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Outsports is the world's leading LGBTQ-sports publication. We highlight the stories of LGBTQ athletes, coaches and other people in sports who show us all that Courage Is Contagious.

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LPFPod - Episode 006 - Andrew Ford
Sexuality in the church and in sports
63 min
Same Team - Joe Johnson
Team USA ice dancer Joe Johnson talks about his journey to the national stage and becoming one-half of the first openly LGBTQ dance team.
78 min
LPFPod - Episode 005 - Chris Voth
Growing up in Canada, Playing Volleyball for national team and overseas
61 min
Same Team - Alec Reitzel
Former collegiate swimmer Alec Reitzel discusses his religious upbringing in rural North Carolina and how a career-ending injury helped him out of the closet.
84 min
LPFPod - Episode 003 - Tom Bosworth
Race Walking, Olympics and pop culture with Tom Bosworth
53 min
LPFPod - Episode 004 - Kaitlyn Long
Bisexuality, track and field and the story of adoption
48 min
LPFPod - Episode 002 - Eric Radford
Growing up in figure skating, coming out, olympics and music
60 min
LPFPod - Episode 001 - Cyd Zeigler
LPFPod - My premier episode where I start where it all began for me, a conversation with Outsports Co-Founder Cyd Zeigler
56 min
Same Team - Anthony Bowens
Professional wrestler Anthony Bowens talks about the prominence of LGBTQ talent on the independent wrestling scene.
50 min
Same Team - Nick McCarvel
Nick McCarvel, a journalist who covers everything from tennis to figure skating, talks about growing up in a religious family in Montana and how he got into journalism.
64 min
Same Team - Peter Lovins
Peter Lovins, director of legal affairs for the Columbus Blue Jackets, talks about growing up as a gay Mormon in Alaska and the professional journey that took him across the country.
90 min
Same Team - Matt Pacifici
Former professional soccer player Matt Pacifici talks about coming out to the world via an Instagram post featuring a photo of he and his boyfriend.
48 min
Same Team - Fred Rosser (aka Darren Young)
Fred Rosser (aka Darren Young), the first openly gay wrestler in WWE, talks about his journey to come out of the closet.
44 min
Same Team - David Palumbo
David Palumbo, executive board member of the You Can Play Project, talks about the genesis of the organization.
47 min
Same Team - Eric Radford
Eric Radford, three-time Olympic medalist and two-time world champion in figure skating, talks about his career
43 min
Same Team - Xavier Colvin
Former Butler University linebacker Xavier Colvin talks about coming out a a gay man in front of his entire team.
60 min
Same Team - Derrick Gordon
Derrick Gordon, the first openly gay male Division I college basketball player, talks about his personal coming out journey.
55 min
Same Team - Tony Paul
Tony Paul from the Detroit News talks about his decision to come out on live television and his career in journalism
51 min
Same Team - Eric Lueshen
Eric Lueshen, former openly gay kicker at the University of Nebraska, talks about his experience as a Husker
60 min
Same Team - Jake Atlas
Jake Atlas talks about his meteoric rise in the world of professional wrestling
35 min
Same Team - Matt Lichtenstadter
Play-by-play analyst Matt Lichenstadter discusses his decision to come out as bisexual and the specific challenges of his journey
112 min
Same Team - Parrow (Part Two)
Parrow expands upon his career as a gay professional wrestler and why more opportunities for LGBTQ wrestlers don't exist
82 min
Same Team - Parrow (Part One)
Professional wrestler Parrow talks about being an openly gay man during the sport's current renaissance
65 min
Same Team - Alex Reimer
Radio personality Alex Reimer talks about his career and getting suspended for calling Tom Brady's daughter "annoying little pissant" on air
25 min
Same Team - Jessica Platt
Jessica Platt, the first transgender player in the Canadian Women's Hockey League, talks about her career and being a trailblazer for LGBTQ sports rights
21 min