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The Trans Sporter Room Ep152 -- Trans Star Powe...
Two mavericks talk about their sport, their journey and what it means to them and all of us
87 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Talk'n Equestrian with Jordan ...
Equestrian with Jordan Lucas
17 min
The Sports Kiki 132: What makes quarterbacks so...
To celebrate the start of NFL season, Alex runs through a ranking of the hottest quarterbacks in the game, and explores whether they're actually the most attractive players on the field.
19 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 170: EFFY's Big Gay Brunch...
Patches Chance (Let Them Wrestle) joins Brian to recap the 5th Big Gay Brunch from GCW's Second City Summit
72 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep151 -- The Post-Kiwi F...
Good bye and good riddance, Kiwi Farms. But, the struggle continues.
77 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 131: Revisiting Manti Te'o ...
Alex reviews the Netflix documentary about Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend, and how the media shamefully turned the victim into a laughingstock.
23 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 169: Abigail Warren
"La Bruja" Abigail Warren sits down to chat transitioning during her wrestling career, being a YouTuber and finding herself in the ring
74 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep150 -- The TSR Gridiro...
Karleigh. Chelsea. Shauna: The TSR Football Roundtable on the Road to the CFP and Super Bowl LVII
86 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 130: John Edward Heath, Par...
Alex chats with John Edward Heath, an amputated veteran who's training to compete in his first Paralympics.
29 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 168: Rubber Match Panel
Brian Bell sits down with the creative team behind the queer love/pro wrestling comic book "Rubber Match"
64 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep149 -- Stephanie Helms...
Aye! Aye! for inclusion.
80 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 129: Fighting back against ...
Alex speaks with Dr. Laurie Essig, the co-author of the provocative Boston Globe op-ed: "Bachelorette parties in P-town often destroy safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people."
21 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 167: Gisele Shaw
IMPACT's Gisele Shaw sits down to chat Lone Star Stampede, her coming out moment and owning her journey.
32 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Boxing with Pharrell Shaymar
the Pad Technician aka the Trans Technician Pharrell Shaymar
36 min
Revisiting the historic 1992 Barcelona Olympics...
Revisiting the historic 1992 Barcelona Olympics and some of its memorable stars and storylines, with Zachary Draves - Five Rings To Rule Them All
30 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 128: NFL reporter Henry McK...
Alex chats with Fox Sports NFL writer Henry McKenna about Carl Nassib's status, and when it's time to legitimately wonder whether his sexuality is keeping him on the market.
24 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 166: Bryn Thorne
The "Belle of the Brawl" Bryn Thorne stops by the show to talk PrideStyle, Party Hard Wrestling and the lessons learned from starting in pro wrestling so young.
70 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep148 -- REWIND: Dr. Jai...
A view from the past for context on a current view of press coverage of the inclusion issue
57 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 165: Wrestle Queerdom
Brian and KC sit town to discuss Wrestle Queerdom and the controversies heading into the event.
70 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 127: Brittney Griner's Russ...
Alex discusses Brittney Griner's absurd 9.5-year prison sentence, and the sickening gloating that's going on at her expense in some right-wing circles
15 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep147 -- Sasha Acheson: ...
A former England international and current coach speaks out against the rugby bans
65 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: D.Gil's NFL Preview
Spilin' Tea on the 2022 NFL Season
19 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 164: Black Girl Magik 2 w/...
Black Girl Magik founder and wrestler Spice Spiegel returns to the show to talk the brand's second event on Aug. 19 and her quest to be sponsored by Dr. Pepper.
77 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep145 --Bethany Cyrtmus ...
Out of the ashes of scandal, savvy soccer player seeks to build a new paradigm on the pitch
70 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 126: Can Charles Barkley be...
Alex talks about Charles Barkley's strong support of LGBTQ people, and whether he can still be an LGBTQ ally while working for the Saudi-backed LIV Golf.
20 min