddy ...
Buddy Holly made his mark on the world in a very short period of time, dying at age 22.
43 min
Audio Judo: They Might Be Giants - Flood
We can't be silent on this episode of Audio Judo as Matthew and Kyle talk about They Might Be Giants' 1990 album Flood.
61 min
Performance Anxiety: Elizabeth McCullough (Alph...
Elizabeth McCullough records as Alpha Cat. But this show is about more than just her music. Elizabeth began her career in music as a photographer.
119 min
Who Cares About The Rock Hall?: A Change Is Gon...
Sam Cooke, Rock Hall Class of 1986
3 min
Goldmine: Kevin Bacon and The Bacon Brothers
The actor Kevin Bacon comes on the Goldmine Podcast to talk about the longtime musical endeavor with his brother Michael, called The Bacon Brothers.
29 min
Long May You Young Ep. 8: Zuma
He came dancin' across the podcast, folks! Today we're talkin' Zuma and it's a killer.
155 min
Almost Famous Minute 59: Worried about the Keg ...
The fifty-ninth minute starts with William and Russell working on his last words and ends with Russell wanting to stay with his new family.
39 min
Dad Bod Rap Pod Ep. 128: Miles In Life with gue...
A visit from DJ/Producer Weezmatic then an interview with MC Blu and Producer Exile about their new album Miles
53 min
Muses: Loretta Lynn - Part 1
Welcome to a special two-part episode about Loretta Lynn! This week we discuss Loretta's early life, before she became a famous country musician.
65 min
Side Jams 22: Eve Minor
The singer-songwriter examines an eclectic array of topics: fashion, tarot, divination, and her cross country move during the pandemic.
41 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: A Little History - Segreg...
This week is not easy. William tries to muddle through the years of the Jim Crow era and how it effected the music landscape.
78 min
Pamela Des Barres' Pajama Party with DeeDee Keel
Longtime friend of Pamela's, DeeDee Keel recalls many incredible stories growing up on the Sunset Strip as well as her experiences working at the Whisky A Go Go between the years of 1971 and 1983.
85 min
Rock Candy Ep. 127: Talkin' Butt Rock - with sp...
Just when things couldn't get worse- butt rock happened. One of the most polarizing styles of music to exist, sometimes loved, but mostly despised. Or at least an easy target to get dunked on.
130 min
The Story Song Podcast: Ariel by Dean Friedman
Looking for change? So are we! Take a trip to the other side of the Hudson with THE STORY SONG PODCAST. Join your hosts for their review of the 1977 pop hit, “Ariel” by singer-songwriter Dean Friedman. We’ll get into the minutiae of the mundane as we dis...
76 min
The Devil's Music 06: Theresa Reed
Theresa Reed is a tarot expert, astrologer and author of three books. Theresa and hostess Pleasant Gehman chat about 80’s-90’s, rock’n’roll and clubbing, divination, Bowie, and the pandemic.
66 min
History in Five Songs 56: The Motörhead Family
In episode 56 Martin talks about The Motörhead Family in these five songs:
27 min
Love That Album Ep. 136: 'Fairport Convention' ...
The story of English rock music in the 1960s often revolves around some mates meeting up and bonding over a love of blues music or wanting to be the next Beatles.
62 min
Let It Roll: The Beatles As 'The End Of Rock & ...
Nate Wilcox and Yuri Campbell discuss the lessons of Elijah Wald's revisionist take on The Beatles
56 min
Rock's Backpages Ep. 79: Loyd Grossman, Rock Cr...
In this episode we are joined by self-professed "failed musician" and pasta-sauce mogul Loyd Grossman, OBE, to wax nostalgic about the most important years of his illustrious career: those he spent as a contributor to Fusion, Rolling Stone and other American music papers.
71 min
Performance Anxiety: Jack Bates of Smashing Pum...
Today’s episode features a legacy bassist who has earned his success. Jack Bates began his career playing in Peter Hook & The Light.
88 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: Chris ...
Chris Frantz talks Remain In Love and his Rock And Roll Life
41 min
No Filler: 'Garage Rock Evolved'- Phantom Plane...
Phantom Planet was once most notably known as the group that sings that song from The O.C. (you know, the one that goes "California, here we come!").
52 min
Sample Excavator 09: Nile Rodgers - Part I
The finish line is in sight. We are finally at the first part of the two part finale to season one of Sample Excavator. We are exploring the immense influence of Nile Rodgers in music for the finale. To do this, however, we first need to understand the e...
30 min
Shout It Out Loudcast: Superunknown
On the 4th Bonus episode, Tom, Zeus & Hollywood review the 1994 Soundgarden classic album "Superunknown."
157 min
Goldmine: The Zombies' Colin Blunstone
The Zombies' frontman Colin Blunstone comes on the Goldmine Podcast to talk about three album reissues of the Zombies — the U.S. debut album, I Love You and R.I.P.
39 min
Audio Judo: Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Sproc...
On the one year anniversary of the first episode of Audio Judo, Matthew and Kyle come full circle by interviewing Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Sprocket,
59 min
The Career Musician Ep. 51: Managing Your B(r)a...
With a rock-star name like Xander, half the battle has already been won! But seriously, Xander discuses the music biz with mutual good friend Baron Grafft and Nomad .
113 min
The Band: A History - Interview with Garth Hudson
An Interview Conducted with The Band's Garth Hudson.
23 min
Deeper Digs: Weird Al - Seriously with Lily Hirsch
This week the Rock N Roll Archaeologist goes Weird!! Well Christian sits down with Lily Hirsch, author of the new book Weird Al: Seriously. From his love of accordions and Hawaiian print shirts to his popular puns and trademark dance moves, "Weird Al" Yankovic has made a career out of making us laugh.
110 min
Who Cares About The Rock Hall?: Lift Every Voic...
Ray Charles, Rock Hall Class of 1986
3 min
Dad Bod Rap Pod Ep. 127- 'To Live and Die' with...
Stories about Los Angeles and interviews with trivia event hosts The Questions, author Felicia Viator, and underground hip-hop legend AWOL ONE
102 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: A Little History- Based O...
This week LD dives into the world of songs "Based On A True Story." From D.B Cooper to the Stonewall Riots we take a look at not only the song, but the events that inspired them.
123 min
Almost Famous Minute 58: Choke on a Leaf
The fifty-eighth minute starts with Russell finishing drinking a beer with acid in it and ends with the partiers cheering for Russell.
48 min
I'm In Love With That Song: Boston - 'Hitch A R...
It Came From Boston (Vol. 3): MIT graduate/Polaroid employee Tom Scholz recorded an album's worth of songs in his basement in Watertown, MA after work, and somehow the record eventually sold 25 million copies worldwide.
30 min
Performance Anxiety: Ben Harrison aka Stutter S...
This show features Ben Harrison. Ben is a unique guest. He has released his second album as the band Stutter Steps. But he’s also curator for the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. Through his job and his music, he’s had the opportunity to work with Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips of Dean & Britta, Luna, & Galaxie 500. Ben talks about the great Sound Series at the museum and...
54 min
History in Five Songs 55: Tom Werman and Twiste...
In episode 55 Martin talks about Tom Werman and Twisted Sister
37 min
Feel Like Weezer: Make Believe Special
Let's learn about Make Believe!
28 min
Highway Hi-Fi: Desert Island Recordings- 'The P...
Ween set forth on a career-long ambition to tear down standard music industry conventions by hook or by crook.
53 min
Let It Roll: Robert Johnson Revised - What Have...
Nate Wilcox and Yuri Campbell discuss the lessons of Elijah Wald's revisionist take on Robert Johnson
55 min
The Imbalanced History Of Rock And Roll: Five F...
Bands That Avoided The Sophomore Slump!
32 min
No Filler: Ethan Durelle - White Knuckles On Tu...
We talk about the one and only post-punk outfit Ethan Durelle and their mesmerizing debut White Knuckles On Turned Wheels.
64 min
Sample Excavator 08: Rick Rubin
These last three episodes of Season 1 will really chronicle the rise of hip hop. This week we are looking at the producer Rick Rubin, possibly the most prolific producer of all time. He founded Def Jam Records and Def American Records, signing or produci...
18 min
Audio Judo: The Cure - Disintegration
On this episode of Audio Judo, Matthew and Kyle tackle The Cure's 1989 album Disintegration.
59 min
Is it Rolling, Bob? Talking Dylan: Rob Stoner
Rolling Thunder Revue bass player and bandleader Rob Stoner on Jacques Levy, Emmylou Harris, Sam Shepard and how he “made out with Joan Baez on a motel room balcony” for Renaldo & Clara.
53 min
Goldmine: Joe Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult
Guitarist/bassist Joe Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult (BOC) fame talks in detail about his latest solo album, Strange Legends, his new record label investment and BOC's history (and, of course, the cowbell comes up).
39 min
Festival Nation Ep. 11: Grateful Dead Deodorant...
A chat with the deodorant king of Chicago - Nathan Morin and a rundown of upcoming festivals
56 min
Who Cares About The Rock Hall?: The 2020 Induct...
Joe and Kristen discuss the cancellation of this year's ceremony.
28 min
Almost Famous Minute 57: Poofier Hair
The fifty-seventh minute starts with Russell talking about real things again and ends with Russell drinking from a red cup that has beer and acid in it.
59 min
Dad Bod Rap Pod Ep. 126: 'The Odd Squad' with g...
Food and music talk up top, then an interview with the engaging rapper/producer Koreatown Oddity
59 min
Rock and Roll Heaven: A Little History - Benefi...
Concerts with a cause... Join us on a trip starting in the 16th century and still continuing to this day. From festivals to live broadcasts, we explore the history and most prominent benefit concerts in history.
75 min
Muses: Summer Break Bonus Patreon
This week we're taking a little break as Chanty settles in to her new home!
65 min
Rock's Backpages Ep. 78: Sheryl Garratt on Rave...
In this week's episode, we welcome former Face editor Sheryl Garratt into RBP's Zoomworld to ask her about rave and club culture – and how we got from disco to acid house to 2020's quarantine raves.
66 min
History in Five Songs 54: Heavy Metal? Not Us.
In Show 54 Martin explains how these 5 songs are artists who thought heavy metal? Not us.
31 min
Rock Candy Ep 126: No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom - ...
This album was not No Doubt's first rodeo, but it was certainly the one to put them on the map.
102 min
The Devil's Music 05: Steve Balderson
Award winning filmmaker, screenwriter and author Steve Balderson has directed everyone from Academy Award nominee Karen Black and John Waters superstar Mink Stole to rock stars Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s, Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson and Mike Patton.
74 min