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Outsports is the world's leading LGBTQ-sports publication. We highlight the stories of LGBTQ athletes, coaches and other people in sports who show us all that Courage Is Contagious.

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The Sports Kiki Ep. 107: The big deal about NBA...
Alex discusses Outsports' expose into old anti-gay tweets from 40 NBA players, and why their words matter -- regardless of when they were written.
22 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 141: AEW Revolution 2022 w...
FanFyte editor Colette Arrand returns to unpack AEW's latest pay-per-view event, AEW Revolution.
115 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep126 -- Rep. Stephanie ...
How a trans woman on the legislative floor is leading a counter offensive against anti-trans bills
60 min
Paul Poirier competed in his second Olympics an...
Paul Poirier came out as gay and then competed in his second Olympics. He and partner Piper Gilles had a top-10 finish - Five Rings To Rule Them All
33 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 106: Good on Red Sox for im...
22 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 140: Kota Holliday
Pro wrestler Kota Holliday joins the show to chat NLS Is For Everyone, imposter syndrome and her rookie year in the ring.
109 min
Trans Sporter Room Ep125 -- Kyla Paterson: A D...
A report from a fight for inclusion from a special place in the history of American sport
60 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Josh Jones - All In Racing
Josh Jones: All In Racing
37 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 139: Papa Jace
Las Vegas' Proud Papa, Papa Jace, joins the show to chat reinventing himself and finding comfort in queer self-expression in pro wrestling
90 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep124 -- Alejandra Carab...
A trans-eye view of history being made in college sports
69 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Celebrating LGBTQ Athletes in ...
Black History Month
12 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 105: Kamila Valieva was fai...
Alex spends the bulk of the show this week discussing the Kamila Valieva doping scandal, and how the phenom teenage Russian skater was failed by the adults around her.
17 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 138: Trish Adora
Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling champion Trish Adora joins the show to chat F1ght Club, ROH and what she wrestles for.
74 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep123 -- A TSR Triplehea...
Three guests each looking at the trans inclusion discussion on a big week
73 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 104: The struggles of being...
In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, Alex dedicates his show this week to talking about the struggles of being a gay football fan, and his experience navigating sports fandom and gay life.
19 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 137: Billy Dixon
The 2021 QWI #1 ranked wrestler and Pro Wrestling Vibe founder Billy Dixon returns to chat Pride and Vibe Weekend, F1ght Club and the state of queer pro wrestling
85 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 136: Kidd Bandit
The Protagonist of Pro Wrestling Kidd Bandit joins the show to talk their rapid rise and how wrestling helped them come out as non-binary
95 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep122 -- Angel Flores on...
A strength sports sensation in the making talks about her journey, her rise and an ambition to make difference
78 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 103: Speaking out against C...
The Winter Olympics are underway, and it's another banner event for LGBTQ athletes, with at least 35 competing. But sadly, it's hard to get past the IOC awarding the Games to China, given its government's raft of human rights abuses.
16 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 135: You Will Fly Me Delta
Brian Bell and their partner, KC, relive AC Mack's IWTV World title victory and discuss Southeast First's significance.
40 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep121 -- Maxwell Nagle: ...
A die-hard hoop head's gender journey via the hardwood
61 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Sean Cosgriff
LGBTQ+ Community Sports at 53!
29 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 102: Trans sportswriter Kar...
Alex speaks with Outsports contributor Karleigh Webb, who's one of the most passionate and knowledgeable journalists in the country about trans issues in sports. They talk about the hysteria over Lia Thomas, the problems with the NCAA's hastily mandated new trans policy and more.
40 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 134: DJ Accident Report
The Nobodies' and Judgement's DJ Accident Report returns to chat Nobodies Watching Wrestling and building something different within wrestling media
79 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 133: Da Shade
Princex of Pride champion Da Shade joins the show to chat his journey through the Las Vegas wrestling scene, Full Queer and Yeet Season
71 min