C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast - hosted by Chris Golden and Anna Forsyth - provides commentary on the Vancouver Canucks, the NHL, and pretty much anything else the two want to talk about. There are awesome guests, a few not-so-much, music, and well... anything else they can find under the seats on the Canucks bandwagon.

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Go Hard or Stay Home - Apr. 12, 2022
Anna is back, the Canucks are still trying to make things interesting, and Chris is hoping for late-April hockey that matters.
69 min
Canucks Plus Minus Playoff Chances - Apr. 5, 2022
Friend of the show, Jay Hamilton, fills in for Anna to share his thoughts on the Canucks playoff chances, a JT Miller contract, and off-season plans.
97 min
Will They Won’t They - Mar. 29, 2022
The Vancouver Canucks remain in the thick of the hunt for a playoff spot after a solid roadtrip balanced out a rough homestand.
75 min
Kraken The Whip - Mar. 22, 2022
Chanel Keenan, the Seattle Kraken's intersectionality consultant, joins Anna to talk about her journey, the Seattle Kraken & the trade deadline.
66 min
Podcast Wars: The Truce - Mar. 15, 2022
Jordan Bowman, co-host of Trust The Process, joins Anna to chat Canucks hockey and Canucks podcasting over the years.
61 min
The Lunatic Fringe - Mar. 8, 2022
The Canucks dunk on Chris, Anna knew it all along, and is the team close to becoming a buyer?!
76 min
Look Good Play Good Feel Good - Mar 1, 2022
The Canucks have been winning big, losing big, and Demko has to be a Vezina candidate.
86 min
Love is Difficult - Feb. 15, 2022
It's Valentines Day and we are in a love-hate relationship with the Canucks.
64 min
Hey Now You’re An All Star - Feb. 8, 2022
The Canucks lost, Chris forgot about All-Star weekend, and Anna drops a Smashmouth reference.
53 min
The JT Stands for Just Trade - Feb. 1, 2022
With the trade deadline fast approaching, and the Canucks possessing players teams are interested in, Anna & Chris wonder if it's selling season.
63 min
Benning on Half Full Half Empty - Jan. 25, 2022
Jyrki sits in on the longest-running Canucks podcast to talk about the Benning Era and Benning on Empty
83 min
It was the Best of Times, It was the Blurst of ...
Four games. Three losses. But that one win matters. Are Anna & Chris still sold on playoffs?
56 min
You Can't Lose If You Don't Play The Game - Jan...
The Vancouver Canucks have not played a game since the last episode, yet it doesn't stop Anna & Chris from talking about them.
42 min
WE WERE ON A BREAK! - Jan. 4, 2022
Anna is back and joins Chris to finally share her thoughts on the Canucks crazy string of games.
72 min
Postponement Protocol - Dec. 20, 2021
Anna's away, the Canucks are postponed, and Chris is joined by Chris to talk all about it.
87 min
Bruce There It Is - Dec. 14, 2021
With Anna away, original co-host Clay Imoo subs in to chat with Chris about all the changes the Canucks are going through.
82 min
Ch-ch-changes - Dec. 6, 2021
Chants, boo birds, and a thrown jersey have resulted in change here in Vancouver.
58 min
Immoral Victories - November 30, 2021
Canucks Front Office Wars, Locker Room Wars, Twitter Wars, Media Wars... and the team finally gets a win.
67 min
Solid as a Rock (Bottom) - Nov. 23, 2021
The Vancouver Canucks hobble home after a rough road trip only to grab a meeting and a pair of points before heading back out on the road.
61 min
Bad Weather - Nov. 16, 2021
The Canucks return home to Vancouver to a climate of discontent. Literally & figuratively.
59 min
It's A Special Team - Nov. 9, 2021
Have the Vancouver Canucks figured out how to score on special teams and string together a few wins?
59 min
F U NHL - Nov. 2, 2021
While it's been a rough week for the Vancouver Canucks, it's been a horrible week for the Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL.
59 min
Squid Games Part 1 - Oct. 26, 2021
The Canucks are finally coming home to the Rog after bursting the bubble down in Seattle.
54 min
I Hate It Here - Oct. 19, 2021
Three games into the season and the Canucks are playing .500 hockey. This is a good thing.
78 min
Thankful Preseason is Over - Oct. 12, 2021
Chris is back with Anna just in time to talk about the end of preseason, Alex Chiasson, Olli Juolevi, and fighting.
58 min