Numbers Go Up

Welcome to Numbers Go Up! This new and improved version of your weekly Destiny podcast isn’t just about Destiny anymore. Instead, your hosts will cover a variety of loot-based games ranging from Warframe, to Monster Hunter, to Final Fantasy XIV, and beyond (including, of course, some weekly Destiny discussion for our longtime fans).If you’re looking for a nice, comforting game to play, we’ve got suggestions! If you want to keep up with the latest news, we’ve got that, too! Not to mention the crew still has that same ridiculous banter you probably know and love at this point. Plus we’ll be including more guests and regular hosts to cover our new spectrum of fun topics (with far less negativity). Get excited, because the Numbers Go Up!

Video Games
Episode 15: There Is Only War(frame)
I think that's a Warhammer reference? You'd have to ask merritt.
76 min
Numbers Go Up 14: Everyone is Savathun
Even you!
79 min
Numbers Go Up 13: Solstice of Delisting
Alternate title: Grinding on the App Store
76 min
Numbers Go Up 12: Weird Little Naked Rope Man
You there! Baby!
87 min
Numbers Go Up 11: We're All Happy for Titans
No one has ever owned a Sega Master System.
102 min
Numbers Go Up 10: Admiring Jordan's Wife
"I'm just admiring Jordan's wife."
69 min
Numbers Go Up 9: The Tragic Tale of Boomhauer G...
Featuring special guest Eris Morn!
73 min
Numbers Go Up 8: Escaton Judgement
Never down, only up. Never sideways, only up.
62 min
Numbers Go Up 7: Mario's Bones
Do you ever think about what happens to Mario's bones?
78 min
Numbers Go Up 6: All About That Haunted Energy
This week we dig a little outside our usual wheelhouse.
69 min
Numbers Go Up 5: Modifying the Situation
Niki Grayson joins your usual gang to talk about farming Umbral Engrams.
63 min
Numbers Go Up 4: Deadlock the Darkness
It's a big week for the future of Destiny 2 and the present of Warframe.
56 min
Numbers Go Up 3: Exploring the Pyramids
Professional Destiny prognosticator Paul Tassi joins merritt and Collin to discuss Year 4 possibilities, Warframe, and more!
62 min
Numbers Go Up 2: The Dad Gulag
With special guest, Fanbyte intern Renata Price!
99 min
Numbers Go Up 1: Good Night (For Now) EDZ
Good Morning EDZ is now Numbers Go Up!
81 min