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The Sports Kiki Ep. 68: Alex Schmider, producer...
23 min
3SYO #76: Let's Stay, Oakland with Randy Boose
37 min
The Trans Sporter Room Ep. 85: LPGA hopeful Hai...
A story of a love of golf, and a lofty goal to be the first trans woman to earn an LPGA tour card
58 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. X: Office Hours
Brian was originally going to take the week off for the first time since the show started, but an eventful week inspired them to don the mic for an "unofficial" episode.
24 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Thomas Vanderbrook
Graduate Swimmer Thomas Vanderbrook
21 min
Joanna Lohman is inspiring girls and women thro...
Joanna Lohman has a new book inspiring girls and women through soccer and stories of the US Women's National Team
27 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 67: What are LGBTQ college ...
Alex discusses LGBTQ college activism in 2021. With so much progress being made, what are activists fighting for?
15 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 93: Edith Surreal
Edith Surreal joins the show to chat about her upcoming episode of IWTV's reality series "The Life Of ..." and her stellar 2021 thus far.
72 min
TSR 83: Three powerlifters talk about Pull for ...
Powerlifters Breanna Diaz, Val Schull and Scott Percy talk about Pull for Pride's grant program for trans athletes
63 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Adan Carano
Sayulita's Gay Surfer & Hula Hoop Artist
30 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 66: Outsports co-founder Cy...
Alex welcomes Outsports co-founder Cyd Zeigler to talk about two issues that court absolutely no controversy: trans inclusion and COVID-19 restrictions.
25 min
3SYO #75: Doby, Satchel, Feller, and Veeck with...
38 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 92: Amber Jo
After making history as the first trans woman to wrestle for top British promotion Rev Pro, "The Notorious Angel" Amber Jo joins the show to chat her historic moment and her wrestling future.
81 min
TSR 82: Journalist Clayton Sandell, World's Bi...
Former ABC News correspondent and trans ally Clayton Sandell chats about Star Wars, fandom and TV News
39 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Mother's Day with DJ Guate
A DJ's Mother's Day
31 min
At least 7 trans athletes currently aiming for ...
Here are the 7 trans athletes currently aiming for a spot at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics - Five Rings To Rule Them All
25 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 65: Gay sports radio host J...
Alex catches up with sports radio host Jared Max, who came out publicly as gay on ESPN New York in 2011. Alex and Jared talk about the changing climate of sports media, how to keep sports radio interesting, and the allure of radio overall.
33 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #74: The Mets' Mr. Slump ...
39 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 91: Polyam Cult Party 3 w/...
Grit & Glitter's Em Fear and Meg Fair join Brian Bell to chat all the highs and beauty from MV Young's Polyam Cult Party 3 event.
88 min
Hear Caitlyn Jenner Flip Flop on Trans Athletes...
In her latest quest for attention, Caitlyn Jenner turns her back on trans student-athletes
45 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: D.Gil's NFL 2021 Draft Recap
2021 NFL Draft Recap
31 min
New romance novel features an Olympic athlete a...
Rachel Spangler's new romance novel features a world-class fencer and her coach navigating a journey to the Olympic Games - Five Rings To Rule Them All
27 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 64: Julie Kliegman of SI ta...
Julie Kliegman of Sports Illustrated talks about coming out as non-binary and asexual.
23 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #73: Post Padres/Dodgers ...
29 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 90: Logan Black
Brian Bell welcomes "The King of Chaos" Logan Black to the show to go in-depth on his recent coming out.
80 min
Trans Sporter Room Ep80: Julia Serano
Author Julia Serano beams up to talk about anti-trans hate, writing Whipping Girl and her first novel plus her favorite Sci-Fi
86 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Coming Out with Alex Plinck
Alex Plinck
35 min
National champion marathoner Aoife Cooke - Five...
National champion marathoner Aoife Cooke on being out and aiming for Tokyo - Five Rings To Rule Them All
26 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 63: Why did MLS take 2 week...
Alex and soccer writer Jeff Rueter talk about the disturbing prevalence of hate speech throughout the sport.
33 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #72: The Annual White Sox...
37 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 89: Leo London
Canadian/Greek pro wrestler and PCW stalwart Leo London joins the show to chat about his personal relationship to pro wrestling.
86 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 88: Allie Kat's Real Hot G...
Brian Bell and their partner, KC, close their WrestleMania week coverage by recapping Allie Kat's Real Hot Girl Shit and Fay Jackson's Grey Sweatpants Battle Royal
50 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 87: GCW For The Culture
Brian Bell is joined by their partner, KC, to chat about AJ Gray's WrestleMania week showcase of BIPOC pro wrestling talent.
47 min
Trans Sporter Rm 79: Dr. Rachel Levine
Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Rachel Levine weighs-in on trans bans and Covid-19
48 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Gay Umpire Patrick Faerber
Spillin' tea with Pat Faerber
31 min
No boycott. Why participating in the Olympics i...
No boycott. Why participating in the Olympics, and other sporting events, is a better idea than staying home - Five Rings To Rule Them All
22 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 62: Gay basketball player J...
Alex chats with Jallen Messersmith about his time as an openly gay basketball player at a small Christian school and his gay awakening on Fire Island.
36 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #71: Angels on the Podcas...
47 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 84: EFFY's Big Gay Brunch ...
"The First Lady of Northern California Pro Wrestling" Pollo Del Mar joins the show to chat the gayest show from WrestleMania week, EFFY's Big Gay Brunch!
74 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 83: Indie Mania Week w/ WA...
WAC co-founder Max Zaleski joins the show to chat about all of the stellar independent pro wrestling from WrestleMania week!
60 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 85: WWE WrestleMania 37 Ni...
Pro Wrestling Mothership's Darnell Mitchell returns to discuss the first night of WrestleMania 37, including the historic Bianca Belair v. Sasha Banks main event!
78 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 86: WWE WrestleMania 37 Ni...
Daily DDT's Patches Chance returns to the show to recap night two of WrestleMania 37, headlined by Roman Reigns v. Edge v. Daniel Bryan!
70 min
TSR 78: NCAA, Sebastian Lletget and Ace Billing...
NCAA waffles on Trans Athletes, Sebastian Lletget's Slur and Athlete turned Activist Adrienne Billings-Smith
60 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Diego Garijo - Pro Fighter & D...
The wonderful world of Diego Garijo
38 min
Sheena Lawrick gives her first interview about ...
Sheena Lawrick gives her first interview about being a gay Olympian, raising a family and both winning and losing a bronze medal - Five Rings To Rule Them All
32 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 61: Gay surfer Nick Vallejo...
Alex catches up with gay surfer Nick Vallejo, who wrote his coming out story on Outsports in 2017. They talk about his sexual journey and new OnlyFans account.
30 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #70: No ASG for the ATL w...
38 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 82: Dewey Murray
"The Real Mutha Trucker" Dewey Murray joins the show to chat about his Psoriasis advocacy, growing up amid the ECW locker room and how the late Brodie Lee influenced him beyond pro wrestling.
69 min
TSR 77: Arkansas Transphobes, Jangles ScienceLa...
Arkansas GOP Takes Aim at Trans Kids, SJWDebates Settles The Science
50 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Talkin' NCAA March Madness wit...
NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament
22 min
Nancy Hogshead-Makar, trans inclusion in sports...
Nancy Hogshead-Makar, trans inclusion in sports and the Women's Sports Policy Working Group - Five Rings to Rule Them All
42 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 60: Why Kevin Durant's vile...
Alex talks about the exhausting Twitter spat between Kevin Durant and Michael Rapaport, and why it's hypocritical for Durant to call himself an ally while using anti-gay insults with impunity -- even during a private conversation.
16 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #69: 2021 Season Preview ...
50 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 81: Cassandro Cup w/ DJ Ac...
The wait is over! Butch vs. Gore's Cassandro Cup dropped March 28 and Brian is joined by The Nobodies' DJ Accident Report to break down all the hard-hitting LGBTQ action!
53 min
Trans Sporter Rm 76B: TDoV Part 2 with Erica Va...
Part 2 TDoV 2021 with Women's Roller Derby's Erica Vanstone
36 min
Trans Sporter Rm 76A: TDoV Part 1 with Erica Va...
Transgender Day of Visibility 2021 with Women's Roller Derby's Erica Vanstone
40 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: MLB Opening Day with Paul and Ray
2021 MLB Opening DAY
36 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 59: The great sports cancel...
In this time of "cancelling," Alex talks about how sports are rightfully embracing suspensions and education as the best ways to address wrongful behavior from athletes.
18 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #68: A Royal Opening Day ...
41 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 80: Pulling Back The Curtain
Brian Bell is solo this week as he tackles a trying week of events in pro wrestling that touched on personal traumas and internal struggles.
39 min
Trans Sporter Rm 75: Mom With a Message About T...
A cisgender mom answers the question: What would she tell her daughter if she lost to a transgender girl?
38 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Heidi Wiesenfarth
Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai
29 min
Proud to Play: A new book about LGBTQ athletes ...
Proud to Play's author Erin Silver talks about the LGBTQ athletes she's profiled in her new book on the latest Five Rings To Rule Them All
27 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 58: Sarah Crowley, out lacr...
Alex is joined by Sarah Crowley, an out All-American lacrosse player and all-around badass. Sarah talks about how her coming out led to a "rainbow avalanche" among her lacrosse teammates, and her evolution as a sexually fluid woman
30 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #67: Glenn Burke's Legacy...
42 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 79: Erica Leigh
Host Brian Bell welcomes "That 90s Chick" Erica Leigh to the show for a discussion on the diversity of queer representation in pro wrestling and the importance of queer spaces in the industry.
76 min
Trans Sporter Rm 74: State Rep. Stephanie Byers...
Out Kansas St. Rep, Stephanie Byers shares how she's fighting for trans student-athletes
51 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Women's History Month
Women in the NFL
29 min
US Speed skater Conor McDermott-Mostowy is a ga...
US Speed skating champion Conor McDermott-Mostowy talks for the first time about being gay
37 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 57: Trans MMA fighter Fallo...
Alex speaks with someone who's been on the front lines of the battle for trans inclusion: MMA fighter Fallon Fox. Alex and Fallon talk about the discrimination she's faced, and the gross lies that are continually spread about her.
28 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #66: Yankee Optimism with...
36 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 78: AEW Revolution 2021 w/...
Fanbyte's Colette Arrand returns to help Brian Bell unpack AEW's Revolution PPV, including a dope Women's World title match and AEW's first real brush with infamy.
122 min
Trans Sporter Rm 73: Joanna Harper, Researcher ...
Joanna Harper reveals the results of her latest paper studying transgender women
53 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Jeffrey Langenstein
Talking Gymnastics with Jeffrey Langenstein
43 min
Rower John Olbrys talks about serving in the mi...
Out gay rower John Olbrys talks about serving in the military under Don't Ask Don't Tell and being a gay athlete aiming for the Olympics
43 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 56: Where are the LGBTQ spo...
Alex catches up with Outsports contributor Ken Schultz. They discuss one of Ken's recent stories about the dearth of openly LGBTQ sports broadcasters, and weigh in on the big unpaid internship debate
38 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #65: The Saga of Bernie B...
46 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 77: Mr. Grim
"The Hitman for Hire" Mr. Grim joins the show to discuss his recent coming out, the origins of his cold-blooded persona and working with Wrestlers Lab and Enjoy Wrestling.
76 min
Trans Sporter Rm 72: Brynn Tannehill, Advocate,...
Brynn Tannehill has a sneak peek at her new book: "American Fascism: How the GOP Is Subverting Democracy"
65 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Nikki Goodson
A Gay High School Podcast Reunion
37 min
SkySports editor Jon Holmes talks LGBTQ inclusi...
Jon Holmes of SkySports talks about his efforts to build LGBTQ inclusion in sports across the UK
36 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 55: Hunter Dalton, OnlyFans...
Alex dives into the tantalizing world of OnlyFans with Chance Wheeler. They talk about Chance's transformation from college volleyball player to OnlyFans star.
46 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #64: Umpire Dale Scott (P...
41 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 76: The Iron Match: Adora ...
Brian Bell and his partner KC discuss the recent 60-minute Iron match between Trish Adora and Tony Deppen, then Brian gives his thoughts on recent reports linking Marty Scurll to NJPW
67 min
Trans Sporter Rm 71: Jen Fry Talks
Former volleyball player and coach Jen Fry talks about LGBTQ sports equality, plus the TRUTH about Fallon Fox
48 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Drag Queen - Poly Poptart
Drag & Sports
35 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 30a - Race...
The Olympics have banned protests and demonstrations for decades. What now?
26 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 54: Devon Rouse, gay auto-r...
On this week's show, Alex chats with openly gay auto-racing phenom Devon Rouse about his coming out experience and love for the pavement.
23 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #63: Umpire Dale Scott (P...
53 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 75: AC Mack
Atlanta's favorite "Loudmouth" AC Mack joins the show discuss the end of his 798-day Action Wrestling title reign, Butch vs. Gore's upcoming Cassandro Cup and why being a source of representation is so vital to him.
86 min
Trans Sporter Rm 70: Mack Beggs and Tori Gleaso...
Trans people are fighting back against state lawmakers hellbent on discrimination
59 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: The Rugby Valentine
Valentine's Day Special with Fergus Wade
29 min
US Speed skater Matt Rittenhouse started coming...
US Speed skater Matt Rittenhouse talks about being gay for the first time, plus his love of the sport and Fire Island
29 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 53: Jordan Miller, leader o...
Alex talks about the #FreeBritney movement with one of its leaders, Jordan Miller, the founder of BreatheHeavy.
41 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #62: Too Much Trevor with...
48 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 74: Don't Die Miles
The high-flying Don't Die Miles joins the show to discuss coming out as pansexual, taking control of his wrestling identity and the legacy of positivity he wants to leave behind.
77 min
Trans Sporter Rm 69: Out Gay White House Report...
Washington Blade WH Correspondent and Trek fan Chris Johnson beams up with the inside scoop on covering the Biden Administration
57 min
The GAMEDAY TEA: Serving Up with Chris Voth
Canada's first active openly gay national team athlete
40 min
Atlanta Olympic bombing from the eyes of Darius...
Darius Gilchrist talks about his family's close encounter with the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta, plus raves and EDM
32 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 52: Esera Tuaolo, gay forme...
Just in time for the Super Bowl, Alex speaks with gay former NFL player Esera Tuaolo about his coming-out story, and experiences as a closeted gay man in the NFL.
34 min