The Pomp Podcast

Host Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano talks to the most interesting people in business, finance, and Bitcoin. From billionaires to cultural icons, Pomp helps you get smarter every day.

#277: Arjun Sethi on Data-Informed Investing
89 min
#276: Jihan Bowes-Little on Identifying Private...
73 min
#275: Yassine Elmandjra of ARK Invest on Bitcoin
In this conversation, Anthony and Yassine discuss ARK Invest's philosophy on crypto, why they are so bullish on Square, what people should understand about Bitcoin's volatility during COVID-19, how the halving should play out, the latest on Libra, and how Yassine thinks about Ethereum.
79 min
#274: Alexis Ohanian on Building and Investing ...
In this conversation, Anthony and Alexis discuss the founding story of Reddit, what Alexis learned as a Partner at YCombinator, whether he has ever beat Serena at anything athletic, what industries should benefit from behavior shifts due to the virus, and what org structure and internal tools allow Initialized to operate at such a high level.
84 min
#273: Igor Jablokov on Building an AI Ready Wor...
In this conversation, Anthony and Igor discuss voice recognition technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the best and worst current applications of these technologies, whether AI is evil or not, and how our society should think through educating more people to leverage these technologies in a productive manner.
70 min
#272: Jim Bianco on The Potential Separation of...
In this conversation, Anthony and Jim discuss the current state of the economy, how monetary policy decisions will drive future movements in the financial markets, and why Jim believes the next global reserve currency will be a cryptocurrency.
80 min
#271: Cathie Wood Explains Why Innovation Thriv...
In this conversation, Anthony and Cathie discuss COVID-19, the economic implications of monetary policy decisions, how innovation gains market share during times of crisis, her thoughts on Square/Tesla, and her latest views on Bitcoin.
83 min
#270: Mark Cuban on What He Would Do As President
In this conversation, Anthony and Mark discuss the current economic and health crises, the subsequent monetary policy decisions, how various asset classes will perform, what small businesses are doing to survive, whether corporations should receive bailouts, what privacy concerns people should be aware of, what will happen in the NBA, and what Mark's plan for the United States would be as President.
49 min
#269: Dan Fleyshman Reveals the Secrets of Infl...
In this conversation, Anthony and Dan discuss the story behind the "Who's Your Daddy" brand, how Dan became the youngest CEO to take a company public, what the early days of influencer marketing entailed, how he currently assesses each social media platform, the importance of educating yourself, and why he created the 100 Million Academy to educate entrepreneurs.
58 min
#268: Jeff Booth on Why We Need to Embrace Defl...
In this conversation, Anthony and Jeff discuss the difference between inflation and deflation, why technology is inherently deflationary, how easy credit has led to a massive asset bubble, why the world will need to move to a deflationary economy, and how Jeff is currently thinking about the economic crisis we are facing.
58 min
#267: Preston Byrne on Constitutional Rights Du...
In this conversation, Anthony and Preston discussLibertarian politics, the US Constitution, various recent government actions and whether they violate the constitution or not, and what citizens need to pay attention to in order to ensure the government doesn't infringe on their civil liberties or personal freedoms.
53 min
#266: Ruben Harris on The Future of Education a...
In this conversation, Anthony and Ruben discuss the current unemployment numbers, what part of the workforce is most affected, how individuals can gain new skills, what the job prospects in technology look like, how education will change in the future, and what people who are laid off can do now to position themselves for success.
54 min
#265: Ali Hamed on Seeking Value in Today’s Pri...
In this conversation, Anthony and Ali discuss the private credit market, how borrowers and lenders are treating each other, where the areas of opportunities will be, how founders can respond to the pandemic, and how source data in advertising and e-commerce has given Ali a better sense of the trends in those industries.
63 min
#264: Dan Primack on How Covid-19 will Impact t...
In this conversation, Anthony and Dan discuss the current economic crisis, the approved stimulus package, how small businesses are affected, the current impact on private equity and venture capital companies, and what limited partners are saying.
45 min
#263: Robert Kiyosaki on How The World’s Wealth...
In this conversation, Anthony and Robert discuss the current global economy, why the Fed is a cartel, what every individual needs to understand about finance, where you should put your wealth to protect it, why the little guy is going to get screwed in this financial depression, and Robert even shares a number of Vietnam war stories.
72 min
#262: Tim Kennedy on Individual Freedom and Res...
In this conversation, Tim and Anthony discuss the historical examples of crises being used to reduce freedom, the importance of civil liberties and personal freedom, where Tim has seen the aftermath of freedom being taken from citizens, how stupidity is not illegal, and we cover a number of recent examples of potential violations of the constitution that are concerning.
73 min
#261: CZ explains Why Binance is Paying A Rumor...
In this conversation, Anthony and CZ discuss how COVID-19 is impacting Binance, why CZ is paying $400 million for CoinMarketCap, what trends Binance is seeing in non-US countries, and why CZ wants to potentially turn Binance into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
61 min
#260: Andy Bromberg on How the Crypto Economy i...
In this conversation, Andy and Anthony discuss crypto companies being pandemic proof, how investor communication has to change, what the difference in city-by-city responses has been, how Coinlist has been growing, and what is next for them over the coming months.
45 min
#259: Josh Constine on the Future of Video Shar...
In this conversation, Josh and Anthony discuss the falcon at his wedding, what his main critiques of Twitter are, whether YouTube will be able to compete with TikTok, how he thinks about Bitcoin, and why he believes VR arcades will be popular in the future.
81 min
#258: Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya on How T...
In this conversation, Chamath and Anthony discuss how billionaires quarantine, where Chamath currently has capital invested, how he thinks we can solve the structural issues in health and economics, why being a patient investor will pay off, where he is looking for opportunity right now, what he thinks should happen with the NBA, and how the world is going to change after the pandemic is over.
84 min
#257: Polina Marinova on Building Resilience in...
In this conversation, Polina and Anthony discuss their recent engagement, growing up in Bulgaria, moving to the United States, leading a mass walkout in college, her 5 years at Fortune Magazine, and making the jump into entrepreneurship during a global pandemic.
75 min
#256: Matt D'Souza on the Upcoming Bitcoin Halv...
In this conversation, Anthony and Matt discuss Blockware's recent analysis of miner selling pressure, how profitable various miners are around the world, what to expect during the Bitcoin halving, and how hash rate should fluctuate over the next few months.
46 min
#255: Matt Luongo on Bridging the Gap between B...
In this conversation, Anthony and Matt discuss bringing the worlds of Bitcoin and Ethereum together, how Matt is a monetary maximalist, what tBTC is and why it should be valuable to the DeFi community, and how crypto companies are prepared for working through the COVID-19 crisis.
37 min
#254: Ben Askren on the Evolution of MMA and Wr...
In this conversation, Ben and Anthony discuss his views on Bitcoin, involvement in the NCAA and Olympic wrestling communities, challenges facing small businesses due to the COVID-19 outbreak, transitioning from wrestling to MMA, Jon Jones' arrest, and his take on rising stars in the UFC
51 min
#253: Julie Maupin & David Sønstebø on Enabling...
In this conversation, Julie, David, and Anthony discuss the philanthropic mission of the IOTA Foundation, the challenges and benefits of running a non-profit, IOTA Tangle, and how distributed ledger technology will empower the full potential of automation.
50 min
#252: Mark Yusko on How we got to QE Infinity f...
In this conversation, Mark and Anthony discuss what is driving the current market chaos, how we got to QE infinity from the Fed, where we are in the economic cycle, who the winners and losers are right now, how institutions are currently thinking about their portfolio, and what certain assets should do over the next 5-10 years.
69 min
#251: Brent Johnson, The Originator of the Doll...
In this conversation, Brent explains the dollar milkshake theory, what impact the strong dollar will have on other assets, why comparison's of currency strength are all relative, how gold and Bitcoin should perform moving forward, and what would change Brent's mind about a strong dollar outlook.
52 min
#250: Peter Schiff on Why The US Dollar Is Unsu...
In this conversation, Anthony and Peter discuss what happened in 2008, why that crisis has led to the current one, what the Fed's actions right now mean, why they are likely to be ineffective, and what the world will look like in 5-10 years.
43 min
#249: Preston Pysh Explains Why Bitcoin's Volat...
In this conversation, Anthony and Preston discuss his past as a former Apache helicopter pilot, the current liquidity crisis, stock-to-flow model, the Fed's monetary stimulus plans, the proposed digital dollar for UBI, how currencies have historically failed, and why Bitcoin's volatility is a feature, not a bug.
88 min
#248: Jason Williams, Operational Challenges in...
In this conversation, Anthony and Jason discuss all things healthcare and operations.
53 min
#247: James Todaro, MD on Coronavirus, What Mak...
In this conversation James and Anthony discuss the Coronavirus, applying existing medication to treat it, timelines for potential cures, how we can prevent it from spreading, and what to expect in the coming weeks.
42 min
#246 David Sonstebo - The Power of Technology t...
In this conversation, Anthony and David dive into the intersection of distributed ledger technology and automation. Specifically, around digital currencies, digital wallets, machine to machine transactions, and how distributed ledger technology will empower the full potential of automation.
45 min
#245 Meb Faber - Understanding the Current Mark...
In this conversation, Meb and Anthony discuss if these crazy markets are not outside the norm historically, why global asset allocation is important, how passive and active strategies stack up, what people need to know about share buybacks and bailouts, and why Meb is so heavily invested in farmland.
96 min
#244 Michael Novogratz on Consumer Confidence i...
In this conversation, Anthony and Michael discuss the current macroeconomic chaos, coronavirus and its impact on society, various social justice issues, how Mike is personally navigating the uncertainty, and how he thinks Bitcoin and digital assets are affected by recent market movements.
39 min
#243 Scott Adams on the Coronavirus and the Upc...
In this conversation, Anthony and Scott discuss the Coronavirus, the impact on the healthcare system and the economy, how he evaluates President Trump's response, what his current thoughts on the November election are, why he recently sold Bitcoin, and what his best advice to business leaders is during the current environment of uncertainty.
84 min
#242 Cock Foster Twins - Nifty Gateway: the Fut...
In this conversation, Anthony and the Cock Foster twins discuss what it was like growing up together, why they pursued startups, how NFTs work, why Nifties are likely to be so valuable in the future, how the Gemini acquisition came together, and what artists are launching collections on their new US dollar centralized NFT exchange.
78 min
#241 Caitlin Long - Coronavirus: The Pin that P...
In this conversation, Anthony and Caitlin discuss the structural issues in the legacy finance world, why coronavirus is the pin that popped the credit bubble, what is happening in the repo market, why banks should immediately go raise equity capital, how the government is forced to respond with monetary stimulus, and what this all means for Bitcoin.
83 min
#240 Christoph Strnadl - The Intersection of Di...
In this conversation, Anthony and Christoph dive into the intersection of distributed ledger technology and automation. Specifically, around digital currencies, digital wallets, machine to machine transactions, and how distributed ledger technology will empower the full potential of automation.
54 min
#239 Chris Sparks - How to Manage Risk with One...
In this conversation, Anthony and Chris discuss game theory, decision making frameworks, how to control emotions during times of stress, what it takes to walk away from imbalance risk-reward scenarios, how poker lessons relate to business and investing, and why routines are almost as important as plans.
87 min
#238 PlanB - Why Bitcoin’s Stock-To-Flow Model ...
Anthony and PlanB discuss his discovery of Bitcoin, what it took to feel comfortable enough to invest, how he came across the s2f model, why his team hasn't bought Bitcoin in their institutional funds, and why PlanB believes the s2f model is actually getting more accurate over time.
70 min
#237 Alex Pack - Partner at Dragonfly Capital o...
In this conversation, Alex and Anthony discuss his views of the Asian crypto markets, why the Dragonfly team is focused on investing in infrastructure, how he sees certain market narratives playing out, whether Ethereum (ETH) is money, and where Alex will be focused on investing in the coming 3-5 years.
89 min
#236 Raoul Pal - CEO of Real Vision Group Calls...
In this conversation, Raoul and Anthony discuss the current economic environment, how the coronavirus could be the accelerant to a global slowdown, why Raoul thinks we are unfortunately headed towards a depression instead of a recession, how Raoul is currently allocating his personal portfolio, why Bitcoin is so attractive to him, and how the pension crisis and corporate debt bubble will ultimately end.
113 min
#235 David Enrich - Business Investigations Edi...
In this conversation, David and Anthony discuss the time he was threatened with jail, asked not to appear on a national television show, the 200+ interviews that went into writing Dark Towers, Deutsche Bank helping the Nazis build Auschwitz, manipulating markets, violating international sanctions to aid terrorist regimes, scamming investors, defrauding regulators, and laundering money for Russian oligarchs.
90 min
Robert Breedlove, Founder of Parallax Digital: ...
In this conversation, Robert and Anthony breakdown the historical perspective of breakdown of money, why gold served that purpose for so long, how free market capitalism must be allowed to thrive, and go point by point in his open letter to Ray Dalio on why Dalio agrees with Bitcoiners assessment on the macroeconomy; but is missing the importance and ultimate success of Bitcoin.
112 min
Marty Bent, Host of Tales from the Crypt: The M...
In this conversation, Marty and Anthony discuss the importance of freedom of speech, the mirage of central banking, why Bitcoin can change an individual's mindset, how relationship between technology and privacy is evolving, why it is difficult to live in a time where information can't be treated, what is going on with Coronavirus, and how the current political structure is not well suited for the modern world we live in.
120 min
Austin Rief, Co-Founder of Morning Brew: How Th...
In this conversation, Austin and Anthony discuss the founding story of Morning Brew, what media companies he is obsessed with, how his team grew their email list so quickly in college, and why Morning Brew is expanding into other verticals and media formats.
86 min
Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle: How He Built T...
In this conversation, Sam and and Anthony discuss launching The Hustle, gaining over 1 million subscribers so quickly, what makes a great email newsletter, getting fired from Airbnb the day before he was suppose to start, and why great entrepreneurs usually bet on themselves.
102 min
Tieshun Roquerre, CEO of Namebase: The Decentra...
In this conversation, Tieshun and Anthony discuss what Handshake is and why it’s important, how the decentralized web is coming fast, and how Namebase empowers people to buy, sell, and hold Handshake coins while also buying and selling domains.
66 min
Brian Norgard, Ex-CPO of Tinder: The Architect ...
In this conversation, Brian and Anthony discuss Tinder, how he helped build the highest grossing app in the app store, what his views and ethos on product development are, why he’s so excited about the audio interface, and what he thinks venture capital and angel investing are heading in the future.
93 min
Geoff Lewis, Co-Founder of Bedrock Capital: In ...
In this conversation, Geoff and Anthony discuss his time at Founders Fund, what he learned from working with Peter Thiel, why he started Bedrock, what narrative violations are and why looks for them, what he thinks about new media models, and why growth valuations are overvalued.
93 min
Michael Venuto, Co-Founder of Toroso Investment...
In this conversation, Michael and Anthony discuss how ETFs are built, why they’re important, the benefits of access, and what he thinks is going to happen with the Bitcoin ETF in the future.
73 min
Zac Prince, Co-Founder of BlockFi: The Details ...
In this conversation, Zac and Anthony discuss how the business is doing, what they are going to use the money for, and what clients can expect from BlockFi in the coming months.
46 min
Rich Greenfield, Partner at LightShed Partners:...
In this conversation, Rich and Anthony discuss new media models like Barstool Sports, The Athletic, and Substack. What’s going on in the streaming wars between ESPN, Disney+, Netflix, Apple, and Amazon Prime.
115 min
Meltem Demirors, CSO of CoinShares: Bitcoin, Ce...
In this conversation, Meltem and Anthony discuss CoinShares, Tesla, central bank digital currencies, Barstool Sports, the shitcoin waterfall, politics, the average age of regulators, pensions, retirement funds, venture/macro markets & how crypto may connect them, and what the wealthy elite do to control the government.
117 min
Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of Propy: How Blockchai...
In this conversation, Natalia and Anthony discuss growing up in Russia and Bulgaria, the current fundraising environment for blockchain companies, how real estate markets are evolving globally, and where international investor demand has gone for U.S. based real estate.
60 min
Kamal Ravikant, Author & Investor: The Ultimate...
In this conversation, Kamal and Anthony discuss everything from his writing process, to what he looks for in early stage investments, and even spend time debating the current media landscape and how various technology platforms fit in.
105 min
Jarred Winn of Binance Charity: The New Era of ...
In this conversation, Jarred and Anthony discuss what Binance Charity is working on, how blockchain can help solve many of the issues in the philanthropic world, and how you as a listener can get involved and make a real impact.
47 min
Helen Hai, Head of Binance Charity: The New Era...
In this conversation, Helen and Anthony discuss what Binance Charity is working on, how blockchain can help solve many of the issues in the philanthropic world, and how you as a listener can get involved and make a real impact.
60 min
Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency: National Security...
In this conversation, Dan and Anthony discuss his time working as the Chief Innovation Officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency, how innovation works in the CIA and NSA, why a focus on innovation inside large organizations is important, what he’s building with Securrency, and why capital formation and global liquidity is important to improve via a blockchain.
69 min
Sriram Krishnan, Angel Investor: Lessons From S...
In this conversation, Anthony and Sriram discuss his time growing up in India, how he met his wife on Yahoo Messenger, what he learned from Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel and Jack Dorsey, why organizations are systems, where his obsession with memos came from, and who the greatest basketball player of all time is.
132 min
David Pakman, Partner at Venrock: The Age of Au...
In this conversation, David and Anthony discuss his views on audio and voice, artificial intelligence, robotics, competition on the internet, how crypto can disrupt venture capital, and why he’s so interested in the idea of crypto collectibles.
111 min
Jeremy Boynton, Founder of Laureate Wealth Mana...
In this conversation, Jeremy and Anthony discuss how rich people and rich rich people invest their money, what types of alternative investments he is currently excited about, why he’s been drawn to Bitcoin and crypto, what his clients are currently saying about the industry, and what Jeremy believes is necessary for every wealthy person in the world to own Bitcoin.
85 min
Peter Johnson, Principal at Jump Capital: How C...
In this conversation, Peter and Anthony discuss the stages and types of companies that Jump Capital is investing in, how they work with companies, the value that Jump Trading brings, why he is so bullish on stable coins, and Peter’s deep personal conviction in where the space is going as well as committed as Jump as an institution is to it.
85 min
David Perell, Founder of Write of Passage: The ...
In this conversation, David and Anthony discuss the importance of writing publicly, downfall of mainstream media, what blogging did to transform the traditional journalism landscape, how the internet is enabling individuals to become a self sustaining business instead of working for large companies, why we will start seeing teenage billionaires within the next decade, and the shift in education from traditional methods to online-based eLearning courses.
97 min
Perianne Boring, President of the Chamber of Di...
In this conversation, Perianne and Anthony discuss the current state of crypto regulation, the roles of the SEC, CFTC, & FinCEN, the biggest potential concern in Washington, D.C. around crypto regulation, and what you at home can do to help organizations like the Chamber of Digital Commerce be more effective.
71 min
Brian Estes, Founder of Off the Chain Capital: ...
75 min
Austin Woodward, CEO of TaxBit: How to Save Mon...
In this conversation, Austin and Anthony discuss the current complexities in crypto tax treatment, what the most common mistakes people make are, the basic information every crypto investor needs to know, what is like building a company outside of Silicon Valley, the current fundraising environment in crypto, and how TaxBit plans to take the industry by storm.
70 min
Michael Dunworth, CEO of Wyre: How Blockchain i...
In this conversation, Michael Dunworth and Anthony Pompliano discuss rugby, why nerds go to Silicon Valley, how to build compelling products, and how Wyre is building the essential infrastructure for fiat on and off-ramps.
80 min
Mark Schneider, Nuclear Futurist and President ...
In this conversation, Mark and Anthony discuss all things nuclear power, how it works, and where the industry is going.
120 min
Darius Dale, Managing Director at Hedgeye Risk ...
Darius Dale and Anthony Pompliano discuss the macroeconomy, monetary policy, the role of the Federal Reserve, China’s economic development, Bitcoin’s future potential, and the importance of financial literacy in today’s world.
97 min
REPLAY - Mark Yusko, Founder & CEO of Morgan Cr...
Anthony Pompliano interviews Mark Yusko for the 150th episode of Off the Chain.
151 min
REPLAY - Peter Schiff, Chief Economist and Glob...
Peter Schiff and Anthony Pompliano discuss the history of money, the macro economy, the current signs of an impending crisis, why he's so bullish on gold, what his concerns around Bitcoin are, and Peter confirms that Bitcoin is scarce, and that it can't be censored or seized.
117 min
REPLAY - Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple: One ...
Brad Garlinghouse and Anthony Pompliano discuss what Ripple does, how XRP is related, the current progress to date, and Brad answers a number of hard questions crowdsourced from Twitter.
94 min
REPLAY - CZ, Founder and CEO of Binance: Binanc...
CZ, Founder and CEO of Binance, and Anthony Pompliano discuss Binance and crypto regulation.
61 min
REPLAY - Charlie Lee, Founder of Litecoin: Cryp...
Charlie Lee and Anthony Pompliano discuss the early days of Coinbase, building Litecoin, and crypto's evolution over the last decade.
70 min
Rong Chen, Founder of Elastos: The Man Building...
Rong Chen and Anthony Pompliano discuss working at Microsoft in the early days, building network operating systems, why the decentralized internet is important, how Elastos is pushing the pace of innovation, and where Rong thinks dapps may have gone wrong.
68 min
Joe McGill, Founder & CEO of CyChain: How the S...
Joe McGill and Anthony Pompliano discuss what the Secret Service does, how cybercrime investigations work, what Joe has seen criminals use crypto for, why law enforcement is quickly catching up to the nefarious activity, and what Joe is building at CyChain for these law enforcement professionals and regulators.
70 min
Hunter Horsley, CEO of Bitwise Asset Management...
Hunter Horsley and Anthony Pompliano discuss working at Facebook & Instagram, layout the case for Financial Advisors to get exposure to crypto, address the common detractions, alien invasions, and Mars colonization.
107 min
Ask Pomp (AMA), Anthony Pompliano & Polina Mari...
Anthony Pompliano hosts a special AMA to celebrate the 200th episode of Off The Chain Featuring Polina Marinova.
44 min
Akin Sawyerr, Team Lead at Decred: How Crypto i...
Akin Sawyerr and Anthony Pompliano discuss the current state of banking in Africa, how consumers are discovering and using crypto there, what Decred is and how it works, and why less developed countries are poised to leapfrog the world's superpowers today with the help of cryptocurrencies.
86 min
Warren Davidson, Representative for Ohio’s 8th ...
Congressman Davidson and Anthony Pompliano discuss Bitcoin, financial privacy, taxation as theft, debasing currencies, and Libra's future prospects.
65 min
Chris Gure, Investment Consultant: How Wealth A...
Chris Gure and Anthony Pompliano discuss portfolio construction, the macro economy, the psychology of money and investments, and how Bitcoin is currently perceived by his type of client.
64 min
Ryan Leslie, CEO of Superphone: How a Grammy-No...
Ryan Leslie and Anthony Pompliano discuss their early Bitcoin stories, including how Leslie first heard about Bitcoin through Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong.
66 min
Nischal Shetty, Founder & CEO of WazirX: The Re...
Nischal Shetty and Anthony Pompliano discuss Nischal's journey to crypto, what it's like building startups in India, the current state of crypto in the country, how regulators are currently thinking about the industry, and Nischal's advice to people looking to serve Indian users, or Indians looking into crypto.
67 min
Andreas Klinger, Head of Remote at AngelList: W...
Andreas Klinger and Anthony Pompliano discuss the future of work, the rise of remote work, best practices for managing remote teams, and a list of actionable productivity hacks that Andreas has seen work well in the past.
103 min
Richard Soley, Chairman & CEO of the Object Man...
Anthony Pompliano and Richard Soley cover how standards are created for emerging tech, vertical market standards and why standard are important, Soley’s take on the Internet of Things and how DLT intertwines with it, and why we need DLT for true automation.
47 min
Will Reeves, CEO of Fold Inc: Scaling Bitcoin a...
Will Reeves and Anthony Pompliano discuss the lightning network, consumer products, how Fold is driving mainstream adoption, what they've done to solve merchants' issues with accepting Bitcoin, why Lightning Pizza became so popular quickly, and of course, aliens.
85 min
Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder & CEO of
Kris Marszalek and Anthony Pompliano discuss the obstacles to mass-adoption in crypto, how companies are currently expanding product lines in anticipation of the next bull market, why recently launched a new exchange, and what it has been like living in Hong Kong recently given Kris' 15+ year history in the city.
65 min
Tom Lee, Managing Partner & Head of Research at...
Tom Lee and Anthony Pompliano discuss the impending labor crisis, the necessary implementation of automation to solve the labor crisis, the institutional investor’s viewpoint on crypto, the largest roadblocks for institutional investors getting into crypto, and the state of the investment research industry.
35 min
Bill Barhydt, Founder & CEO of Abra: Bitcoin an...
Bill Barhydt and Anthony Pompliano discuss Abra's recent announcements, the need for better banking globally, how Bill sees Bitcoin becoming more important in the future, and where he plans to take Abra next.
79 min
Alan Lane, CEO of Silvergate: Why Bitcoiners Sh...
Alan Lane and Anthony Pompliano discuss the Silvergate story, how Alan first discovered Bitcoin, how important the bank has become to the crypto industry, what Alan feels is important for the future of banking, and why Silvergate recently went public.
75 min
David Kemmerer, Co-founder & CEO of CryptoTrade...
David Kemmerer and Anthony Pompliano discuss the new tax guidance from the IRS, why it’s so complex, why cryptocurrencies are becoming more difficult to report through the legacy infrastructure exchanges, and how is helping clients quickly and accurately report their tax treatments.
48 min
Jason Shepherd, CTO of IoT and Edge Computing a...
Jason Shepherd and Anthony Pompliano go in depth on automation, edge computing, IoT and digital currencies.
37 min
Zuby, a Rapper, Author, Speaker, and Coach: Mus...
Zuby and Anthony Pompliano discuss politics, guns, religion, social media, gender, and many more controversial topics.
80 min
Dovey Wan, Founding Partner at Primitive Ventur...
Dovey Wan and Anthony Pompliano discuss the current crypto ecosystem in Asia, how most Westerners are misinformed about the landscape in China, what's happening on the ground in the country, and why Dovey created a holding company instead of a fund for Primitive.
60 min
Conner Brown, Stanford Law Student: Why Politic...
Conner Brown and Anthony Pompliano discuss smart contracts. common misunderstandings of Bitcoin, why every political candidate should love Bitcoin, and the relationship between open source software, power, and the institutions of the modern day.
70 min
Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance US: How the Lea...
Catherine Coley and Anthony Pompliano discuss Catherine’s past experience with FX trading strategies for exotic currencies, Binance’s partnership with BAM trading, money transmitter laws from state to state, and the future plans of Binance.
76 min
JP Baric, Founder & CEO of Mining Store: The Re...
JP Baric and Anthony Pompliano discuss mining, the lack of debt in the industry, how electricity use cases are quickly evolving, where renewable energy comes into play, and what JP is building today.
38 min
Landon Cassill, Professional NASCAR Driver: How...
Landon Cassill and Anthony Pompliano discuss growing up to race professionally, how he broke into NASCAR, what actually goes on inside the car during a race, how Landon got into crypto, and what he's currently doing in the space today.
60 min
Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder of IOTA: How DLT W...
Dominik Schiener and Anthony Pompliano discuss privacy and data ownership, what is needed to make DLT a reality, the future of data privacy, and the eventuality of a machine-to-machine currency built on DLT.
73 min