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Trans Sporter Rm 41: MLB, Rugby, Idaho, Trans M...
Whalers fan, Sci-Fi author and political journalist Susan Bigelow of
56 min
LPFPod - Episode 056 - Matt Barker
Drafted by the Colorado Rockies in high school, becoming addicted to alcohol first and then pain pills and coming out in his 30's
50 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 35 - Canad...
Canadian Olympic swimmer Martha McCabe
30 min
"The Sports Kiki" Ep. 24: Is Kelly Loeffler cur...
On this week's edition of "The Sports Kiki," Alex examines the bizarre phenomenon of Kelly Loeffler attacking her own league, the WNBA, for cheap political gain. Alex speaks with WNBA journalists Tamryn Spruill and Lauren Rosenberg about Loeffler, and the league's social justice work as a whole.
43 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #36: 2020 Season Preview ...
2020 Season Preview
48 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 43: Dominion, Slammiversar...
A guestless Brian Bell gives his thoughts on a slew of recent events: NJPW Dominion, Impact Slammiversary & WWE Extreme Rules
52 min
Trans Sporter Room 40: Curt Miller
Out CT Sun Coach Curt Miller, the WNBA, World Rugby Trans Ban
33 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 34 - Forme...
Team USA gymnast Paul Ruggeri on becoming a nurse and being gay
35 min
"The Sports Kiki" Ep. 23: Why do British tabloi...
On this week's show, Alex chats with Sky Sports editor and writer Jon Holmes about the tawdry tabloid British tabloid culture, which keeps promoting dark essays from alleged closeted Premier League players who are afraid to come out,
29 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #35: LGBTQ Realness on ML...
LGBTQ Realness on MLB Network
82 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 42: Sonny Kiss vs. Cody
Brian Bell and his partner KC discuss Sonny Kiss' TNT title match against Cody and the impact of Kiss being thrust into that spot.
35 min
Trans Sporter Rm 39.1: Gabrielle Spierer and LG...
Gabrielle Spierer and Overcoming LGBTQ Domestic Violence
49 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 41: Sonny Kiss
AEW's Sonny Kiss joins the show to talk the importance of LGBTQ representation and opportunity ahead of her TNT championship match at AEW's Fight for the Fallen!
27 min
"The Sports Kiki" Ep. 22: Don't shame the Fire ...
Alex is back from his 4th of July hiatus, and enraged about the state of the country. On this week's show, he chats with queer journalist Mathew Rodriguez about the phenomenon of coronavirus social shaming, and how it perpetuates stereotypes against the LGBTQ community.
35 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #34: Lovin' That Dirty Wa...
Lovin' That Dirty Water
42 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 40: Ringlights & Bodega Fi...
Brian Bell showed his partner some fun wrestling matches. They talk about some fun wrestling matches. Brian says "fun" far too much.
42 min
Trans Sporter Room 38: Valentina Petrillo of Italy
Italian Paralympian Valentina Petrillo
26 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #33: 25 Minutes About 17 ...
25 Minutes About 17 Ballparks
24 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 39: O'Shay Edwards
"Big Bad Kaiju" O'Shay Edwards stops by to discuss coming out as bisexual, Ahmed Johnson and why Ring of Honor is his dream wrestling destination.
73 min
Trans Sporter Room Ep 37 Randy Boose of Level P...
Level Playing Field's Randy Boose
35 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 32 - Olymp...
Olympic bobsledder Chris Kinney talks about racism in the USA and Japan, and coming out to his team
32 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 21: Mailbag
Fresh off a week of overnight radio shows, Alex hosts his second mailbag episode, answering questions about his desire to debate with thick-headed Republicans and newfound proclivity for haircuts.
21 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #32: MLB The Short Short ...
MLB The Short Short Version
60 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 38: #SpeakingOut and Beyond
Emily Mae Heller (Afterbuzz TV, Safe Wrestling Collective) joins Brian Bell to discuss the fallout of the #SpeakingOut movement and how the industry can change for the better in its wake.
48 min
Trans Sporter Room Ep 36 Titan Games Competitor...
Mitch Harrison of The Titan Games
43 min