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Gay athletes and fears of the locker room shower
Why do straight athletes fear showering with gay teammates?
30 min
What's the best way for athletes to 'come out' ...
When an athlete feels the need to let everyone know he's straight, what are some tips to do that?
30 min
Clemson football players engage in gay play; re...
Clemson football players go gay
29 min
Outsports 2016 LGBT sports year in review
The year in gay sports
30 min
The power of anti-gay language in sports
When slurs are used in sports, they hurt LGBT athletes more than they are often intended to.
30 min
What happened to the 2 gay Premier League playe...
A year ago we were told that two gay Premier League soccer players were going to come out together. A year later, nada.
28 min
Openly gay player celebrates a college football...
Busy week for LGBT issues in football
29 min
The state of sports access for transgender athl...
During Trans Week we talk about the ability of transgender athletes to participate in sports.
30 min
LGBT sports movement in Age of Trump
Gay sports movement with Trump election
29 min
Growing up gay a generation ago
Outsports co-founders talk about growing up gay in and outside of sports years ago, how much it has and has not changed.
29 min
The Cubs' support for the LGBT community in Chi...
How gay-friendly are the Chicago Cubs?
30 min
The real language of athletes and fans in and a...
What topics of conversation do athletes really engage in, and what kind of language do they use?
29 min
National Coming Out Day; Straight allies; Gay s...
Coming out, straight allies, NFL gay slurs
28 min
Do you feel lucky to be gay?
Professional bowl Anthony Pepe, who is openly gay and came out publicly in 2015, said in a Facebook post that he feels lucky to be gay.  "When it's all said an
24 min
The NCAA shifts out of North Carolina, but does...
The NCAA has pulled various events out of North Carolina due to the state's anti-LGBT HB2 law. Yet its members continue to discriminate against LGBT people with
29 min
Gay athlete kneels during National Anthem in sh...
A gay influence on National Anthem protest
29 min
Curious case of soccer's gay slurs. Plus, the p...
Robbie Rogers says he was called a gay slur. The player and team deny it. What's up? Plus, America's most popular sport, football, is back to control the conver
29 min
Rio Olympics are the gayest Games ever
The very gay Rio Olympics
26 min
Media hits and misses in covering LGBTI Olympia...
The media has had some hits and misses in covering LGBTI Olympians and their stories so far in Rio. Thankfully there's a whole second week to get better.
30 min
Record number of openly gay, lesbian, bisexual ...
LGBT athletes in Rio
29 min
A look at the Rio Summer Olympics a month away
Rio Olympics a month away
29 min
Reviewing Pride month and looking ahead to 2016...
There were various sports angles this Pride month, and we know there will be many more LGBT sports stories coming this year
29 min
The sports world reacts to the Orlando massacre...
People and teams across much of the sports world reacted in different ways to the mass murder of 49 people in the gay bar Pulse
29 min
The state of gays in sports during Pride Month
Elite gay athletes remain in the closet
28 min
Is it damaging to claim homophobia when there i...
When LGBT people claim discrimination, is it damaging to the community when a mistake is just a mistake? Plus, more details about our Outsports Reunion in Chica
29 min