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Trans Sporter Rm 74: State Rep. Stephanie Byers...
Out Kansas St. Rep, Stephanie Byers shares how she's fighting for trans student-athletes
51 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Women's History Month
Women in the NFL
29 min
US Speed skater Conor McDermott-Mostowy is a ga...
US Speed skating champion Conor McDermott-Mostowy talks for the first time about being gay
37 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 57: Trans MMA fighter Fallo...
Alex speaks with someone who's been on the front lines of the battle for trans inclusion: MMA fighter Fallon Fox. Alex and Fallon talk about the discrimination she's faced, and the gross lies that are continually spread about her.
28 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #66: Yankee Optimism with...
36 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 78: AEW Revolution 2021 w/...
Fanbyte's Colette Arrand returns to help Brian Bell unpack AEW's Revolution PPV, including a dope Women's World title match and AEW's first real brush with infamy.
122 min
Trans Sporter Rm 73: Joanna Harper, Researcher ...
Joanna Harper reveals the results of her latest paper studying transgender women
53 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Jeffrey Langenstein
Talking Gymnastics with Jeffrey Langenstein
43 min
Rower John Olbrys talks about serving in the mi...
Out gay rower John Olbrys talks about serving in the military under Don't Ask Don't Tell and being a gay athlete aiming for the Olympics
43 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 56: Where are the LGBTQ spo...
Alex catches up with Outsports contributor Ken Schultz. They discuss one of Ken's recent stories about the dearth of openly LGBTQ sports broadcasters, and weigh in on the big unpaid internship debate
38 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #65: The Saga of Bernie B...
46 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 77: Mr. Grim
"The Hitman for Hire" Mr. Grim joins the show to discuss his recent coming out, the origins of his cold-blooded persona and working with Wrestlers Lab and Enjoy Wrestling.
76 min
Trans Sporter Rm 72: Brynn Tannehill, Advocate,...
Brynn Tannehill has a sneak peek at her new book: "American Fascism: How the GOP Is Subverting Democracy"
65 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Nikki Goodson
A Gay High School Podcast Reunion
37 min
SkySports editor Jon Holmes talks LGBTQ inclusi...
Jon Holmes of SkySports talks about his efforts to build LGBTQ inclusion in sports across the UK
36 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 55: Hunter Dalton, OnlyFans...
Alex dives into the tantalizing world of OnlyFans with Chance Wheeler. They talk about Chance's transformation from college volleyball player to OnlyFans star.
46 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #64: Umpire Dale Scott (P...
41 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 76: The Iron Match: Adora ...
Brian Bell and his partner KC discuss the recent 60-minute Iron match between Trish Adora and Tony Deppen, then Brian gives his thoughts on recent reports linking Marty Scurll to NJPW
67 min
Trans Sporter Rm 71: Jen Fry Talks
Former volleyball player and coach Jen Fry talks about LGBTQ sports equality, plus the TRUTH about Fallon Fox
48 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Drag Queen - Poly Poptart
Drag & Sports
35 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 30a - Race...
The Olympics have banned protests and demonstrations for decades. What now?
26 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 54: Devon Rouse, gay auto-r...
On this week's show, Alex chats with openly gay auto-racing phenom Devon Rouse about his coming out experience and love for the pavement.
23 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #63: Umpire Dale Scott (P...
53 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 75: AC Mack
Atlanta's favorite "Loudmouth" AC Mack joins the show discuss the end of his 798-day Action Wrestling title reign, Butch vs. Gore's upcoming Cassandro Cup and why being a source of representation is so vital to him.
86 min
Trans Sporter Rm 70: Mack Beggs and Tori Gleaso...
Trans people are fighting back against state lawmakers hellbent on discrimination
59 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: The Rugby Valentine
Valentine's Day Special with Fergus Wade
29 min
US Speed skater Matt Rittenhouse started coming...
US Speed skater Matt Rittenhouse talks about being gay for the first time, plus his love of the sport and Fire Island
29 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 53: Jordan Miller, leader o...
Alex talks about the #FreeBritney movement with one of its leaders, Jordan Miller, the founder of BreatheHeavy.
41 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #62: Too Much Trevor with...
48 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 74: Don't Die Miles
The high-flying Don't Die Miles joins the show to discuss coming out as pansexual, taking control of his wrestling identity and the legacy of positivity he wants to leave behind.
77 min
Trans Sporter Rm 69: Out Gay White House Report...
Washington Blade WH Correspondent and Trek fan Chris Johnson beams up with the inside scoop on covering the Biden Administration
57 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Serving Up with Chris Voth
Canada's first active openly gay national team athlete
40 min
Atlanta Olympic bombing from the eyes of Darius...
Darius Gilchrist talks about his family's close encounter with the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta, plus raves and EDM
32 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 52: Esera Tuaolo, gay forme...
Just in time for the Super Bowl, Alex speaks with gay former NFL player Esera Tuaolo about his coming-out story, and experiences as a closeted gay man in the NFL.
34 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #61: Super Bowl Preview I...
36 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 73: Colette Arrand
Fanbyte's Colette Arrand closes out Journalist January recounting her falling in and out and back in love with wrestling, the value of zine culture and her approach to wrestling critique.
135 min
Trans Sporter Rm 68: 10-year-old trans athlete ...
Meet 10-year-old trans soccer player Zoe and her parents
56 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Michael Gunning
Black History Month Guest: Michael Gunning
14 min
National champ trampolinist Luke Strong on Five...
National champ trampolinist Luke Strong talks about labels, being bi (or gay) and shattering his leg: Five Rings To Rule Them All
26 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 51: Josh Leafer on life as ...
Alex dives into the TikTok world with Josh Leafer, the founder of the popular @closeted_fratguy account. Alex asks Josh about his coming out journey, and the community of closeted gays he's found on TikTok.
37 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #60: Schilling Schadenfre...
35 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 72: Dave Bradshaw
Journalist January continues with UK wrestling announcer and WrestleTalk contributor Dave Bradshaw discussing his recent coming out, LGBTQ representation in the industry and his work with Defiant Wrestling out, LGBTQ repre
116 min
Trans Sporter Rm 67: Sports journalist Britni d...
Sports journalist Britni de la Cretaz talks about their report on trans boys in sports
54 min
Out professional gay wrestler Jai Vidal!
37 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All: Olympic swimming c...
Olympic swimming champion Mark Tewksbury looks back at over 20 years of advocating for gay athletes
34 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 50: Natasha Cloud
Alex interviews WNBA champion Natasha Cloud. Alex and Natasha talk about her political activism, coming out story, and the inauguration of Joe Biden
38 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #59: Mr. Smile Meets Mr. ...
34 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 71: Kate Foray
Kate Foray, creator of wrestling zine Girl Wrestling Fan Will You Marry Me, joins the show to chat about zines' role in wrestling media and interpreting emotion through engaging with pro wrestling
75 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Devin Ibanez -Coming OUT
Gay professional rugby player Devin Ibanez comes out as gay.
51 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All: Skier Hig Roberts ...
Gay skier Hig Roberts talks about loneliness and fear as a skier, and the great reaction to his coming out
33 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 49: Will Joe Biden's presid...
On this week's show, Alex tackles a question posed in USA Today: Will Joe Biden's presidency lead to more LGBTQ athletes coming out?
16 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #58: Remember Cubs Offsea...
39 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 70: Patches Chance
Wrestling journalist Patches Chance (DailyDDT) joins Brian to share his journey into the profession, how his bisexual identity informs his approach to coverage and his e-fed past.
91 min
Trans Sporter Rm 65: Actor and MLB Fan Noah Ave...
Actor Noah Averbach-Katz shares stories from the set of Star Trek: Discovery
59 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Run Dezzy Run!
SF Midnight Runners Captain Dez Gouglas
36 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All: British sprinter C...
British sprinter Corinne Humphreys thinks empowering gay youth is paramount as she aims for a spot in Tokyo
30 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 48: Matt Lynch on coming-ou...
Alex speaks with Matt Lynch, the Division 1 men's college basketball coach who penned his viral coming-out story for Outsports last year. Alex and Matt talk about his instant ascension to gay celebrity and the lessons he's learned along the way. This season, Matt is an assistant coach for the UNC Wilimington women's team.
36 min
3 Strikes, You're Out: Capitol Sedition
34 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 69: Wrestle Kingdom 15 w/ ...
Rachel Giuliani jins Brian to run through New Japan Pro Wrestling's premier event, including the crowing of Kota Ibushi, our king Toru Yano and the powerful vulnerability of Jay White
115 min
Trans Sporter Rm 64: StarTrek.com's Kate Gardner
Talking Trek, LOST and coming out non-binary with StarTrek,com's Kate Gardner
37 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Talking Bodybuilding with Sith...
Sitha Lam talks Bodybuilding with D.Gil
27 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 33a - Publ...
Public health expert Stephanie Zaza on the future of football and the Olympics
31 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 47: College sports are brok...
Alex looks at the landscape of LGBTQ sports heading into 2021, including the unnecessarily eliminations of non-revenue college sports, which are needlessly harming LGBTQ athletes.
23 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #56: The Cleveland What? ...
27 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 68: QWI 100 & Brodie Lee
Brian Bell goes solo this week to discuss the passing of Brodie Lee and the 2020 QWI 100 list of the top 100 LGBTQ pro wrestlers.
35 min
Trans Sporter Rm 63: Outsports Co-founder Jim B...
Outsports Co-founder Jim Buzinski pulls back the curtain on the Outsports Awards, Coming Out and Being Out features
37 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: 2020 Sports Review with J-Mac
A comedic review on 2020 sports
56 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All: Breakdancing in th...
Breakdancing is going to be in the 2024 Olympics. And there's actually precedent for it.
16 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 46: Champion track coach Mi...
"The Sports Kiki" is all about good conversations, and with that spirit, Alex welcomes on champion high school track & field coach Micah Porter for the final show of 2020. Micah, an Outsports mainstay, talks about coming out later in life, and for the first time, discusses his battle with alcoholism.
32 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #29A: Who's On First with...
Who's On First Christmas Special
49 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep 67: Jordan Blade
"The Anklebreaker" Jordan Blade discusses her historic 2020 and why representing Black bisexual women is one of her paramount concerns.
89 min
Trans Sporter Rm 62: Verity Smith, USAPL, Boba ...
U.K. Rugger and Trans Advocate Verity Smith, USAPL, Boba Fett and Discovery
49 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Gay MMA Fighter Cody Galloway
A gay MMA fighter? Yes, they do exist!
26 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All: Olympic and hockey...
Olympic and hockey legend Meghan Duggan talks about being married to a rival, finally winning Olympic gold, and the Women's Sports Foundation
33 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 45: How one of the most ant...
Gay men were prohibited from donating blood at the height of the HIV-AIDS epidemic. The ban was whittled down to three months at the start of the pandemic, but now, the FDA is finally undergoing a study to repeal the ban outright. On this week's show, Alex talks with openly gay ABC reporter Tony Morrison, who's broken the story about the FDA's landmark study.
25 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #55: Teddy Ballgame's Las...
44 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 66: Nyla Rose Returns!
All Elite Wrestling's Nyla Rose returns to chat working with Director X on AEW's "Be Boundless" campaign and AEW's relationship with IMPACT and NWA.
48 min
Trans Sporter Rm 61: Dr. Sheree Becker and Star...
Sports science researcher Dr. Sheree Becker and 'Tilly' on Star Trek: Discovery: Actress Mary Wiseman
51 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Etienne Aduya
Discussing what it's like being an gay athlete with Etienne Aduya
34 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All: Fiancees Anissa Ur...
Fiancees Anissa Urtez and Amanda Chidester are headed to the Olympics to play for Mexico and the USA
31 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 44: The relationship betwee...
It's Alex's birthday today! He celebrates with a new edition of "The Sports Kiki," where he interviews Alison Gill of American Atheists. Alex and Alison talk about the group's recent survey of nonreligious youth, and some of the biggest LGBTQ takeaways
26 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #54: Braving the Pain wit...
51 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 65: Still Life with Aprico...
Brian sits down with pro wrestling's priceless work of art Still Life with Apricots & Pears to chat trans/non-binary issues in pro wrestling and finding themself through pro wrestling
80 min
Trans Sporter Rm 60: Breanna Stewart, Tucker Ca...
Breanna Stewart, Tucker Carlson, Trans Bowler Christine Rebstock, Star Trek Discovery SPOILER
59 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Anton Hysén
Out gay professional soccer player Anton Hysén
33 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All Ep. 53: Sex testing...
Minky Worden of the Human Rights Watch joins us this week to discuss sex testing in sports and LGBTQ rights in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Olympics
28 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 43: Remembering Pat Patters...
Alex looks back at the legacy of WWE legend Pat Patterson with Outsports contributor Brian Bell. Though Patterson didn't come out publicly until 2014, he was openly gay in the world of pro wrestling for decades -- dating back to the late 1950s and 60s.
30 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #53: Ballpark Rankings wi...
70 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 64: Rebel Kinney
Brian welcomes "The Psycho Dyke" Rebel Kinney to the show to discuss her in-ring inspiration, brashly representing the lesbian community & working to change the British wrestling scene.
70 min
Trans Sporter Rm 59: Actor, Author, Activist Sc...
Karleigh and Dawn fangirl as they interview trailblazing actor, author, activist and Star Trek fan Scott Turner Schofield
54 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Talking Rugby with the Los Ang...
44 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All Ep. 52: Olympic med...
Olympic medalist Ji Wallace talks coming out as gay, winning an Olympic medal, being unable to walk and onward to Brisbane 2032!
35 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 42: Barack Obama's admitted...
Happy Thanksgiving! On this week's show, Alex talks about what he's thankful for in LGBTQ sports, and Barack Obama admitting he used gay slurs on the basketball court as a teenager. Obama's admittance shows growth is possible, and why we shouldn't ostracize people for what they said as kids.
20 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #30 Revisited: Negro Leag...
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick
48 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 63: A Yuru-Chara & Chono T...
Brian & his partner, KC, celebrate Thanksgiving by unpacking a ridiculous match featuring Japanese mascots and Japanese pro wrestling legend Masahiro Chono!
34 min
Trans Sporter Rm 58 Thanksgiving Feast
7 of our favorite guests: Lindsay Hecox, Mitch Harrison, Alice Soper, Katie Barnes, Curt Miller, Caitlyn Jenner, Kamora Herrington, Monica Roberts
56 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: A Virtual Thanksgiving with O...
2020 LGBTQ Sports Things We're Thankful For
26 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All Ep. 51: Olympic his...
Olympic historian Tony Scupham-Bilton shares some of the great LGBTQ athlete stories you've likely never heard before
31 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 41: Trans sports trailblaze...
On this week's show, Alex comes trans sports trailblazer Kirsti Miller, who talks about life as a transgender athlete -- and her incredible life.
33 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #52: Nothing Compares 2 T...
34 min