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How gay is Super Bowl XLIX between the Patriots...
Almost a year after Michael Sam came out as gay, the topics of gays in the NFL is all but absent at this year's Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the
29 min
The limits of reporting on gay rumors of pro at...
Rumors have been rife for years about Troy Aikman being gay, which he has long denied, most recently this month. And when Aaron Rodgers had a falling out with h
28 min
Parents forbid gay wrestler from coming out
After finding strength by reading Outsports stories on gay athletes, this high school wrestler wants to share his story. Because of his parents, he has to atten
28 min
Oregon v. Ohio State has key LGBT angles. Plus,...
College football fans finally got the national championship game they've been clamoring for for years, and it doesn't include anyone south of the Mason-Dixon Li
31 min
Robbie Rogers triumphs; Michael's Sam's histori...
Almost two years ago, Robbie Rogers came out openly as gay and thought his pro soccer career was over. So it was exciting and memorable and historic when he sto
29 min
MLB umpire Dale Scott comes out, Robbie Rogers ...
Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott did a "soft" coming out a couple months ago in Referee magazine, but it wasn't until we profiled him this week that most
30 min
Outsports looks back at 15 years of sports stories
Outsports has been publishing for 15 years, ever since Jim Buzinski and Cyd Zeigler sat down at a coffee house on Cape Cod and came up with the idea. Since then
29 min
Hazing, homophobia, masculinity in the football...
At a New Jersey high school,  seven football players, ages 15 to 17, were arrested on a number of charges, including aggravated criminal sexual contact, in conn
29 min
Gay former Minor Leaguer John Dellinger talks c...
Openly gay former Minor League baseball pitcher John Dellinger joins the Outsports podcast. He'll talk about life after baseball, any changes he may have seen
34 min
Iowa coach comes out as basketball coaches bar ...
A junior high school coach in Iowa came out to a "homophobic" friend after a Hawkeyes basketball game and got quite the response. We'll talk about Evan Risk's
35 min
RG3's Christian shirt causes a stir - like the ...
Robert Griffin III tried to wear a T-shirt at a post-game Washington press conference until he was stopped by someone from the NFL or the team. The T-shirt said
23 min
Gay Catholic high school coach Nate Alfson join...
We'll talk about the Ray Rice issue today, how the NFL and other pro leagues are falling behind on social issues and whether sports should be - or even can be -
33 min
NFL season kicks off! And what's next for Micha...
The NFL season kicks off Thursday, and we'll take a look at the teams we think are on the rise and which are headed for a decline. There are some great storylin
38 min
Gay former college football players talk about ...
ESPN's report by Josina Anderson this week about Michael Sam's shower habits in the St. Louis Rams locker room has stirred quite a controversy about how the med
30 min
Michael Sam's first game as a St. Louis Ram
Michael Sam will take the first for the St. Louis Rams for the first time on Friday in a preseason game against the New Orleans Saints. It will be an historic g
36 min
Is 15 yards enough penalty for gay slurs? Gay G...
The NFL officials are making it crystal clear to teams this week that gay slurs will not be tolerated on the field. While officials have had the ability to dete
25 min
Tony Dungy doesn't want Michael Sam, Giants hir...
Tony Dungy created a firestorm this week when he told the world he would not have drafted Michael Sam. He claims he was being unfairly called anti-gay, despite
30 min
Michael Sam's ESPY acceptance speech, plus Bill...
Michael Sam accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs with a speech that left people across America in tears. Sam expressed a clear understanding of h
29 min
Brad Thorson talks about being gay in college f...
Former Wisconsin and Kansas football player Brad Thorson came out publicly on Independence Day in a post on his blog titled "Seeing through the fog." Thorson j
31 min
Mexico fans and their gay-slur chant. Gay high ...
Two big stories dominated the week for Outsports. First was Monday's Mexico-Croatia game, during which Mexico fans repeatedly chanted "puto." Many have labeled
27 min
Gay slurs at the World Cup heard on TV
Mexico's soccer fans have brought their chant that's a gay slur to the World Cup in Brazil, using the phrase during the games against Cameroon and Brazil. Anyon
28 min
Talking World Cup with LAG Confidential's Josie...
The World Cup is almost here, and joining us to preview the big event is Josie Becker from LAG Confidential. She covers the LA Galaxy, and we're sure she'll hav
28 min
Olympic luger John Fennell joins us to talk abo...
Canadian Olympic luger John Fennell came out publicly this week. He talked about the mental struggle of being a closeted gay man trying to compete in Sochi, whe
31 min
Jason Collins' season came and went. Plus, Chri...
Despite the meme that gay athletes are a distraction to their teams, Jason Collins' season with the Brooklyn Nets came and went. The Nets had a strong season wi
25 min
Talking Michael Sam, the St. Louis Rams and his...
Guest host Eric Leushen and Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch join Jim Buzinski to discuss Michael Sam. Now that Sam has been drafted in the NFL by the
41 min
Talking Michael Sam's NFL Draft prospects with ...
This week we're talking about the big news in gay sports: Gay NFL prospect Michael Sam's draft prospects. He's been predicted to go anywhere from the third to s
30 min
What does the reaction to Donald Sterling tell ...
The NBA has banned LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, but the fight is just beginning. Did the NBA have any other choice? What does the public reaction
37 min
Anton Hysen joins us to talk about his new pro ...
Gay pro soccer player Anton Hysen has made the leap across the Atlantic Ocean and is now playing professional soccer for the Myrtle Beach Mutiny in South Caroli
39 min
Cheering for anti-gay athletes. Who will draft ...
Bubba Watson won his second Masters tournament in three years. A number of people were cheering for "the other guys" becuase of comments Watson made last year w
33 min
Derrick Gordon comes out. Anthony Nicodemo join...
UMass basketball player Derrick Gordon came out publicly as gay this week on Outsports and ESPN, making him the first Div. 1 male basketball player to do so. We
44 min
Gay college basketball player Jallen Messersmit...
Benedicting College basketball player Jallen Messersmith will join us today to talk about his team's run through the college basketball playoffs. We'll also hit
31 min
The NFL talks gays, and people fall for Jeff Go...
Outsports' Cyd Zeigler was at the NFL annual meeting this year and saw a shift in the league on gay issues. Former NFL player and You Can Play executive directo
36 min
Another big week for Michael Sam, and what is c...
It's another big week for Michael Sam, as he has his Missouri Pro Day and sends a letter of thanks for all the support the school has shown him.  Plus, our art
33 min
Brooklyn Nets are 8-2 with Jason Collins. This ...
We've been told for years that an openly gay player on a pro sports team would be a terrible distraction and undermine a team's ability to win. Yet the Brooklyn
30 min
More athletes come out. Is this a 'tidal wave' ...
Outsports has more coming out stories this week -- varsity athletes at Notre Dame (Matt Dooley, tennis) and Univ. of Virginia (Parker Camp, swimming). We've had
29 min
Jason Collins, Michael Sam and gays in pro sports
Jason Collins becomes the first openly gay NBA player and his jersey sells like crazy. Michael Sam is the center of attention at the NFL Combine.
29 min
Johnny Weir and the role of LGBT people in Sochi
Johnny Weir has drawn accolades and whispers of criticism for his "performance" in Sochi. Today we'll talk about that and the calls for LGBT athletes to take m
30 min
We cap the craziest week in Outsports' history ...
Outsports was in the middle of the planning and breaking of the Michael Sam story. We talk about what we knew, when we knew it, and what the road ahead looks li
29 min
Dave Zirin joins us to talk LGBT issues & polit...
On the day before the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we talk with The Nation sports editor Dave Zirin about the politics and LGBT issues sur
29 min
On the road to the Super Bowl. Plus, gay colleg...
Outsports has always loved the NFL, so we won't miss an opportunity to talk about the Super Bowl, especially since Jim's Broncos are playing! Plus, we've had a
29 min