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#THEEND @kylebhawan is done with Late Night | S...
Thank you night owls
7 min
Truth Bombs from the North | Silky N' Filthy
Saving the Arizona talk for next week...
35 min
Advocating for Mr. 5th Overall | The Quickie
On a team that can't play defence, why aren't you using one guy who can help?
5 min
The Canucks are Definitely Not Boring, The Debu...
The Vancouver Canucks could have a soap opera based on them — they haven't had a boring day in weeks. Saturday marked the debut of The Buyout Line, The Lotto Line was back to their usual self, and oh yeah the owner set off a firestorm with a six tweet thread. Ty Pardy joins the podcast to discuss his thoughts on the future of Jim Benning and Travis Green, what's the best way to use Tyler Myers going forward, should the Canucks regret not re-signing Markstrom and Tanev, plus a bunch more.
77 min
Tweet(s) of the NIght | Sippin' On A 40
He had to have gone in that room...
16 min
Jimbo's on Borrowed Time & Goodbye to 1040 | Po...
We're on a twice-weekly schedule now, as there's just too much to talk about. The Canucks have been involved in two straight games where the opposing team has flipped the switch in the third, and they look like a team waiting for the other shoe to drop. Elias Pettersson is still down bad, and Markstrom gets Calgary the win — is that enough to pull the plug on the Jim Benning experience? Plus we pay tribute to a Vancouver institution we lost on Wednesday, TSN 1040.
23 min
Canucks Deserve Current Fate | The Quickie
And you can firmly blame Jimbo
5 min
Sopra Freestyle Pt. 2 | Sippin' On A 40
Eh, losing and boring are first cousins
24 min
TEAM 1040 Feat: Kyle Bhawan | Sippin' On A 40
Cold day in the city...
26 min
4 Reasons for Jim Benning to Smile | The Quickie
The most positive hockey list you'll ever consume.
5 min
The Canucks are Down Bad, Playing the Blame Gam...
The fourth lowest point percentage, third-worst in expected goals percentage, and second-worst in scoring chance for percentage — the Vancouver Canucks are down bad right now and things are grim. Why is the effort level so brutal? What can be done to fix the defence? Are we starting down another extended death march to end the season? Noah Strang of Nucks Misconduct joins the show to talk all that, if Jim Benning should be the GM of this team going forward, why Nils Hoglander might be the only bright spot for this team at the moment, and much more.
63 min
The J.T. Jinx | The Quickie
Did Bondi jinx J.T. Miller?
5 min
Sopra Freestyle w/ Nick Bondi | Sippin' On A 40
Bondi gives you the toppings to your new favorite Pizza
16 min
Not In Front Of The Country | Sippin' On A 40
Dear Hockey Gods, take care of my people.
14 min
Overreaction SZN: 2021 Edition | Silky N' Filthy
Kyle, we are with you.
25 min
The Chatfield Dilemma | The Quickie
It's not what you think...
5 min
7 Ways to show-up your EX! Hosted by Tyler Toff...
21 min
$HOG Stonk is Going To The Moon, A Good Defensi...
The Canucks swept the Sens and beat the Jets — the pitchforks can be put away (for now). Vancouver beat the Jets with their best defensive performance of the season, can that continue against Montreal and Toronto? Nils Hoglander stonk is going to the Moon, and we're holding on forever 💎🙌.
66 min
Travis-ty in Montreal w/ Arpan Parhar | Sippin'...
Thanks to AR-PIN for the input
25 min
Brock "Rocket" Boeser | The Quickie
Is Boeser primed to start competing for the Rocket Richard Trophy?
5 min
Stevie Wondering how good Höglander can be | Si...
Oh Canadia baby
17 min
Just keep Qunning. Just keep Quinning | Sippin'...
Ottawa, thanks for the awakening.
20 min
Motte your average player w/ Noah Strang | Sipp...
Listen to your friends
24 min
The Montreal Golden Canadiens | Silky N' Filthy
Montreal is for real and Vancouver may not be?
34 min
Runways Running Out, Petey Has a New Agent, and...
This could be a momentous week for the Vancouver Canucks. The runway to get things back on track is shrinking, and it's imperative that the Canucks get a minimum of six points against the Sens and Jets (preferably in regulation.) Petey has a new agent — the same one as Quinn Hughes. Is it time to crack each other's skulls open and feast on the goo inside? And how hot is the seat Jim Benning is sitting on? Brad Thomas of the Point Shot Hockey podcast joins the show to talk about all that, what the Canucks need to do to turn this thing around, and which free agent does this team miss the most.
55 min