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Bucs at Panthers Post Game
Disaster strikes!
114 min
Primetime Pomp and Circumstances
The Crew is looking ahead to the Panthers prime time match versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gene Thomas of Buc What Ya Heard joins the fellas as they try to figure out who comes out with their first victory.
171 min
Rams at Panthers Postgame
Reaction to Panthers loss in home opener to LA Rams.
87 min
Carolina Prepares to Ram the Lamb
It's opening week and the Carolina Panthers are about to go Sir Psycho on the LA Rams. We're here to preview it all, such as LA at Carolina, talk 53-man rosters, Torrey Smith's release, Slye's emergence, Cam's world records, and more!
124 min
Panthers flat-footed preseason continues
Cam's foot, preseason woes, and reasons for optimism
140 min
QB 2 Smells Like QB Poo
's week two preseason loss to the Buffalo Bills begs questions about Carolina's depth on both sides of the ball
108 min
Carolina Burns Chicago and Practices Table Slam...
Panthers defense shines in win over the Bears and joint practices with Bills shows an offense ready to explode. Gerald McCoy gushes over the defense and praises Kuechly as the best in the game. Eric Reid continues to be regularly randomly drug-tested and CAP is a punching bag for some oddly. Graham Gano's sore leg makes for a good conversation and Cam Newton may be broken up with Kia Proctor again.
98 min
Panthers Preseason Primer
Panthers open preseason against the Bears, showcase their new defense, and give us first look at some important camp battles
69 min
Training Camp Week 1 was Electric
Curtis Samuel shines, Burns burns Little, and Cam's balls are nice
124 min
Double or Nothing Pt 2 [Bonus/Spoiler]
Episodes 4-6, TD return, Jackson fatigue, Funchess falls apart, and more
51 min
Panthers Expected to Be Mediocre and Training C...
79 min
Double or Nothing Pt 1 (Bonus/Spoilers)
Crew discusses episodes 1-3 and presents overall feedback on All or Nothing with the Panthers
75 min
Media Decentralization and an Athletic Double o...
Observer is hemorrhaging, the Athletic doubles down, Cam throws more
81 min
Smitty Heals, Salty Tears, and Past Fears
Smitty to the Hall, D-Will Cries, and we think back with All-In
90 min
Anything You Can Do, Cam Can Do Better
Donte Jackson lightning speed, Cam's one-handed catch, All-In, and our QB rankings
77 min
Offseason Leg Room
Cam's dollars denied, Simms ranks Cam ahead of Brees and Brady, and Panthers fans a growing fanbase
77 min
Starving Time Means Cam Haters Eat
Cam haters, PFF rankings, and McCown the Legend
99 min
Minicamp Motion in Carolina Ocean
Cam Newton's new throwing motion, Gerald McCoy on parade, and Samuel is blazing in minicamp
104 min
Panthers are the Real McCoy
Panthers land Gerald McCoy
132 min
OTAs Dazzles and Jackson No Stranger to the Action
OTAs, Samuel and Jackson dazzle, Reid jumps out the gym, and the 3-4 is in
89 min
McCaffrey for MVG or MVP?
CMC in GQ, OTAs, and Suh v McCoy
115 min
Panthers are All or Nothing, and We Knew It!
Amazon's "All of Nothing", Mini-Camp, and the Roster
77 min
Hall of Honor and in Searcy of Brian Burns
Hall of Honor inductees, Brian Burns film analysis, Da'Norris Searcy released
107 min
Was the Panthers draft dope or a Little dumb?
Brian Burns, Greg Little, Will Grier, Christian Miller and more!
145 min
2019 C3 NFL Draft Party
#1 Panthers Podcast
242 min
With the 16th pick, the Carolina Panthers Selec...
NFL Draft approaches, Doomsday scenarios, and your Cat Calls!
134 min
Cody's Change of Heart Loves a New Draft Discus...
Hurney's dealing, Cody's in on defense, and Jordan Reid joins to talk draft
121 min
Waiting for the Draft is Boring as AAF
AFF and Andre Dillard
123 min
Tigers with Panthers, Oh My!
Charlotte Observer's Marcel Louis-Jacques joins to discuss Clemson defensive lineman and the Panthers
102 min
The NFL Abstains for No One
News cycle may be slow but the NFL abstains for no one, including Cam, as the Panthers claim Dillion Gordan off of waivers, bubble construction begins, Tepper attends
61 min
Build that Wall to Paradis
We're diving deep into the signing of Matt Paradis, Daryl Williams, and Bruce Irvin as the Panthers position themselves for the draft and seek to be a 2019 contender.
115 min
Funchie Free Agent Frenzy from Afar
Funchess leaves, teams throwing money around like drunken sailors, but the Panthers are now in Paradis!
135 min
Inside the Combine with David Harrison
David Harrison, long-time friend of the show and Bucs Nation writer, joins us after attending the 2019 NFL Combine with a sharp eye on the NFC South.
61 min
Combine the Underwear Olympics with Hopes and D...
The Crew reviews the Combine, discusses the flurry of franchise tags, tries to track down any meetings that may clue us in on the Panthers leanings. 
112 min
What Doesn't Make Carolina Older Makes the Pant...
Munnerlyn and Adams are out, Reid fires shots at the website, Golden Tate becomes a free agent, and more!
123 min
Rivera Speaks, Cam's Love Life, and the Combine...
The Crew discusses Rivera's focus on retooling the offensive line in free agency and the draft. Cam's personal life becomes mysterious right after he opens up, and the Combine is at our doorstep! Previewing free agent Trent Brown.
100 min
It's Evolution Baby!
The Panthers sign Eric Reid to a multi-year contract, Rivera back on that evolution-speak, and Alex Arm-Bar Armah will get ya. 
91 min
Atlas Shrugged, Tyrell the Gazelle, and Defense...
Cam's shoulder, Pep retires, Tyrell Williams hits free agency, Hall of Fame and Super Bowl talk
108 min
Seniors Eat Free Agency
It's episode 52! Yea...it's a party as the Crew discusses Cam Newton's shoulder surgery, the Senior Bowl, and continue their look at potential free agents. Special guest Jerry Foley from The Giant Inside joins to talk Landon Collins as a free agent in a Gettleman offseason.
104 min
London Calling, Saints Blew Dat, and the Panthe...
London, Saints Blew Dat, a 3-4 Defense, and Trey Flowers
123 min
Tepper Addresses Fans and Message is What We Ha...
Tepper addresses fans, Panthers hire Perry Fewell, and Thomas Davis says goodbye
123 min
State of the Union Backed by Uncertainty
Arians to the Cardinals, Seriously Considering a Missing Cam, Wildcard Weekend, and Salary Cap
113 min
New Year, New Day, and New Fears
Rivera Stays and Turner's Concern for Cam
118 min
Panthers at Saints Post Game
Panthers win comes at a cost!
99 min
Ground Zero and It's a Heinicke of a Disaster
We're sifting through the debris of 2018
117 min
Falcons at Panthers Post Game
The Falcons sweep the Panthers to extend the losing streak to seven games.
94 min
No Better and Much Worse
The Panthers drop their 6th straight and are faring no better and much worse not that Cam's shoulder seemingly is stuck in rehabilitory purgatory.
89 min
Saints at Panthers Post Game
Panthers drop their sixth straight!
108 min
Dan Hatman Talks General Manager Options and th...
Director of Scouting Development and Former NFL Scout Talks Front Office Shop
36 min
Carolina Panthers Searching for a Bottom
The Panthers have dropped five straight and there aren't many other than Christian McCaffrey who are immune to criticism. Is this the bottom or will Carolina make history in being the first 6-2 team to finish the season 6-10? It's a mess, but we are putt
146 min
Panthers at Browns Week 14 Preview
The Shadow Cat looks at the Panthers four-game skid that continued with the loss in Tampa and ahead to getting back in the winning column in Cleveland. 
24 min
The Axe is Being Sharpened in Carolina
C3 Panthers Podcast Ep. 18.44 Reports emerge  Ron Rivera was on the hot seat heading into Tampa and the fourth consecutive loss only stoked the flame. The fellas talk about Ron Rivera's future, his taking over the defensive play-calling, and his sub
165 min
Panthers at Buccaneers Post Game
What was a free fall last week accelerated into a full-scale collapse in Tampa. The Crew and fans react after the Panthers fall to 6-6. Subscribe: You can support the show and grow Panther Nation by donating to our Patreon account. It's quick, easy,
111 min
Panthers at Bucs Preview (Week 13)
After three consecutive losses, the Panthers go on the road to face a division opponent who has had their share of struggles this season. Here's a preview by the Shadow Cat. Subscribe: You can support the show and grow Panther Nation by donating to our P
18 min
Panthers are Free Falling and Fans aren't Handi...
C3 Panthers Podcast Ep. 18.43 After a 6-2 start, the Carolina Panthers free-fall continues with their third consecutive loss. The Crew is going to chop it up and figure out if the Panthers can pull out of this free-fall and who will be among the survivor
140 min
Seahawks at Panthers Post Game
The fans are at the gates with the pitchforks and few are immune to their calls for justice. Call in at 252-228-5098 Subscribe: You can support the show and grow Panther Nation by donating to our Patreon account. It's quick, easy, safe and secure. Donate
116 min
Seahawks at Panthers Preview
Looking at the Seahawks in the context of two consecutive losses. Subscribe: You can support the show and grow Panther Nation by donating to our Patreon account. It's quick, easy, safe and secure. Donate as little as $1. https://www.patreon.com/bePa
18 min
Missing! Where Did They Gano?
C3 Panthers Podcast 18.42 The fellas are looking for the Panthers pass-rush! Where did it go? After a second consecutive loss, the Crew is looking for ways to pull out of this nose-dive. The Panthers hope to find that pass-rush and escape this mid-season
166 min
Panthers at Lions Post Game
Join us right after the Panthers at Lions game for instant fan reactions.  Subscribe: You can support the show and grow Panther Nation by donating to our Patreon account. It's quick, easy, safe and secure. Donate as little as $1. https://www.pa
112 min
Panthers at Lions Preview
Panthers at Lions preview by the Shadow Cat Subscribe: You can support the show and grow Panther Nation by donating to our Patreon account. It's quick, easy, safe and secure. Donate as little as $1. https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?patAmt=1&u=35
16 min
NFL Bizarro Land, CJ Anderson, and on the Road ...
C3 Panthers Podcast Ep. 18.41 Panthers fans mourn a terrible loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and it turns out that CJ Anderson may have been the scapegoat! Logan Lamorandier from LionLowDown.com joins the show to preview the game against the Lions. Follo
155 min
Panthers at Steelers Post Game
Calamity strikes. Follow @Cat_Chronicles @JoeRiollano @CodyLac #IStandWithCam tee-shirts: https://www.carolinacatchronicles.com/c3-tee-shirt/pre-order-i-stand-with-cam Subscribe: You can support the show and grow Panther Nation by donating to our Pa
71 min
Panthers at Steelers Preview
The Shadow Cat looks ahead to the prime-time matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Subscribe: You can support the show and grow Panther Nation by donating to our Patreon account. It's quick, easy, safe and secure. Donat
14 min
Panthers Sink Bucs and Face the Pittsburgh Stee...
C3 Panthers Podcast Ep. 18.40 Join the Crew as they dissect the win over the Bucs and look ahead to the Pittsburgh Steelers. We'll preview Panthers at Steelers with Tony Serino from the Locked on Steelers Podcast.  All that plus your Cat Calls and m
134 min
C3 Bucs at Panthers Post Game
It's been a molly whomping in the first half and we fully expect to be celebrating a dominant win on the post game. Be a part of the action by calling 252-228-5098. Follow @Cat_Chronicles @JoeRiollano @CodyLac #IStandWithCam tee-shirts: https://www.
68 min
All You Need is Love When You Got Cam (C3 Panth...
The Crew reflects on the win over the Ravens and asks was it lucky or was the good fortune because the team was in a good position to catch the breaks? Special guest Gene Thomas from Buc What You Heard will join us to preview the game against the Buccane
148 min
C3 Ravens at Panthers Post Game
The Fellas celebrate a statement win by the Carolina Panthers over the #1 defense in the league, the Baltimore Ravens. Call 252-228-5098 to get in on the most interactive Panthers post game show. Follow @Cat_Chronicles @JoeRiollano @CodyLac #IStandWithCa
81 min