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3 Things Vancouver Needs To Do To Beat Vegas | ...
Can the Canucks do it? Only if these three things happen.
5 min
Vegas is not St. Louis, Markstrom's Getting the...
The Vancouver Canucks beat the St. Louis Blues in six games, but now they face the Vegas Golden Knights. Fun fact — they look a lot better than the Blues.
60 min
Ryan Reaves, Superstar feat. Bik Nizzar | Power...
It's a special postgame episode of Power Of The Towel after Game 1 against the Vegas Golden Knights, and we kept it brief becuase do you really want to re-live that game?
16 min
City Has Talent w/ Harman Dayal | Sippin' On A 40
One Love to Harman
33 min
Demko Diaries & Overcoming Edler's Absence | Th...
Should I fire Kyle for calling me an idiot?
5 min
Pay Markstrom w/ Chris Faber | Sippin' On A 40
Much love to Faber.
38 min
This Weird-Ass Team is Destined to Win the Stan...
Because it's 2020.
5 min
Champs vs The 15th Best Podcast w/ J.D. Burke |...
Be you. Be you.
29 min
The Champs Came to Play, Bo Horvat's Dad Streng...
St. Louis dominated at even strength in game three, and now we have a series. Samantha from The Broadscast joins the podcast to talk the series against the Blues so far, getting into the podcasting game, and gives some legal advice to the Nucks Misconduct podcasting crew.
51 min
Stanley Cup Favourites Showing Moxie | The Quickie
Forget unpredictability. The favourites came to play in Round One.
6 min
Canucks Lucky to be up Against STL | The Quickie
That's three games now where the Canucks have been outplayed at 5-5...
5 min
This Is What Vancouver Wanted w/ Mike Martignag...
Thank you to Mike
27 min
The Surrey Canucks | Sippin' On A 40
Deck your car out and enjoy the moment
8 min
Vancouver Está Ganando w/ Vanessa Jang | Sippin...
Much love to Vanessa Jang
21 min
Shout out to these BC Buds | The Quickie
Troy Stecher isn't the only BC bud who deserves some love.
5 min
Much Love Mr.Stecher w/ Tej Dhaliwal | Sippin' ...
Love you paps
27 min
3 Possible X-Factors for the Canucks | The Quickie
One of these guys will have to step up if the Canucks are going to beat the Blues. That's a guarantee.
5 min
Ranking First Round Watchability & Dumbass Pred...
Puck Talk, Bullshit & Embrace The Fake.
44 min
Canucks Are A Sexy Underdog Pick... | The Quickie
Everyone loves us now...what happened to 2011 when everyone hated us?
5 min
How the Canucks Can Beat the Blues, Is the Pass...
The Canucks beat the Minnesota Wild with not just their star players but the bottom six showing up as well. The Blues will be a tough test in the first round of the playoffs, but there is a path for Vancouver to beat the defending Stanley Cup champs.
73 min
UPDATED Lafreniere Chaos Rankings | The Quickie
What are the most and least chaotic landing sports for Lafreniere? The Quickie ranks all eight destinations in five minutes.
5 min
They Can't Beat The Blues...right? | Sippin' On...
Can the other @kylebhawan come back?
14 min
Kyle said it first w/ Hassan Ahmed | Sippin' On...
I'm sort of sure he did
33 min
The Mediocre Wild w/ Jackson McDonald | Sippin'...
How did he do it?
28 min
What to Watch For in Games 3+4 | The Quickie
Canucks fans, here's three things to keep your eye on.
5 min