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How to change the NHL forever | Silky N' Filthy
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The Last Episode w/ You | Sippin' On A 40
Rest in peace Jason Botchford
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Backing Up The Brinks Truck In Free Agency, The...
The Vancouver Canucks signed a ton of free agents but the two most important RFAs are left unsigned (for now). Braden Holtby and Nate Schmidt bolted out of Vancouver, marking the end of in hindsight a disastrous 2020 free-agent window for Jim Benning. The team will be much better for the moves made last Wednesday, but the long-term implications have to be ignored. Harman Dayal of The Athletic joins the show to give his thoughts on the Conor Garland/OEL trade, Tucker Poolman and if he can be a top-four fit, the return of Brandon Sutter and Travis Hamonic, signing the entire Abbotsford Canucks roster, and much more.
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Hockey men won't change | Silky N' Filthy
Those are some allegations....
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@kylebhawan has trust issues | Sippin' On A 40
Thank you for listening Trevor
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The Defining Trade of the Jimbo Era, Moving on ...
Jimbo went all-in on Friday with a salary cap allocating trade that makes the team no doubt better now, but the future is less clear. Garland makes the top nine for the Canucks formidable, but what about the impact OEL will have on the blueline? Is he a legit top-pairing defencemen or a bonafide scrub? Make no mistake about it, this team is not rebuilding any longer. Sean Warren of Point Shot Hockey and the Area 51 Sports Network joins the show to talk about the blockbuster trade, the future of Holtby and Schmidt, will Pettersson sign an offer sheet, and much more. We end the show with a goodbye to Jake Virtanen, a player who left with unfulfilled promise and a sour taste in all of our mouths with his off-ice conduct. -- Make sure to follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and rate and review on Apple Podcasts.
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Nice Guys Finish Last & 5 Surprise Kraken Selec...
Will safety sink the Kraken in year one?
32 min
Dickinson Comes Into Vancouver, The Abbotsford ...
Jason Dickinson is the new 3rd line centre for the Vancouver Canucks, and we can chalk this up as a W for Jimbo. There were not any surprises with the Canucks exposed list for the Seattle expansion draft — thus, nothing of value will be lost. Scott Wheeler of The Athletic joins the podcast to preview all things 2021 NHL Draft for us. Who should the Canucks be targeting at 9? What do we make of the defensive prospects, and will any of them fall to Vancouver? Which player has the best name? We end the show with our thoughts on the Abbotsford Canucks brand reveal. -- Make sure to follow @powerofthetowel and @nickbondi on Twitter, and rate and review us on Apple Podcasts.
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Did we get 2021 right? | Silky N' Filthy
And more on Jim Benning
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Our Prayers Have Been Answered, Who The Canucks...
Italy has won the European Championship, and we're on cloud nine right now. Duncan Keith is heading to the Oilers, and our long national nightmare is over. OEL is seemingly in the news (again), and it appears the game plan for Schmidt is to move off him to get another big name in. Chris Faber of the Canucks Conversation podcast and Canucks Army joins the show to talk about those rumours, the upcoming expansion draft for the Canucks, some prospect talk, and much more. We end the show with some names the Canucks would be wise to try and target for the blueline. -- Make sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts if you enjoyed the episode, and follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter.
84 min
Say No To Keith, Schmidt's On The Block, and Pl...
Nate Schmidt may want out of Vancouver, and if he does the Canucks shouldn't have trouble finding a suitor. Duncan Keith is reportedly wanting to play in Western Canada, and we don't want any part of it. Bik Nizzar of Sportsnet 650 joins the show to talk about all that, how the Canucks can use the expansion draft to improve the team, Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes' contract, and much more. We end the show with two players that the Canucks could really try to mine from the expansion draft process. -- Make sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts, and follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter.
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Sedins Are Officially Back, The Push To Make Th...
A bit of a shorter episode because it's just too damn hot right now. The Sedins are officially back, and the low-key profile they seem keen on taking will help them. Israel Fehr joins the podcast to talk about the Sedins joining the playoffs, whether it is important that the Canucks make the playoffs, Euro 2020 so far, and much more. We end the show with our preview of Montreal and Tampa in the Stanley Cup final, and we think the Habs have more than a chance. -- If you enjoyed the episode please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts. Make sure to follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel as well on Twitter.
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Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming Wit...
We're back to our regular format, and that's probably it on this show for 2011 talk. We catch up on a lot of Canucks news that we missed from the past couple of weeks from the team reshuffling its assistant coaches, what to do with the 9th overall pick, the expansion draft, and what the hell is going on with the Sedins. Rob Williams of Daily Hive joins the podcast to talk all that, Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes' contract situation, what we can learn from the NHL playoffs, and much more. We end the show with who we're stumping for the Canucks to take with their first pick. -- Make sure to follow @powerofthetowel and @nickbondi on Twitter, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts.
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A 2011 Retrospective With Guest Victor Oreskovi...
The 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs are an indelible memory for many fans of the Vancouver Canucks. It was the greatest team this franchise has ever had, that, unfortunately, fell short of their ultimate goal. On the 10 year anniversary of Game 7 against the Boston Bruins and the end of the playoff run, we have a member of the 2011 Canucks Victor Oreskovich on the podcast. Victor joins us to talk about his first impression of the Canucks organization (5:54), the Game 7 against Chicago (21:29), being the middle of a heated Stanley Cup final (40:46), his feelings after the Game 2 victory (45:24), the Aaron Rome hit and subsequent suspension (47:43), the anticipation of the Game 7 against Boston (55:50), the dressing room after the loss and the riot (1:00:12), and much more. -- Make sure to follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and rate and review us on Apple Podcasts.
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Podkozlin's In The Fold, Potential Changes To T...
Vasili Podkolzin has signed with the Vancouver Canucks, and that marks the end of super rookies that will make an immediate impact on the roster. Vancouver will be picking 9th at the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, and it's important to keep that first-round pick — don't trade it away Jimbo. Patrick Johnston of The Province joins the show to talk about how the past season went astray, Podkozlin's role as a rookie, a Sedin update, 2011 memories, and much more. -- Make sure to follow @powerofthetowel and @nickbondi on Twitter, and rate and review us on Apple Podcasts.
76 min
Jonesing for Seth Jones, a Season From (Beyond)...
The Seth Jones to Vancouver train is leaving the station, and we break down if he would be a good fit with this Canucks team as currently constructed. For the first time in the history of our podcast, we have a recurring guest as Sportsnet 650's Satiar Shah joins the podcast to talk about Seth Jones, review the season that was for the Canucks, and give an update on Henrik and Daniel Sedin's role with the organization. We end the show with our thoughts on the playoffs thus far, including a (potentially bad) prediction on the Leafs/Habs Game 7. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts!
60 min
A Reason To Make The Playoffs And The Fire Benn...
Jim Benning made an appearance on the Donnie & Dhali show and gave us some insights into the future of this team. They still have faith in Olli Juolevi, Ian Clark could very much be back, and the goal is to make the playoffs — which may not be a bad thing. He also answered the #firebenning movement, which has the potential soon to cross the line. We end the show with our thoughts on the Stanley Cup Playoffs thus far. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and subscribe to the network wherever you get podcasts.
16 min
An Eventful Season, But Nothing Really Changed ...
It was an eventful season, especially in a shortened one just played in Canada. But in the end, nothing really changed and that's kind of depressing. Jim Benning said he wants to be "aggressive", sending fans into a panic but should he be trying to be aggressive with the expansion draft? Kyle Bhawan joins the podcast to talk about the Canucks bringing Jim Benning back as GM, and why he can't support it in any way. We end the show with our thoughts on the Stanley Cup playoffs so far. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts!
36 min
He Survived The Nuclear Bomb & The Green New De...
Jimbo pulled it off yet again — he somehow survived and will be the GM of your Vancouver Canucks heading into next season. It would have been the perfect time to cut bait, but ownership had other ideas. We get into the press conference from this morning, and it shows that Jim Benning has a mandate, and it's to hope he makes the playoffs. We end the show with a discussion on Travis Green's contract extension, and why the timing of it shows there's little planning from above. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and make sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts!
24 min
Benning Watch Is On, A Mass Exodus Is Perhaps O...
Jim Benning watch is officially on — this week will be huge in determining his future in Vancouver. Some players like Tyler Graovac are still trying but unfortunately, it's at a point in the season where it just frustrates people on Team Tank. Cody Severtson of The Creasecast joins the show to talk about some young players from Utica (soon to be Abbotsford) and their future with the team, and of course, we dive into the management situation that has consumed this fanbase. We end the show by discussing the rumours that Geoff Courtnell might be coming into the fold. -- Make sure to follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts if you enjoyed it!
82 min
Just Four More Games Left, Toffoli's Parting Du...
There are just four more games left until we are free from this hellish season. Rathbone is more integral to the Canucks future than Juolevi now, and Vancouver might finish below Ottawa in the North Division — something unthinkable back in January. We of course talk about Benning and Green's future, and is there any chance they can come back after what this season has turned into? We end the show with Toffoli's Player Tribune article and an (unintentional) dunk that still stings. -- Follow @powerofthetowel and @nickbondi on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts!
16 min
Green's Contract Conundrum, A Spooky End To The...
The past three games have had a good showing from Canucks depth pieces, but there is still work to be done. Travis Green will likely test the open market as a head coach, but he could still stay with the team. Tyler Motte has been nominated for the Masterton, and we couldn't be happier. Trevor Beggs of the Nucks Misconduct network makes his long-anticipated debut on the podcast to talk about this 2021 Canucks season, the AHL affiliate news, the Travis Green situation, and much more. We end the show with an illustration of just how weird the end of the regular season will be for Vancouver. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts!
69 min
Canucks Starting Off Strong, JBone's First Goal...
The Vancouver Canucks are starting to develop a pattern — start off games strong. Whether they finish the game off strong is a totally different question. Abbotsford is getting the Canucks farm team, and that gives us (somewhat) hope for the future. -- Follow @powerofthetowel and @nickbondi on Twitter and make sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts!
17 min
A Dark Cloud Hangs Over This Franchise, McJesus...
We get in our feelings in this episode. This has been one of the worst seasons in Canucks history, on and off the ice. Connor McDavid is going to feast and get to 100 points against this team and honestly, we've come to peace with it. Markus Meyer from Nucks Misconduct joins the show to talk about the season up to this point, what needs to change going forward, and much more. We end the show with an honest question — how many more games are you going to watch? -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and don't forget to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts!
57 min
It's Going To Be A Long 12 Games & We All Still...
These next 12 games will not be kind to the Vancouver Canucks, but don't critique the players — critique the situation. The Leafs rested some players and still dominated, and we could see a similar situation on Saturday, but at least Kole Lind looked good. We end the show with some Edler/Simmonds talk, and why Travis Green didn't really seem too keen to stick up for his veteran defencemen. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts.
13 min
DRAFT SEASON with Bondi | Sippin' On A 40
What's in store for 2022
21 min
Your 2022 CANUCKS + Who is KGB? | Sippin' On A 40
Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for KGB
24 min
2022 Höglander + Nelly Furtado's TOP 10 SONGS |...
The lists of all lists
18 min
Holtby's Trip Down the I-5, A Modest Goal for t...
The Canucks are in a playoff race, and we're going to keep calling it that until they're officially eliminated. Braden Holtby has probably been the team's MVP since they returned, and it could earn him a trip down the I-5 to Seattle (please). Daniel Wagner aka Pass It To Bulis joins the show to talk about his career, the Canucks sudden playoff push, and that banner that flew over Vancouver last week. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and rate and review on Apple Podcasts if you enjoyed the show!
70 min
Canucks + Nelly Furtado's most IMPORTANT song |...
17 min
Canucks + Best Song from Vancouver in 2021 | Si...
Growing my beard
19 min
The Playoffs Dream Is Still Alive (Kind Of) & D...
Do the Canucks still have a chance at the playoffs? Technically, yes but a lot has to go right for that to happen. We break down the past two games from this team, plus we give an impassioned plea to ownership to lock up two important pieces of hockey operations. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and make sure to leave a review on Apple Podcasts!
14 min
i was gonna watch the game but then i got HI | ...
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20 min
The Best Win Of the Season, Bo Leads From Examp...
The Vancouver Canucks beat the Leafs as one of the biggest home underdogs in recent history, and damn did it feel good. After some people questioned Bo Horvat's leadership, he showed them why he is the captain of this team by leading by example on the ice. Alex Edler gets suspended for kneeing Zach Hyman, and Leafs fans think he's the second coming of Matt Cooke for some reason. Brayden Fengler joins the show to talk about all that, how the COVID outbreak could determine future decisions surrounding the team, how to evaluate under difficult circumstances, and much more. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts!
71 min
Horvat Haters + Bye-Bye Benning? | Sippin' On A 40
Thanks for the hope FRIDGE
21 min
J.T. Miller Went Scorched Earth, And Who Has th...
J.T. Miller called game on Thursday, and the Canucks now have an extra two days of rest — although their revised schedule is still horrendous. Bo Horvat and Jim Benning addressed the media on Friday, but who has the player's backs in all of this? -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts.
14 min
A lot of bullsh*t and Kyle's Romance | Sippin' ...
F*ck you Ghost
42 min
Gaud's Gone, Benn-ie and the Jets, and Jimbo's ...
The NHL trade deadline came and went, and there was quite a bit of action from the Canucks despite this podcast's prediction. Adam Gaudette was shipped off to Chicago (maybe because of COVID), Madison Bowey is here for the expansion draft, and Jordie Benn is flying off to the Winnipeg Jets. Alex Blair of the On Air podcast joins the show to break down all things trade deadline, Tanner Pearson's new contract, Jim Benning's future with this hockey team, and much more. We end the show with how this meat grinder of a schedule can be a moment to learn for the Vancouver Canucks. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts!
80 min
The Never-ending Cap Crunch and All Is Quiet On...
Tanner Pearson signed a contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks — Jimbo just won't ever learn will he. Plus we get into the press conference with Jim Bovard and Jim Benning, and why the Canucks will be a quiet team at this year's trade deadline, and for a very valid reason. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review the network on Apple Podcasts.
17 min
Sorry Tanner Pearson | Sippin' On A 40
Congrats on the deal I guess...
25 min
GO CANUCKS GO | Silky N' Filthy
There's only on thing we know here...
48 min
Dr. Bondi Henry & 2 and a half BIG Contracts | ...
We apologize for the bad audio
34 min
COVID Crisis and the Two Cornerstones New Deals...
COVID-19 has a grip on the Vancouver Canucks and at this point, everything is on the table. Will the Canucks play all their remaining games, should there even be games, and we go off on how some people have turned this into a referendum on management. Guest Dylan Eckland joins the show to talk about the COVID-19 outbreak on the Canucks, Demko's new deal, and favourite Sedin moments. We end the show with some educated guesses on what Elias Pettersson's and Quinn Hughes' new deals will look like. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review on Apple Podcasts if you enjoyed the episode!
63 min
COVID Strikes and Demko Gets His Dollars | Powe...
In this episode, we touch on the two main storylines from the team over the past few days. Eight Canucks Players and a member of the coaching staff have tested positive for COVID-19 — the Vancouver Canucks will not be playing hockey again for a significant stretch. Thatcher Demko is getting paid — why was this deal so significant, and how does this shape the future trajectory of this team?
19 min
Demko and his Dollars | Sippin' On A 40
Watch out for your 2023 Canucks
17 min
Five Canucks Who Need to Play | The Quickie
The season is running out, so give these guys a damn shot.
5 min
A Delicate Balancing Act, Tempering Expectation...
The Canucks haven't played in what seems like forever, but their place is still not set in stone in the North Division given that Montreal hasn't played in a while. The rest of the season will be a delicate balancing act between looking towards the future and a hockey operations staff that may not have the same intentions. Lachlan Irvine of The Creasecast joins the show to talk about the two-game series against the Winnipeg Jets, some key decisions to be made about this roster, and how to make the playoffs AND sell at the deadline. We end the show with a realistic outlook on what to expect from the Canucks at the trade deadline.
73 min
A Balding Canuck Fan Goes To Brooklyn | Sippin'...
I'm Only Human
22 min
Downed By The Jets, Asset Management SZN, and T...
The Canucks lost back-to-back games against the Jets in regulation, all but grounding their chances at a playoff spot. The urgency wasn't there in the first game, but they just didn't get the bounces in the second game. Now, it's time for everyone in Vancouver's favourite season — asset management season. We end the show with some talk on Elias Pettersson's injury, and why the Canucks need to exercise caution.
21 min
Demko's Vezina Case & Stoned on Mark | Silky N'...
Could Demko actually pull off a Vezina nomination during his first season as a starter?
33 min
One last shout-out to the Hockey Gaud | The Qui...
It's now or never for #96.
5 min
A Game That Actually Mattered, the North Divisi...
The Canucks split the series against Montreal and it likely ended their playoff chances, but wasn't it nice to have a game that actually mattered Saturday? The Habs should be barred from playing 3 on 3 OT for the rest of the season, and maybe Holtby should have started Wednesday against the Sens. Plus, do the acquisitions of Jimmy Vesey and Travis Boyd mean the Canucks will be sellers?
70 min
The Final Countdown against Montreal, We Want T...
It's put up or shut up time against Montreal. Win both in regulation and you have a shot. Win just one or none, and meaningful games in March goes down the tubes. Why is Nils Hoglander not getting any OT time? What will Jimmy Vesey's role be with the Canucks? Plus we end the show with some Tanner Pearson talk, and why it was imperative in hindsight to be proactive.
16 min
DEMKO + F*ck The Internet w/ Trevor Beggs | Sip...
One love to beggsy!
25 min
It smells fake In Vancouver | Sippin' On A 40
Recorded on my phone
10 min
Demko Being a Demigod, Grinding Out Wins, And K...
The Vancouver Canucks have the best save percentage at five on five in the month of March, and that all has to do with Thatcher Demko. They're starting to grind out wins, but where was this a month ago? Tyler Motte is close to coming back, and we think he will be in the lineup in place of a certain veteran in short order. Arpan Parhar joins the show to talk about the Canucks recent success, Tyler Myers, Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes' next contract, and the seven-player model for building a contender. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for full length interviews:
78 min
The Brooklyn Canucks | Sippin' On A 40
I had to do what I had to do
22 min
Thank God the Sens Are Coming up and An Inconve...
1-1 against the Habs this week, and that will not gain you ground in the North Division. Tyler Toffoli didn't embarrass us this time, which was nice. Goalie guru Ian Clark may be gone, and an inconvenient truth that underpins a lot of these decisions. We end the show with why you actually need to have a lot of faith in Jim Benning if you want the Canucks to trade pieces like Nate Schmidt and Tyler Motte.
14 min
Remember that anything is possible. Especially in this province.
13 min
Vincent Trocheck is Tyler Toffoli | The Quickie
This epi looks at surprising point leaders on NHL squads.
5 min
They Finally Made a Comeback, A Vintage 2020 Ca...
The Vancouver Canucks achieved their first true moral victory Saturday night — they came back and won a game after giving up the first goal, and they did it in a style that reminded us of last year's team. Elias Pettersson's absence is perhaps creating a bit of Ewing Theory with the team, and we discuss how the Canucks need to run the table (but what else is new). Dan Riccio of Sportsnet 650 joins the show to talk about the series against the Leafs, Thatcher Demko's future with this team, midseason Canucks awards, and much more. -- Follow @nickbondi and @powerofthetowel on Twitter, and make sure to rate and review the Nucks Misconduct network if you enjoyed what you listened to.
75 min
@kylebhawan is still a loser w/ Bondi and Beggs...
And it is what it is
25 min
Jim Benning Putting His Foot in His Mouth & Jak...
Jim Benning addressed the media and it went as well as you expected — it felt like Groundhog Day to a lot of Canucks fans out there. Benning blamed the pandemic, schedule, flat cap, a "strong" Canadian division, but can you really pin it on those things if every other team has to deal with it? We also discuss the three games since our last episode, and why Jake Virtanen's haters are his motivators.
24 min
Name 20 Atlanta Thrashers | Silky N' Filthy
Oh and we talk about losing.
34 min
The Best Nightclubs in Vancouver | Sippin' On A 40
We're all losers Vancouver.
17 min
A Virtanen trade proposal that actually makes s...
Hockey men still love their boy boys. If only the Canucks could capitalize on that.
5 min
A Cursed Month of February, Swapping Abby for L...
The Canucks exit February a battered and bruised hockey team. They won just two of their 13 games in the month, and also somehow managed to lose games on the 30th and 31st. A Jake Virtanen trade almost happened over the weekend, but his salary is proving to be a stumbling point. Brandon Sutter is somehow the eighth-most valuable player on the potential trading block before the deadline — how the hell is that possible? Joshua Rey of the Avid Discussers podcast to talk about the future of this team, the upcoming trade deadline, what to do with J.T. Miller, and much more.
67 min
Welcome To The Lame Duck Season | Power Of The ...
In any other year, the Vancouver Canucks would have cleared house by now. Instead, this dark cloud will hang over the team the rest of the way — welcome to the lame-duck season
17 min
There's always next s*ason | Sippin' On A 40
This was recorded 2 games ago and still works.
11 min
Back to Reality | Silky N' Filthy
This episode is brought to you by, Sippin' On A 40
30 min
When will the Oilers luck run out? | The Quickie
Is Mike Smith a leprechaun?
5 min
Number One in Moral Victories, Planning for the...
The Canucks have the highest moral victory point percentage in the NHL, but that doesn't mean much in the real world. They've led in expected goals the last two games, but have just one point to show for it. So it's time to acknowledge the situation — the Vancouver Canucks are not likely making the playoffs. Jamie Dodd of Sportsnet 650 joins the show to talk about Hoglander being a POS (in the best possible way), the future of Travis Green, Nate Schmidt's curious start to his Canucks tenure, and much more.
82 min
F I G H T I N G FOR WHAT? | Sippin' On A 40
I'll get to the game later...
10 min
Meaningful Games In February | Sippin' On A 40
Good morning Vancouver
19 min
Frank The Tank Sent this Team Streaking & Setti...
Francesco "Frank the Tank" Aquilini has sent this team streaking — and a big six-game stretch is coming up. We explain what the Canucks need to do in order to keep their playoff hopes alive, why they're lucky to face the Jets when they are, and why the resurgence of the Lotto Line will be key to this. Brock Boeser is fully healthy and back to his rookie season ways, but don't be surprised if he goes through a slump at some point. We end the show by talking about Nate Schmidt, and why he hasn't been as bad as you think.
15 min
#THEEND @kylebhawan is done with Late Night | S...
Thank you night owls
7 min
Truth Bombs from the North | Silky N' Filthy
Saving the Arizona talk for next week...
35 min
Advocating for Mr. 5th Overall | The Quickie
On a team that can't play defence, why aren't you using one guy who can help?
5 min
The Canucks are Definitely Not Boring, The Debu...
The Vancouver Canucks could have a soap opera based on them — they haven't had a boring day in weeks. Saturday marked the debut of The Buyout Line, The Lotto Line was back to their usual self, and oh yeah the owner set off a firestorm with a six tweet thread. Ty Pardy joins the podcast to discuss his thoughts on the future of Jim Benning and Travis Green, what's the best way to use Tyler Myers going forward, should the Canucks regret not re-signing Markstrom and Tanev, plus a bunch more.
77 min
Tweet(s) of the NIght | Sippin' On A 40
He had to have gone in that room...
16 min
Jimbo's on Borrowed Time & Goodbye to 1040 | Po...
We're on a twice-weekly schedule now, as there's just too much to talk about. The Canucks have been involved in two straight games where the opposing team has flipped the switch in the third, and they look like a team waiting for the other shoe to drop. Elias Pettersson is still down bad, and Markstrom gets Calgary the win — is that enough to pull the plug on the Jim Benning experience? Plus we pay tribute to a Vancouver institution we lost on Wednesday, TSN 1040.
23 min
Canucks Deserve Current Fate | The Quickie
And you can firmly blame Jimbo
5 min
Sopra Freestyle Pt. 2 | Sippin' On A 40
Eh, losing and boring are first cousins
24 min
TEAM 1040 Feat: Kyle Bhawan | Sippin' On A 40
Cold day in the city...
26 min
4 Reasons for Jim Benning to Smile | The Quickie
The most positive hockey list you'll ever consume.
5 min
The Canucks are Down Bad, Playing the Blame Gam...
The fourth lowest point percentage, third-worst in expected goals percentage, and second-worst in scoring chance for percentage — the Vancouver Canucks are down bad right now and things are grim. Why is the effort level so brutal? What can be done to fix the defence? Are we starting down another extended death march to end the season? Noah Strang of Nucks Misconduct joins the show to talk all that, if Jim Benning should be the GM of this team going forward, why Nils Hoglander might be the only bright spot for this team at the moment, and much more.
63 min
The J.T. Jinx | The Quickie
Did Bondi jinx J.T. Miller?
5 min
Sopra Freestyle w/ Nick Bondi | Sippin' On A 40
Bondi gives you the toppings to your new favorite Pizza
16 min
Not In Front Of The Country | Sippin' On A 40
Dear Hockey Gods, take care of my people.
14 min
Overreaction SZN: 2021 Edition | Silky N' Filthy
Kyle, we are with you.
25 min
The Chatfield Dilemma | The Quickie
It's not what you think...
5 min
7 Ways to show-up your EX! Hosted by Tyler Toff...
21 min
$HOG Stonk is Going To The Moon, A Good Defensi...
The Canucks swept the Sens and beat the Jets — the pitchforks can be put away (for now). Vancouver beat the Jets with their best defensive performance of the season, can that continue against Montreal and Toronto? Nils Hoglander stonk is going to the Moon, and we're holding on forever 💎🙌.
66 min
Travis-ty in Montreal w/ Arpan Parhar | Sippin'...
Thanks to AR-PIN for the input
25 min
Brock "Rocket" Boeser | The Quickie
Is Boeser primed to start competing for the Rocket Richard Trophy?
5 min
Stevie Wondering how good Höglander can be | Si...
Oh Canadia baby
17 min
Just keep Qunning. Just keep Quinning | Sippin'...
Ottawa, thanks for the awakening.
20 min
Motte your average player w/ Noah Strang | Sipp...
Listen to your friends
24 min
The Montreal Golden Canadiens | Silky N' Filthy
Montreal is for real and Vancouver may not be?
34 min
Runways Running Out, Petey Has a New Agent, and...
This could be a momentous week for the Vancouver Canucks. The runway to get things back on track is shrinking, and it's imperative that the Canucks get a minimum of six points against the Sens and Jets (preferably in regulation.) Petey has a new agent — the same one as Quinn Hughes. Is it time to crack each other's skulls open and feast on the goo inside? And how hot is the seat Jim Benning is sitting on? Brad Thomas of the Point Shot Hockey podcast joins the show to talk about all that, what the Canucks need to do to turn this thing around, and which free agent does this team miss the most.
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