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Trans athlete wins in North Carolina; where gay...
Trans athlete wins in North Carolina
29 min
What is the statute of limitations on anti-gay ...
The homophobic and anti-gay tweets of a couple prominent professional athletes surfaced this week. The catch? The tweets were from several years ago. So when E
29 min
Curt Schilling fired for trans slur; NHL player...
Former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling reposted a nasty meme against transgender people in reaction to the new anti-LGBT law in North Carolina. ESPN fired him t
44 min
North Carolina law and trans bathroom use aren'...
Talk about the anti-LGBT law in North Carolina isn't going away. Plus, a preview of our Outsports Reunion this June.
29 min
Sports and LGBT rights -- Charles Barkley beats...
Sir Charles says the right things on moving the NBA All-Star Game
29 min
The repercussions of North Carolina legalizing ...
North Carolina legalized discrimination against LGBT people. Will the state pay a price?
29 min
Gay NHL writer Chris Hine on why he came out
Why a pro hockey writer came out as gay
30 min
Baseball, Cardinals react to harsh anti-gay loc...
A gay former baseball player talked publicly about he homophobic language he heard in the locker room
29 min
Growing up gay as a rodeo cowboy in South Dakota
Growing up gay as a rodeo cowboy in South Dakota
30 min
Matt 'Money' Cage on being an out beacon of hop...
When professional wrestler Matt 'The Money' Cage came out publicly almost a year ago in June of 2015, he thought he might be a little blip in the national conv
29 min
Steve Kerr is right that more gay athletes need...
Steve Kerr says gay visibility in sports is the key
30 min
Manny Pacquiao's wild week of offending gays
Manny Pacquiao made headlines for all the wrong reasons this week, offending gay people at every turn
29 min
Gay college football player tells his story; Ou...
Our guest is Luke McAvoy, a defensive lineman for the University of Minnesota from 2011-14. He wrestled with a secret for years -- he was gay. McAvoy hid it fea
30 min
Brandon Marshall's fingernails and the power of...
Barriers are breaking down in football as athletes and coaches shed some need for masculinity
29 min
Gay couples on pro sports kiss cams
Gays on kiss cams
28 min
Is homophobia rooted in a "hatred of women"?
When New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was taunted on the field several weeks ago with gay slurs, it left many wondering about the root of homopho
43 min
Odell Beckham, gay slurs and homophobia in NFL
Odell Beckham and gay slurs
29 min
The open 'secret' of some gay people in sports....
A number of gay people in sports came out publicly this week, but each of them was already 'out'
29 min
A gay college athlete overcomes depression, hel...
Gay college athlete helps at-risk LGBT youth
29 min
Gay pro hockey referee comes out
Gay pro hockey referee comes out
29 min
MLB's efforts to find out LGBT team executives....
What will be the effect of MLB's efforts to build inclusion in team front offices? Plus, more reaction to Gus Kenworthy.
29 min
Outsports weekly LGBT sports podcast: Gay umpir...
Outsports' weekly podcast features the latest from LGBT sports news
30 min
Houston legalizes discrimination, and the NFL a...
Houston voters this week overwhelmingly voted to end Houston's equal rights ordinance, which gave non-discrimination protections to LGBT people, among others.
29 min
Pro soccer players coming out? Gay N.C. athlete...
Rumors swirling about gay English soccer players. A gay former N.C. football player comes out. Plus, the Giants' You Can Play video.
29 min
Olympic skier comes out; Mets star disagrees wi...
Olympic skier comes out
29 min