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Being gay in a football locker room, with the s...
Being gay in a football locker room
29 min
Men's college basketball has its first out gay ...
Chris Burns had held the secret that he's gay from everyone in college basketball.
30 min
When should gay college athletes come out?
Coming out as gay in college sports
30 min
Do Kiss Cams promote homophobia and sexual assa...
Kiss Cams have been a staple of fan entertainment at sporting events in the United States for years. You know the drill: Somebody in a control booth directs a
29 min
College football player comes out as gay on eve...
College football player comes out as gay
29 min
LGBT people are living openly across sports & r...
Izzy Gutierrez and Bobby Petrino, Jr., both came out publicly in the last week
28 min
Outsports take a gay look at the 2015 NFL season
A gay look at the 2015 NFL season
30 min
Andrew Goldstein's big 10 years. Homophobia in ...
Andrew Goldstein was a gay lax goalie at Dartmouth. On Sunday ESPN catches up with him.
30 min
Gay baseball and rugby players come out; Michae...
It's been a big week for gays in pro sports
30 min
NFL, a Year After Michael Sam Came Out
What is the state of gay pro athletes a year after Michael Sam
29 min
Is fear of the media really keeping gay pro ath...
Two gay NFL players allegedly are staying in the closet because of media reaction.
30 min
Caitlyn Jenner, Michael Sam, Troy Aikman, young...
Was Caitlyn Jenner the right choice for the ESPYs?
30 min
Women's World Cup and its lasting impact on wom...
The Women's World Cup brought attention to women's sports and soccer. Has America found a renewed interest in both?
29 min
Being openly gay in a 'bro' sport
Men's water polo and rowing are two of the sports most associated with hypermasculine, bro jocks. Being openly gay in these sports can be problematic. We talk
27 min
Is Michael Sam's pro football career over?
Michael Sam shocked everyone when he left the training camp of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League a day before their first preseason game. T
29 min
Caitlyn Jenner coverage gets some grades
This podcast is brought to you by AT&T. Mobilizing Your World. The Vanity Fair cover featuring Caitlyn Jenner certainly got some attention this week. The forme
30 min
College coaches, religion and gay rights
Clemson University football coach Dabo Swinney caused some controversy this week when he was to be honored by a South Carolina lobbying group opposed to gay ri
29 min
Christian colleges thrust into LGBT-athlete con...
Today's episode is brought to you by AT&T. Mobilizing Your World. If 2014 was the year of the LGBT athlete on Outsports, 2015 is becoming the year of the Chris
29 min
Homophobia still a major problem in American sp...
While huge improvements have been made in welcoming gays and lesbians in sports, much still needs to be done, a new study finds. Outsports is joined by two gay
29 min
Being a gay athlete at Hillsdale College
Today's episode is brought to you by AT&T. Mobilizing Your World. Hillsdale College is considered one of the most conservative colleges in the country. Two y
29 min
Why so much interest in stories of young gay at...
Today's episode is brought to you by AT&T. Mobilizing Your World. At Outsports we've noticed a powerful reaction every time we post stories about young LGBT
24 min
A Division 1 openly gay married athlete comes o...
With the Supreme Court set to debate gay marriage next week, we talk to Tanner Williams, a University of Oklahoma pole vaulter. This June, Tanner and his husban
29 min
Closet is very deep for gay college basketball ...
Fear. Depression. Anxiety. Thoughts of suicide. These are some of the emotions gleaned from closeted gay and lesbian coaches Outsports talked to during the men'
28 min
Young gay athletes continue to show the way
There are no openly gay athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL or Major League Baseball. Ditto for major college football, and in the just-concluded NCAA men's tournamen
29 min
Gay high school basketball player in Kentucky, ...
The Final Four in Indianapolis is occuring against the backdrop of the debate over gay rights and religious freedom. The NCAA and other sports leagues were stro
28 min