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3 Strikes, You're Out #15: Choose Your Own Vill...
Choose Your Own Villain
53 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 18: EFFY
Pro wrestler EFFY joins the show to talk all things Big Gay Brunch, making wrestling a party and being able to tell stories in the ring that speak to LGBTQ cultural issues.
67 min
The Trans Sporter Room ESPN's Christina Kahrl
ESPN's Christina Kahrl
40 min
LPFPod - Episode 046 - Soccer Episode
I speak with Mr. Gay Germany, Sports Campaign Manager - Stonewall UK and podcaster The Gay Footballer
77 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All: Olivier Fabre of P...
Olivier Fabre of Pride House
27 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #14: Kansas City Royalty ...
Kansas City Royalty
47 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 17: Wrestling With Gender'...
Wrestling With Gender creator Sam Didier stops by to discuss using pro wrestling to build inclusive communities and addressing transphobia within the fandom.
77 min
Same Team - Jake Barreau
University of Oklahoma women's volleyball assistant coach Jake Barreau talks growing up in Wisconsin, his journey into the coaching world and being married to a fellow volleyball coach
59 min
LPFPod - Episode 045 - Justine Mules and specia...
Being out as a female footy player, All about the Adelaide Crows and their fight to repeat as champions in the AFLW
33 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All: Team USA's Chris M...
Team USA's Chris Mosier
40 min
The Trans Sporter Room EP 16: Super Bowl Previe...
Trans Kids Under Attack, Super Bowl Preview and more
41 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #13: Super Bowl Preview w...
Super Bowl Preview
60 min
SUPER BOWL LIV: Dr. Jen Welter
14 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 16: Royal Rumble 2020 w/ S...
Sam Didier (Wrestling With Gender) and Daniel Trainor ( Same Team podcast) help sift through the good, bad and offensive from the most exciting event on the WWE calendar.
107 min
Extra Points: Queer Contra Dancing Isn't Exactl...
Get ready to dance (again) as we look at the historic roots of queer contra dancing and examine why it has never taken off as a sport.
29 min
Five Rings to Rule Them All Episode 12: Olympic...
Olympic champion Kerron Clement
26 min
The Trans Sporter Room EP 15 Kirsti Miller
Kirsti Miller beams up from down under
67 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #12: Yeah Jeets!
Yeah Jeets!
57 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 15: MV Young
The "American Attraction" MV Young sits down to discuss embracing his sexuality in the ring, building a queer-focused promotion and the tribulations of leading a poly cult
70 min
Same Team - Joe Altenau
Earlier this month, the New Jersey Devils hosted one of the most comprehensive, inclusive and impressive Pride Night celebrations in history. Joe Altenau, VP of Event Operations and Guest Relations for Prudential Center, talks about being an instrumental part of putting the whole thing together.
42 min
LPFPod - Episode 044 - Esera Tuaolo
Growing up in Hawaii, football in Oregon and then the NFL, The Voice and his 3rd annual Inclusion part super bowl weekend
32 min
Five Rings to Rule Them All Epis. 11: Outsports...
Outsports co-founder Jim Buzinski
35 min
The Trans Sporter Room EP 14 Meet Alex Reimer
Outsports Deputy Managing Editor Alex Reimer of Boston talks trans inclusion, the Patriots, Red Sox, Curt Schilling and online trolls
38 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #11: The Mets Manager & O...
The Mets Manager & Other Tragedies
59 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 14: Mark Adam Haggerty
MLW's Mark Adam Haggerty joins the show to retrace his journey through the wrestling business, the heart behind Locker Room Detectives and providing representation on a national level
80 min