The FARMSMART Podcast, presented by N...

With the FARMSMART Podcast, we’re not just talking change. We’re making change.

We are focused on helping growers evolve their sustainability practices, and we use trusted agronomic proof to keep these solutions grounded in the here and now. We have the courage and care to challenge what we think we know, and we’re here to help you embrace sustainability at every level of your operation. 

Join us each month for invaluable insights from agricultural and environmental professionals about sustainable agriculture and the changes that are paving the road to our future.

44. North of the Border: Canadian Sustainable A...
From no-till to variable-rate, and everything in between, we discuss what's working in Canadian ag operations.
28 min
43. Selecting the Right Seed for the Right Acre...
Plus, a preview of the 2nd Annual Sustainable Success Champions Program at Commodity Classic.
29 min
42. Simplifying the Sustainability Conversation...
When a grower sees the FARMSMART brand, they see the space where sustainability meets opportunity.
34 min
41. Growers in Montana Embrace Sustainable Nitr...
In a year of droughts, one of the driest parts of the country can teach us a lot about sustainability.
29 min
40. Launching a Strategic Alliance with Bunge t...
The world's leader in oilseed processing looks to Nutrien Ag Solutions for data management and boots-on-the-ground expertise.
32 min
39. Corn Belt Sustainability Insights from the ...
In its 10 years of studies, the Iowa Nutrient Research Center has cultivated important data about reducing the environmental impact of agriculture.
33 min
38. From La Nina to El Nino: Looking Ahead to a...
It's looking like a late start to planting season, as most of North America is either too wet or too dry.
32 min
37. What Sustainable Ag Looks Like in 2023, and...
Nutrien Ag Solutions is rolling out new offerings this year to help growers improve sustainability and profitability.
32 min
36. Food Security, Inflation, Russia-Ukraine, S...
In an uncertain world, sustainably increasing agriculture production can help solve a lot of problems.
36 min
35. How Do We Measure Greenhouse Gas Emissions,...
Decisions made by government regulators and corporate board rooms will determine how growers are impacted by carbon accounting.
26 min
34. NASCAR Spotter Brett Griffin: Eyes in the S...
When he's not coordinating strategy for Nutrien Ag Solutions' NASCAR team, he's hosting our new video series.
36 min
33. NASCAR's AJ Allmendinger: Pursuing Excellen...
Visiting with the driver of the #16 Nutrien Ag Solutions Chevy Camaro before his big win at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
26 min
32. Economic Sustainability: Building a Farming...
A farming legacy needs to be viable for generations to come; the right financial support can make it happen.
26 min
31. Why Soil Health Can Be a Sustainability Gam...
A good sustainability strategy recognizes that soil is its own living ecosystem, not just a means to an end.
28 min
30. Harvest Time in the American South: Cover C...
We're seeing a wide variety of conditions and yields in a year of extremes, and it's time to make fall cover cropping and soil sampling plans.
30 min
29. How High-Tech Inputs From Loveland Products...
Incorporating smart, targeted nutrient management technology can help reduce runoff, improve water use efficiency and qualify growers for profit-enhancing sustainability programs.
28 min
28. California Water Management: Foreshadowing ...
240-thousand acres of agricultural land east of the Diablos depend on the San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority.
32 min
27. Inside the World's First Carbon Neutral Foo...
Maple Leaf Foods has learned a lot of sustainability lessons from which we can all stand to benefit.
32 min
26. How Supply Chain Disruptions Are Impacting ...
Collecting data on your farming operation could help avert supply chain issues in next year's planting season.
31 min
25. Milestone Edition: Sustainability Highlight...
Tom and Sally look back on some of the biggest takeaways from their earliest podcast interviews.
35 min
24. New Fall and Winter Sustainable Ag Program ...
A look at some of the new opportunities growers will have as the calendar turns from 2022 to 2023.
31 min
23. Corn Belt Climate Resilience, with Agri-Bus...
Derecho storms and other extreme weather have made Midwestern growers more aware of climate issues than ever before.
30 min
22. Sustainable Ag in the Sunshine State, with ...
Plus, an update on the global market volatility and the slow start to Spring planting.
29 min
21. What This Year's Slow Start to Planting Mea...
Learn how the NCGA has helped drive the conversation around sustainability--in farm fields and on Capitol Hill.
31 min
20. How Strip Till and New Equipment Tech Creat...
Combined with variable-rate technology, strip till is an increasingly popular practice for growers who want the best of both worlds.
31 min