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#474: Josh Clemente on Improving Metabolic Health
64 min
#473 Everett Cook on Building A Modern Fintech
41 min
#472: Isaiah Jackson on Bitcoin and Black America
32 min
#471 Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar on Decentralized ...
63 min
#470: Kevin Rose on Decentralization on the Int...
32 min
#469 Ric Edelman on RIAs Investing In Bitcoin
51 min
468: Jason Yanowitz and Michael Ippolito on Cry...
59 min
#467 Lauren Johnson on the Performance Mindset
64 min
#466: Cliff Hudson on Scaling Sonic Nationally
55 min
#465 Dave Collum on The Wild Year of 2020
85 min
#464: Mitch Garber on Understanding Bitcoin
71 min
#463 Griffin Johnson on Building Generational W...
42 min
#462: Josh Richards on Becoming an Entrepreneur
46 min
#461 Chamira Gamage on Potential Pardon for Jul...
52 min
#460: Ilir Sela on Empowering Local Pizzerias
58 min
#459: George Goldsmith on Improving Mental Health
53 min
#458: Rameez Tase on Subscription Business Models
41 min
#457 Liron Shapira on Relationships and Rationa...
56 min
#456: Eddie van der Walt on Gold and Bitcoin
42 min
#455 Kate Clark and Amir Efrati on the Technolo...
44 min
#454: Rafael Ilishayev on Scaling a Consumer Bu...
45 min
#453 Nick Huber on Profitable Real Estate Inves...
40 min
#452: Alex Gladstein on Funding Bitcoin Develop...
55 min
#451 Christian Angermayer on Investing in Innov...
79 min
#450: Jed McCaleb on Building Payment Technologies
36 min
#449 Polina Pompliano on The World’s Most Succe...
37 min
#448: Mike Solana on Independent Thinking
78 min
#447 Ryan Sekis on Crypto Theses for 2021
75 min
#446: Lyn Alden on Investing Across Asset Classes
58 min
#445: Nicole Arbour on Creating Viral Content
57 min
#444 Raoul Pal on Bitcoin & The Macro Economy
85 min
#443: McKenzie Collins on Providing For Your Fa...
42 min
#442 Edwin Dorsey on Short Selling
41 min
#441: Kevin O’Leary on Alternative Assets
51 min
#440 Sergey Nazarov on Oracles and Smart Contracts
46 min
#439: Brad Garlinghouse on Crypto Regulation
40 min
#438 Diogo Monica on Crypto Custody
37 min
#437: Nic Carter on Measuring Bitcoin’s Growth
49 min
#436 Dan Tapiero on Gold and Bitcoin
78 min
#435 Zach Cox the 12-year old Trading Wonder
17 min
#434: Max Rofagha on Building Internet Communit...
44 min
#433 Eric Siu on Hacking Revenue on the Internet
47 min
#432: Michael Weisz on Investing in Alternative...
68 min
#431 Yoni Assia on eToro’s Incredible Growth
55 min
#430: Nikhil Basu Trivedi on The Mind of a Vent...
64 min
#429 Bo Jiang on Secure Virtual Cards
36 min
#428: Ronan Levy Gives An Overview of Psychedelics
79 min
#427 Andrew Wilkinson on Why He Buys Certain Co...
54 min
#426: Ryan Denehy on How To Be A Startup CEO
49 min
425: Eliza Orlins on Criminal Justice Reform
127 min
#424: Bradley Kam on Crypto Payments
34 min
#423 Brock Blake on Small Businesses During The...
45 min
#422: Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster on Digital...
39 min
#421 Mario Gabriele on Writing About Technology...
48 min
#420: Anna Irrera on PayPal Entering the Crypto...
28 min
#419: Justin Blau on Monetizing Creativity in T...
40 min
#418: Dave Nemetz on The Current State of Media...
51 min
#417: Chris Herd on The Future of Work
31 min
#416 Zuben Mathews on Solving Financial Stress ...
28 min
#415: Jon Steinberg on The Current State of Media
47 min
#414: Jordan Harbinger on Building A World Clas...
43 min
#413: Mark Phillips on Why Derivatives Are for ...
32 min
#412: Peter Doyle on Modern Value Investing
Peter Doyle is a Managing Director and co-founder of Horizon Kinetics. In this conversation, we discuss inflation, how technology is deflationary, why capitalism is broken in the US, saturation of tech companies, and how Peter currently views the global macro environment.
55 min
#411: Li Jin on the Passion Economy
42 min
#410: Jeff Richards on Investing In Innovation
Jeff Richards is a Managing Partner at GGV Capital. In this conversation, we discuss Jeff's investment strategy, Wish, Coinbase, Lambda School, Slice, his biggest winners & losers, the advantages to being a public company, the resiliency in Silicon Valley, and various geographic investment markets around the world.
58 min
SPECIAL EPISODE: Pomp Answers Listeners' Questions
52 min
#409: Mike Colyer on Building North America's M...
Mike Colyer is the CEO of Foundry, a new DCG subsidiary focused on crypto mining. In this episode, we discuss Foundry's launch, how they invested $100 million so far, a general mining business overview, the importance of North American hash rate, and Foundry's current product offering.
46 min
#408: CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert on Crypto Reg...
Heath Tarbert is Chairman and Chief Executive of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). This conversation was recorded during the LA Blockchain Summit. In it, we discuss the CFTC's role in financial markets, the importance of US leadership on crypto, the Digital Commodity Exchange Act of 2020, decentralized exchanges, and central bank digital currencies.
26 min
#407: Alexander Leishman On Building A Bitcoin ...
Alexander Leishman is a Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of River Financial. In this conversation, we discuss what River Financial does, why they only focus on Bitcoin, how it is going so far, why so many boomers are using their service to buy Bitcoin, what self-custody products they offer, and how he sees the current economic situation.
35 min
#406: Reid Hailey on The Business Behind Memes
Reid Hailey is the Co-Founder and CEO of Doing Things Media, a digital content and entertainment company that owns over 20 brands and shows with a combined following of over 60 million. Some of our brands include ShitheadSteve, NeatDad, AnimalsDoingThings, MiddleClassFancy, DoggosDoingThings, GamersDoingThings, and NoChaser.
46 min
#405: Hong Fang on Building A World Class Crypt...
Hong Fang is the CEO of OKCoin. In this conversation, we discuss Hong's background, why she has such deep conviction in Bitcoin, the OKCoin story, why the company is funding Bitcoin development, and what the future of global crypto adoption looks like.
51 min
#404: Wes Barton on Venture Capital in Middle A...
Wes Barton is co-founder and Managing Partner of Third Prime. In this conversation, we discuss what is happening in Middle America, the current income disparity, Nashville and other emerging geographies for VC, and Wes' thesis around health and wealth.
41 min
#403: Tesla Daily's Rob Maurer on Tesla Battery...
Rob Maurer is the man behind Tesla Daily. In this conversation, we discuss Tesla, battery day, automobile industry disruption, electric vehicles, and the media platform that Rob has built.
48 min
#402: Nicholas Hinrichsen on How To Build A Suc...
Nicholas Hinrichsen started his first company, Carlypso, in 2013. In this conversation, we discuss learnings from building Carlypso, vertical integration, margin competition, propensity for action, neobanks, and the financialization of everything.
55 min
#401: Parker Lewis & Will Cole on Bitcoin As A ...
Will Cole is the Chief Product Officer at Unchained Capital and Parker Lewis is the Head of Business Development at Unchained Capital.
48 min
#400: Kraken Financial CEO David Kinitsky on Cr...
David Kinitsky is the CEO of Kraken Financial. In this conversation, we discuss the SPDI banking license, what it allows, why Kraken applied, how incumbents are likely to react, and what users can expect from the business moving forward.
40 min
#399: Fred Pye on Launching A Publicly Traded B...
Fred Pye is the President and Chief Executive Officer of 3iQ Corp. In this conversation, we discuss the challenges with getting a crypto-related fund listed on a public exchange, how The Bitcoin Fund works, what the value proposition to investors is, and what else Fred is currently working on.
51 min
#398: Web Smith on The Future of Media
Web Smith is the Founder of 2PM. In this conversation, we discuss the future of media, owning the relationship with your customer, linear commerce, DTC brands, and how Web has built 2PM.
52 min
#397: Congressman Davidson, Caitlin Long, and A...
Today's episode features Congressman Warren Davidson, Avanti Bank Founder Caitlin Long, and BRD Founder Adam Traidman. We spend time talking about what stablecoins are, what value they bring to the market, how governments plan to use them, what the impact on banks may be, and how the future is likely to play out in the eyes of our panelists.
52 min
#396: Matt Leising on the Story of Ethereum and...
Matt Leising is a Los Angeles-based reporter with Bloomberg News covering the derivatives markets. In this conversation, we discuss Bitcoin, Ethereum, the DAO, crypto Twitter's understanding of finance, and Matt's new book "Out of the Ether."
47 min
#395: Comedian Rachel Feinstein on COVID-19 and...
Rachel Feinstein is a stand-up comedian. In this conversation, we discuss having a baby during coronavirus, the impact of the economic shock to comedians, and what has been going on inside NY fire houses over the last few months.
59 min
#394: Amanda Agati on Tactical Asset Allocation
Amanda Agati is the Chief Investment Strategist for PNC Financial Services Group. In this conversation, we discuss COVID-19, the Federal Reserve, inflation, the Presidential election, trade policy, whether 60/40 portfolios are dead, betting odds, and Bitcoin.
77 min
#393: Lisa Shields on Building Tech-enabled Fin...
Lisa Shields is FI.SPAN’s founder and CEO. She previously founded Hyperwallet System, which sold to PayPal for $400 million.
55 min
#392: Dave Portnoy on Barstool, Betting, and Bi...
Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports. In this conversation, we discuss the business behind Barstool, the new sportsbook they launched, why Dave started trading stocks, how he manages his money, and whether he is going to buy Bitcoin or not.
77 min
#391: Eric Jorgenson on Capturing Naval's Knowl...
Eric Jorgenson is a startup growth guy, writer, and (rarely) an angel investor. In this conversation, we discuss Eric's book, the process he used to write it, the lessons he learned, and what he hopes the impact will be for readers around the world.
56 min
#390: Ben Golub on Decentralized Computing & St...
Ben Golub is a serial entrepreneur and CEO, who has played a key role in building six start-ups. In this conversation, we discuss decentralized cloud storage, economic incentives, scaling software companies, acceleration of computing trends, and real world use cases.
51 min
#389: Sam Bankman-Fried On Capturing Profits In...
Sam Bankman-Fried is the CEO of crypto derivatives exchange FTX and Alameda Research. In this conversation, we discuss crypto exchanges, DeFi, yield farming, governance airdrops, toxic environments, SushiSwap, and the Effective Altruism Community.
77 min
#388: Robert Rosenberg on Lessons Learned Runni...
Robert Rosenberg served as the CEO of Dunkin Donuts for 35 years. In this conversation, we discuss how to hire, how to fire, finding culture fits, defining competence in specific areas, the four primary functions of a leader, when to go public vs stay private, and the value of a brand.
45 min
#387: Tor Bair on Private Smart Contracts
Tor Bair is the founder of Secret Foundation. In this conversation, we discuss privacy as a human right, why a risk to privacy is a risk to security, and general-purpose private smart contracts.
50 min
#386: Richard Byworth on Becoming Public Market...
Richard Byworth is the CEO at Diginex based in Hong Kong. In this conversation, we discuss Diginex, their Nasdaq listing, the SPAC structure, various products they have built, and Richard's time at Nomura.
60 min
#385: Michael Saylor On Buying Bitcoin With His...
Michael Saylor is an entrepreneur and business executive, who co-founded and leads MicroStrategy. In this conversation, we discuss how Michael built MicroStrategy, what his $500 million dilemma earlier this year was, and why he choose to put more than $400 million into Bitcoin with the company's balance sheet.
87 min
#384: Erik Torenberg on Decentralizing Venture ...
Erik Torenberg is a co-founder and partner of Village Global. In this conversation, we discuss personal moats, individuals over institutions, hundreds of people on cap tables, decentralization of venture, student debt, and attributes of great investors.
77 min
#383: Jim Cramer Becomes A Bitcoin Bull
Jim Cramer is the host of Mad Money on CNBC. In this conversation, we discuss Jim's early days in the business, how he views the current economic environment, and then we go really in-depth on Bitcoin, gold, and inflation-hedge assets.
70 min
#382: Alex Konrad on The Best Stories In Tech
Alex Konrad is a Senior Editor at Forbes covering venture capital, cloud and enterprise software out of New York. In this conversation, we discuss the various stories Alex has written, including Dustin Moskovitz, Lee Fixel, Masayoshi Son, Chris Sacca, Canva, Clubhouse, Zoom, and Snowflake.
76 min
#381: Andy Rachleff on Wealthfront & The Future...
Andy Rachleff is a co-founder and Executive Chairman of Wealthfront. In this conversation, we discuss disruption theory, product-market fit, exponential organic growth, self-driving money, payment for order flow, and delight as the greatest form of virality.
77 min
#380: AJ Vaynerchuk on Building The Next Great ...
AJ Vaynerchuk is the co-founder of the athlete representation firm VaynerSports. He is also the former COO of VaynerMedia, a social-media-first digital agency.
79 min
#379: Keith Grossman on The Future of Media
Keith Grossman is President of TIME, where he leads the business operations of the company, including global advertising, marketing, and their digital and consumer businesses. He previously served as Global Chief Revenue Officer at Bloomberg.
62 min
#378: Chris Ashenden on the Importance of Food,...
In this conversation, we discuss the importance of food and sleep, nutritional disorders, fad diets, learning vs experimentation, immune system support, quantified self, essentialism, and building the 8-figure Athletic Greens business.
70 min
#377: Geoff Lewis on The New World We Live In
Geoff Lewis is a Founder and Managing Partner of Bedrock. In 2019, Geoff was named as one of the Top 100 Venture Capitalists in the world by CB Insights and The New York Times.
52 min
#376: Ryan Begelman on Buying and Building Prof...
Ryan Begelman and his partners bootstrapped Bisnow Media. In this conversation, we discuss the tactics and techniques every operator should know, riches in niches, systemization, training programs, holistic entrepreneurship, and productivity hacks.
90 min