C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast

C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast - hosted by Chris Golden and Anna Forsyth - provides commentary on the Vancouver Canucks, the NHL, and pretty much anything else the two want to talk about. There are awesome guests, a few not-so-much, music, and well... anything else they can find under the seats on the Canucks bandwagon.

Sports News
I Hate It Here - Oct. 19, 2021
Three games into the season and the Canucks are playing .500 hockey. This is a good thing.
78 min
Thankful Preseason is Over - Oct. 12, 2021
Chris is back with Anna just in time to talk about the end of preseason, Alex Chiasson, Olli Juolevi, and fighting.
58 min
Daily Hive Mind - Oct. 5, 2021
Rob Williams, Sports Editor at Daily Hive Vancouver, joins Anna to talk about the all things Canucks - including Petey & Quinn!
52 min
A Long Way to Abbotsford - Sep. 30, 2021
Anna and Chris share a few thoughts about the first couple of preseason games.
64 min
Luke Schenn Career Year - Sep. 21, 2021
Canucks Training Camp kicks off in days, Petey & Quinn don't have deals, and the hosts are high on Luke Schenn
51 min
Waiting Around - Sep. 14, 2021
It's a month to go until the puck drops on the Canucks season and both Petey & Quinn still need deals.
59 min
S'up Seattle? - Aug. 31, 2021
New Seattle Kraken beat reporter Marisa Ingemi joins Anna to talk about the Kraken and hockey culture.
36 min
Barr Down - Aug. 17, 2021
John Barr, from the Sound of Hockey podcast, joins Chris & Anna to recap all the drafts & free agency with the Seattle Kraken
90 min
Negative Ghost Rider - Aug 3, 2021
It's been a busy two weeks for the Vancouver Canucks & General Manager Jim Benning.
84 min
The Other Canucks - July 20, 2021
Cam Robinson joins Chris & Anna to talk NHL Entry Draft, the Abbotsford Canucks are real, and expansion is afoot!
85 min
The Rising Eide - Jul. 6, 2021
Andy Eide from the Sound of Hockey podcast joins Chris & Anna to talk about being a Canucks fan in Seattle, who now has the Kraken to cheer for.
73 min
The F Stands for Fun - Jun. 24, 2021
Darren Brown, co-host of The Sound of Hockey Podcast, joins Chris & Anna to talk all things Seattle Kraken.
78 min
Next Episode is Delayed
Chris shares a quick scheduling update
1 min
Dayal-ed In - Jun. 8, 2021
Harman Dayal, staff writer for The Athletic, joins Anna & Chris to break down the season that was and set off-season expectations.
57 min
It's Grim Up North - May 25, 2021
The Canucks are done, Jim Benning is back, Travis Green is back, and ownership is willing to spend. Oy vey!
71 min
Clarissa Explains It All - May 18, 2021
Clarissa joins Anna & Chris to talk Canucks, her Botchford Project experience, and explains it all.
77 min
Locked In with Lachlan Irvine - May 11, 2021
Fresh off his Botchford Project experience, Lachlan Irvine joins Anna & Chris to talk about the Vancouver Canucks.
80 min
Only Ten Games Left - May 4, 2021
With only ten games left for the Vancouver Canucks, are the games worth watching?
60 min
Lads, It’s Ottawa - Apr. 27, 2021
The Vancouver Canucks still dream of the playoffs, yet struggle to capitalize against the Ottawa Senators
57 min
The Rare Friday Show - Apr. 23, 2021
With life throwing a curveball, Chris & Anna recap the Canucks week in a rare Friday show.
58 min
Brock Talks - Apr. 13, 2021
Former professional hockey player Brock McGillis joins Anna & Chris to share his journey and talk about inclusivity in sport.
111 min
Cornering The Sport Market - Apr. 6, 2021
Tom Mayenknecht joins Chris & Anna to chat about the business side of the NHL, as well as his perspective on the local sports broadcast scene.
109 min
Cracking the Code - Mar. 30, 2021
The Canucks had some time away from the rink, the coach in Calgary probably should, and Game Management never does.
72 min
We'll Always Have Paris - Mar. 23, 2021
Mike Paris, co-host of the Game Time Decision podcast, joins Chris & Anna to talk about the Canucks.
72 min
Always Darkest Before the Jawn - Mar. 16, 2021
Jawn Jang joins Chris & Anna to talk about the Canucks recent run and whether this is the darkest tenure for the Canucks.
77 min
Podcasting Day to Day - Mar. 9, 2021
With Petey out day-to-day, Jim working day-to-day, and the Canucks playing every second day, they've somehow put together a winning streak.
65 min
The Most Dangerous Lead in Hockey - Mar. 2, 2021
After losing two to the Oilers, the Canucks figure out how to hold on to a 3-0 lead and beat the Jets. And is JV18 on his way out?
64 min
Points Three Out of Four - Feb. 23, 2021
Sarah Laug, author of the "Our Voice" series sharing the stories of women in sport, joins Chris & Anna to talk Canucks.
73 min
Full Confidence - Feb. 16, 2021
Friend of the show Jordan Bateman joins Chris & Anna to talk about the Canucks slide, Francesco's twitter activity, and 1040's sudden end.
87 min
Boomed - Feb. 9, 2021
Chris & Anna are joined by Chloe & Natalie Hoy from The Permanent Rain Press to talk about the Vancouver Canucks.
71 min
The Habs and The Hab Nots (Au Revoir Matt) - Fe...
We panic after Canucks go three out of four and Matt's back on the must-win wagon in his last show as C4 host.
68 min
The Storm Before the Sens - Jan. 26, 2021
Coming off a hellacious week of uninspired hockey, the Canucks got a taste of the tonic that is the Ottawa Senators.
62 min
Must Win Hockey Already? - Jan. 19, 2021
Not only does Matt share some big podcast news off the hop, he also thinks the Canucks are already in must-win territory!
59 min
New Year, New Season - Jan. 12, 2021
Anna, Chris & Matt discuss how the Canucks stack up on the eve of the 2021 NHL Season.
56 min
This One Time at Canucks Camp - Jan. 5, 2021
It's the first episode of 2021, just over a week away from a surreal NHL season, and Adam is back in the saddle with Anna, Chris & Matt.
69 min
C4 Holiday Live Show - Dec. 21, 2020
Adam, Anna, Chris & Matt get together with a number of friends of the show to celebrate the holiday season.
112 min
An Anthem of Change - Dec. 8, 2020
Anna, Chris & Matt chat about the "anthem" of change taking place in Vancouver.
55 min
What's Kraken with John Barr - Nov. 24, 2020
John Barr, from the Sound of Hockey podcast, joins Chris & Anna to talk about how the Kraken came to be down in Seattle.
72 min
For Better or For Worse - Nov. 10, 2020
Anna, Chris & Matt discuss if the Canucks have gotten better or worse over the offseason.
62 min
The Bonus One About Extra Life
Chris & Anna stop by to talk about Extra Life and why it's so important to Chris
8 min
Your Calgary Canucks - Oct. 27, 2020
The Flames are on the verge of signing Fin. The Canucks are locking down Jake.
68 min
Canucks Poutine - Oct. 19, 2020
Chris sits down with the hosts of the Dark Poutine podcast, Mike & Scott, to reminisce about the Canucks over the years.
81 min
Draft Kings & Free Agency Flops - Oct. 13, 2020
With GM Jim Benning taking the last episode to heart, Anna, Chris & Matt pick apart what all went wrong. And right?
84 min
Jet Black Sassy Jim - Oct. 6, 2020
The NHL Draft is upon, the Canucks free agent situation is unclear, and Oliver Ekman-Larsson is in play. What a world.
73 min
Bums In Seats - Sep. 29, 2020
Recording while the Stanley Cup was awarded to the Tampa Bay Lightning, Chris & Anna wonder if bums will return to seats.
64 min
Quinn It To Win It - Sep. 24, 2020
After another episode was eaten by gremlins, Anna & Chris finally get together to talk about NHL Awards and Canucks.
75 min
Broadly Speaking - Sep. 15, 2020
Sam from Area 51, Broadscast, and Rob Fai Nation joins Chris & Anna to talk Canucks and her podcasting journey
84 min
Canucks Playoff Bubble Bursts - Sep. 8, 2020
Chris, Anna & Matt discuss the end to the Canucks cinderella run in the 2020 NHL Playoffs.
59 min
Don't Call It A Comeback - Sep. 3, 2020
The interwebz ate the "real" episode. Which turns out to be a good thing because the Canucks are still in it!
54 min
Waking Up in Vegas - Aug. 25, 2020
The Canucks overcome adversity against the Blues, only to run into it against the Golden Knights
72 min
Optimistic Pessimism - Aug. 18, 2020
The Canucks and Blues are tied at two a piece. C4 gives you all you need to know!
63 min
Wild Weekend - Aug. 11, 2020
Matt & Anna recap the Canucks playoff play-in series win against the Wild and preview the series against the Blues.
59 min
Wild Wild West - Aug. 4, 2020
Anna and Chris get together to recap Game 1 between the Canucks and Wild, before setting up Game 2.
75 min
Faber Intensive - July 28, 2020
Friend of the show Chris Faber returns to chat playoff play-in hockey with Anna & Matt
57 min
Natural Patrick - July 27, 2020
The Vancouver Province's Patrick Johnston joins the C4 crew to talk about the Canucks summer training camp.
75 min
Training Camp in July! - July 14, 2020
A Canucks training camp in July, the cap is tight and is Brock on the block?!
57 min
Canada Day, Canada Play - Jul. 7, 2020
Hub cities locked down, NHL & NHLPA have an agreement, and Matt dazzles Anna with his tinfoil hat.
51 min
The Hockey Quad - Jun. 30, 2020
David Quadrelli, Manager Editor of Canucks Army & Co-host of Canucks Conversation, joins the C4 crew to talk puck
76 min
Revisiting the JT Miller Deal - Jun. 23, 2020
Matt & Anna take stock of the acquisition of JT Miller after a year, before diving into the NHL news of the week.
61 min
Reminiscing - Jun. 16, 2020
Chris & Anna take a stroll down memory lane, looking back to Canucks Stanley Cup Finals past.
70 min
Phase 2 - Jun 9, 2020
Matt & Anna share thoughts on the NHL transitioning into Phase 2 of their return.
47 min
The Satisode - Jun 2, 2020
Sportsnet 650's Satiar Shah joins Anna, Chris & Matt to talk about Canucks hockey and the departure of Judd Brackett
59 min
It's Happening - May 26, 2020
With the potential return of NHL hockey trending beyond potential, Chris & Anna share their thoughts on what it will look like.
64 min
The Murphisode - May 12, 2020
Dan Murphy joins the C4 crew to talk Vancouver Canucks hockey.
53 min
Drafting Summer Potential - May 5, 2020
Summer hockey, an NHL Entry Draft, and possible hockey in Vancouver.
49 min
A Virtual Hub City - Apr. 28, 2020
The NHL is talking hub cities, the NFL shows virtual drafting is a thing, Chris, Anna & Matt talk about it all.
52 min
The One With Drance - Apr. 21, 2020
Matt & Anna get together to talk a little hockey, a little Tiger King, before Thomas Drance joins to share his perspective of things.
75 min
Back to the Hockey Talk - Apr. 7, 2020
Matt, Anna & Chris get back on the topic of Canucks hockey, before friend of the show Cam Robinson joins.
83 min
Feeling the Lack - Mar. 31, 2020
Chris and Anna take a moment to remember Eddie Lack, before talking about movies and other such nonsense.
56 min
Corona Content - Mar. 25, 2020
Longtime listener TrevGoldie joins Anna to talk about another week without hockey.
53 min
Social Distancing - Mar. 17, 2020
Chris and Anna get together virtually to share their thoughts on what might happen if and when the NHL comes back.
50 min
The Losing Epidemic - Mar. 10, 2020
Matt, Anna & Adam talk about the impact COVID19 is having on the NHL before talking Canucks over the past week.
62 min
Fight or Flight - Mar. 3, 2020
With the Canucks ending the road-trip with a handful of rough outings, Matt & Anna ask whether the team will fight or take flight.
50 min
Demko Time - Feb. 25, 2020
Jacob Markstrom is on the shelf and the Vancouver Canucks are turning to Thatcher Demko. Anna and Matt discuss what to expect from Demko, recap the NHL Trade Deadline and a big weekend win over Boston.
60 min
Legends - Feb. 11, 2020
It's Sedin week here in Vancouver, so it makes sense that Chris & Matt spend most of their time talking about Henrik & Daniel.
62 min
Leading the Pac - Feb. 4, 2020
Anna & Matt sit down to review the Canucks road-trip at the midway point, discuss who the "untradeables" are, and wonder aloud who from the Canucks could win an NHL award this season.
59 min
Second Half Push - Jan. 28, 2020
With the Canucks back in action after the NHL All-Star Break, Matt & Anna share what the expect from the team in the second-half of the season.
58 min
Canucks Conversations - Jan. 21, 2020
Chris Faber, of the Canucks Conversations podcast, joins Chris, Matt & Anna to discuss the Canucks week that was and to give some insight on what's going on in Utica.
73 min
Weird Road Trip - Jan. 14, 2020
Adam makes an appearance and joins Chris, Matt & Anna to talk about the Canucks weird two loss, two win roadtrip.
67 min
2020 Vision - Jan. 7, 2020
Anna, Chris & Matt kick off the New Year talking about "the streak," "the roadtrip," and the fact Adam thinks the Canucks are a playoff team!
75 min
Big Oppor-Tuna-ties - Dec. 24, 2019
Ensuring there's an episode for the holidays, Chris & Matt connect to discuss the emergence of Jake Virtanen and wonder if he's finally hit his stride.
51 min
The Live Show - Dec. 17, 2019
Chris, Anna & Matt get together with some diehard listeners for the first every C4 Live Show to talk about the Canucks as they approach the holiday break.
68 min
Return of the Rooster - Dec. 10, 2019
Matt and Anna examine the impact of Antoine Roussel to the Canucks lineup and wonder if Canada has a shot at the Stanley Cup this season.
56 min
Conversations with Cam - Dec. 3, 2019
Cam Robinson joins Matt & Anna to talk all things hockey!
65 min
Solving the Canucks’ Lineup Conundrum - Nov. 26...
Matt and Anna discuss the Canucks weathering a tough month of November and how a healthy lineup will pan out for the team as we get into December.
52 min
Thank You Coop - Nov. 18, 2019
In an episode dedicated to Coop, the gang discusses the Canucks performance over the past couple of weeks & upcoming roadtrip.
68 min
A Team Like That - Nov. 5, 2019
Chris & Matt on the "podcast like that," take a moment to discuss "a team like that" as it returns from a trip down to California.
54 min
Ten Games In - Oct. 29, 2019
The Vancouver Canucks are ten games into the season, so Matt & Anna take stock of the lay of the land.
49 min
A Special Team and Special Teams - Oct. 22, 2019
Rob Williams, Sports Editor for the Daily Hive, joins Chris & Anna to talk about the Vancouver Canucks as a special team with special teams issues.
73 min
Mixing it Up - Oct. 8, 2019
The Canucks are oh for two to kick off the season, the lines are in the blender, and Biega is on his way to Detroit.
54 min
Bye Bye Bae-by - Oct. 1, 2019
Baertschi gets places on waivers while Matt & Anna lose their minds. Plus everything else you needed to know days before the open of the NHL season.
54 min
Steamworks - Sep. 24, 2019
The Canucks preseason play is looking solid and Matt's becoming a believer!
59 min
Camp Stories - Sep. 17, 2019
All four hosts are back for the start of the Canucks preseason, so you know what that means... the hottest of hot takes!
63 min
Two Hundred One - Sep 3, 2019
Anna is back after a month-long hiatus and provides the necessary hot takes to temper Chris's madness.
67 min
Two Hundred - Aug 20, 2019
The longest running Canucks podcast hit episode 200 and sees the return of original co-host, Clay Imoo!
79 min
Hot Like Summer - Aug 6, 2019
While the Canucks news-cycle is cold, the City of Vancouver is hot.
59 min
Welcome to Ferkland - Jul 23, 2019
Lucic gets moved, Loui does not, Ferland gets signed. Yep... it's that kind of episode.
48 min
Tyler Myers Is Tall - Jul 9, 2019
Free agency has been in full swing for over a week and the Vancouver Canucks got in on the action. Chris, Anna & Matt have a reasonable conversation on the topic.
65 min
Draft Recap, Miller Reax - Jun 25, 2019
Matt, Anna & Adam discuss the Canucks performance at the NHL Entry Draft and give their thoughts on the acquisition of J.T. Miller.
58 min
Where We're Going There Are No Rails - Jun 11, ...
Chris and Anna go wild talking about the Stanley Cup Final & the state of NHL playoff officiating, while Matt connects with Cam Robinson to talk draft.
68 min