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LGBT In The Ring Ep. 54: Solo Darling
Bi+ Awareness Month wraps up as Solo Darling joins the show to discuss coming out as pansexual earlier this year, bi+ fetishization & the power in living your truth!
67 min
Trans Sporter Rm 50: Runner/Author Cate Spice
We are doomed by SCOTUS nominee; Trans athlete Cate Spice of New Zealand writes LGBT Fantasy books for children
32 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 43 - Ban I...
The movement to ban Iran from the Olympic Games after the murder of Navid Afkari and LGBTQ people is gaining momentum
22 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 33: Aria DiMezzo, trans sat...
On this week's show, Alex interviews Aria DiMezzo, who is a trans satanist anarchist running for sheriff in New Hampshire. Alex asks Aria about her belief system and decision to run in the Republican primary -- and how she won it.
25 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #45: WOKE in Cincinnati w...
45 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 53: Keita Murray
Bi+ Awareness Month rolls on as Brian welcomes the Bisexual King Keita Murray to chat how he realized the power putting his identity in the ring truly held.
62 min
Trans Sporter Rm 49 Lamont, HBO, SCOTUS
CT. Gov. Lamont breaks silence, HBO Real Sports spikes trans student athlete segment, SCOTUS post-Ginsburg
39 min
LPFPod - 060 - Dawn Ennis
My last episode
36 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 42 - Richa...
Former Ambassador and DNI Richard Grenell on why Iran's murder of Navid Afkari and LGBTQ issues should lead to an Olympic ban
23 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 32: Who wins with Big Ten F...
The Big Ten Football Conference will be play this fall after all. Does this mean the athletes win, or that non-revenue sports will no longer be on the chopping block? Not so fast. On this week's show, Alex chats with advocate and former college football player Akil Patterson about the Big Ten's reversal and what's at stake.
37 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #44: The Roof is On Fire ...
53 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 52: Russell Rogue
The Biconic Russell Rogue joins Brain to discuss his experiences as an out bisexual wrestler, discovering his inner bad bitch and why Bi+ awareness needs to grow.
81 min
Trans Sporter Room Ep48 Dr Juniper Simonis
Dr Juniper Simonis returns to report on Portland protests and wildfires
71 min
LPFPod - Episode 059 - Matt Bishop
Talking with The Bish about F1, W Series, his new novel "The Boy Made The Difference" and more
77 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 41 - Team ...
Team USA and Texas diver Jordan Windle was raised by his gay dad, Jerry, and mentored by Greg Louganis
28 min
The Sports Kiki Ep. 31: The big gay NFL preview
It's football season! On this week's show, Alex previews the 2020 NFL season with former baseball standout-turned-porn star Kacey Edenfield. Alex and Kacey go over their picks and talk some smack as well.
29 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #43: #GayCubsTwitter Angs...
49 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep 51: MV Young's Poly Cult Pa...
Em Fear (Grit & Glitter podcast) gives Brian a live perspective and lively discussion on all the in-ring action at the 2nd Poly Cult Party!
71 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep 50: AEW All Out 2020 w/ Col...
Fanbyte's Colette Arrand joins Brian to unpack AEW's latest pay-per-view event All Out, headlined by a world title clash between Jon Moxley and MJF
113 min
Trans Sporter Room EP47 June Eastwood
SPECIAL STAR TREK DAY EPISODE! Trans runner June Eastwood, Scholars stand up to World Rugby, Plus our fave SF/Fantasy books
41 min
Five Rings To Rule Them All, Episode 40 - Swim ...
Texas swim coach Mitch Dalton, formerly of Team USA, talks about being gay in swimming and the culture around the sport
35 min
The Sports Kiki Ep 30: Why sports are so import...
On this week's show, Alex highlights a topic that's central to our mission at Outsports: LGBTQ kids playing sports. Alex speaks with Casey Close of The Trevor Project about the organization's recent mental health survey of LGBTQ kids, and how important being included on the field is to their development.
28 min
3 Strikes, You're Out #42: OK Blue Jays, Let's ...
47 min
LGBT In The Ring Ep. 49: Washington Heights
Drag queen Washington Heights sits down with Brian Bell to discuss her relationship with her father, pro wrestler New Jack, after calling him out publicly for disconnecting from her years ago.
54 min
Trans Sporter Rm 46 Out trans referee Jacquelin...
A conversation with trans ref Jacqueline Harper-Grubb, plus the pro sports walkout, the rugby transban and All Things Trek
61 min