C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast - hosted by Chris Golden and Anna Forsyth - provides commentary on the Vancouver Canucks, the NHL, and pretty much anything else the two want to talk about. There are awesome guests, a few not-so-much, music, and well... anything else they can find under the seats on the Canucks bandwagon.

Sports News
Care-o-meter - Nov. 15, 2022
Regardless of the result tonight, the Canucks will return home bruised and battered. Kind of like Anna & Chris's feelings.
55 min
To Be Frank - Nov. 8, 2022
Former Vancouver Canuck Frank Corrado joins Anna & Chris to talk about his career.
62 min
The Walking Dead - Oct. 31, 2022
The Canucks have won two-in-a-row. Let's celebrate with an episode a day earlier than normal!
62 min
The Burn Unit with Aaron Volpatti - Oct. 25, 2022
Former Vancouver Canuck Aaron Volpatti joins Anna & Chris to talk about his journey to the NHL and beyond.
72 min
The Most Dangerous Lead In Hockey - Oct. 18, 2022
What if I told you the Vancouver Canucks had multi-goal leads in their first three games? Think they'd win?
63 min
Hockey Still Sucks - Oct. 4, 2022
The only must of the preason is play, and the Canucks are doing it.
56 min
Campfire Tales - Sep. 27, 2022
The preseason is in full-swing, and the podcast is already going well off the rails!
59 min
Win Now Mode - Sep. 13, 2022
JT Miller will he, won't he is no more. The Community Drink Up is drinked up. Good fun all around.
52 min
Benning is a Bad Word - Aug. 30, 2022
Cody Severtson from Canucks Army joins Anna to talk about the Vancouver Canucks.
70 min
Hockey Canada - Be Better - Aug 16, 2022
With Anna back on the show, she and Chris discuss all that has happened since she's been gone.
63 min
Canucks Podcast Veterans - Aug. 2, 2022
Ryan Schaap from Pucks on Net joins Chris to wax poetic about the Vancouver Canucks.
99 min
Off the Rails with PJ - Jul 19, 2022
Patrick Johnston joins Chris to share his thoughts on the Vancouver Canucks entry draft performance, how they did for with free agency, and how they'll solve the cap issues.
90 min
Two Peteys Are Better Than One - Jul 12, 2022
The NHL Entry Draft is a done deal and the Vancouver Canucks drafted themselves another Elias Pettersson
74 min
Real Hockey Men - June 26, 2022
Anna's going away, JT Miller is still a Canuck... for now, and regression is more than just an analytics term.
76 min
Sex, Lies and Videotape - June 14, 2022
Allvin's getting busy, NHL players looking for action find action, and the room is completely on sale!
64 min
The Change-Up - May 31, 2022
The Canucks continue to make further adjustments in the organization & playoffs are in full swing.
71 min
Bruce There He Is - May 17, 2022
Bruce Boudreau will be back with the Vancouver Canucks, they'll draft 15th, and change is the word of the week in the organization.
61 min
The End's Not Near, It's Here - May 3, 2022
The Vancouver Canucks run to the postseason finally came to a close, the season is over, and who knows what happens next.
66 min
Still Mathematically Possible - Apr. 26, 2022
It's the final week of the NHL season and the Vancouver Canucks "still" have a chance.
63 min
Go for Bo - Apr. 19, 2022
The Canucks keep winning, Chris & Anna keep talking, and the regular season is ending... soon.
79 min
Go Hard or Stay Home - Apr. 12, 2022
Anna is back, the Canucks are still trying to make things interesting, and Chris is hoping for late-April hockey that matters.
69 min
Canucks Plus Minus Playoff Chances - Apr. 5, 2022
Friend of the show, Jay Hamilton, fills in for Anna to share his thoughts on the Canucks playoff chances, a JT Miller contract, and off-season plans.
97 min
Will They Won’t They - Mar. 29, 2022
The Vancouver Canucks remain in the thick of the hunt for a playoff spot after a solid roadtrip balanced out a rough homestand.
75 min
Kraken The Whip - Mar. 22, 2022
Chanel Keenan, the Seattle Kraken's intersectionality consultant, joins Anna to talk about her journey, the Seattle Kraken & the trade deadline.
66 min
Podcast Wars: The Truce - Mar. 15, 2022
Jordan Bowman, co-host of Trust The Process, joins Anna to chat Canucks hockey and Canucks podcasting over the years.
61 min