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Outsports is the world's leading LGBTQ-sports publication. We highlight the stories of LGBTQ athletes, coaches and other people in sports who show us all that Courage Is Contagious.

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Same Team - Cyd Zeigler
Cyd Zeigler, co-founder of Outsports, joins Same Team for its inaugural episode
32 min
Gay college football fan's goal: Visit all 130 ...
Gay college football fan on a stadium quest
28 min
San Francisco 49ers assistant Katie Sowers is f...
NFL has its first openly gay coach
29 min
Will gay athletes, coaches and referees be taun...
For years people have tried to offer answers about why there aren't more publicly out gay professional athletes in the big men's sports. One of the reasons give
37 min
St. Louis Cardinals deny Outsports a credential...
Why did St. Louis Cardinals deny Outsports a credential
29 min
What responsibilities do openly gay athletes have?
Openly gay athletes responsibility
30 min
A major college football player comes out as gay
Kansas State football player Scott Frantz comes out as gay
29 min
MMAFighting's Dave Doyle talks about being gay ...
Dave Doyle has kept his personal life separate from his private life for years. Now he talks about being gay in the world of MMA Fighting.
30 min
Coming out as gay in football in high school an...
Being gay in football
30 min
The future of LGBT sports events. Does homophob...
With the OutGames debacle behind us, we look at the future of LGBT sports events. Plus, do anti-LGBT comments like those of Margaret Court tarnish athletes?
29 min
Was an NHL player let off lightly for a gay slur?
Did Ryan Getzlaf deserve a suspension for gay slur
29 min
How same-sex marriage is empowering LGBT athletes
LGBT athletes getting married
29 min
Is ESPN laying people off because it's too gay?
Some people are saying ESPN is too gay for TV. Plus, an NHL prospect loves his moms.
29 min
Coming out quietly to everyone in the world
When World Champion Shawn Barber came out publicly this week, he did so very quietly. Others can do the same.
29 min
Swimmers and best friends come out to each othe...
Importance of friends when coming out
29 min
Outing trans people is the lowest of the low
Most people know that outing gay people is bad, yet many don't understand outing trans people can be even worse.
29 min
The NCAA and the LGBT community; the power of c...
NCAA sells out LGBT people
29 min
Sports, politcs and LGBT rights
How LGBT rights are a big deal in sports
30 min
Was Nico Hines' apology the worst in sports his...
Nico Hines offered an 'apology' for outing Olympians in Rio. Was it the worst apology ever? Plus, the Big Four sports leagues all have no out gay athletes again
30 min
A pro wrestler talks about coming out as bisexual
Pro wrestler comes out as bisexual
29 min
Is it relevant to ask straight athletes if they...
Can athletes give true answers when asked about accepting a gay teammate? Do they even know?
30 min
Top football recruit comes out as gay; trans wr...
Top football recruit comes out as gay
28 min
Out gay coaches are getting hired. NFL supports...
Colin Christiansen. Nathan Matthews. Lexie Gerson. We keep hearing of more and more coaches in high school and college who are getting hired after coming out as
29 min
Do fans realize when they are being homophobic?
Fans do things that are anti-gay. Do they even realize that's the message they send?
29 min
Is the NFL ready for an openly gay player?
Gay players in the NFL
30 min