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The Rielly Report & The Dildo Diaries | Silky N...
Hosts Trevor and Kyle break down the best and worst from the play-ins, then end off talking about Morgan Rielly's anthem comments.
40 min
Ferland: It is what it is | Sippin' On A 40
We actually don't know what it is
21 min
Choose Your Underdog | The Quickie
Which 12th seeded team would you put your faith in?
5 min
Petey being Petey w/ Grady Sas | Sippin' On A 40
One Love Lebanon
30 min
Leafs, Canucks Share Similar Struggles | The Qu...
Will either of them make the postseason?
5 min
A Boring Game One Against the Wild, Torts Stori...
Canucks hockey is officially back, and so is the sense of crushing disappointment and dread. We break down everything that happened in game one of the series. — who's going into the lineup in game two against the Wild? Why couldn't the Canucks string more than three passes together? Plus our guest this week is former Canucks goalie Eddie Lack.
54 min
3 Line-Up Changes the Canucks Should Consider |...
What should you do on a sad Sunday morning after a Canucks loss? Rosterbate.
5 min
Meaningful Losses & Ferland Talk w/ Sean Warren...
Why did I drink 6 beers for that?
28 min
What is Nucksmisconduct? | Sippin' On A 40
Who are you?
66 min
Canucks lost, and they should be feeling great ...
5 min
Roussel's Energy & #EmbraceTheFake | The Quickie
Exhale that negativity and EMBRACE THE FAKE!
5 min
The most confusing team in the NHL's Return-To-...
Shout out to this team with the slick jerseys.
5 min
One Last Preview of the Play-In Series, Brock B...
It's the last episode until The Stanley Cup Playoffs/Play-Ins, and we couldn't be more excited. We break down how we got here, and quickly go over some x-factors in play in the series. Matt Sekeres of TSN 1040 joins us to talk about the upcoming series against the Wild, his reporting on the Brock Boeser and Trevor Linden situations, and much more.
79 min
Baseball's predictable f*cking mess | The Quickie
Time for the NHL to take over.
5 min
Why Vancouver Man? | Sippin' On A 40
1 love Vancouver
11 min
Why goaltending will carry the Canucks to the p...
It's the biggest disparity in this series.
5 min
Two Idiots Predicting the NHL Play-In Round | S...
The boys look to rebound after a brutal performance in picking the playoffs last season.
43 min
Don't forget about hockey's race issue | The Qu...
The Quickie touches on some of the meaningful reporting on this topic.
5 min
West Coast Express Revenge Tour | Sippin' On A 40
1Luv Sergei Zholtok
16 min
The Boston Rivalry is Dead | The Quickie
It's time for new rivalries to be born.
4 min
Jake Virtanen's Future, Potential Lineup Agains...
Jake Virtanen's spot is up for grabs, and it's time for him to shine. Can Zach MacEwen really be an effective third line winger? We break down what we know from Canucks Covid camp and much more.
81 min
MacEwen's surge the best story of Canucks camp ...
Never doubt a PEI native.
6 min
#LeaveJakeAlone + The most popular Canuck? | Si...
21 min
Why Your Favourite NHL team is F*cked: Round Ro...
What's the most pressing issue for each round robin team? We break it down on Silky N' Filthy
37 min
Training Camp During a Pandemic, Trading The Fl...
108 min